Golden Era Actors Speak

All of 2 minutes.

I dare you to not get all hot and bothered by 朱亚文 talking about how he approaches his character and his profession.   I am not able to process any meaning of his words because his voice are doing so many strange things to my ears and heart rate.  Please I am begging do not EVER dub his voice on Red Sorghum or anything.

His read of what an actor should do shakes me:  ‘I do not think an actor should only emote, but express all his true feelings from within, and allow the director creative choices.’   This is another level of awesome to attain when a lot of the working actors can’t even do basic emoting and touching on giving every read possible from an actor towards the character and let the director make the decision befitting the final product.

They call these mini movies, or the actors are each given 2 minutes to sell us their thoughts on the movie and impress. 黄轩 did an honest, fine job at that:

Nothing new, FSF continues to do nothing for me in terms of look and charm.   He is the obvious weak link, I can only hope and pray he won’t stick out a sore thumb if this truly ends up being epic:

It’s adorable to see them able to have fun on set.  The material should be opposite of anything breezy and fun.

The presscon of the movie is basically a reunion of the tight crew, it has been a year since the filming wrapped.


It brings me so much joy seeing PD Hui so delighted, obviously happy and proud of her work  I have expectations the size of the seven seas now.


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