Perfect Couple/金玉良缘

I can not look straight at myself at the horror.  This is worth a post and a first, I am watching a drama because of Wallace Huo on my screen.  He has always been pretty to my eyes as well, I am not blind…yet,  but his acting and drama choices are very flaccid, to me, till now.

I feel like I am a reverse Gremlin:  you pour me some silly Cdrama sugar slurry,  and I lap it up and be the sweet doe-eye thing I never was.    The fandom coined the phrase, the OTP is so crazily saccharine you will develop Type CP diabetes, etiology: watching the day to day routine of Mr and Mrs Derp.

Perfect Couple is also nicked as Perks of Chief,  Mr. Wallace is at the helm using his own $$$$$ producing this and the amount of skinship inserted under his command should make anyone blush and have a field day of ‘For what huh?! kekeke’


This is not a recommendation.   This drama is silly I can’t help shaking my head when they are trying at the Plot, and ohming: anything for the OTP.   TongHua, I hope you are just attaching your writer’s name on the credit to make a quick buck, and you actually have 12 year old bebes on a nourishment of nothing but shoujo actually thinking this up, because the logic fails are everywhere we care to look, and you just let them.  Because otherwise, I am lumping you slightly better than yuma…and wonder where are all the decent plotting of your novels from?!?!?!

There are 3 much talked about currently airing Cdrama in CN social media everywhere you look. Goong 3/ yuma making jams out of fallen cherry blossoms covered with blood spat by Auntie QiongYao and stuffing his head with it where normally human brains are,   BuBuJingQing/Startling Stench of Butt Qi , then Perfect Couple/ the title says it all.   I did check out (minutes, just to claim I have seen enough) of the three to make the above judgments.


A nasty word on BBJQ.  The script was lame and lazy and crappy as expected so no letting down there, but my disappointment lies in how regressed in acting everyone is.  See above.  The CarCrash.  Why is there a need of SLOWMO?!  Why is YeQing doing air backstrokes?  And you got a sad chuckle out of me how lame those reaction faces are on the threesome just standing there looking at their dear one DIES.  On episode one alone, I saw SS tearing up like a blind undead crying robot and it bores me after 10 seconds.  That is not halfassed emotive enough seeing a facetwin of your super angsty love of your ‘past’ life in flesh in MY eyes, let alone the eyes of Zhang Xiao, ok unless I miss a memo she is suddenly blind.

I planned to genuinely check out Perfect Couple only out of the lot, casually watching, expectation very low.  Tong Hua still has a vaporizing clout in me, I am not letting her off easy last I saw her work in Best Time was absolutely atrocious, however involved TH was.  This is a drama I watched the bts and can’t help but check out what the sweetness is going on to prompt all the shameless RL flirting. In one of them, Director calls for a 20 second kiss, Miss Tang, like the cool, fun babe she is in RL jokes lets go at it till night fall then, and Mr Wallace immediate quipped, it’s almost dark!  We should kiss till dawn.   With that, I have to check out that 20 second kiss, huh?!?!

Hahahahaha  fandom did a BTS compilation of them since CP3, so cute:


Call it a shoujo 6th sense,  of the odds and ends, mostly MVs I have seen of Chinese Paladin 3, I find the coupling of Wallace and TangYan the most memorable.  From where I’ve roamed, TangYan and Wallace is as likeable a screen CP for shippers and nonshippers alike.  If I was a very strict screen CP fan, they are my pick I could watch a drama for, when I can not sit through a thing they did individually.  This is not skills, but sheer compatibility, ok maybe skills, I do think they have matchy limited acting talent that put the other at ease and most natural, what we quantify as screen chemistry, but more importantly for shallow!me, superficially they are amicable glossy pretty packages that look better together, and in our Cdrama fluff world where a Chen Xiao has to romance an MC, or even as aesthetically insanely beautiful as both Liu YiFei and HuangXiaoMing are, them romancing on the screen has zero chemistry when one is doing a precise Viennese Waltz and calling it acting and the other attempting a hammy Argentinian Tango all by himself.

Frankly, I expected better writing. I have Peeves: Color palette a la yuzheng’s shit.  Check.   Not fooling me the rushed pace is to hush over logic so we can’t give it a thought because it won’t hold up to any.  CHECK.  TangTang and your humongous circle lens in a period, no matter how out there fluffy.  Sigh. CHECKK.  Why the hell is Miss Tang typecast as loud cutesy brawns when she is best on my screen as the cool poised period beauty?!  I could watch TangYan as XLN in yuma’s Condor Hobos with ChenXiao in a heartbeat with TY’s lithe commanding aura.  There was half an ep at the favorite happening place, a telltale sign of all the crappy idolperiods, the gaudy brothel, and I do not find it particularly funny.

