Battle of ChangSha/戰長沙

I am about to jump into the firepit and drown in my tears.  Fresh a shameless Wallace Huo fangirl (YAY! FINALLY) and I will do anything, losing my sanity and crying my eyeballs out, I know I won’t survive, I am going to watch Battle of ChangSha.

Lo and behold (not),  I cried my eyes out watching the trailer.   Oh Wallace, I was going to stay very far away.  War dramas SLAY me so horrifically especially when they are good. I was prepping my heart to be yanked out only once for HuGe’s 49 Days, and now you are making me.  T___T  The supporting cast is incredible, 左小青 is dear to me since Chinese Style Divorce, playing a young nurse there, and it’s marvelous seeing her aging and maturing every step of the way doing so well.  I lost it in her scene when she is crying.  I LOVE we get to hear their lovely voices speaking the dialogue for a change.


When are you coming back?

-When we won.


Have an MV:



4 thoughts on “Battle of ChangSha/戰長沙

  1. Huhuhu I’m looking forward to reading your future posts about Battle of Changsha! It also looks like it’s a really gritty and brutal drama. I’m not sure I would survive it. =_=

    1. I checked out an ep and it is already terrific! Pace, plot, acting, directing, all in gd shape and I’m already v invested! This will b death of me. Im pausing watch though, cant find HD.

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