In case you can’t spot it, that round head on the rt of the trio is my Loverboy~ <333

Lv Yi is joining her ‘lil sis’ LaoYuan in World of Plainness.  As if my expectation is not off the roof already.   There are quite a few RL shipper of the couple, she is ‘lucky’ enough to get a great bunch of flirty shameless back and forth from Lil Red Flower.   He’s called her the only angel in his heart, she has called him the most gorgeous SE Asian dude she knows.  And here she is doing free promo for his movie: ‘This is Lil Sis Yuan’s newest movie, he is no longer in SE Asia, gone is his afro, showing us a new image in uniform.  He is a very physically agile actor, hehehe, lets check it out 10/29.’

To which Loverboy flirts back, ‘Your opinion is so unbiased as a nimble actress both in body and mind~! :~) Next time in your ‘pakpak’* MV, I need to be your leading guy!  *pakpak is an app these two like to use like snapchat.  But lets not kid ourselves from the mouth of the derp, it is also how you would put for the sound of making out. <_<



By all indication, even though Lv Yi has the stately gentile classy beautiful look of a Chinese Jane Bennet, she is as silly as fun as Loverboy and their mutual bffs Sun XiaoXiao and Ma TianYu.   She is also a decent and underrated actor imo, look what convincing drama she can spin out with a cardboard cutout of YangMi.

And still pinching self…

…There are words of Jiang Xin doing a cameo for the epic.



Look at her^!

This is not from the set of World of Plainness but her current drama set, it is all rumor still,  but you know she is in the same cutest prankster wavelength as Loverboy.

And as a fellow redbeanie with very like minds gushed, we have to pinch ourselves, lol in our dreams and still this is unbelievable: we have all these idol pretty faces who can act, working in a leitmotif proper kickass Cdrama epic based on a novel so many Chinese are putting it as their top favorite (9.1/10, 60+% of 5/5 stars at douban)    This is a sweet congregation of underrated talented young actors who should all deserve bigger breaks long ago, all into fruition of something this beyond promising.

The grim beauty of  small rural town in the Loess Plateau, only expression of ‘art’ ornamenting the brick walls is MZD propaganda


We already know YaYa is of the alien planet of looking good in rags and used potato sacks.   Here she is still stuck on the set for the upcoming Tsui Hark vehicle in the snow country of NE China.

Frankly I have started my prayer vigil for Loverboy to keep his flirty mouth in control because YaYa is just THIS gorgeous, I would say the most gorgeous C actress he has worked with.  My only reassurance is her character is a big sister in love with ShaoPing’s big bro ShaoAn.


With the scope of this novel and the numerous characters, it is not too much pleading these peeps to do a cameo as well, no?!?!?



But really a small very down to earth supporting role, scrubbed of all the fancy period blings, and taking away of all the focus of their famous good looks would do ShiShi, Liu YiFei, HuGe a lot of good.

*Please do not snuff me out, Original Poster @吸桑 said no reposing but this new pictorial of SS in Angkor Wat takes my breath away.  She looks like she is finally comfy in her skin with some story to tell in her eyes!*

I can not put down World of Plainness the novel, I know this is award winning masterpiece of epic proportion but that seldom equals to page turning ‘enjoyable’ reads, the subject is not exactly easy lazing around material.  I meet these characters, so dirt poor they would consider themselves rich and kissing the earth if dirt is in their possession.  The year was 1975, Cult. rev has been stripping all mind and body bloody bare for 10 years and everybody has been holding on barer than threadbare.  Yet you read simple descriptions of what a 17 year old highschooler Sun ShaoPing (YH’s character) eats, his only meal of a typical school day, which is 2 black sorghum buns as nutritious as a rock sharing its exact texture too, and just his luck of the day: pan drippings left mix with rain and…he’s happy when he reads a random Russian novel.  The meta of you reading how he’s happily reading a novel and you are even more happy for him reading he can has this joy in life, which you are having atvm.  We all know how lovely a book can be.  You can have less than nothing, yet nothing can take away your mind and literacy, that same utter joy of escaping in a good novel.  Simple, poignant and our dirt poor chap, very tall with a high nose but a green malnourished coloring even has a little blossoming romance just by having a little book club with a fellow student of lending her his books from the library.  You would be fascinated how these characters get up on their feet at the exact spot where life trips them, once every 2 steps, there is this little sparkle of charming brightness in all the dire, so unadorned that can only be put as what is hope in our human condition, why we can persevere it all.   There is this little scene early on when the Sun family is hit by a bout of misery and while the matrons of the family are busy wailing and devastated, the scene XiaoPing, the 17 yo second son and his little sister 13 yo LanXiang traveled miles and miles to be back home for the weekend, walked in.  XiaoPing quickly assumes head of house command, asking big sis to start cooking dinner and put her mind on it instead.  LanXiang’s reaction is to go feed their pig for the day, Mom and big sis must not have the mind to remember.  The pig is literally their ‘bank’ their piggy bank, when it is full grown at the end of the year, instead of having meat from it, they would sell it to get cash for big expenses like tuition.   It is all written in a few simple words and I paused and teared up half an hour overwhelmed by the visual.