No one is expecting the setup to make a world of brilliant sense, so what I got with half a care and a lot of letting things slide: our brassy heroine tries to find the lost/robbed son of her adoptive Mom, she has to check out the nikkid body of the guy for a birthmark, so sneaking in the gilded Mansion of the Gold family with its own fancy security guards (nah!) which our baddie guy2 is the head of is a must.  There happens to be an unhappy bride to be of an arranged marriage to the spoiled pretty heir our Wallace, who wants a way out, to look for her lover. Pretty Wallace  snotty prince hobbies on the side as the town’s best detective.  Baddies want to stop the marriage by murder attempts at our girl2 rich damsel true bride to be, which has something to do with some ascension to throne, and as successful as Wyle Coyote at it.  While our bride to be takes a reluctant bath the night before wedding, our heroine falls into her bathtub.  In the impromptu water splashing festival , the lady gets herself out somehow, and heroine has to go forward with the fake marriage just to stay and get her eyeful of the nikkid groom…for the birthmark, sure.   So ingenuous, very making sense.   So dumb in the dumpster it goes after almost an episode, I was so darn sure of myself.

But here I am going to put in my pitch bringing in the hottest rainbow, puppies and unicorns of KSH and MoonSun, to go along with very making sense.   I have not seen a second of MoonSun, I know it is the epitome of ‘Disneyfied’ saguek, the  PG13 frustration of the young virgin king not getting ANY and we have a romance that sprawled for hundreds and millions of episodes, very essential to droolz at the harmless hot rainbow vomiting unicorn KSH.  Now why sagueks need a Disneyfication, and is that a watchable fusion?!  Beats me.   Wwhat if that drama lets a young king be rightfully normally hormonal, uses KSH’s mouth in copious amount of hot KSH kisses and making outs, loads of it, with a dramalady all RL shippers and nonshippers alike can see eye to eye ( someone better fit than a very married JJH) and shock us at geez, Korean saguek is now upping the skinship playbook of a TWidoldrama and more?!?!?!  Just entertain the thought.  That would be a hit huger than anything KSH has…kissed…and I coined the title ready, ‘What Saguek Are YOU FROM?!!??!’

So the very making sense is at work with fusing a C idolperiod with TWidoldramas patent for skinship.  Not saying boys and girls back then do not kiss and make babies, but aristocracy was a very stifling life for a wellbred lady, even a fake one.  Middle kingdom ladies go through hundreds of years with their feet bound and maimed just to literally trap them in confinement of their chambers and that was utmost crucial in desirability of a woman, making suitable wife material.  So I am the last one saying this has logic and sense, BUT is it shockingly enjoyable and watchable of two pretty matchy people displaying so much drama affection on and off screen?!  You are not prying me away.

After a safe week of slurping up the much more sensible Honey Bee Man,  a phenom is hard to ignore.  ALL my weibo groups, be it Jdorama, movies, current events, BOOKS except ShiShi hardcore fans (some are the only peeps I come across hating this concoction. Ha.) are flooded by the hashtag #逗比夫妇的日常#  (the daily routine of Mr and Mrs Tease) ‘Recap of Episode 2….’ and I did not read a word but eyes zooming to whole weibo of bandwidth killing hugest gif sets.  I am brainwashed to upload every one of them and shock myself with the pavlovian droolz.  How can a Cperiod with so many ADFFJKHKJHGAFDJLHL!!!@#%%&($  kisses and there are TONNES of it.

In a few words, Perfect Couple is the Perfect Case of Cperiod P!W!P!

Obviously I am not good at pitching this because as a writer’s drama (oh Miss Tong Hua…) this is sheer crap.   And I am never that big on watching anything entirely operating on a saccharine OTP and nothing else. It can be excessive, but it comes off so natural for the two of them even I can not stab at it.  For an addict of all things sugary, and silly and fluffy and shoujo, and more so if you have a shipper heart?! I fear for your sanity, because I am not a RL shipper myself, but I am on the fence either Wallace and TangTang are much better actors than I give them credit for, or this is RL We Got Married Wallace and TangYan edition we are witnessing.  Lets call this Cperiodfluff’s Christmas in May.

This is a thing for you if you find these 2 faces never hurting your eyes.  Any shape or form.  Vertical.  In drag or a helmet hair so stuck on unwavering last we saw was on WooBin in Heirs or KSH’s Professor Do.

