Remember the TangRen Trio of Precious?!

Yeah.  Those were the days:

That is the first thing popping up in my head when all three of them are making headlines with their new upcoming dramas.

ShiShi in BuBuJingQing:

Well, nothing will make me watch this.  I am over being annoyed of the shitty things transpired, but this just does not interest me AT ALL.   I am shallow, Nicky, that is very fugly hair unless you are imitating a skunk, ok I know, perhaps the art peeps think this is a clever reversal of the Qing queue do, but no, do not listen to them.  Stop it and also stop the attempt to do young.  You are aging plenty well, but what is in vogue for guys half your age are 1) usually WTF to begin w/ and 2) more WTF! on ANYONE double their age.

I do not appreciate being forcefed lazy nonsensical fanservice, this is as obvious as copying that iconic BBJX scene can be and unless there is a reason why Shishi’s character’s butt is stuck by say superglue there in pouring rain in the middle of all the cement,  or she has no pants on and therefore can’t in any decency stand up, otherwise, there is no reason why Nicky needs to waste the time to take off coat and umbrella her like a damsel when I see modern sheltering all around and hence this has nothing to do with being romantic but pure shrills.  Homage my foot.  This is airing in April, literally weeks away, but hardcore fans of the franchise are whining why is this premiering only on a single cable channel instead of the way big deals hit the airwaves these days airing on joint networks up to 4, 5 regional cable honchos.

The 11 min trailer:


ShiShi also has a greatly anticipated ‘Ming Medicine Woman’ aka Mingdynasty/Chinese DaeJangGeum in the works, filming is said to start in April.  ‘DJG’ sticker on any ladydrama period vehicle never EVER gets old, does it?!?!?  It is rumored her co-star is Wallace Huo, for shallowness in many, this is a match made in periodpretteh heaven.  Wallace is very pretty, but super boring dull and meh an actor, imo he got upstaged in every mediocre thing he touches since forever, I have never been impressed by a role he’s taken up, if we can look past his gorgeousness, which is hard and not a thing many care to do anyway.  But this is not good news for the dimmering care for Shishi in me, she needs to up her game stat if she has a want to stay afloat and moves into the field of cutthroat top actress stratosphere.  Life is not fair and late 20s is when you either make it or break it, working alongside someone who has no chance to elevate your game time and time again is a waste of time and feathers as the saying goes.

HuGe’s 琅琊榜/Nirvana in Fire has its first short teaser out.   I am keeping an eye on this one, even if just for the fact I have not seen a truly pretty and not extremely headdesky C idolperiod since, well… hello, LoCH08?!?!?

It is alright, the peeps are pleasing to the eyes and adequately ‘period’ authentic, and what I mean by that is I do not see circle lens, I do not see synthetic things stuck on as body parts, nor eye-scorching fluorescent coloring on anything, but hunch is this is aiming a bit too high than what the cinematography is accomplishing.   It tries to be movie epic-esque but I do not see it, yet.  I do love what they are trying to do in that shot of seeing the world from our protagonist’s pov as he ages, but a few seconds in I am screaming all those HG bebes can spin a much smashing fanvid trailer with what material they have instead of this, especially on the choice of music.  I have deliberately avoid reading anything about the source material so as to approach a HuGe vehicle with fresh eyes.  I do not know if there is some epic romance to be sold but our leadinglady Tamia Liu/劉濤 has serious bigger sister/noona vibe against a very hot and maturing very well HuGe imo.


Mind is BLOWN. I have never seen HG looking better, this is what his face is born for, very refined, wise, sophisticated, grown and mature and scholarly and melancholy hot period men. He could play a ZhuGe Liang AND a ZhouYu in this, easy. And this is what I am talking about an aesthetically sophisticated Cperiod gorgeousness, muted rich textured tones that speak volumes of how the hero is carrying himself in life, his conviction in philosophies be it Confucius, ZhuangZi… teachings of the great philosophers of the Chinese heritage have a common thread more of less revering harmony between humans to our environs. I really do not understand why we have to deal with all the gaudy distracting Cperiod styling for sooo very long.


And a longer, 15 min trailer is out for Yuan Hong’s 秀丽江山之长歌行/ Chang Ge Xin.


