Perfect Couple Stanning And a Rant on Cdrama Writing

I need intervention.

In a few short days I have become a 腦殘粉/ stan of this so craptastically stupid my brain must’ve been fried by it thing.  If you cringed at my last post on this silly drama  at being …silly and pervie. you know what direction this is heading, and it is not respectably up.

In a series of caps, this is what me and every stan is watching, and we see no problem with it:

And scenes captured from top to bottom are:  Date.  Danger/saving of damsel the dude. Feeding medicine.  Eating dinner.  Sleeping.  Fighting.  Breaking up.  Making up.  Lazing around bored.  Just feel like Kissing.  Hohoho.  A big fat burn.  To all you single nerds.

Who would rather watch 40 episodes of looping say, their kissing gifs?!?!

Oh. … … m…e.  I lost count how many there are floating out there and I might have to categorize it by their clothes.

And that entertains us PC/Wallace+TangYan/ CP 3 Xu Changqing+ Zixuan stans a lot.  Yes, I can ignore the rest, nothing crappy happens in drama *ohm*.  Yet, all in all, I do not have the heart to snark at it, still do not regret breezing through, up to date at episode 3!8!!!!! just a weekend.  I regret nothing.  I should, because shameless things I am now about to cut my fingers not to do, puts even me to shame.  So start thinking up interventions and distractions to save me before reading on.

IF you are in any way tempted to check this out, and if prompted by me, I sincerely send my hugs and kisses and apologies and lots of Wallace and TangYan so sweet I cringe kissing gifs, it was good enough for its purposes where I was spazzing a post out of it *Swear* , you know you are parking your brain at the door, but wear a magneto helmet that will safe yourself the hazard (look no further than MOI).   I am uncharacteristically non~nitpicky when fluff is involved,  pretty faces of OTP(to me) being shameless. A dose of it often and anything serving me some, I can ignore EVERYTHING else.    Hey all I am saying is the writing is silly and stupid, when I can slay it the whole summer if I care to. But, around ep 20+ on, it’s all crappiest writing so lazy and they stop the candies.  Now I do not have a problem with the crapping writing (!) It is obvious no ine is watching it for plot, BUT HOW dare you got us all hooked on the sugar rush then rob us, serve us putrid garbage still delivered by our sweet darlings instead?!  SOBZ

This is now the run of the mill, my usual pain in the behind Cperiod idolturd when characters have personality switches by the scene just to serve an illogical plot so silly nothing is worth it and why are you throwing poopoo at the character constructs of our hero and heroine, we say we lost our mind, lose some IQ in love, but that is just a saying, never ALL the IQs, and for what?! to fabricate headdesky angst and let the baddies take over show till the bitter end?!  NO ONE IS MORE MENTAL THAN YOU Ms WRITER! No baddie not half as pretty as Wallace at the very least, is worth taking up my screen when I can have OTP giving me toothaches tyvm.

Now lets have a serious chat about Cidoldrama writers and what the F is wrong.  C idolperiods are obviously costly, they look very flamboyantly pretty quite often they put say Empress Ki, said to be very pretty a saguek roaming the grounds of middle kingdom Yuan to grade school drama costuming. It is a beast now usually dragged out 40-60 episodes long, lots of costumes and ornamentations, however gaudy and against my aesthetics but the labor is there all on sleeves and they still cost many Beijing mortgages.  PC is set in Ming, my poor hubs can’t help but watched bits along reminded me, but lets not go there on historical authenticity,  I don’t care myself in this genre.  Tong Hua attached her name as the head of the ‘writing team’, it makes sense. Because this is not trom TongHua, but writers obviously so stupid, and must be paid less than peanuts, it is even too much to ask them to churn out 40, 50 episodes of shrills, unless you are yuma, because we can trust the creative (no pun intended) troll to continuously crapping every second of his brandname poop, no other human being on earth past present and future can ever plagiarize.  Courtesy to him, we have a new murder weapon unimaginable:

Yes there is a fire going on, and we are indulged in a clear shot of next to the cabbage, unfrozen, there are large pots and pans and vases. Well uncle could be a zombie and that a Bonkchoy which can beat crap out of undead?!