Or horizontal:


You have a kink watching pretty people smooch.  No judging.  Hey I am an ahjumma that put It Started with A Kiss as one of my fav dramas, and I have never told anyone I know the mark and rewatched They Kissed Again solely for the 20+ odd kisses.  Never told a soul.  I was going to give it an ep2 just out of  the pimping of the cute fandom.  Now I have breezed/FF’d through almost 10 episodes of PC myself last night, and the massive amount of skinship is so so sweet, so shameless and much more, still in shock at how much they are feeding us good toothachy fanservice that does not rub me wrong.  At this rate, this could beat TKA in duration of  lips smacked.



Oh and I stole gifs, MANY.  Many thanks to the sweetest most generous fangirls at weibo for being cuter than the OTP and this drama.   You all rocked me with sweetness and got me hooked.

what is a Cidolfluff OTP if they do not twirl in fireworks or cascading petals?!  This is in ep1 or 2, not e47 of 50 guys.





‘I am hentai, bite me!’

Wallace’s YuanBao’s favorite line of I LUB YOU~ ♥ ❤♥ ❤♥ ❤♥ ❤~! to his wifey.


Herbal medicine can taste absolutely awful, but I am darn sure these two are feeding molasses.

41 thoughts on “Perfect Couple/金玉良缘

    1. There, you said it. So many kisses I lost count and i am in the teens! Wallace is very good here, seriously. I never stuck by his dramas more than a few eps

        1. Either Wallace is mucho better than ive judged him or I’ve been missing out, just watched a scene he teared up and he is A-maz-ing. @_@ This close to turning a fangirl just thst split sec.

          1. Wallace’s acting has really improved over the years. He was really good in Qingshi Huangfei (he and Yan Kuan totally aced their characters), and he’s gotten even better here in Perfect Couple.

            TBH I started watching Perfect Couple enthusiastically, but after episode 12ish I kinda lost my enthusiasm because the pace slowed down and started turning into TVB-style melodrama, especially around episode 20-something-ish.

            I hope I don’t come across as prudish but the kissing/making out every episode (and it’s pretty much EVERY episode) really feels weird in a period drama, since ancient Chinese culture is so conservative, I doubt they’d be kissing and making out in the open like that… (or maybe I’m basing this off the old period dramas/Cantonese opera). Like, I’m cool with watching pretty people make out, but I think it makes more sense in a modern drama than a period drama…

            A few kisses through a period drama is OK, but I think it’s a bit excessive in here IMHO…

            The script feels meandering now and it’s like everywhere. This series is a little bit like Lanling Wang where the beginning is coherent but then started unraveling after the first 1/3 and then by the middle it’s just dragging through with melodrama, etc. (Of course Perfect Couple is better than Lanling Wang but I’m just making a comparison here.) And there are quite a few action scenes where I can clearly see the stunt actors instead of Wallace and Tang Yan (of course they use stunts but I thought usually movies/TV tries to make it less obvious)…

            1. Argh LLW was not coherent anywhere, that bathing scene in ep1/2. No, just no. I think it is very excessive here as well, but Wallace is so fluffy pretty like no one else and it is pretty, them kissing. The plot was silly to begin with and the characters are getting sillier and sillier by every skinship btn the OTP (haha I am ffing so madly but still hard to ignore.

              This does seems like a lovechild if the old school slapslack shenanigans of TVB and heavyhanded TW idoldrama flares, so I lumped it as idolperiods just like when I crave fluff I watch me some ItaKiss where they are a sugary fantasy world of its own. Cdrama can never do idolfluff w the pretty faces doing all the heavylifting and we have a hybrid of idolperiod. I cant bear to judge it with any period authenticity bearings when Wallace and TangYan are pretty and harmless and bursting with chemistry, when i find it lacking w Ruby and anyone and Ariel is a horrible fit in period and i do not see much of anything causing one flutter of my heart on her pairing with FSF (he was so v hammy in LLW). So my criteria judging this category as watchable is never the drama proper, they r all excruciatingly bad writing wise, but OTP chemistry. Wallace and TangYan gets through to me they can bottle some XD

              1. Wallace and Tang Yan always had great chemistry together even from back in their CP3 days. TBH I’m kinda disappointed in Perfect Couple because not even my great love for both Wallace and Tang Yan could make me finish watching the series. I ended up skipping through most of it and just watched the ending (which was so ridiculous with Yu Qilin running away for no reason and then Jin Yuanbao chasing her to the brothel for more making out).