This is actually more in tune with my expectation (I was very pleasantly surprised by the first teaser a few months ago), which is watchable for the sake of the abundant glorious pretty men, but no way truly Good.  This has a lot of Ruby’s production stamps I can not get too excited about.  It is VERY MarySue and heroine-centric, vibe is LiuXiu the competent young emperor reviving the Han House is more a lovelorn pup who earns his wings all thanks to the love and aid of our more powerful, omnipresent heroine.   The politicking is receded to the backseat and it is fully a LOVE conquers all type of deal when this could’ve been so much more.  I do not think Liu Xiu in the history book is the cookiecutter swoony romantic loveboat defined strictly by our modern sensibilities, he was a savvy competent young king earning all from naught and fidelity to one woman was a very silly notion no one would even spend the time to scoff at then.  Clever marriages were entirely political, that was the responsible, patriotic way and no other way for a pauper-ed princeling scavenging for survival.  He needed both of his wifeys desperately to secure his empire, and this was no playground for our shoujo angelic heroine versus evilbitchygirl2.

Not saying this is atrocious, quite the contrary, this looks well put together, a lot of care and effort is put in and it is all visible, none of that middling fingering of our brain every second of a Yuma poop will present, but this, I fear, is slighted by the shoujo idoldrama bend on a much richer story to be told and it is a pity.   This is still only a trailer, so the final product might surprise me nicely, but I do not feel much sizzling to-die-for cosmic-shifting earth-shattering chemistry between our OTP which is all the more essential here if the story is told from a solely romance vantage point.  Seriously Ruby, this should be the last of your productions where you are forcing yourself into a young heroine role, you can not call a YuanHong ‘BigBro3’ and not expect me to roll my eyes when his looks is clearly of a decade younger than your very young looking 38 years of age.   No, I do not think Ruby is horrible here, she is her usual, alright, not buggy but nothing surprising here to see.  She is pushing it to be the formidable lady warrior in battlefield, whereas in quieter scenes, she is convincing. But there are just many facets to her character I do not think she is the best fit.

Even if it is any worse, I can stare at the pretty.  But why are lips so soooo pink?!?!!

These are minor gripes,  I mean a fangirl took a screengrab of other fangirls pausing and flailing and typing out, gushing over Loverboy’s beauty especially his ridiculously gorgeous hands.  For a trailer…:

I expected Loverboy to be so intense I would squee every second he is on this trailer alone, but…sadly that did not happen.  He is good, but lacking wonton, his crying has improved drastically technically from his Prince13 days and every emotion, face is well executed, but his scenes with Ruby just did not evoke much in me.  Now his scenes with our badLady2 are explosive and packed a punch.   I have a feeling Loverboy has been overthinking his craft the more experienced he is, and the self-doubts are hindering when he has to bounce off a less competent partner like Ruby, if he has an easier time to let things happen naturally, he could shine like what he did as YeLuXie which he has vexed repeatedly he was so green and horrible in it not knowing a thing about the industry and have no skills in his own opinion, but what a natural, charismatic job in our eyes.  He looks the best he has been since his Yang Kang days, especially with the ‘stache.

Why yes, I am slightly bumped after the 15 min.  Very peeved by the lazy straight use of Game of Thrones theme at the end. Where is any whiff of THE GLORIOUS BROMANCE WITH 28 HOTTIES!!!!!!!  Ruby, you’d better had  a vid of nothing but that lining up very soon even though we have no close date of when this will air.

My consolation is I will put all my eggs in the Hua Xu Yin basket expecting him and JiangXin to burn holes on my screen and heart now.   Jiang Xin has my vote as the most talented actress he has worked with next to Song Jia (and that explain why Tian Di Min Xin is still my utmost favorite job of Loverboy).  Disappointing me in HXY acting-wise would be UGLY.  So, DONT.

36 thoughts on “Remember the TangRen Trio of Precious?!

  1. Yeah, I know Ruby does look young for her age. But IDK why, in the trailer, she still looks a decade older than YH. Still, I would like them to date in RL if those rumours are true, LOL.

    1. IKR?! I think part is YH is also looking much younger than the last few years, putting him back to his 20s and there is just a thing with aging that no matter how good you look, you look your age and Ruby is that.

      What taken me aback is how tired and withered LSS is looking in the trailer of BBJQ, the dark circles and just the lack of any sparkle or glow on her is aging her by a lot. If I have a side by side of her and Ruby they would frankly look the same age bracket.

  2. Those are my thoughts exactly, BBJQ looks like it’s going to try to butcher the memories of BBJX and pretty much ride on the coat tails of everything that that drama did well. I really wish they wouldn’t. If they provide any consolation, I at least want to see them having fun in the BTS.

    Also as much as I like Wallace, please no he has barely any chemistry with SS, heck I don’t even like medical dramas much and the random name dropping isn’t doing it any favours imo.