The director has already leaked out first peeks.  So.  Good.  GOSH!

Wang Lei will be playing the big bro Sun ShaoAn of YH’s ShaoPing.  ShaoAn is a honest super hardworking laborer mature beyond his years having to support his family of 8 and more on his lone shoulders since 13.

But MyCutestDerp lets us know the visual of pretty snow is actually a lot of salt sprinkled on him, depending on the voodoo you trust,  isn’t that used on evil spirits to fend them off?!  But the redbeanies jumps to him being so delish, a sprinkling of salt and he is ready to be devoured by us.  Poor thing has to keep losing weight on set, his character lives in perpetual starvation and give it to his darling fangirls, they have started a topic to cheer him on: #我为袁弘晒宵夜#  posting foodp)rn in the wee hours.

ShaoPing is described as having a face of the coloring of ‘vegetables’ and this must be Loverboy’s artistic expression of it and the crankiness of cutting carbs:


Here we go again.  He is already cutely nicked the Village Flower by the fangirls, and that must’ve boosted his confidence in shouting out to the world:

陕北时装周,跨界混搭~潮!爆!全!场!!![酷] ShanBei fashion week, utmost mix and match~ Chic! est!  Of! The! Run! WAY!!! [酷]

To which our Dear Miss Writer Tang7 唐七Vivien cheered him on

  完胜各种欧美时尚街拍,我大中华黄土高原街拍就是这么赞。  K.O’d all the European high fashion street snaps, Greater China Loess Plateau of the yellow earth tundra street snaps FTW!


Miss Tang7 the witty cutiepie also sends her warmest regards to many CPs she has created including the HXY couples on this fateful day of the QingMing Festival/Chinese All Souls Day where we all fondly remember the dearly departed kin or friends (0r fouls).  We know how much Miss Tang7 loves and KILLED THEM ALL!  <_<

And gotta give it to the RedWhite shippers of immediately jumping to the logical conclusion the second pic must be of him waiting impatiently for HuGe to hand him some tp.

If I can be any greedier, I think our reigning handsome shoujo Cdrama HRH Huang XiaoMing should also ask his handlers to make some phone calls to the production and get himself a repeat of what a charming scene-stealing cameo he could be since shocking me most pleasantly in Love in the Buff and Longmen Express.

I can see versions of these stills from Cruel Romance be in 50% of trashy C romance novels from now till forever.   I do not care for the cutesy girl next door bangs on Joe Chen though, I know that is the typical construct of la damsel, but when you are past a certain age, bangs will age your face.   There is just no going around we can’t be a 16 yo bimbo forever.

And this one for the slashy BL fanfic this promise us:

Speaking of gorgeously owning their age, the 40+ HK movie stars are  totally killing it in the BTS of the HKFA posters.   Tang Wei looks like her heart is in the Indian Ocean, but that is truly the best silhouette for her body type, gives her curves on top, accentuates her nice shoulders, tiny waist but cropping torso shorter, giving her a better proportion

And you are telling the world you are a star when you can rock an outfit screaming whatNOT!towear ahjummas but rocking it so chic like Sammi Cheng.  Not just that, we can totally seeing her still rocking this exact outfit 30/40 years from now if she chooses to.

Some more gorgeous stills from upcoming Cdramas:

Fan BingBing and Janine Chang in Yang GuoFei

Guys (and girls) into boobs and ridiculously pretty faces.  This is a drama present from TPTB ie FanBingBing being the executive producer.  History buffs,  it is time to start lighting candles and sticking it into your eardrums and hopefully the heat will fry your brain enough to suffer through this.

Some new (and old) stills from Hua Xu Yin, aka FINALLY we can properly see the face of little princess heroine Jun Fu / Ye Zhen and no, sorry if you lost the bet, she is not deformed with leprosy.


Last but not least the character stills of The Imperial Doctress got the fans super excited.