                LLW started dragging on and losing the plot half way through and I’m SO PISSED OFF at the shitty ending cuz WTF it doesn’t even make sense.

                I rather watch Ruby Lin period drams cuz at least she picks good actors and the script is good enough to make me finish watching the series! Despite all the melodrama I actually enjoyed watching Qingshi Huangfei. Wallace was damn pretty but also impressive with his acting and Yan Kuan just wowing me from start to finish (he was awesome). Even the supporting cast was really good.

                I’m looking forward to Ruby’s Young Di Renjie series and Chang Ge Xing. The promo stuff all looks good and I like the lead actors (Bosco, Ma Tianyu, Yuan Hong) – they’re all good actors and have great screen presence.

                1. So far in C idolperiods I have only seen insane chemistry elevating crap by YHxLSS then WHxTY. No screen CP is coming half close, and that is why if sadly any one of these darlings are attached to sheer dumb scripts, I want their ultimate screenlove to bear the insult together so I can brave it through even with lotsa booze.

                  You can’t tolerate the silly guilty pleasure PC’s latter crappy writing but you can brave QSHF?! Hate to say this my dear friend, but I really think the writing was boring, nothing but shrills AND draggy I did not make it through 10 eps even with FF. The saddest thing is, even though I am freshly very allergic to Ruby playing little princess, after her character moves out of that phase, she was not the biggest problem in the acting dept, imo YanKuan is, I saw nothing but emotionless woodsy preening and posing from him if I thought WH’s character has so little to work on falling head over heels over our MarySue, it was even thinner with what the heck was the draw with the OTP both ways. So he can play the flute, huh?! It makes me so sad because there I was whining why a FSF is getting big breaks and be overrated all over the place and a YanKuan is still not getting a proper leading guy role as the pretty and…when he gets the chance, he just did not rise to the occasion at all. So I have dumped him as a Monet. Pretty from afar, in far and few scenes, but in closer look, just not enough heft and star power to carry the show. For me at least ~10 or so eps in, I swear that is all my past love for the pretty, all exhausted to be able to stick by it THAT long.

                  I am fine (ok not really) with the crapping of the writing in second half of PC, BUT still at least the OTP is still clicking and delivering…the crap. I am fine with that final nonsense of the forced separation just because WH needs to add that line of his paying homage to CP3 and that is soooooo silly and romantic and swoony of him I am becoming a RL shipper of them much to my own disgust.

                  1. OK I have to ask: what does “FF” mean?

                    As for screen couples, Wallace/Tang Yan and Yuan Hong/Shishi are some of the best! Actually I think Nicky and Shishi are wonderful together too (which is probably why they collaborated 3 times now and then even becoming a RL couple). I remember reading earlier interviews where lots of fans ask why Wallace and Tang Yan aren’t together in RL and then Wallace/Tang Yan answering that they’re better as friends than lovers…?

                    QSHF can get very melodramatic but the villains were interesting. Han Fei was really awesome (I thought I’d hate her but I ended up really appreciating her character) and Ruby’s lil bro, while evil and did unforgivable stuff, was played really well too. I thought their characters were well-written and the actors did a wonderful job with them.

                    (LOL Monet 😀 I swear you come up with the best comparisons hahaha :D)

                    I think I had a lower tolerance for Perfect Couple (and believe me, I really wanted to like this series! It was one of the few I was truly looking forward to ever since I heard it was filming!) because there wasn’t any really particularly interesting characters – I thought Yuanbao’s and Qilin’s characters sorta regressed at some point and while I love Dr. Gu and the real Xiaoxuan, even their cuteness couldn’t make me keep watching. There just wasn’t enough “stuff” happening. The villains were kinda boring too IMHO. I had such high hopes for Perfect Couple and I felt so disappointed when the series started going downhill! Even with my great love for the leads, I couldn’t keep watching, and that’s saying something since I’ve been a great fan of Wallace/Tang Yan since CP3 (all those years ago!).

                    As for Feng Shaofeng, I saw him in some dramas before LLW and I thought he’s a pretty good actor, so I was expecting him to wow me in LLW. Sadly, with such a sloppy script (the first half wasn’t so bad), not even the best actors could do anything to salvage it. Daniel Chan’s Yuwen Yong ended up being the most interesting character for me, surprisingly.

                    1. Daniel really shockingly surprised me in Material Queen, he was sooo terrifically gd in it that must be y the ladyPD gave him another juicy role in LLW. He made the leading guy Vanness absolutely horribly clueless in acting when it was his best job imo already. Daniel held his own im sure in LLW, even fr the little i saw but that beast really was crappy writing acting aesthetics wise from the getgo ep1 scene1 for me. 😥

                      Argh i duuno i honestly find QSHF extremely stupid and unbelievable in the angst very early on. I stuck till Ruby’s princess assumed new identity living in YK’s char court and it was v draggy, tedious and dumb the imperial shenanigans. Just never meant to be my thing.

