True Detective

I can be terribly wrong and this could all be wishful thinking, but I am watching a 無間道 am I?  Hell with no way out and Hell is other people. l’enfer, c’est les autres, to quote Sartre.

There must be some circuit breaks in my brain.  I tried out an episode of True Detective when it was just out.  Impressed and hubs was smitten right away and we decided this could be the show we watch together holding hands being wimps.  Life intrudes and it wasn’t till yesterday we have time to catch up.  It greeted me as a good (could be shady) cop, bad (but not really) cop show in the first episode.  Then, out of nowhere seeing a detective so tortured and damned as McConaughey’s, I have flashbacks of a Chan WingYan…who lives (or whatever he is doing with his life)…with more damaged BAMFness of perpetual middle fingering in the form of every word uttered and attitude 24/7.  Now, keep in mind Chan WingYan (RIP) of Infernal Affairs is arguably in my own silly head the TL character that is just that tiny bit dearer to my heart like none other TL characters, and  I biased kiss everything TL touches.

This show has two BAMFs as cops, but the title is True Detective, no s, not plural.   Once my brain skipped that fuse connecting McConaughey’s Cohle so darn tormented soul as a Chan WingYan, I can’t stop seeing Harrelson’s Hart as a Lau KinMing or vice versa, who knows.  I have no basis for this, but I hope drama is going there.  Fact is this is best airing US TV show.  Good job HBO!  You are doing more than giving me HellalotsaBOobs.

I am not huge on police procedural, not that I do not love them, but they always get so intense I can easily get too invested and with US dramas the investment can be years if not a decade+ of my dear life… and life is getting too short, lets be honest.  I am casually watching Elementary and Person of Interest, casually as in gulping it down when a season is down in a vegging out weekend.  So I have to not let anyone know I am watching much TV in RL just to avoid spoilers.  I am not sure I can do it with a show hitting me with this level of honesty, brutally written perfection so early on.  It sees itself clearly as so good to not be authentically gritty to its material, holding nothing be it dialogue or content.  This further makes BC’s Sherlock a pompous clown.  This is all coming from a very shallow fangirl whose initial draw is director Cary Fukunaga, who is quite hot and I am eternally grateful for his Jane Eyre giving me a Fassy as Mr Rochester.  BTW I still love Sherlock, just MUCH less.

Have a trailer:

I do not know if McConaughey has been taking his meds or skipped them but there are scenes he is so ungodly amazing we paused and stared at each other with a O__o face in shock of what the heck amazing stuff we are witnessing here?!   I mean I am the type of girl with a very superficial brain made of 99% frothy cotton candy who used to see his face whenever reading a Harlequin with any mention of some Southern gorgeous hunk with a twang and dripping with suave and sleaze, you know??!?!?  But he is suddenly an actor scrubbed of attractiveness as his character should be, who is posed to win an Oscar and an Emmy and everything else all in the same calendar year, that worthy.

To quote from the mandarin theme song of IA which is my impression so early on on True Detective

谁能改变人生的长度,Who can change the length of life.

谁知道永恒有多么恐怖,Who knows how horrifying is eternity?!

谁了解生存往往比命运还残酷,Who can grasp living is much more ruthless than destiny..

只是没有人愿意认输。 …only none of us willingly admits defeat.

我们都在不断赶路忘记了出路,We are all hastily chasing down the road, forgetting the exits,

在失望中追求偶尔的满足,Chasing a rare gratification from despair.

我们都在梦中解脱清醒的苦, We are soothing the somber sobriety in our dreams,

流浪在灯火栏珊处,Exiling in the waning lights, fading sounds of darkness.

去不到终点,回到原点,享受 那走不完的路。  Destination is unreachable, back to inception we go, wallowing in the never-ending road.

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