I have stopped getting tiny bit excited over some dazzling period authentic costumes of a TangRen production.  These are gorgeous textiles but isn’t SS’s outfits a few sizes too big, swallowing her?    If they are sticking somewhat to the wussy useless Ming emperor Wallace is playing, then I think he is doing a good job with his eyes, because even in armor I do not see any heft of anything commanding, just the typical very pretty soft I can kneel him over with a howl Wallace.  YAWNZ

I actually am pleasantly surprised by how good and lively SS looks in Incisive Great Teacher, her best in last 3, 4 years.  She comes across to me as being much more in her element when she is playing a tomboy, imo closer to her RL personality which her looks can be deceiving.  Here I think she would have a hard time to stay not bored herself being serious and brainy for 40sth eps.

BUT, the guy2 gets my interest piqued many folds. 黄轩 is actually very promising.  He was a music major at the same time ShiShi is attending Beijing Dance Academy, and I wonder if they are college friends.   He has quite a few big profile work under his belt, a minor character 薛蝌 in Dream of Red Chamber 2010, but even appearing in seconds of it, he has an awesome period drama screen presence.  He plays a dashing boytoy in 女人帮 and manages to ‘earn’ a May Dec RL romance rumor with THE Jiang WenLi.  He is XiaoMa, a lead in 推拿 the movie I am hawking over and Red (GIMME!) Sorghum the Zhou!Xun! drama coming out I bet asap, that could be the only Cdrama that I would watch and spazz about in 2014.  *ArghDoNotJinxIt* Also, he is in 黄金时代 ie the Cmovie I am most anticipating.   

And he has that perfect mix of the cute/hot manboy next door who can be dangerous charm, and the key is, VERY versatile.  In other words, sorry fangirls of Wallace, doom be with your ship, because this boy will eat Wallace alive not even splitting out a bone acting wise and his Ming prince-emperor/brother of Wallace’s Ming prince-emperor is the more competent deserving king who died very young.  But oh well all depends on how TR Kboss and minions wanna mess history up.

Have a little taste of him in  推拿/Blind Massage:


11 thoughts on “TGIF

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised, they love their chubby beauties. But of course with the embellishment of our modern aesthetics we want them boobies but they have tiny delicate faces with sharp chins like FBB and Janine. If they are being authentic, they should model the ladies after this:

      good luck in finding an actress that can be moderately successful with this type of face in Asia XD

        1. That won’t even happen. I tried and think of the last time I saw anyone not at least 10 pounds under normal wt in a Cdrama fluff, scratch that, Cdrama anything. Nada.

          At least in TVB we have May Chan (Siu Po)/ the Lydia Shum torch bearer. She is insanely charismatic and amazing in her supporting roles making the best out of it very scene stealing.

  1. Hopefully Fbb’s producing skills turns out to be better than Ruby Lin’s! Praying it won’t turn put like the other thousand s of “women themed” costume dramas.
    Republican era dramas are super hard to get right IMO, but World of Plainness looks exciting!(and the other male lead in the imperial doctress caught my eye too xD Wallace just looks bored)

    Aww, Sean lau :3

    1. FBB is worst than Ruby imo, if I can overlook how Ruby is a miscast in many of her production, some are at least watchable like Schemes of Beauty. FBB’s past dramas where she has a hand in producing are with headdesky deplorable scriptwriting. I have read the synopsis of this, it reeks epic portion of horrible haha, but FBB is insanely gorgeous and suitable physically to play a modernized version of YangGuiFei and it is all the shallow glossy stuff peeps are watching this for anyway. I do not think she is aiming any higher than this being truly very pretty silly period p)rn.

      I think any Republican drama with an idoldrama bend are never watchable. Everything will be trivialized a foil for the Epic Romance which delude the point of placing it in that devastating era. But there are some very good ones like Cliff and Lurk.

      1. Kinda too bad I guess. Though I wonder why so many actresses (or rather actresses cum producers) like FBB who have potential to elevate their material don’t really do so.

        1. Thing is, Cidoldrama does not need a decent script to be a ratings hit and laughing to the bank, all ‘thanks’ to yuma. When someone as big a name as a FBB, or even a Ruby is attached, it will be sold and guaranteed a spot to air, it would make more money if it is a a well received hit, but they would’ve secured profit just by selling the broadcasting rights alone.

          And these actress-producers are very popular mostly because they are very pretty and charming, that has nothing to do with talent or an eye for quality. They are bank-rolling and this is purely a vehicle resting on her shoulder. The writer will write her into80% of the scenes, that is what audience will tune in to see, she is the brandname, of course writing has to put her character in the best of light or else the ladyboss won’t be too happy, and MarySue the hell out of it. From what I read we will have a warrior kicking ass on battlefield YangGuoFei here. LMAO.

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