And Goong3 is an entire drama of spectacular stupidity if one was to be locked up in a mental asylum for life,  but kissed by the writer’s bug, everyone can write a million words of snark on EVERY scene each day.  Be my guest. This is yuma’s exercise in the excess of mental crapping and he beats his past self.  In movies, we have Saw/ human centipede1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…, in Cdramas we have Goongs.   This is intended to insinuate so much hate and snark and hence negative popularity and we will yell at it, calling it drama destressing ‘therapy’, our RL is not stinky no more. But I would say it even failed at it, because I have heard of dearies commenting they would seriously kill themselves off first rather than make screengrabs of this to poke ‘fun’ at.

I got so morbidly curious I did some investigation on who is responsible for crapping on my fluffing sweetest OTP of late.  The main writer of Perfect Couple:  金媛媛Dorothy looks young, in her 20s, proudly describing herself at her weibo in tagline she is the writer ( on the TEAM of writers I bet, do not see her having the main writing credit) giving us Sealed With A KISS/千山暮雪 and Best Time/最美的时光.   Argh. If only I knew prior. Under this silly system where a bunch of incompetent ‘writers’ going for speed and a big shot such as a Tong Hua selling out her name but obviously not doing any proper editing, nor coordinating, it gives rise to plots all over the place bizarre, characters having multiple lobotomies and personality changes by the scene… the same old, but it is still shockingly bad. Most probably they chop up an episode between the writer minions and throw it together in a chopshey.  You can tell there is a loose idea of a storyline they need to get from point A to B to C, but how they get there was so dumb it feels like it was thrown out on the set last minute to be the easiest and fastest to get the scene done, so they can blaze to the next illogical storyline, to squeeze into as short a production duration possible.  It is getting more and more cutthroat and expensive making a Cidolperiod, even though once it is aired, it has a definite market, no matter the quality.   But it could sit on the shelf indefinitely at the mercy of the  latest whim of the censorship bureau SARFT, the real TPTB of Cdramaland.   *And hallelujah to Auntie Qiong Yao for properly suing yuma’s butt for plagiarizing/crapping.  It looks like the slot for Song in the Clouds in June is opened up as SARFT is doing a discretionary ban on yuma now that he is involved in litigation and…HUA XU YIN will take its place!!!!  Cheers to all of us who can’t wait to see the sparks of YuanHong and JiangXin on our screen!!! Hip hip hurray!!!!* Just of late they set up new rules limiting the quota for period dramas by a certain number of hours per annum and only 2 local cable channels maximum can run the same show at the same time in first run.  It is not hard to understand how such a vicious circle where no care is put into proper writing because whatever corner can be cut, has to be cut, when you don’t even know your drama can even be aired and paying a Tong Hua for an ‘appearance’ fee when in actuality young bit writers I am not even sure are paid are the ones doing the heavylifting and the product brandname marketable to the cables on that aspect as well. As long as syndication is sold, why should they bother about writing when peeps like me would watch it for the pretty and headdesk?!

But this results in dramas so very crappy it is waste of some rare good things hard to even ask for, namely this screen CP!   It is like we are back to the days of cheap knock off of panda purses faking as pradas. Come on.

What disgust me so much with BBJQ all along is TR the production company behind it, they are out just to squeeze a quick buck milking the actors (and they let TR) but have to pretend to be all righteous and serious as if they gave a decent care as a drama maker and respect for the fandom, and doing a horrible job even keeping up THAT facade.  The production value is SO ATROCIOUS, on that alone, it got my blood boil because no Nicky, ShiShi, Annie, Sun Yi Zhou (who has his own fandom from the mega popular sitcom Ipartment franchise) deserves this treatment when they set all eyes on product placement, ad money and NOTHING ELSE.  Writing is by retarded mentally imbalanced slave baboons, and every department is just second rated shabby if I am being nice.   Take a look at what pops up on my Wlist, WTF is this makeup job now?!  And I quickly avoid my eyes after reading words attached to this is funeral makeup, has sth to do with the stupid character dying, then not, but I bet will be after seeing himself in the mirror.


 – End Rant –

So what silly things I did/about to do?

1) Giggling to their webchat with the fans at weibo.  Wallace has been answering questions directing specifically at TangTang for her in shameless PDA and TangTang is doing the same.  I have not seen this amount of fanservice feeding RL shippers on both end.   @__@  HuGe is in the mix as well, someone is @ ing YuanHong to feed us some more slashy goodness, but I think he has better things to occupy himself.  Good for him!