                      Yes, i do agree YuanBo and Qilin along with most of them just lost all sense and marbles in second half, i didnt expect it to be smart anyway, i just need it to be fluffy and pretty…and the OTP r too good looking to my eyes, that can’t be taken away by any crappy writing so i let it slide and totally ignore it w lots of FastForwarding (what i meant w FF 😁)

                    2. LOL see with QSHF the “good stuff” only started happening AFTER Ruby got into the palace and all the shenanigans happened! Stuff started getting interesting at about halfway through the series 😀

                      But of course, different strokes for different folks 😀

                      I’d never seen Daniel Chan before LLW so I was really impressed with him! Apart from the script (which I thought wrote Yuwen Yong’s character WAY better than LLW – they should’ve called the series Yuwen Yong instead of LLW with the shitty writing they did to LLW’s character), the way he played Yuwen Yong was more charismatic than FSF (who seemed a bit tired in his LLW role, possibly due to him also filming Tsui Hark’s movie at the same time). So yes, Daniel Chan totally stole the show in that series too 🙂

                      I’m actually cool with not-smart series! I like the pretty just as much as anyone, but for some reason Perfect Couple just really bored me in the second half, so even with lots of skipping (fast forwarding – thanks for explaining that) I couldn’t get through it. I did watch the ending just to satisfy my curiosity though.

                      Have you seen Incisive Great Teacher? Wallace makes a VERY nice cameo in it! Looking every inch of Bai Zihua – actually he looks better in Incisive Great Teacher than as Bai Zihua in Hua Qiangu, judging from the promo stills I’ve seen. I don’t like what they did with his hair in HQG – it throws out his facial proportions (if you get what I mean…?)

                    3. I really am not a fan of Nicky’s nor SS’s acting even though i had a soft spot for N since his Butterfly Lover’s days (still his best job ever), odd thing is i also do not feel much organic explosive btn them on screen. IGT is so not my thing, i dumped it not even finishing an ep. I did watch the WH cut….and it was funny, kinda, but imo it went over the board and again coming off to me as throwing every gag thinkable on the wall hoping sth sticks. Comedy is extremely hard to make funny, this level of writing is not passable for me to sit through.

                    4. LOL I actually enjoyed watching Incisive Great Teacher, probably because I caught the little gag/references and thought they were pretty funny – just something really silly to help out with the stress of exams and all, not a series to be taken seriously 😀

                      IMHO out of all the series I’ve seen so far, I think LSS has the best onscreen chemistry with Yuan Hong, but BBJX’s success made the Nicky/LSS a household name and with their RL romance, it’s made them even more popular with audiences. Like, most people I know who watch Cdrama are fans of the Nicky/LSS pairing, so…

                      Hehe Wallace made a really nice cameo for this series! Just like QSHF, I saw some stills of Wallace in IGT and just had to watch this series (LOL the things I do for 霍美人) … TBH, I wasn’t even gonna watch the Hua Qiangu series until I heard that they cast 霍美人 as Bai Zihua – he’s pretty much my only motive for watching this series now because I don’t know any of the other actors except WH. I like Jiang Xin but I’m not really counting her in the main cast that much because her character is more like a cameo in the books – I don’t know how much screen time she’ll have in this I saw some stills of her that you posted and I reckon her look is more like 妖神千骨 (in the late sections of the book) than the fallen fairy who has a one-sided love for Bai Zihua.

                      As for 魔君殺阡陌, he’s actually my favorite character in the books but the drama version stills make him look more like a Marilyn Manson/Goth drag queen which is totally not what I’d pictured when I read the book. 殺阡陌 is supposed to be the most beautiful ever in all of 六界 but in a 妖艷 way and full of 霸氣 (according to the book), but I’m just not feeling it with the drama version…

                    5. I am DONE, very done with all BeautyHuo’s (muahahah that’s such a cute befitting nick I bet ‘serious’ will beat up notty fans him would so frown upon very annoyed hahahaha and I can’t stop the giggles just visualizing him grumbling XDD)

                      The gags and refs are plenty obvious in IGT, wayyyy too obvious really spoiling my fun. haha But yes, if can park brain at door and can stand the aesthetics, it’s a breezy watch. I just thought it was fug and too silly to be funny in general.

