Homecoming, Crippled Ho and Demigod Peacocks

Guys, start popping the popcorn!


GEEZ, that tear, ChenF!DaoMing!  how!?!?

You are not alone if you just stared and teared up a little.  Come May, come May.

Short teaser is out:

新跛豪/New Crippled Ho


Inhale.  Exhale.

This has Nick Cheung in the lead role who is aging like fine wine more steadily awesome by each movie.  He has earned his status of attaching himself in very watchable decent popcorn flicks these last 2 years.  I did not grow up his fan, but he is catching my attention.

And Tony Leung KaFai!

And Sun Li!

And Song Jia!

All possibly signing up for it.  Off the list, SunLi would probably do this for free, while she is the reigning Cdrama darling Queen, she has no luck breaking into the movie industry At All. Produced by Jing Wong, he is not directing *PHEW*, Andrew Lau ala Infernal Affairs may be at the helm instead.  This is a remake of  a 90s HK popcorn gangster romp To Be Number One, loosely based on true story of gangster boss Crippled Ho.  The story is formulaic, totally an actor’s showdown and with this cast…How. Freaking. Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

封神榜/Fengshen Bang

A remake of the Ming dynasty mythology novel 封神演義/Fengshen Bang/The Investiture of the Gods is in the works.

This is riding on the box office success of Monkey King and they have their token A-lister ensemble cast guaranteeing the box office: Jet Li, Tony Leung KF, Huang Xiao Ming AND Angelababy,  Louis Koo, Shu Qi, Wen Zhang, and Jacky Heung (the inserted ‘unknown’ bringing in the backers but HKers know him quite well as the HK showbiz Princeling, son of one of the Heung Brothers, Boss running the HKmovie industry last 30+ yrs).   I would otherwise stay away from this type of Cmovies  spending the entire budget on the stars and 3D CGIs because they are just amateurishly horrible like clockwork.  Now any one of the Tony Leungs can make me watch anything especially when he is playing a Chinese Caligula/King Zhou , but I really dig these conceptual posters.  How? What? WHY?


from a page of the original Wind Cloud manhua

It reminds me of the nostalgic artistry of 80s HK wuxia-manhua, there are always gorgeous beasts of all things magical: wind, fire, rain, dragons, wolves, vipers, hawks, bears…spiriting off wuxia hero’s body every few pages as the visual of the Wu-Xia,every brushstroke visibly chintzy and beautiful.  The posters are paying homage to this ostentatious wuxiacomic artform and somehow it looks fresh to my eyes.  Please play this up, go full on glorious fun ornate and manhua unreal. Never attempt to ape what Hollywood can do because you just can’t.   And yes, if you are rubbing your eyes, Louis Koo is the very gay peacock demigod and tbh this could be a very authentic visual of the Immortal 觀音/GuanYin at a 70s disco.  Ni-ce.

3 thoughts on “Homecoming, Crippled Ho and Demigod Peacocks

  1. 封神演義 is one of my fave stories and I really like the cast ensemble so I hope they make it good.

    大鬧天宮 was one of the most disappointing movies EVER. An epic mess from start to finish and a total waste of the cast. The script was awful and the characterizations even worse. The only thing I liked about the movie was the first song they played in the end credits.

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