Yuan Hong the Fashionista

It still surprises me how there is never a dull moment, ever, being a fangirl of YH.  I would say we are at new heights of lol because he has set his mind to be the Derp, all serious with a straight face.

He has been entertaining us, making fun of himself posting selfies and announcing to the world this is Fashion Week at la ShaanBei/Loess Plateau with him as the one and only model, and he said it in his own words, with a straight face he truly thinks he processes an indescribable unique beauty in this environ.  Everything is nothing he has seen before, new and interesting to his cityboy eyes and he has been putting on his camera lens shooting everything under the sun, every dirt hole.   And also looking for ‘props’ for his fashion show, like a tractor, or a poor cow.


Look at that shameless gloating on his face like a boy so proud of own silly prank when the reporter is chatting with him on the weibo Fashion Show he’s put up.

The poor thing has lost 10+ pounds since on set eating nothing but fruits and boiled veggies (and he has already lost some weight prior for this role).  Witnesses are saying he is now as thin as a shot of lightning (I guess the coining is because he is still his dazzling sparkling handsome self but so thin you blink, you’ll miss him.) And for a scene of his ShaoPing fainting from starvation, he starved himself for 2 days, for real. GEEZ, take care my bb!


He is so constantly hilariously entertainingly silly, his fangirls often submitting his deeds to the thread of My Idol is An Idiot at weibo, and so, we all let him be.

Then, as always, it has trickled down to entertainment shows. Some interns obviously rabid fangirls of his are using every fangirly references such as his new nick ShaanBei’s Flower AND inserting an alleged pic of what he is showing the reporters on his phone of his 8 packs. (hahaha) His so snarky and funny fangirls are so not buying it as his own torso and are now doing some fine loony criminal investigative job analyzing his…nipples.  HAHAHAHAHA.  I am speechless, my ass is laughed off, detached and it is now doing its own laughing.

Last week he paid homage to the Beijing Car Show calling himself in the leagues of those barbie doll car models in vogue who would pose in some contortion leaning against the showcar in some form of undress.

hahaha and his uber witty snarky fangirl Baixiaorou compiled a whowearswhat YH Ordinary World Edition in case you want to copy:


We are at our third season now (even with bts of the ‘shoot’) with him using the ‘style icon’ red, white and blue nylon bag to do his rendition of goddess Cheon Song-Yi.  What kind of handsome idol actor will even entertain challenging Jeon JiHyun instead of faking a Professor Do now.  Ok, back a few steps, I am still processing he must’ve seen the fluffy Kdrama and liked it.

In his own words, this is his reference:

He even gives a preview/bts BEFORE posting the ‘show’:

hahaha I bet he must’ve a ton of pics of his shocking brand new 8 packs with his face attached but being the derp he is, he is withholding them from us pervs, and enjoying ALL the conspiracies this provokes.  He said in one of the numerous reports leaking out (they have a press day on site just the other day).  It all started with him having a great trainer Mr Eddie Pang in Beijing and they are brainstorming the idea of starting a private gym just for their circles of friends so they can train and bulk up in more seclusion from the rabid fangirls I suppose.  So can this be a random pic of Eddie’s torso instead?!  BUT why would a straight guy with a somewhat image to safeguard (a big doubt in my head) show reporters he has nikkid picture of buff torso of another guy not himself in his iphone now???!?!?!?!?  Ok maybe YH, perhaps this is HuGe a long time ago before he is very hunked up now with 36D manboobs now nicked ‘ample bosom’ on the set of Nirvana in Fire.


He was in a red wife beater for a scene working at the coal mines in an unpredictably cold day and with holes in it, he can’t wear any layers underneath, the reporter pokes fun at him he could’ve worn a waist guard for warmth.  THEN he jokes if he had a flesh-tone bra, he could’ve used it.  Argh.  The show even makes a silly graphic out of it.   I do not need that visual, as hilarious as it is.

The clip:


He looks very cute with his OTP,  Miss 李小萌/Li XiaoMeng who is a newlywed, new wifey to Mr WangLei, our ShaoAn, YH’s ShaoPing’s bigger bro.  Of course the derp would not miss a beat poking fun at them, saying he will give his ALL in the kissing scene as Miss XiaoMeng is also going for it.  haha WangLei said it’s nothing, fine by him, they are all professional actors, but Loverboy jabbed, that is because Wang has a bed scene with another newlywed on set Miss Tong LiYa himself.  Notty.

Our four leads.  WangLei, Tong LiYa, Li XiaoMeng and Yuan Hong.  This is as perfect a casting one can ask, all of them very decent actors first, and befitting and respecting the book in looks.


And on a literary note, 80% of my CN reads have been recs related to this derp, and he has given me so much reading joy.  The latest one is  万物生长 – 冯唐.  This is the second book of the triology a movie adaptation is in the making. Mr author himself is asking for suggestions and Loverboy’s name pops up.  The director is behind a few quite well received arthouse and FanBingBing is his muse.  Mr. Writer is very good, his work is not PG, but very contemporary and very biting with his words and imo one of the best of his gen.  This is compared to Catcher of the Rye.  I have not read it, and now of course I MUST!  Even though the chance of YH able to land a leading role in a movie against FBB is terribly slim.  WE WILL SEE!


9 thoughts on “Yuan Hong the Fashionista

    1. I wish! This is first line of novel describing the guy: 我在洗车酒吧遇见秋水,第一印象是他的眼睛亮得不寻常。” When I met QiuShui at the Car Wash Bar, my first impression is his eyes are so extraordinarily bright.” Convince me how this is not a YH but a MarkChao et al?

  1. Lol nice post 😀
    Mookie do you know a site where one can read “Dragon flies phoenix dances” translated in English ?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. npnp 😀

      lol I gave it part of an ep, it was so very horrible in a super boring way, making it a different form of crap f4 yuzheng’s. i have nothing nice to say.

  2. Which Tangren production is crappier – Clothing the World or Bu Bu Jing Qing? I just cannot sit through Bu Bu Jing Qing…not even the supposedly less edited TVB version.

    1. Definitely BBJQ, even though i didn’t finish one ep. CtW’s story was lame and dull, clearly Kboss cut the cost of writers and didn’t care for anything decent. The acting, production value is still watchable TR fare though. Nobody sucked. BBJQ is insufferable in every possible way, obviously the writing is crap as expected, but acting by everyone is horrible especially SS, and Nicky as well. Just a few moments in SS looks lifeless and monotonously crying, there is no screen chemistry btn them at all. The story is not just lame but extremely headdesky nonsensical. One thing that they obviously did passably is insert every product placement under the sun. Even though in both cases, K has no intention to make a watchable drama, CtW was just to fakely soothe YH so he can’t say they never gave him a leading role in their own production, BBJQ is shamelessly just out to milk the fandom, feed the shippers make obscene ad $.

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