                      I still have no hope HQG can be in any way worthy a drama, and I think it’s your thoughts as well WH CAN even be more sainty/beautiful if they tone it down on the makeup. Everyone is styled 80s TVB kinda. I am pretty sure they will massively rewrite the story (as I am sure you’ve read) so other than very bare frame of the character construct, VERY bare, nothing will remotely adhere to novel, which is fine by me, I do not think they can get by any of those blood sucking scenes…and other steamy stuff.

                      Yes, imo 殺阡陌 is horribly miscast, I got marilyn manson wannabe but more that SouthPark baby character, harmless and nonthreatening a joke. But ohwells only a Brigitte Lin can do it properly and this production is not worthy for a Brigitte Lin, I honestly thought a Ma TianYu can try it out, but he is not tall and statuesque enough.

                      I bet they will add much more meat to JiangXin’s character, she is the only real acting chops here, will elevate WH’s game and so forth, it would be their lost not to use her to the max and wisely. I doubt WH will have much chemistry with ZLY.

                      But I stop my grumblings every time I see a Hua Xu Yin still hahaha and this looks so many times better already, sigh. I just do not like this production company

                    6. LOL my whole family knows who 霍美人 is because mom and I always talk about him 😀 😀 😀

                      I mean, he’s so damn pretty it’s only fitting that we call him that 🙂

                      Bleh they really should tone down the layers and layers of makeup. 霍美人 certainly doesn’t need it and actually I really like the way he looked in Incisive Great Teacher in the long white robes and long hair (WITHOUT the layers of makeup). He gave me such strong Bai Zihua vibes in his cameo it was like WHOA.

                      This production company doesn’t have very good aesthetics when it comes to costume/hair/makeup. I remember looking at the Hua Xu Yin stills and while Yuan Hong looked GORGEOUS in that dark blue/black/gold trim costume (pretty much the only costume I liked … well, Jiang Xin’s red bridal costume was really pretty too), the other costumes like the armor looked kinda bad. Not to mention I didn’t really like the blue hair fringe thingy they gave Kevin…

                      My most beloved 殺阡陌 is so miscast! But I suppose I should wait till the drama comes out and then watch the performance before giving a proper judgment…?

                      No idea what they’re gonna do with Jiang Xin’s character. She’s a good actress and it’ll be a shame if they don’t make good use of her skills…

                      I heard that Hu Ge will be cameo-ing as 墨冰仙. It’ll be awesome if he does! 😀

                    7. Ive heard so much rumors about HG i really do not know anymore, HG said sternly his next stint is modern drama. i heard 霍美人 is doing double duty again for another role? And it is actually him doing 墨冰仙?! I forgot which is which, very confusing

                    8. Well 墨冰仙 is supposed to look VERY much like Bai Zihua, so no surprises if 霍美人 ends up playing both roles. Perhaps Hu Ge means “next stint” as in major role and not counting a cameo appearance? Not sure. But it’ll be interesting to see what they do with 墨冰仙 because while he’s only in it for a little bit, he’s an important character who finally makes Bai Zihua realize his own feelings for HQG…

                    9. Yeah, i think it is more likely fr every wind i heard WH will take up that role as well, he and HG does not look alike at all. What the latest i heard is HG may still cameo for sth but not 墨

                    10. I wonder who they can cast HG as then? TBH Hu Ge was my choice for Dongfang Yuqing – the rival for Wallace Huo’s Bai Zihua.

                    11. Yeah he would be perfect 4 DFYQ as well but he is changing his trajectory, there is no way he is playing supportive role to WH in first place plus this is squarely in idolperiod… ie for idols the lowest in respect in the industry if he is trying to establish himself as an actor. Unlike someone like YangMi who is clearly dead set on being an idol and nth more.

                    12. LOL yeah I knew there was no way HG was gonna be DFYQ but I was just fancasting in my mind 😀

                      I think it’s great that he’s moving towards becoming a serious actor because I think he’s got the acting skills and the screen charisma for it and I for one am very interested in seeing him in Langyabang. I can’t wait till that series comes out 🙂

                      Yang Mi is still young, I suppose. I think she can do better than sticking with idol dramas (I’d really like to see her move towards more serious roles too) but who am I to question her choices, eh?

                    13. YM is not that young la, 28 almost. What was Maggie Cheung/ ZhouXun doing at her age?! SunLi was prepping for ZhenHuan that age. The thing is YM is picking super commercial and crappy things and regressing by every role she took up, she is going down a more savvy Cecilia Cheung’s path and with YM’s fierce PS I’ve given up on her ever reaching anywhere else… in a yr or so she is pushing it to do anymore of those v silly Legend of Swords duds.

