World Of Plainness (OMG)

I have been basically eating my own hand to hold down the squeals, sitting my jumpy heart down, droning:

peeps can read and quote from books, every single one of us, we do that, all the while when my gut is screaming at me and I am pinching self IS THIS HAPPENING? WHAT?!  PIPEDREAMS DO COME TRUE ?!?  After reading YaYa suddenly quoting World of Plainness a few days ago:

  *Please, PLEASE do not jinx it mookie.  :X*

It’s official: a kinda trustworthy weibo on entertainment news just leaked a casting of Tong LiYa in World of Plainness.

The drama is in a furious pre-production, and it has me very very antsy because while Loverboy’s name has been attached since the very beginning, there is STILL no official word from YH himself and, in him I trust.

He should look ridiculously fine in the period:

I have yet to see his Mi Mo Shuang Long (a menguo espionage noir).

I sounded quite calm, but I.  am.  Not.   I have been fanshipping them to do a drama, preferably a proper period together for YEARS and YEARS.  Even though I am allergic to Hawick Lau and FeiWoSeeChun, I was thanking TPTB putting YaYa and YH in the same breath even though that is all a puff of thin air now and production has been indefinitely halted.   I have gushed my love over YaYa’s face, she is decently talented and has a bit of a range that would put ShiShi, TangTang (TangYan), MiMi (YangMi), the likes in fuming envy.  She is perhaps not as powerful an actress a YM can be at her finest, but none of her peers have her gorgeous period AND modern face.  Just think of their 2 pairs of pretty eyes angstily eyesexing brimming in tears in a FWSC cryfest.  Bonus we get to see the other party emoting through their huge glossy globes (and reflector boards hahaha):

Or a steamy modern drama where he is a bad boy turns angelic:

Please make any/all of this happen, TPTB.  Yes I am greedy and have lots of Loverboy dramas lined up and all will interest me more or less on the pretty alone but this has all the marks of the truest bestest of the best thing YH is  hopefully (PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE) attaching himself to, YaYa too.

Have some pretty MVs :

7 thoughts on “World Of Plainness (OMG)

  1. Mookie cherie, this is an offtopic question, but being passionate about ancient chinese dynasties and Hanfu I wanted to ask you what were the strengths and weaknesses of said, Han ; Tang ; and Ming dynasties (namely the latter) according to you ? thank you 🙂

    1. WAH haha that is asking me for a few dissertations I am in no way capable of…

      I will TRY to be short and sweet. *TRY*

      Han laid the groundwork for the Han Chinese culture to flourish. It was the exact equivalent of the Roman Empire. The dynasty started as transition of more ‘primitive’ matriarchal societies, ethnically diverse cultures to congregating under the Han dominance which in itself is just taking its infantile shape. It could’ve been XiongNu, other cultures taking the land but that would also rewritten the whole Asian history of heavily under the Confucius doctrine. The unification and hence an overall long period of stability allowed economic prosperity without which cultural enlightenment would have been just a pipe dream. Trade routes like the silk route, the tea horse road were established for the first time, key to liberal cultural growth and religious exchanges and Han making his prominence known. Buddhism was first introduced to middle earth in Han. It was also the first time when scholars were revered in court, differentiating it from the authoritative rule of Qin. It was a time the country was in its big bang formation in every aspect and therefore societal rules were not yet set in stone, great enjoyment of freedom for the arts, literature and philosophies to take its course in advancement. We have the invention of paper and ceramics, allowing the art such as calligraphy and painting to flourish as not sole enjoyment of the few entitled aristocracy. The discipline of astronomy, advancement in medicine in surgery and anesthesia, great breakthroughs in civil engineering, agriculture marked advancement from the bronze age. The morality of the CN feudalism has yet to be established in its very early stage, laying the foundation of a very thorough societal dissection of all branches of early philosophies before Confucius took hold mainstream, and the Han emperor played on its ideology to politically secure the Han house’s central rule, but it also planted the seed for social unrest with the class inequalities it encouraged. And from the strong roots of matriarchal archetypes prior, it started as definitely the most liberal of times for womanhood where we did enjoy individual freedom of mind and education and a lot of equalities we have since lost forever confined by morality and social mores. To name one, ladies back then, no matter the class, enjoy a freedom of romance and marriage, many well-respected influential ladies in the court, dowager empresses have been many times divorced, not subjected to scorned judgments.

