Hyun Bin

He’s on FIRE.



역린 /逆鱗/ King’s Wrath/Fatal Encounter (what the freak is this lame Eng title now?!!) will be in theaters 4/30 and the advance ticket sales is already knocking everyone else off the field.  HBinnie will have insane promo schedule and he will keep popping up on TV and off the street for a Guerrilla Date (The KBS thing to have a show propping red hot namja in the middle of street with a TONNE of screaming peeps,  where it honestly scared me shitless one of these days someone will be trampled to death.


Who is not madly in love aftering seeing the King’s Wrath Trio’s banter has something wrong with them.  Jung Jae-Young!!!  AHJUSSHI!  YOU NEED TO STOP BEING SO CUTE AND CHARMING!  I can not take my eyes off you giggling and wanna pet you more than the HBinnie next to you, and I feel like I am cheating.   Cho JungSuk is the funny chatterbox complimenting that shy man HB so well.  There will be magazines of them in SUITS.


HBinnie, can you hire the stylists on HighCut working on you every single time?!

They got you at your hottest through the years:’

And his Han DongSoo’s son:

^Of all the hotness, why THIS as the cover?!?!


I honestly love every piece of garment they put on him, screaming no one can carry it but the finefine HBinnie,

but I do not like the story of his face here on the cover.

Thank you, HighCut.

I can do with a the vision of the badboy with this face and the stubs, waking up the morning after on your couch in your mom’s clothes looking this ovaries exploding hot.

And this is why I hate this latest fug of real hair toupee, like wearing a timid skunk on head. I do not know if I am even want/allow to touch, let alone mess it up with my fingers and that is what is wrong with this hair on top of it doing nothing for his face other than covering half of it:

Probably not, he looks pissed with it as is:

If MadMen (someone tell me why I am still watching?!) needs a token Asian now that they are sometimes in Cali.  I want this:

Because they can make Mr Asian Scheming Ad Man ride a horse on a beach and much better styled than this:

Can you guys honestly deal with these sandals with this suit?!



Face is still very gorgeous though on the cover of this shot, perfectly saying to our face: looking good in a potato sack.

Teaser pics r very smart.  Yes, just gimme the face and all is well:

So the guerilla date show:

Asia has long been fine with guys wearing and selling lipsticks.  KimuTaku has done it 10, 20 years ago.  Not that I am fine with it nor it doing a thing for me.  Not even Binnie’s lips I am afraid.   When his face is this thin, he looks like MinKi the most to me.

These fansnaps are Lovely.

This is like watching a horror movie for me.  How can a HKer be terrified by crowds?!  I just am.   But the fangirls, haha you adorable craycray loons made my day!

He said a few things like Miss JiMin-shii is the most beautiful actress he has worked with (ohreally).  When asked by the fans how would he rank himself in the Top stars he has worked with, number1?  He giggled all embarrassed (comeon he is never gonna say sucha thing) saying he hopes he would be the Top one some day.  On the meme he started of the back muscles of wrathful fury, he said it’s not as furious and much more modest now.  Cute.  But seeing is proof.

New stills:

And so for he numerous outings, he has to pay visit to the beauty parlor.  I am not the only one loving the before more.  A tragic hair can cancel out all the nice things happening neck down.

Seriously, just a hair short of swoonworthy pics for mookie, why?! What a pity.

How about this hair, Binnie?  SO  MUCH BETTER.

So do you hear me, Binnie?!  High Cut hair peeps, HIRE.  That beauty salon.  DONT!

9 thoughts on “Hyun Bin

  1. Ooh I watched the C-subbed Guerrilla Date episode a few days ago and I’m not gonna lie…was pretty freaked out by the massive fangirl crowd but I totally see his appeal because who wouldn’t want to get a closer look of HB? Also am envious of some the fangirls who got to hug him HA prolly would die from all the squeeing XD Guy does fangirl service really well! Btw HB’s face is too skinny I mean look at that jawline </3 it's so sharp and defined and all but I prefer a more meaty HB.

    1. My highsch bff has disowned me lately, she also loves HB so I am dumping ALL my rants at how I do not really care for his gaunt and hair. Like constantly. Me so annoying. XD

      He is so weird that it is always his face that marks wt changes, he was disowned as too chubby during MFL and had to be on diet for SQ, now I keep hearing peeps saying he must’ve shaved his jaw. with the stress and his hellish schedule, I can only hope he wont get even more skinny lesigh.

      But the thing with HBinnie is he seldom looks his best in snaps, but on screen, captured on film, he is just ADFGHGJKHGFDAFSFDHGF!! Even in that guerrilla date, I jumped in not fond of the current hair and his face is so tired and skinny but in the vid, it’s like falling in love with him all over again. HA!

      But the fangirls. I cant XDDDD That is so cray, new hts of shameless I guess.

  2. High Cut knows how to bring out his strengths despite looking gaunt and that recent unfortunate hair cut. Has he been going to the same hair stylist? If so I’d like to fire her. From unflattering long locks a couple of months back to this recent toupee disaster, I’ve cringed every time he came out in public in recent memory. Hope this is just a phase..

    Saw on weibo that KW will be in us theaters on 523. Mostly in California it seems and someone mentioned it will be in vegas also? Kinda surprised about that one though it means that I will be able to see it on the big screen, yay.

    1. Tbvh I seldom care for his hair. At least the longer do has reasons while shooting KW.

      Isn’t it amazing? Weeks fr its Kr premiere and got it engsubbed our side. So sad about the ferry tragedy, everything entertainment is on hold now and postponed so the country can grieve. Sigh.

  3. i’ve always been on the fence about whether i thought he was swoon-worthy or not… but goodness gracious he looks FAB in the high-cut photos *fans self* thank youuu for the eye candy! ^^

    1. I don’t think he is terribly photogenic, his features r not bold and packing a punch enough 2D, he always looks 100 times more magnetic on screen imo 😆

      1. perhaps i just haven’t seen enough of his stuff… i didn’t quite catch the “kim sam soon” craze at the time, but i did like him in “snow queen”… and then he just lost waaaay too much weight for “secret garden” for my liking lol. but. this look with the slightly grown-out hair brushed back looks reaaaally good on him — i wish korea would move on from the hair-over-the-forehead look hahahaa!

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