2) Properly watch their CP cut in Chinese Paladin 3.  Here. Properly as in basking in the comment glory at bilibili.  (to turn commentory off, there is a little ‘talk bubble’ dialogue prompt right of volume and you can check them off)  The dearie inserted 120 mins of World Heritage documentary in the first clip on LiJang, on the ancient culture of Dong Ba, background for the story.  All because I saw some gifs.    And Wallace the producer works their CP nick Chang Xuan in Chinese Paladin 3 into the names of the second couple, OTPs bffs: Gu Changfeng,  Jiang Xiaoxuan and that will do it, slaying me alive.

And that, on Wallace’s ChangXing’s face is Love at First Sight.

She is a descendant of Nüwa’s and a demigod not subjected to the wheel of reincarnation like her mortal love.  All she can do is wait for his reincarnation for 3 lifetimes and fall in love with him all over again every time.

  3)  The fanvids.   The Deep end.

They dug out all the fluffy  bts, every one of them and haha at the end inserted a must! scene in Perfect Couple they are demanding to see.

I watched very little of CP3, but this teared me up:

They made one playing with bkgd music, of Wallace stripping.  You can thank me now.

And I have not really started digging.

4) Is it possible to not be a RL shipper of them after this?!  Argh.  RL shippers are mostly cuckoos(if I offend, I offend *shrug*) and I am turning one myself obviously.  YangMi’s weibo must’ve been spammed by the craycrayRL shippers to ‘help out’ making Wallace and TangYan the couple happens ever since this started airing.  MiMi wrote a weibo being her very cute and witty self and it spun out another stratosphere of rabidness coining hottest hashtags.  I have not seen this widespread one-sided cheering for a reel to real couple to happen, stans are now promising YangMi if she does her end of the bargain, making romance comes true in any way haha they will make sure the box office of her upcoming movies (argh TinyTimes 3) be awesome, they joke seriously they will pay for all the expense of their marriage license, banquet, dowry, honeymoon, MiMi’s wedding gift, baby’s banquet…AND the wedding of their future babies now that YangMi is about to be a Mommy!  LOL.  So adorbs.

31 thoughts on “Perfect Couple Stanning And a Rant on Cdrama Writing

  1. OMG I cannot stop laughing at the ‘deadly cabbage’. Where in the world did they come up with the idea to use a cabbage as a weapon? T_T”

    1. I think every student fluent in mandarin and are taking an abnormal psych course should watch Goong3 and poke at yuma’s brain.
      Good luck to Auntie Qiong Yao and her plagiarism lawsuit against yuma, but, this is all his.

    I haven’t been able to follow PC since last week. But you’re so right. No sense whatsoever, but I’m just willing to check my brain at the door for the OTP-candy. 😛

    1. BEBE! I am turning into a Wallace diehard myself. IF my head is still serving me right from 20 on, there are not much OTP gooodness and last night as I flipped through ep 40ish there is ONE scene they are cute. ONE. AND ALL IS WELL WITH ME! XDDD

      1. TBH, i felt like the (bad) plot only started movinga fter episode 24. Before that it was just a long running of The Cute.
        I stopped at Episode 24 (my friends were not impressed that I had holed myself in a corner to watch t3h pr3tt3h) and skipped to the ending now that I’m home. I don’t know how to feel. Hahahah… a rational part of me is like, “can the story be even more obvious” but the irrational fangirl part of me just goes *__________* SO MUCH PR3TT3H… *Droolz….*

        1. Oh Y U So Smart? E24 is perfect to stop and throw in towel. I love the last ep ridiculously much just on the relief gosh my head dont have to break fr headdesking! U have no idea how being obvious is a GOOD thing. Your pals can judge on, u have me company in wallowing in the shameless shallow pretteh hahaha. Can always trust the cutest fandom to do the shameless touchhuggrabcuddlesmooch cut and it is so much there are 5 vids and counting. Sharing is caring

          1. Thankies….
            Just finished watching the last 5 episodes. PC is totally an exercise in gratuitous fanservice for TY/WH fans. They’re just too adorable. WH probably had so much fun filming the first 20 eps where it’s just skinship fanservice *fans herself*. I don’t know what to say about the villainous cousin, except for that he has the whole crazy eyes down to a pat?
            Omg… The last ep… I loved Gu Changfeng’s WTFERRY face when his “bride” threw off the veil. If he was a robot, I could just see the steam blowing from his ears and warning alarms going off, “CANNOT COMPUTE… WHY HAS MY WIFE TURNED FROM A PRETTY GIRL TO AN UGLY TROLL… CANNOT COMPUTE… AM I IN SHREK…”

  3. You know I was waiting for a scene where they ‘consummate’ their marriage but I don’t think I ever saw it … maybe I missed it. That’s all I was really looking forward to on the 2nd half really….