    Nirvana in Fire is looking a lot more slick than I thought it would turn out, I’m kind of looking forward to it but I’m cautious because I don’t want to jinx it. On the other hand Chang Ge Xin, I’m not feeling it. It definitely looks like a Ruby Lin production, but I wish they had toned it down a little and I agree with Ruby looking much older but she also doesn’t look like she has that sort of lithe and agile body to pull off that kind of a character, she looks more uhhhh…plump?

    1. WHAT I remember I liked Wallace & LSS’ OTP in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei! But I admit looking back I don’t think Wallace’s acting was that great. >_>

      1. Wallace on his own, or with some other actress I’m okay with, but he wasn’t the best actor she’s worked with. I liked their individual characters better than the whole idea of them as OTP in SHYZM. Speaking of Wallace has anyone actually watched his new series, Battle of Changsha?

          1. I have no clue, I haven’t seen it yet, it’s sort of just sitting on my ‘will watch someday’ list…I remember watching BTS though and he was adorable with Yang Zi despite the age gap.

            1. Sadly I have read somewhere in a TianYa thread he is again eaten alive on screen by many supporting characters. But noise is the drama should be watchable quality-wise.

        1. I like the concept in Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei, which was quite refreshing with all the sketches, action scenes and the fast paced plot. I thought him rather convincing as the happy go lucky hero who is actually nursing a wounded heart.

          I’ve just finishes Battle of Changsha and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am not a fan of Min Guo period shows, but got hooked on it from episode 1. I like how every character is flawed in some ways and how the story unfolds to either make us emphathise with the reasons for their actions or to have them develope into better persons. Many of the characters who i didn’t like at first grew on me gradually and become my favouritea.

          I think it’s unfair to say that Wallace got overshadowed by the others because i don’t think he was the lead of the story (in fact, his character had even less screentime in the original novel, and more OTP scenes were added in the drama). The Hu family (of which Yang Zi is a member) is the central figure of the story. Everyhing revolved around them and the romance between the OTP, while a running theme from start to end, was not the focus.

          I don’t usually like war dramas, not just because of the necessary grief, but also because there’s a risk of it becoming too explicit in the anti-aggressor propaganda (i didn’t enjoy Gaksital for this). But what is fortunate in Battle of Changsha is that it focuses on the story of the seemingly small characters and how they fought to protect their lives, their dreams, and their families. This wasn’t what i expected from a Sino-Japanese war drama.

          I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the ending theme song was very apt for the show too!

    2. Bottomline is, the plot of BBJQ is so bizarrely unbelievably stupid. And there is no good acting to be seen miles from it to savage anything. Even Damian Lau was meh, that is how bad this looks.

      ShiShi is in dire need of working with someone whom she has fantastic chemistry with and can elevate her game pronto, because she is inching towards leading lady status in better projects and she has not developed that clout and again the screen presence matching the interest in her. I am truly happy for her and Nicky in RL, but I do not think they have natural screen chemistry, not in BBJQ at least, what transpired on BBJX was mostly good characterization, anyone decent attached otherwise could’ve sold the OTP of Prince4/RX to us. Wallace’s fans are not too happy he has to play a second fiddle to clearly a super heroine-centric SS vehicle but imo this marks a make or break tipping point of SS’ career, it’s all on her shoulders and if the production is terribly serious in showing her worthy in being a bona fide leading lady on her own right, every nail and bolt have to be more than perfection because…frankly SS is on the overrated side, still needs a lot of improvement. And Wallace is just not good enough a serious actor to elevate anyone or anything. Of course if they are just aiming for something a Yuma will market, an eye-catching rating machine screwing quality, sth copying playbook of a 陆贞传奇 / Lu Zhen then by all means cast all the pretty period idols like a Wallace.

      Actually I expected Nirvana in Fire to look even better, slicker and perfect, there are some very questionable acting and lack of moody cinematography to nitpick in that trailer alone, but HG is back to his good A game. And here is the thing, he is donning a very similar outfit like his M9 fr DMY, but in that trailer he looks so waxy and lifeless, here there is drama permeating on the backside of his head alone. This is what a much better production company can do.

      1. I agree her upcoming projects are mediocre in plot and actors that I feel like she’s going to flat line and her only memorable piece will end up being BBJX. It’s kind of sad as a fan, it’s part of what makes me hope she finally sees the light and moves agencies. Though the silly fan girl in me is still hoping there’s something worth watching of her in 绣春刀. It might be small but I’d be happier if she actually delivered in her small role than mediocrity in all her main roles.

