Hyun Bin and Lillian Lee

Well, this made my day several folds more tolerable.


I have an intense, one-way relationship with Lillian Lee/李碧華 (Farewell My Concubine, Rouge, Green Snake, Temptation of a Monk, Terracotta Warriors…) for most of my life, since I can read chinese on newspaper actually.  She is my favorite HK writer.  Period. It is hardcore stalkerish, I read her column rain and shine, without fail and it has been clockwork for decades.  And she has never written a thing that does not pique my interest and lingers.  And, we share the exact same taste…in everything.

So to read her column today, when she is giving a cheer and shoutout to the TW students protesting for the sanctity of their turf with passion and blood,  segueing into the sensational tale of a Prince’s last fight for survival in one day when all things looks hopelessly terribly dire, but emerges the victor, giving a nod to HyunBinnie especially on how intense his eyes are in the brief moments in the minute long trailer, plus how good she thinks the trailer looks and how much she loves the name 逆鱗/ a scale on a baneful dragon inversed…means a world to me.

批其逆鱗 – 李碧華




….I like the name 《逆鱗》 espcially, you can tell with a glance there is a story to tell.   -Lillian Lee


Have a trailer out yesterday. It looks tight as expected.


From the Csub:

‘寡人 (a humble honorific a King refers to oneself) is the son of Crown Prince Sado

… A man who must live.

‘It is not too late!’

…A man who must be saved.

‘Are you asking me to commit murder for you?’

…A man who must die.

He who suffers.

…Today is the day…to kill a King.

‘We have chosen to follow the King.  He is our King.’

‘First, I need you to attack.’

‘Live on…’


‘All of them…kill them all.’

An incident buried in history.

A suffocating 24 hours.

King Jeongjo ‘This is…the world you are expecting?’


Have a picspam:


5 thoughts on “Hyun Bin and Lillian Lee

    1. IT. IS!

      And even though we all know the story pretty well and what’s in store, this trailer still should make anyone other than me ( as biased as a HB loonie goes) wanna watch it bad.

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