My Lovely Hyun Bin

My!Namja!!! is back showing face in public and singing and tearing up from overwhelming emotions meeting his adoring fans.  Is there a fanmeet where he does not cry and thus making us all tear up?! :~)  This obviously makes me a dancing singing lunatic and yes, I am singing the song that shan’t be mentioned nor sung.

I hate this song with a passion.  I can’t stand the melody, the words, I do not care for SeGa the drama nor writer Kim (huh.  Understatement) …and that’s all nonsense of course when Binnie is singing it! ^^

All credit on pics.  Thanks to the dearie (re)posters at weibo~!

This is the letter he wrote and read to his fans at the FM..*sobs* Why so perfect?!

Thanks to Baidu HB bar, 謝謝翻譯:香香, video by

We all mature through living life, 

we live for ourselves and not for others. 

There may be differences in opinions,

there may be disparities, or hurt,

but we regard each other as invaluable.

We can not live in isolation,

that is why I think we must treasure the people around us,

our family, our friends, our lover and also you all.

In my heart, you are precious to me all the same.

Life is like a journey,

we will visit a lot of places, meet with many people, create various bonds…

this is how we mature, we grow into newer us.

I will have to start my new journey after this event,

but this is not a separation.

Because I start a new journey every time to find a new me,

to form new ties, to grow stronger.

Until then, I will be back with you, definitely.

Fans:  Welcome back HB!  We have been waiting for you so long!  We are so happy to see you!

HB:  I am back, I love you all!

I will not forget today, our reunion.

The memory of spending time with you is a most remarkable memento.

Although I have to start my journey again,

I am looking forward to seeing you again in an even more unforgettable occasion, good bye!

And also, thank you for today.  Thank you.


That is a lot of screaming fans.  A scary lot.

I am not sure I love the hair.  The crew cut of HS DongSoo/Marine or the Ireland ‘do, those are seriously hot and suited my aesthetics.  This reminds me too much of badwolfiebigbro from StarMan and the more I can get away from that overrated monster aside from my infatuation of JJH despite it bores buckets of tears off me, the better.

Again, nonsense, because on HyunBinnie, he has his SMILES and DIMPS!  He can wear that hobo mop of KSH in DreamHigh (is it?) and it will still be the second coming.

He has no pores, I have no droolz left and stare as I might, is there a flaw?!?!  This is a bigass pic, and the larger the pic, the more flawless he is.  Well that makes sense because when we are kissing and doing things to his face, the closer we get, it will only get more ridiculously insanely heavenly. Fact.

I have seen Kim WooBin showing his worth in Chingu2 the movie, the boy has charisma, but if I can insist on my fancast, HB can rock that role of playing DS’ boy easy, he looks like a hot notty rascal slightly greasy and a tad of gaudy befitting a Busanite mafia boss  (haha sorry for the stereotype) here in his shades and body guards.

He is rumored to play a morally grey lawyer up next.  And no, I am not calm yet because I have been wanting him playing a shady baddie dangerous for mankind in general but particularly the fangirls and fanboys in SUITS and SUITS and MORE SUITS and angsty showers in moral turmoils.  There is no better dish than that the screen can serve me.

And seriously this lucky brand that has grabbed him for their campaign has just released their Spring spread in this most opportune timing if that casting rumor is true.  And even the pet puppy of the CEO of this brand must know to start barking to the minions, palipali sign deals and pour money into the production to land a HBinnie and make HBinnie wear nothing but their suits on big movie theater screens.   They have already announced the company will turn public and expected sales to climb by an exorbitant percentage.   That’s what having a HBinnie working it will do to your company.

HB for Rogatis:

Oh. My.  Goodness.

I love this hair, I love his face is matured and chiseled more perfectly to a new sophisticated hotness from his Ireland days and it is just the right amount of filling up from the gaunt SeGa’s JooWon.  <- and how, I assume, I am typing words that kinda make sense is beyond me. I am literally deafen by my own squeals.

The bts itself can make its own pictorial:

When the mischievous manboy is asked to pose writing some very important documents in suits, this is what he actually did with the pen and paper.  Hey hyungs of HBinnie who have talk shows, varieties, it is time you pull the hyung card just to have him boosting the ratings.  Unless you are living under a meteor shower of rocks, K!S!H! is the hottest sizzling breathing thing in SK atvm, he made an appearance on Taxi the show and the episode was an obvious rating hit, that didn’t beat out the episode with Jung!Woo! Oppa! which did an impressible ~3 %.  Remember HBinnie did a Taxi episode, his super rare variety appearance in that sparkling tracksuit and the fixings?!  That did 7%.  He can be hilarious and you can just dump him off some street and it would be a newsworthy riot.  He must be ridiculously competitive pushing himself to be a Marine and excelling at that, so take notes Running Man!  I am basically just throwing y’all very sound ratings magnets, begging you peeps to just put him on the tele soon, very soon.  I do not know how long I can keep my crazy sorta in check.

One thought on “My Lovely Hyun Bin

  1. So gorgeous……. ! Love the hair, the face and the smiles, and those superbly long legs. Can’t wait for his movie to be online.

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