        I’m kinda of surprised with Hu Ge, he manages this heavy air about him which me likey 🙂 I’m trying to forget everything about DMY just so that even the 60 year old me isn’t asking where the heck is my drama.

        1. I have become lesser and lesser a fan of SS’ acting over the yrs, BBJX for me was mostly a nice surprise she is better than my expectation, but I can’t shake the hunch how she impressed me in BBJX is her glass ceiling and it is still falling short and in no way impressive technically, worlds from what a SunLi/JiangXin could do. 绣春刀 is a litmus. All I hope is she can still capture my attention in it.

          I honestly do not think it is a matter of To be brutally honest, if a WuZun, an AndyLau, a Charlene Choi ie Ah Sa can be married (with children…or divorced) without a hint of it, Nicky and SS who asked for us to respect their privacy and not at all with any notion of milking their romance….we won’t be sending our blessings until their first born. There is no real paparazzi in CN showbiz, a lot can be done under the table. So I see it the day they come out as a dating couple as well lets use our romance to make some noise and SS sending me a memo she is into being strung along as a popular commodity or part of a popular commodity but not serious in being an actress because that is all she is newsworthy now, part of the CP. I am only into actors in the industry passionate about their craft first and foremost, they can be passionate about a million other things too but they only speak to me through their works. I am not interested in personal lives of actors. I do not respect her any less, in a way this is perhaps quite savvy to know her proper place because imo she is not a natural born actress and there is a glass ceiling how much one can improve and I just do not see her promising in that aspect. The climate is that even if you are equipped with all the talent, if you miss a golden opportunity and plenty of luck it is quite down a necessity of what makes a starthese days. So be a popular, likeable starlet in the industry enjoying a decent fandom while it lasts might be her rightful place. Who knows anymore.

          YangMi is an entirely different beast, out of the almost A listers she is the only one that has presentable worthy characters she has created from years and years to show she has true potential, the natural born acting talent sadly lacking in ALL her peers and she is playing shrewdly to the new rules of industry of making a tabloid fodder household name in mass popular but horrible stuff, but never the culprit of sucking. She has been cruising for years now but I will forever keep an eye on her, so what if she wants to carve out a niche in the industry where she can go and start a family in her 20s for a few years while peeps can’t stop talking about her very public life?! When someone is born with it, even when her faced is a bit too plastic already, all she needs is to continue the feeding of the public interest and she can have the clout to pick and choose. I totally can see her in a few years suddenly picking a worthy arthouse and nailing it if she sets her heart to it. Same token, I have not yet given up hope on Cecilia Cheung wowing me in a comeback, because she has done it before.

          1. I would never give her credit for being anywhere as good as Jiang Xin or Sun Li, and I do agree she’s been strung along like a commodity for quite a while now, 3 years with just the BBJX fame is a bit much, but I don’t know, when I watched her back then she felt like she was that character more than say Yang Mi who had a very similar drama airing around the same time. I think Yang Mi had a great charm about her in her earlier works which I don’t find as intriguing anymore, although it would be silly of me not to admit she’s a great business woman and much more smart/ savvy than Shi Shi imo which would increase her longevity in such an such an industry. I have no care nor issue with anyone’s private love life nor how much cosmetic surgery anyone has, I think my own RL is too busy for me to spare time for that kind of drama, I just want to see SS revive her boring ass career, even if it is a futile wish.

            1. yeah, YM has not even tried since after say… Schemes of a Beauty?! She was absolutely unwatchably hammy in Goong and ever since. I take it as a phase of now 4 years and counting of her marketing herself as such, she was nothing but good to great in the dozens of work big or small prior. She has shown me she can elevate crap like Dark Fragrance in a cameo and making HXM, WLD looked absolutely talentless a few leagues short.

              Imo she would’ve handled a lot of the heavylifting in BBJX much better from what I’ve seen her in Prince’s Education, in Wang Zhaojun or even the 2010 Hong Lou Meng… All ladies served in a dose of fate, trapped in their time and society against their wish and with a feisty fight in them pertaining the time. SS gave in her all and tried her very best, but she was doing forced expressions especially in the early RX’s cutesy and her take on acting is expressions bubbling on the surface but it all somehow never gets anywhere near her eyes..and internalize.. which a more skillful YM can accomplish…IF she cares to, of course. Goong was spit out by yuma from start to finish in a few short months almost just to spite Karen, it really should not be watched, less taken seriously in any capacity.