    1. So Is EVERYONE! ! ! haha TY was so cute in a weibo to say after that dinner in candlelight and copious making out, with YuanBo scooping her up to bed they go, she thought scene would cut to implying the consummation, BUT alas, next scene took her by surprise as Wallace just sitting on bed. She is a dork,

      1. It took me by surprised too… Hahahaha… And she’s fully dressed at that. Poor Yuanbao. Q: Did they EVER consummate the marriage during the whole 45 episode run?

        1. Well, if they didn’t at that time. They sure did in the final episode after the grand wedding ceremony (though wasn’t shown).

          I love the last sequence where he’s sexing her with his eyes. U know the part where he knows it’s her under the facial hair and manly clothes. LOL! WALLACE ❤ ❤ !!!

          1. RAWR… THEY SHOULD HAVE FILMED SOME MORE SKINSHIP. After all, we had to suffer practically 20 eps without. I’m with Mookie on this one – it is downright inhumane to deprive us of the sugah after feeding us 20 eps of diabetes inducing goodness.

            1. TangTang told us specifically to rewatch 14 for sweetness when peeps were complaining they had enough of the dogblood, so I did (and many) wondering of all the skinship why 14?! It must be the forced kiss after she played sword with cousin and oddly she said ‘why did u bite me?!’ the sharp eyed pervie fangirls caught a bts of Wallace really biting her lips

              *goshmeblushingjusttyping*, they must’ve cut so much even more steaming skinship not surviving the censors I bet!

              AND he planted a hickey on her bright red claiming she belongs to him… yikes haha even as pervie as me, that is bizarrely a bit too much and the thing is they, Wallace, TangTang, PD takes all the skinship as the most natural thing when. He wouldn’t even blush telling us he is the one responsible with quite a lot of scenes inserted and lines in the finale.

              1. *OMG!* I demand BTS of all the kiss scenes. The BTS of Chinese Paladin 3 kiss was soooo goood!! The man knows how to kiss. OK!

                1. From now on I do not care about whether I should care about Wallace being a true thespian, the pretty man CAN KISS the daylight out of any female and us by association and got our hearts all dokidoki. I will let him do his thing as much and as often as he desires, just let us get a looky! I closed my eyes and hit ‘reply’ posting that pic, plz WP do not censor me nor put me under obscenity. XD

                  1. Hahaha… I think the tagline for this show is “If life gives us lemons, we make lemonade. If writers give us a shitty script, we just dazzle the audience with skinship galore”.
                    I don’t even think modern dramas have this amount of kissing/skinship fanservice. Hahahaha.

          2. It makes so much sense they did not consummate though now we think of it, haha when brain is not completely fried by Wallace’s prettiness. When he first bumped into her as ‘XiaoXuan’ the night before wedding (and we r shown flashback in finale), he laid the rules he won’t touch her and would annul political marriage, 完璧歸趙, and because he loves her, he wouldn’t do it till the proper wedding.

            But what does making sense have anything to do here?! haha I do not get why she has to leave him for 6 months after.

            1. She leave him so they could have that final kiss to please the fans.
              Yea, doesn’t make sense whatsoever … but when did this drama makes sense anyways.
              Would’ve been cute had they just show them on their wedding night, blow out the candle, screen goes black. I’d appreciate that.

              1. So funny my very nerdy hubs watched along and he attacked it from a geeky practical viewpt saying they must’ve filmed this along with the first ep to save $$$,

                I bet they filmed a consummation for finale, haha and in my fluffy mind it’s too hot for tele the cables dare not show! lolz TangTang said they did 2 endings, hopefully the other one will leak out.

  4. Wallace and TY are so enjoyable that it almost doesn’t matter that the plot has gone to the dogs. Though I expected more from Tong Hua. The other couples suck though (i just ff through their parts) and Wallace is the only pretty boy in the show…

      1. This is my biggest complaint/disappointment of TH, and this is big fat strike 2 after the trauma of Best Time. She is attached as a ‘coordinator’ whatever that is, but she did quite heavily promote it on weibo, so I am holding her responsible!

