Golden Era Official Stills

Looking too darn good to be true.  O__O



Everyone is gobsmacked by our Lu Hsun, 王志文/ Wang Zhiwen the most.  And clearly the production is so confident they initially just let us get his backside, knowing the front will AMAZE.    We all know this bunch of actors are all ranging from solid A listers (Tang Wei and Feng ShaoFeng) to a whole who’s who of the top picks character actors to very very promising newcomers.  This is the film that would force you to know their name and see for yourself how good they are.  I really love the heart of Ann Hui to her craft, so this should be very respectable work every possible light we look at it.  The casting is so spot on.  All of them remind us of the real writers living that era with the glossing up.


We know 田原 as an indie rock singersongwriter who has acted and shined in an arthouse, but looking so her part?!  Wow.


王千源.   Hmmm YUM!

I last saw  张瑶 as the levelheaded geek roommate of the heroine of To Our Youth.  She is not bad, most of the supporting actors are quite good there, just everything else sucks donkey balls from the trio of leads to the directing and writing.  I went back and reread Miss Xin’s novel just to get the funk out and wash my eyes virtually with my fancast of  Jiang Xin, Yuan Hong and Hu Ge.

张嘉译.  AHHH!  I am falling madly in love with him atvm,  checking him out in his new hit Cdrama 一仆二主/A Servant of Two Masters.  I’ve seen him as a tiny bit charismatic but sleazy cheater, a scary spy (but sorta charismatic as well), and now a full on so adorable beta-male but not pushover Uncle/chauffeur/single dad.   Brilliant!

沙溢  He has the allure of an Oguri Shun/Shota but more versatile, been hitting that sweet spot of being awesome in everything under the sun as a leading man and a supporting character actor.

王凯 said he has very little screen time in the epic.  We will see a LOT more of him in Nirvana in Fire in the beautiful bromance with HuGe.

郝蕾 is screaming 丁玲 to everyone as soon as she is cast in this.  She is so close to the ladywriter in looks and aura and cool kickass personality.

I know I keep saying the exact same thing, but again 张译 is very very very good character actor,  and in every very good Cdrama production, just the things I could recommend (not a whole lot, you know):  士兵突击, 乔家大院, 我的团长我的团, 一仆二主.

黄轩, ie he is the reason I may check out Ming Doctress.  Maybe.   He will play Xiao Hong’s (TangWei) last younger friend/lover.

朱亚文 (<3333) will be playing the last husband who stuck by Xiao Hong at her direst, pregnant, body failing her, living as a nomad fleeing the wars.  Word is Red Sorghum has an airdate in September, and this is squeezing in that very hot box office holiday break of first week of October.  I do not mind Mr Ju tiring my eyes.

And Feng Shao Feng as the tumultuous first love/soulmate/womanizer.

Gosh, Tang Wei looks so period authentic, still looks her part as a 20ish year old Xiao Hong, with the right amount of  movie pretty.


3 thoughts on “Golden Era Official Stills

  1. That Tang Wei will never blimmin’ age! She looks perfect! *thud*
    That aside, I cannot wait for this flick! ❤

    1. It is hardest to play a character half ur age esp when she has to play the young writer not even hitting 20 when she is in her mid 30s. AND she has done it convincingly in Lust Caution already. Not the Winter Sonata kind of highschooler wannabes. Unbelievable!

      1. Oh, yes, totally agree about her char in LC.

        Ahahaha… Winter Sonata, man… I can’t even begin to break down how many obscene levels of wrong that was. xD

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