      Tang is The Great middle kingdom’s Classical Age. A truly matured society with periods of brilliant stable rule of nearly 300 years. There were ebbs and flows but there were rulers and decades of formidable dominating economical and diplomatic prowess of the greatest medieval empire on earth. How extravagantly the government endowed in the arts and literature compounded by the enlightenment and fury in spirituality was unprecedented setting the gold standard for the epiphany in many fields defining the Han Chinese culture, still unsurpassed in later dynasty. A fluid, mature embracing of philosophies, religions and ideologies also led to even greater liberties/less restraints in morality I would argue. Although Tang marked a few ruling empresses and ladies in royalty leading lives like male aristocratic libertines in later Europe, with no abstention from all worldly pleasures be it wine or men even when decorum imprisoned them in Taoist nunnery swayed by political ascension or out of favor of their family or husband, it was a time of full on patriarchal where women were resorted to intelligent ornaments, their plum beauty praised highly and frequently in the arts but realistically having a bartering value less than cattle. However, under that societal glass ceiling, they were granted all access to arts and education, many young ladies of aristocracy willingly chose a career in high society escorting where they could indulge in their interests insteadp of mind instead of domestication. There were quite a few respected Tang lady writers, musicians and poets who were popular respected escorts. In many ways Confucius and Buddhism has set new spiffy honorable standards of a moral enlightened way of life, everybody took a look at it, studied it, gave it nods and claps but only few practiced the doctrine and most turn a blind eye, and had the liberty of not be harshly judged in their debauchery.

      Tang dynasty greatly influenced its successor Song with a drastic tightening on the standard of morality and stricter adherence to Confucius ideology. Art and literature continued to mature and flourished perhaps to an extreme, scholars, intellectual ruled the hearts and minds of emperors whom themselves have dayjobs as poets and painters, inserting never before influence to the literates, but their gentile, civilized lifestyles were lavishly paid for by heavy taxation, and the downside of which led to a very weak, vulnerable military state.

      Ming was the Han Chinese Renaissance, if I may. There were some very authoritative iron-fist policies established early on by the very shrewd Ming emperors and it was a great timing, society benefited by it for a great while. Circa 1500s Ming is the most glorious empire gilded in gold, hence it was often referred to the Great Ming Empire. I do think by restoring what was already established through the age of Han and Tang it was not subjected to rules of uncivilized diplomatic practice of intermarriage of princesses to all the neighboring threats. The central government also was savvy in rebuilding a very efficient economy right away establishing a more than self sufficient empire state, learning from the mistakes of Song, which was plagued by heavy taxation and weak economy/military. It was a great time to be a citizen of Ming in many aspects of life (but not all), again for a while until the government grown too large and powerful and inner politicking of fractions spreading propaganda, secret police ruthlessly asserting the authoritative secular rule of the emperor and the more dominant fraction in government in power, white terror not unlike what was going on in latter political suppression such as Cultural Revolution, that led to a miasma of fear and unrest. Such an authoritative rule put all risks on its emperor and they can not all be competent and brilliant. Its long reign as the dominating power in the region also encouraged isolation policies it was its own trapped fortress ignorant of the changing world, unequipped to tribulations. It did enjoy the most glorious days of Han chinese in arts, architecture, and all things cultural, maturing to a heightened fruition during Ming, great military and diplomatic dominance and economic stability. But it declined into a very stiffening climate for free forming of ideas and freedoms.

  2. And you said you were not good at dissertation were you kidding me ? 😮 you did a great job girl ! 🙂 thank you very much 😀 . I learnt a lot of things like how Han was influenced by matriarchal culture 😀 . I agree with you about Ming fall. Also I think that a lot of Ming emperors were not bright enough and have bad tendencies of banishing or executing deserving generals (a lot of them sometimes saved the country from foreign attacks) or good ministers :/ ewwww .

    1. I think the 19, 20th C world history would have been written extremely differently with CN being the ‘world police’ leader IF there was a coalesce of Song and Ming, where a cultivation of the mind and arts, in essence propagating our civilization and stamping influence from that aspect partnering with a shrewd assertion of autocracy and be an efficient governing party getting work done while keeping the bureaucracy in check. While I think a lot of Song emperors are scholars first, and almost regarded governing a country a disinterest below their station and cultured mind, there were some very shrewd, savvy Ming emperors not unlike a…MZD, born a leader, good at delegating…of course this led to the zenith of Eunuch power, the out of control of the bureaucracy of the court again not unlike what essentially what the gang of 4 was about.

      Early Qing emperors did some right and for almost 100 years, they were doing a fine job for the country, they established their authority with symbolic dissemination of Han customs like enforcing the queue do, either you keep your hair, an homage to your ancestors, very Confucius, or off your head rolls. It was a blatant mental castration, cutting a Han Chinese man’s honor. From a ruler’s standpoint, I think it was brilliant, it established the status quo by desecrating something a man can live without. I mean it is just hair, even if it means so much more. The early Qing emperors were so well versed in Han breaking them at all the cultural foibles, seeping and eroding the culture by brainwashing ways…slipping into the dominating role by slowly rubbing off the identity until the subservience was established…which imo was not unlike what the PRC rule is doing to HK…and now TW. However, even if Qing had a few more brainy rulers like KangXi, YongZheng, QianLong spreading over its 300+ rule, I still do not think it would work without a fundamental tolerance, fitting Han with its thousands of years of cultural heritage into essentially a survivalistic nomadic herder tribe, not going to work that point of history. Now if say the Qiong Nu conquer the land of the Han way back when…ie the Vikings ruling infantile Europe, who is to say there would still be a unified middle kingdom but not individual states like Europe?!

  3. About Qing dynasty I think Han chinese never really accepted mandchoue ruling. Maybe I am wrong but I feel it.
    Thank you again Mookie

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