Friday Pretty Post: Yuan Hong and ShiShi

No, not at the same event together or in any way collaborating, just out and about being pretty and selling things be it luxury clothes or skin whitening cosmetics.

ShiShi is off to Paris for Fashion week.  Tbvh, I do not think high end fashionista is her thing being so very out of her element and crowd-shy still.  I know there is not a thing called too skinny in Asia, but she looks skeletal in this and the top looks like it will slide down to her ankles any time.   IT is single digits and raining in Paris.  I wanna shiver the next week for you my dear.

This super pale geisha-like coloring with blood red lips are in vogue now, but I do not have to like it.

This is much better, I like this outfit for myself, not that I can ever wear a jacket like so without it dropping on the slosh every 2 seconds and her face shows she is happier in it methinks.  But then, it also makes her looks just a tiny bit younger than my age instead of young 2osth.  ShiShi, you are only young once,  wear all the frilly girly fluffy little skirts now before you need to go for age-appropriate stuff.

So much better!  Nothing wrong with going effortless, fun and bright.

I think I think this new pictorial and the clothes and the makeup is working fine BUT can we get another filter?!

Poor thing, this is her outfit at the airport leaving for her flight to Paris.   How is this practical?!?!  This looks like all the sponsors are vying and throwing all their goods at her hoping they stick and some did, haphazardly.    The jeweled trench is very pretty on its own and that with comfy clothes under for a freezing dry cabin of a 12 hr flight should do wonders already…and comfy shoes, please:

Isn’t it odd for a tall dark and handsome guy be the spokeperson of a whitening Shiseido line?!?! Perhaps not when he says out loud he prefers fair-skinned maidens or men I guess. But knowing Loverboy, he will not refuse flirting and eye-sexing any breathing thing.

For some reason he is asked about LongShi for the NthxNth time.  Lol, peeps I do not know what you are fishing at, he is not going to say ‘SHISHI IS MINE!!’  So get a grip, he said something along the line of ‘que sera sera’ and it is just the most logical thing to happen.  Perhaps he has seen hints here and there during BBJX although the official story is the romance did not blossom till last year?!

It is hovering around zero C in Beijing and he is wearing a summery suit.  Very handsome and sharp, being the sweetheart, he opened the door of his van just to urge the fans to take care and stay warm and leave earlier in this cold heading home safely.

He reminds me of someone else in this picture, not saying it does not look like him and very spiffy.

He is busy filming the new modern Cdrama with Cherrie Ying and they are getting along splendidly, he gushed yesterday he can’t wait for her husband Mr Jordan Chan to visit the set in ShenZhen being a shameless fanboy of his Young and Dangerous franchise.  That is, he can be spotted in the city gorgeous in suits, posting silly selcas, taking ridiculously pretty pictures with fans, and generally being a dwerp and caught flirting and forcing a kiss on an uncle.

At the presscon for the drama, he and Cherrie were so cute:

YH: Wah, I haven’t acted as a baddie for a while.  (Cherrie with a knowing smile: you are a natural, huh?)

YH:  Before I get here, a friend has warned me to be careful with Cherrie.

She is a cuckoo!

(Is this really the right thing to say?!)

Cherrie:  I have been told YH is especially cute and lovely~.  (OTTing and fake~)

Cherrie: ha, and he arrived on the set the first day in a horse!

I do not like the hair, but face…gosh, is perfect.

Please keep the cute BTS bickering going on and on and put every lovely drop of it on screen.  I suspect the drama needs it to be watchable :X

6 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: Yuan Hong and ShiShi

  1. Agreed about LSS, I feel like a lot of her outfits just make her very uncomfortable. She looks so much more at ease in the outfit with the red skirt than..the first outfit. O_O””

    1. That cut of pants really are for someone 5’9″+ Someone like a young GongLi can rock that, I can see a Faye Wong rocking it, but THAT IS IT.

      I really do not understand the point the promoters are trying to make squeezing these stars Paris and the general fashion press has no knowledge of in the loudest outfit no matter, Shishi was just there to see a fashion show, walking down a street, there is nothing wrong with dressing appropriately instead of all the trying way wayyy too hard. That reeks desperation for camera whoring and why would SS need that in Paris?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YH is sooo hot as a baddie I want to say lucky who would be kidnapped by him. I know I know I need some therapy. Kidnapping is never good thing

    1. haha I have an irking we do not need to kidnap him, he is such an impossible sweetheart of a flirt he would not mind the hugging and smooching and touching MUAHAHA not that I am encouraging, just speaking MYMIND!

  3. Always here for more of Yuan Hong’s lovely face 😀

    Liu Shishi is looking dangerously thin these days and I really don’t like the white skin makeup that is several shades lighter than the rest of her natural skin. And her natural complexion is pale enough already. I don’t see why celebrities are always making their skin whiter cuz it just makes them look pasty and it just doesn’t look good.

    Maybe I’m in the minority here but I don’t get the craze with white white skin because it just looks like they’re all Edward Cullen wannabes and it doesn’t look healthy. I think healthy skin is the most attractive look because it glows with warm vibrance, unlike pale skin in real life where it gets sunburnt, peels, splotchy, and freckly REALLY EASILY (speaking from personal experience).

    1. Blame it on all the literature of 膚白勝雪, all the feudal ideals soo deep rooted. I mean there is a common saying 一白遮三丑, that is not going away. How it is revered as such a virtue to have very fair skin instead of our natural yellowish complexion, inasmuch it can compensate the 3 ‘uglies’ of not having a pretty face, a nice figure,nor the height in physical beauty. Call it inferior complex, or blinding sight by the whiting out, it is what the superficial of our culture is about. Even someone with a widely considered pretty face as a FBB will be ruthlessly jabbed if she does not have her fair skin. I mean although we are no longer ‘required’ by society to bind our feet *geez thank you Buddha for that*, it is still undesirable to have big feet. Asian societies still feed on the Edwardian/Victorian ideals so so much, still worshiping any physical attribute shameless hinting on womanhood being the gentile, delicate, gilded-caged sex

      Sexual equality in Asia nowadays is we are subjected these narrow ideals on guys as well, look at all those Kpop boybanders, I call them birth twigs, 10 shades paler than me with redder lips and yet job description demanded them to have the 8 packs on top. Poor things.

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