  5. I finished PC… I’ve kinda got closure already. Lol. So I went back to Honey Bee Man and saw the obvious difference between masterful scripting and well… the level you usually see in fanfiction. And sighed…

    1. When PC was crappy, it was worst than fanfiction…BUT when it was OTP fluffy good, I can’t recall anything coming close! 😀 When I am gathering my thoughts on it after the final ep, the good still outweigh the bad (but that is heavily influenced by my heavy use of FF hahaha) it is still very precious how these 2 characters are very honest about their love and expressing it in all the skinship, yes so not period authentic, but at least we do not have a chunk of eps where the babies are being slow and dumb and not realizing sth as natural as falling in love.

      haha I still rewatch some of the sweetest bits as a pick me up.

      1. Really. In a way, WH really knew how to make the script work by getting not the best actress out there, but the actress the most people wants to see him with. Smart commercial decision because, HOLY HELL, did they commit to the skinship. Because you’re absolutely right in that they are so good together. I mean, really – they’re at western drama/movie level of hotness. *fans self*
        I absolutely love how physically affectionate YB is with QL. There’s this scene that stuck with me. YB got bitten by a snake, and QL of course moves to save him by sucking the venom out. I was like “TROPEY!”. Then the trope got subverted when Chang Feng comes along and says its not poisonous. And QL glares and YB and his response was to pull him to his side and cuddle. I’m like, so cute… how can any girl stay angry if a guy looking like WH basically cuddles you into forgiving him? D:

        1. I actually have a higher regard of Tang Yan’s abilities than the rest of the ‘little 4 flowers’, most of her stuff are insufferable because the script are just so horrible and her is somehow typecast to be moronic bimbos. She was impressive in CP3 for me being a goddess with the right package and stance. Don’t you think WH and TY would’ve been insanely perfect for HXY’s 13 moon?! She can handle being a cold blooded beautiful assassin and an innocence good enough. I have the most prob with the cast of 13 moon, my best constructed story in HXY.

          1. Nods nods nods. I felt that she’s so much better in the CP3 clips i watched. And she’s so much prettier than the other shows. Those bangs do not work.

            Arh… my dream cast for 13 yue is still the original tangren treasure trio of YH x LSS x HG. But yes, Tang Yan would have been pretty awesome too.

            If i had to cast TY and WH, hmmm… I would have put them in Pei Zhong Xue? Way more tragic, but I do think that WH cries so prettily.

            1. I could sacrifice an arm with YHxLSSxHG doing ALL the characters in HXY tbh. Play up the dreamscape some more with the notion of what if mere mortals are all ‘identical’ bound by the same futile fate, ecstasy and torture of love.

              But I am not convinced now SS has the look/ skill set to bring on that irresistibly lethal sultry allure of a killer seductress that will line all the guys in yard TY showed me in CP3. My own fancast for 13Yue was actually JiangXin, if she just put elements of what she did in ZHZ for her Consort Hua, she would kickass as 13Yue.

  6. Have I mention anything about Tang Yan’s clothes??? MAN, I remember at one point they attempted to turn her into a LEPRECHAUN. Also, whenever a lady wants to pretend to be a man in a drama, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give her real man’s clothes and guy’s hair style with NO makeup, geez. Tang Yan’s first appearance in the drama was so foolish, dark red lipstick with thick bangs! She deserves more respect bc she’s cute enough to play this role, she’s not a drop dead beauty so they can’t just ruin her reputation this way.
    BEST EXAMPLES TO FOLLOW: Michelle Yip in Eternal Happiness and Vicki Zhao in Treasure Venture.

    1. I actually think TY is as close to drop dead gorgeous as Cdrama ladies go. She is squarely the standard of modern beauty peeps are getting plastic surgery over. I do not think she is close to say the screen charisma of say good old HK days in the 90s of course, but I honestly can not name one C leading lady in her age bracket that can do vavavoom.

      It’s just poor unlucky her her most well known dramas stuck her at being these dimwitted silly marysue heroines when she is close to awesome even in the crappy CP3 playing a goddess. I actually thought she did quite well in the very stupid melo scenes towards the end, Wallace too, considering how spectacularly moronic things fall apart in the second half.

      But again, all in all I fondly love the good bits and I can ignore the silly parts because WH+TY in a romcom is too much fun.

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