              Lets see what SS can make out of that Ming lady doctor drama, maybe she will surprise me.

              1. OMG. Is Tangren the producer of the Ming Lady doctor drama? I just saw the blessing ceremony. This is going to be another horrid reminder of Clothing the World. The drama sound boring as is, and having SS-a very boring mediocre actress star with a boring actor. Wow, this is what Tangren can come up with?

                1. I am counting on you to check it out and report if there is anything savageable, as is I have no curiosity to even see and be nosy. TR is no longer giving a care to quality when they do not need to, esp not script-wise, so when all the red herrings of this being DJG, and casting a ShiShi and a Wallace like it is some big freaken epic, like you, I jumped to CtW right away as well. And gosh that drama traumatized me in unbelievable lame and suck. And woke me up to what a sinking ship TR is.

                  SS and TR has yuma to thank actually, BBJX was sitting there not done a thing in adaptation/preproduction for so long and Kboss was gonna give YH the lead of Prince4 and throw together a halfassed idol drama out of it inserting random names and newbies and call it a day. If not how is a decent patch of grass, a freakn lotus pond not even location scouted!?! Those horrible postproduction of BBJX r tragic. TR did put a its all into BBJX and it is the only work that is decent and watchable from them last…decade. But without any provocation and spite Kboss has no vision and no passion in doing anything other than making silly short small capital gains and squeezing every drop of worth fr the poor things under her management.

                  SS can be ok, but she is also squarely in the mediocre in my books, she can not do nuance, she can not compute inner workings much, with a character like RX. I did give her an applause giving her all, and story is giving her a lot of dense plots leading her through, doing the heavy lifting, yet this is her ceiling, her best and the only pleasant surprise I can attribute her is being decent and alright when I was expecting her to be wallflower, which all in all is not good enough, esp when the past 2 yr+ she had shown me nothing in honing her skills. This could’ve been a role that should shush all critics, not putting her higher some pedestal she is overrated in. There was nothing wrong with such a vehicle, but she has no followup and is regressing to a point she is more boring an actress than she ever was. I do not see potential, I do not see promise, tbvh.

                  Boring is the word I would pick for Wallace as well, if only one is allowed.

                  1. Oh please don’t count on me, haha. I really have no desire to follow TR’s crap. And I agree with everything you said above.

  3. Not that excited for any of these, I only follow LSS the most regularly among these 3 people. I’m more excited for her 大漠谣 and 天使的幸福, I would probably catch BBJQ and give it a try with low expectations because modern dramas are not China’s forte and it’s an original screenplay by Tangren, I’m sure it will be nowhere as good as Tonghua’s novels.

    1. I have never the desire to watch anything judt because of LSS and TongHua is not a writer i care about. imo LSS is a horrible miscast for DMY and i am v skeptical they can remake a watchable Thank You with lesser actors and a C modern bend. But yes BBJQ is guaranteed insufferable writing wise.

  4. Hi Mookie! Are you reading Chang Ge Xing? I picked it up and finished the first book… but it’s such a lonely journey, reading alone.

    1. Hi dear!

      CGX failed to hold onto me when I have better things to read…like World of Plainness for one. I am only ~200 of 800+ pp and no way I can break with it till the end. I did not expect it to be this owning my soul.

        1. oh gosh. Definitely worth every bit of its praises and awards. Exceeds my expectations and I have plenty. It is hard for me to grasp all the propaganda lingo, all those 反Xx運動 are characters so simple but as a phrase, it is over my head, but the writing is so effectively marvelous without ornamentation. A master at play.

  5. 琅琊榜 is one period drama I’m really looking forward to, given the complex story (assuming they keep close to the novel) and the great leading man & lady. Hu Ge is so damn fine and such a charismatic and talented actor that I’m confident he’ll do a great job portraying the depth of the main character. It’s been so long since he’s graced our screens with a period piece and all the tidbits we’ve seen so far points to 琅琊榜 being potentially awesome. I especially like his look in this photo:

    長歌行 is another drama I really want to see. OK I may be biased because I like Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong, but the original novel seems to be a very interesting story and has a happy ending (plus it’s set in Han Dynasty which is always a bonus). Ruby Lin dramas are guaranteed to be good on the eyes so that’s another bonus I guess 😀

    1. (I meant the second last photo of Hu Ge with him looking sideways and sitting on a chair with white fur)
      I totally agree with you about period aesthetics – I dislike the gaudy designs in many period dramas these days because I feel they’re not so authentic with history… Yes I know we’re recreating the period look but I’m pretty sure back in the ancient days they didn’t have such gaudy colors/clothes… I reckon the clothes would be more muted because dyes back then aren’t as vibrant as today’s…?

