ItaKiss2: Love in Okinawa!


credit: 四时欢 @weibo

Wallie is made for your PC, your phone and yeah, we can have a high5 then SQUEEEE at each other carrying that around town till this airs.  Yes, we can!

It is lovely when the dearies are clearly as excited as us embarking on the sequel.  This is what Miki said:

Miki: After the filming of Itakiss, I feel like an Itakiss2 must happen.  I am so happy this is coming true.  After watching Itakiss, it is clear my life has changed a lot, it was a drama I put in a lot of heart in and I am very happy with.  (In the sequel) I want to portray a Kotoko growing up into an adult. I have a lot  of funny scenes with Irie, will cause you a lot of palpitation.  This is a drama that will make you cry and smile revisiting your teenage shoujo heart.  Please look forward to it.

Sure thing!  And both the dearies have new blog entries on the excitement!

Yuki:  I will continue to be Irie in Itakiss2~ Love in Okinawa~.  This is what I want to do.  I am so happy to be able to revisit the role in my favorite work.  I will work harder than Itakiss1, please look forward to it!

Miki:  Hello!  I am back from another country.  I bet you all know by now.  We have started filming Itakiss2~Love in Okinawa~.  I will hop to Okinawa often.  This is too exciting to be Kotoko again, doing what only she can do!  Thank you so much for waiting and the anticipation, I can finally tell you about the happy news! 😀  I will try my very best for such a great production.  Please look forward to it.  Byebye~.

Can you believe that cover of the script?!?! I brought out my Itakiss manga just to get teary eye at the awesome. Instead of Tokyo Tower, we have Sky Tree in the logo.  And I can not wait for all these little lovely touches the production will give us and stay authentic only they can!  I am terribly sad LadyPD Koto is not on board, working on her movie.  I was stalking her weibo like crazy after wind is out this is a go for a while. :/  But she did a cute little webmovie with Yuki:

It would not be the same.  *sob* New PD is said to be 小中和哉, I have not seen him uttering a tweet about Itakiss yet.  We’ll see.  But we need to see some of this:

cred: @蜜柑_YUKI喵

Fanarts are too cute for words already, this dearie did a travel diary for Mr and Mrs Irie:

So.  Precious.

The ‘upside’ of things that this would come out promptly, methinks summer (I have heard May which is more awesome), is this has secured a CN massive streaming site like Itakiss1 did towards the latter half once it blossomed to such a sleeper megahit in greater China, and it is the same site that did a tremendous job with StarMan where new episodes are Csubbed and streamed live.  And the news is let out about ItaKiss2 just when StarMan’s finale hits.   Well, the brilliant fangirls saw it coming, they have been slashing these 2 IQ200 EQ0 woodenface nerds:

23 thoughts on “ItaKiss2: Love in Okinawa!

  1. Omg! Yessssss! Finally! I’ve been waiting forever to hear about this, I’m totally spazzing right now. Gahhh all of last summers feels are back, I hope the new PD does a good job…kyaaaaa super excited 😀

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!! is it really happening? ;A;

    i am so so happy

    i hope it recaptures the fluffy perfection of part 1

    1. lets cross all our fingers and toes! Scriptwriter has already been cutely nudged to stay authentic to the material and she promised so. haha and rabid fans are still praying for the miracle ladyPD Koto-sama could perhaps squeeze in time for guest-directing an episode!??! She has a WOWOW drama in line clashing.

    1. He lived mostly in Canada his formative years, so that is not surprising at all. I am more surprised if he ever breaks into a dance number in Itakiss2 hahaha

  3. they have been slashing these 2 IQ200 EQ0 woodenface nerds:

    lmao, how would that even work?

    I remember wanting a second season when I finished ItaKiss but now that significant time passed I don’t really care much? It’s probably going to be awesome and cute and I will tune in but….So far I am just ehh about it.

    1. Don’t read if you mind You From A Freaking Star spoiler: yeah, it wont really work, Starman can’t exchange bodily fluids with humans, but they got a mega hit out of him throwing some wooden stares and a few smooches and calling it a drama. We can have these 2 eyesexing every stairway in that uni he is a prof and Irie is a post-doc hot and bothered over a philosophical debate of what is HUMAN EMOTIONS, then kiss.

      I am excited still. Itakiss LiT took me by COMPLETE surprise and other than the appalling amt of fanservice, I didnot care for TKA. This looks like 10 eps of them chilling in Okinawa and everything pretty, nothing hurts. I can watch that.

      It won’t be as AFDSGHJGFDAFGHGJKGJFHAD as LiT, it’s hard to do magic twice. I do not expect them to.

  4. We can have these 2 eyesexing every stairway in that uni he is a prof and Irie is a post-doc hot and bothered over a philosophical debate of what is HUMAN EMOTIONS, then kiss.

    That sounds….really good actually. WANT.

    I felt the same way about TKA as I do about S2 right now. I was like, why would I care, they are already married! And in the first episode ZS is still a complete jerk and it’s like they are married but they everything’s the same? PLUS, all the sexing. I did not expect that. So I got sucked in, mostly to see if ZS would learn to be a human being or XQ would grow a spine but nothing of the sort happened for a long time and then I just watched for the side romance of Jiro Wang & Hot Ukranian Model. I don’t think I even finished it though because the angst of XQ & the blindness got a bit too much for me.

    But yes, darlings chilling in Okinawa sounds wonderful. I am watching a beach jdrama from last summer with Yamapi and Karina (Summer Nude) and I am all torn from how beautiful it all is and how sick I am of this winter.

  5. yup..i’m happy too. finally i can see kotoko and naoki with their lovey dovey mode again. hehe. btw the way you post the pic of furukawa yuki and kim so hyun makes me wanted to watch version of korean itazura na kiss with kim so hyun as naoki. seriously i really hope that kim so hyun was the korean version of naoki, and park boo young is the korean kotoko. back then.

    1. Oh melikey! I didn’t stick by Playful Kiss long enough to know if the writing has its cutest magical moments like ItaKiss, but KSH is basically doing the typical cold prince Naoki in StarMan and I like PBY. However, a perfect Kotoko takes a lot of very judiciary flourishes of Manga!Kotoko to make it work and Itakiss is PERFECT in that aspect all the way.

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