                    14. Wow she’s 28? Didn’t realize that! O_O
                      (What’s “PS”?)

                      *Nod* I agree with you about serious actresses like Maggie, etc. I think Zhao Wei left idol roles by 28 too – she got famous really young and then went on to do all the drama/arthouse-ish roles and now she’s gone into directing too.

                      LOL Legend of Swords duds. The last one I tried to watch was Xuanyuan Sword and I couldn’t even get through the 1st ep. I’m wondering about the 古劍奇譚 series because it’s got many actors/actresses I know in it, but it looks like another CP/Xuanyuan Sword type of thing so I’m a bit “hmmmm” about it… Maybe if there’s nothing else to watch then I’ll check it out…

                      I’m actually more eager to check out Bosco and Ma Tianyu’s version of Di Renjie TBH. And Chang Ge Xing and Langyabang…

                    15. PS is plastic surgery haha me lazy to type out.
                      YM has so much chemistry w YH as the girl2 im Prince’s Education, that drama was filmed in 2004/5 while YH was still in drama school.

                      I mean all these lil flowers r really not that young. Crystal Liu is almost 27. Shishi is 27, word is TangYan falsified her age and she is really 31. Imo they all looked their age so really cant cruise by doing idoldramas for long.

                    16. I don’t think Tang Yan is the same age as Shishi or Crystal Liu because she looks more like an older sister next to them, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she really was 31.

                      At least Shishi is starting to get into roles not strictly in idol dramas. Shishi’s dance background and lithe body makes her very good for wuxia so that’s an added advantage. Crystal can’t act very well but she’s been in more movies and like Shishi, her lithe body and dance background gives her an edge in wuxia roles.

                    17. I am actually at the pt i am allergic to SS’s acting of late, she is trying but being so limited in skills and not properly directed nor constructively critiqued now that she is a star/leading lady, I’m worried for her so much i really hope if she is serious about this, go bk to acting school and properly learn how to emote.

                      TY is very tall so even in early 20s when she did CP3 she looked older than age, and her looks r much more 艷 than the rest, she should never go cutesy, what were her handlers thinking last few years sticking w nth but dumb bimbos!?

                      The same vibe is someone like FBB, she was also never freshfaced cute. TY should’ve gone FBB’s path and be foxy goddessy

                    18. I honestly think Shishi’s best role to date is Ruoxi in BBJX. After that she’s only been playing characters that aren’t that deep or complex, like even in her latest role in IGT her’s character’s kinda 小白…

                      With Tang Yan I agree that she should’ve gone something similar to FBB. (FBB is WOW, 好一個一代妖后 and best 妲己 I’ve seen portrayed on screen.) Tang Yan is not as 妖艷 as FBB but her face shape and features are indeed similar to FBB’s…

                    19. Sigh i honestly was so sure SS finally got the grip of acting, at least she has improved in BBJX (lets be honest, skills-wise she was far from perfect in BuBu) and be better and much better by now but in hindsight that was her glass ceiling. Can a YangMi kill the same role?!… why not. My bet is YM would even give us a better RX, to be brutal. The thing is, SS wasn’t given much challenges post BuBu, her characters r v 2-dimension and still she cant perfect them. I was so disppointed when i find her so lacking in the JetLi vehicle, not able to outshine a very limited and plain Michelle Chen.

                    20. TBH I totally agree with you about Shishi. She’s very likeable but in terms of acting skill I find her quite limited. I like Yang Mi too and acting-wise I think she’s much better than Shishi. I think Shishi’s best role to date is Ruoxi – all the stuff I’ve seen her in after that haven’t been all that memorable to me…

            2. You got it! This is another LLW series because it started out good and then kills all the fun towards the end!

              1. LOL IKR? LLW should’ve ended at ep 20 when Xue Wu and LLW finally got married and it was all sweet and everything. But instead they made it into a draggy melodramatic mess with the WORST ENDING EVER like WTF it didn’t even make sense and only pisses you off that you wasted all that time watching the series only to get a shitty ending at the end.

  1. I always read you cdrama post with interest and then lament the fact that due to lack of language skils I’m usually not able to watch any. But now you’ve got me checking out The Pretty and I dug up episodes of Perfect Couple @YT. I don’t understand a word of course but it’s such a silly romp that you don’t really need to understand what they are saying, LOL! I just FF:ed like crazy and watched mostly just the OTP parts anyway. The things you incite me to do…. *g*

    1. XD hugssss!

      Gosh but i jinxed it just after where i left off and decided to be so shallow myself and post. It is more and more craptastically silly and makjang and draggy after the teens and now it is another beast no shameless amt of fluff is worth it. Like Queenanon, it stops even being spazzworthy entertaining. You will notice the change in tone and promptly get off the wagon!

