Only Love can Heal

Or better, love and many warm words from Loverboy.   Who greeted the world this morning his time with ‘Good morning, Kunming.  Good morning, China.’

Hang in there, good people on earth and in heaven.  We will build a bridge between with prayers for you.  They can’t kill us all, they can’t do a thing about something we call human spirit.

Peeps, not bragging here, but whenever I do a very shallow droolzing o’ Loverboy, he must’ve got a memo, from me (no, not in droolz), to hey go flail mookie some more with what a perfect human being you are inside and out, literally making the world a better place.

I suspect working within the cosmetic honcho there is some upper management who has a wifey, a gf who is as rabid and annoying a fangirl of YuanHong like me, and the poor guy deduced a plan of 3 straight days of exhaustive engagements.  The gorgeous has to hop flights to 3 cities, betting there is no way he can rock 3 suits, and we can always trust the crowd to snap some unsavory moments, especially when his big face is shot from the unforgiving angle from under.

If that is the case, the dude can’t be more Wrong.  He did all that without missing a beat, concerned over the innocents viciously attacked at Kunming, voicing a heartwarming weibo spreading love and positivity at a very hard time to not be very angry.   But he put up a sweet front, did his engagement and got his weibo be quoted by People’s Daily as our collective words of love and concern for KunMing.

 photo YHKunmingPeoplesdaily_zps4f70e3e5.png

People’s Daily quoting YH:


Devil brandished a knife and cut out the scars of hatred…only love can heal.

His entire weibo yesterday:

YH: 昆明的朋友们,你们还好吗?尚有暴徒在逃,提醒大家警惕。愿伤者平安逝者安息[蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛]至于我们,尽量理智冷静,此时我们的任何负面敌对情绪,都是他们,制造惨案者想要达到的目的。恶魔挥刀砍出仇恨的伤疤,唯有用爱来抚平。

My friends in KunMing, how are you doing?  There are still terrorists at large, please be on the alert.  Rest in peace to our dear ones who have fallen[蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛].  As for us, we need to keep calm and collected.  All the hatred and negativity we are feeling now is exactly what they, the terrorists creating this tragedy, set out to achieve.  Devil brandished a knife and cut out the scars of hatred…only love can heal.

He happily signs autograph for his fangirls who ask for weird things in his handwriting, like ‘Dear (fangirl) FongFong, You are one heck of a guy.’  But he has to put in you made me write it! right under.

My favorite suit out of the three all lovely ones is the babyblue number and I can’t wait for this interview with a very pretty reporter lady in a matchy outfit.  She gushes he is the sweetest guy EVER, who killed time with her on the set by taking loving pictures of her with his camera with his near-professional skills.

He was on a funny show last night.  And from the general opinion, it was a riot.  He let it be known to the world his achilles heel is the bottom of his feet, he is supersensitive there throwing in people who knows him takes him to foot massages just to get hardcore proof of his reputation of ‘having a very sultry screaming voice’ because he has a 411 thread in Tianya forum infamous for airing out every trivia good or bad about any artist and a lady posting there who claimed to be rooming with his then gf heard…noises…and from stuff she heard fr his then gf she concludes YH is (hey do not read, children)..器大活好叫声媚  Well….endowed, good in…bed…and has a sultry screaming voice. Which is what his best known fact running in the interweb since with a Douban fan thread to boost.  And I am not the only one that begs to get some hardcore proof myself on the first 4 characters.

You are my big tree (anchor).

YH: ?

Because I am foodless and the cook in my family is sick with the most annoying bug going the rounds in years. I am miserable and cranky and I want to marry a YH now more than ever T__T Look what he did in his down time at ShenZhen…cooking for his homie ladyfriend! !  !  Who have the balls it show it to the world just to be an annoying bragger.

Seriously.  Why U So LUCKY!! WHYYYYY!  I will cry myself to sleep after the Oscars. ETA:  OHGREAT.  Even those skinny very rich Oscar peeps in very expensive soil-able textiles on my tele are chowing down PIZZAS now.

8 thoughts on “Only Love can Heal

  1. Your Loverboy is the most caring celebrity there is. I just melt whenever I read him being so nice, sweet and kind. I hope that when I see him or we meet, if ever, he would be oozing with kindness and sweetness. Thanks Mookie.

    1. hugssss Mye! lolz now I expect you to be shameless in my place if you see him.

      He is such a warm sweet guy, and he has been like so since he started bloggin and now weiboing, and no celebrity is THAT good to put up a front for so long… he is almost too much and I do not think anyone knowing him in RL thinks he is cool, at all! hahaha being too fussy and caring to a fault.

  2. Can you tell me some facts showing how uncool is he in real Life ? Maybe some testimonies from his relatives or co stars 😀

    1. imo he is very very chatty and busybody (and nosy hahaha) and he is very extremely anal and would get to the bottom of things exhaustively, not exactly petty, but he went to the extreme to find out whether an animal in a historical picture at British Museum (?) was a donkey/ass/mule causing quite a hilarious riot at weibo not long ago. He was sooo incessant his fangirls and friends have urged him to let it go but instead he did the equivalent of breaking out in Elsa’s song, gathering photo evidence, doing research, posting long weibos attracting the attention of the scientific community, and even the official weibo of the British Museum.

      I do not mean uncool as in bad, but he can be quite a handful and being so warm and perhaps too friendly to every breathing thing, esp. the ladies, and often he would be like a sista lol I bet in RL it’s hard to take him too seriously as a cool suitor that type of deal.

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