    2. How amazing HuGe’s stills are took me by surprise, I truly love them all. The first one is so stately and devine. Each one of them has a story to tell with so little fanfare.

      It is exactly the 古樸質感 I am missing with so many productions. If you are going to have an onslaught of plastic cherry blossoms everywhere and at all times, at least take the care to shoot them so it is not gaudily plastic, tyvm yuma!

      1. Those stills reminded me just why I love watching HG on my screen so much. My mom’s a big fan of his, so once this series comes out, she’s gonna be so eager to see it 😀

        Totally agree with you about 古樸質感. The gaudy decor and costumes in so many period dramas really don’t sit so well with me because I can’t feel the authenticity. I think BBJX had the right balance between beautiful fancy costumes and 古樸質感 which is why it was so great on the eyes. Actually Ruby’s Chang Ge Xing has beautiful costumes that fit well with the period setting too, judging from the stills you posted a while back. Their costumes had beautiful details but weren’t gaudy and plastic looking (unlike Lan Ling Wang where the “armor” looked so off it was distracting)…

        1. LLW is absolutely fugly to my eyes.

          I think both BBJX and all Ruby’s productions have at least a care for pretty, not so much the 古樸質感 Nirvana in Fire is hopefully able to convey though. We really have to go back to 汉武大帝, 大明宫词, 大明王朝1566 the likes

          BBJX exceeds my very low expectation many folds and for that I was very lenient, but the set and lighting was so cheap with TR’s limited budget and to form a picturesque authentic frame to build the world the period drama is loosely based on, I need much more. Same with Ruby’s. She loves that gloss of manga-ish aesthetics and that works fine with her usual period shoujo, but I want more authenticity when CGX is based on a real emperor, as loose as the story told is along the lines of history books.

          Legend of Zhen Huan actually did a much better job being period authentic, that is what a decent budget can do and a TR’s or even a Ruby’s can never attain that extent to the set and ornaments filling up spaces, the jewelry, the makeup are amazing, but there are some questionable clashing of mediocre chinese painting brush work on textiles which I doubt any court lady would allow to waste fine silks upon and everyone has the exact same sheen that is along the brassy taste of a modern day 土豪/ uncouth rich.

          What I missed most is that tactile texture of light and dark, that pensive weight added to screen when shadow and natural light can dance harmoniously along with everything on set playing a role to form cohesive imagery.

          This I like and miss much:

          This I can tolerate but I can nitpick it to death from the pattern on the screen, to the spotlight or even those lazy pots of flower:

          My peeve has always been that harsh bright modern studio light along with way too vivid colors.

          1. Totally agree with you about the bright modern lights and vivid colors, especially considering they didn’t have electricity back then and only used candles/lanterns/oil lamps…

            I haven’t seen Zhenhuan but based on the pictures you showed they look quite nice. I remember seeing some Qing period costumes in an exhibition once and instead of paintings, the silk materials had embroidery instead. I remember staring at the beautiful needlework for some time because I was so amazed by how intricate it was.

            I love Ruby’s productions but I agree with you that it’s very pretty in a “ooh shiny” type of way. I don’t mind it too much because it’s not over the top like the gaudy costumes or like Yuma’s parrot-like costumes, but yeah, it doesn’t quite have the ancient feel as the costumes I’ve seen in museum/art exhibits…

            That said, I am really looking forward to Chang Ge Xing because I love Han dynasty stories and it’s based on a good Emperor and Empress who gets a sort of happy ending (very rare in history). Also, I like Ruby and absolutely LOVE to see Yuan Hong as an Emperor. I always think that he’s born to be in period dramas and he has a regal aura.

            Nirvana in Fire I’m also very eager to see because the story is really good (based on the synopsis I read) and I like the lead actors like Hu Ge and Liu Tao – they’re good actors and really look the part. The stills I’ve seen so far are great and the costumes are wonderful too.

  6. I so miss muted, earth tones in Chinese period dramas. The drama landscape has been long overwhelmed with the Yuma brand of bright, modern colours! The last time i felt I watched something close to actual sceneries from ancient China was in Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang.

    1. Really?! SNYJJ was squarely in idolfluffy Cperiod. It is what it is, candypretty. TR’s costumes are always nice, but the set and everything else left a lot to desire if we are talking about period authentic. I wont’ ever consider I am seeing real human condition in Heirs, you know.

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