      That said gosh Wallace is sooo sooo undeniably pretty. His face and how cute he is with Tang Yan made me!

      1. Oh, I got somewhere around mid twenties with the episodes when I decided to call it quts. I could see where it was heading and it was already getting too draggy for my taste.

        Yes, Wallace is so very pretty. Still, not my cup of pretty. 🙂 Easy on the eyes though.

  2. I would say the first 20 episodes are cute! After that, it’s not cute anymore as they’re getting into the meloDRAMATIC storyline. I do mean dramatic. Watch Qilin slap YB in later episodes, laughing my asses off because it looks fake, on top of that, they do the slow-motion thing. Ugh.

    Yea, in later episodes, even Wallace & TY couldn’t even save the drama. And you’ll probably find them annoying too.

    But yay to the skinship! Too many scenes to count.

    1. HAHA and I am just about to spazz ANOTHER post about it atvm.

      It got so crappy…lesigh. We know what we are getting into, we are not asking even for decent writing, just let us have ONE pretty OTP doing toothache inducing sweet things to each other and make my screen cringeworthy pretty. THAT IS ALL. They they F that up, even when they r doing exactly that and very well for 10, 15 eps. What a pity.

      But still I do not regret I got on the wagon, it is too cute to ignore.

  3. That solo motion from BBXQ definitely made me laughed to death!!!! I didn’t like both BBJX or BBJQ at all. In PERFECT COUPLE, like BBJX, started out ok and then gets really dumb at the end.
    Tang Yan’s acting annoys me sooo much, especially at the beginning, then she starts to look better and better towards the middle (I even got used to her hair), then the draggy scene came in and KILL it everything, things just turned out really dumb. Her voice is also annoying, I’m not asking for an unattractive old voice but her voice was unbearable.

    Wallace also started out SOOO good at the beginning and middle, but towards the end, again, the storyline kills him into an annoying person. I like funny and light-hearted dramas, but this one, some of the the actors are over-acting (Wallace is probably the only exception that people will always forgive in over-acting bc he’s too good looking) and also trying too hard to make the story longer. Nobody cares how long or how short a drama is, if it’s good enough, then people will keep watching it over and over, that’s better than having a very long and boring drama that will be casted aside after watching it once.

    1. I was so pleasantly surprised with BBJX though, it’s all relative. I kept an eye on it but expected it to be horrible with all casting shenanigans. It was beyond decent compared to especially Goong. I have rewatched it and my opinion of it has since been much less. BBJQ though, it was truly horrible.
      I do not fault TY’s acting but more the characterization she is physically unsuitable for playing typical dimwitted C romance novel regular marysue. haha I think it’s more u get used to her hair and such, I wished her bangs were not as severe as well. And that is more they always use this dubber on her, that is not her real voice (not that her real voice is much better and may annoy u)

      What is a light and funny Cdrama you liked? Because I really haven’t seen one that is even close to this in selling me some OTP cute.

      They drag it out because they do need it to a ‘marketable’ product for the TV stations, Cdramas r usually shown in chunks of 2, 3 eps a day and you need to build up the audience hopefully for a few days and milk the rating/ads. So at least it needs a 3 wks run to get things going…thus a Cdrama is typical a 30-40 ep run. This would be much cuter if it is 20 eps AND IN LESS MORONIC WRITERS’ HANDS! haha

  4. you said that I did realize that it wasn’t TY’s acting at fault bc I actually love some of her silly moves, especially her dumb dance after the wedding, she wasn’t being showy but just naturally acting like a person with absolutely no dancing skills. However, dropping candy during the wedding ceremony and serving tea to earth and heaven was soooo stupid, I don’t think any other actors will still look like a favorable main character after acting out such dumb scenes. I really love the cute ariel lin being a dim-witted person, but even if she were to portray such scenes could annoy me badly.

    1. Picture even a SunLi as 神獸, not gonna make her any more making sense/convincing… i bet even worst because PC is basically a vehicle showing the world how much chemistry WH and TY have for this kind of silly, if we switch a better actor/actress it is not going to work!

      I fell for Ariel by the 1-2 punch of watch8ng ISWAK then LoCH, still amazes me how she is abke to play XQ so dumb. Too bad i haven’t liked any of her jobs since

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