Battle of Changsha: Spazzing, Mood Music and Wallace Appreciation

My eyes, are still swollen, 2 days after I have finished the C drama Battle of Changsha.

I have used up all my emotions and energy marathoning this marvelous piece of work the weekend. I have stared at this screen and been asking myself: what is there to say?  All my feelings are wrung out, purged in the best way, I am not worthy and I am regretting nothing.   I have not gathered my thoughts, probably never.  In mourning and will be in a stupor for however long it takes to mend my heartbreak for a story handled with such dedication and all the characters I will love and care forever.

This exceeded my expectations every possible way, I was wishing for a decent drama to droolz at the very insanely beautiful Wallace H’s face but never thought I would literally have to put a hand over my mouth from shrieking fangirl nonsense every time he makes an entrance, futilely brushing off my tears to stare at him a bit more clearly, so emotionally invested in the story and devastation…  He is so so pretty, but I could’ve been as emotionally invested with everything else without him.  That amazing.

❤ ♡ ❤ ღGo.  WATCH. ❤ ♡ ❤ ღ

…when tolerable quality streams are out, rumored to be in June.  And a full cut.   As is, this is too terrific to settle on grainy blurs and the stupid channel broadcasting it posting spoilers right and left on screen of every next scene.  The cuts are noticeable just making me lament and craving more.

I am going to spoil, the story is nothing unexpected and take it as a lure…

the OTP has a Happy Ending.  Hallelujah~~~!


This is a Wallace appreciation post, but I can be thoroughly immersed, singing same praises if the story skipped the OTP romance entirely.  Every element is top of its game.  There are literally thousands+ hours of C dramas produced a year and yes, 99.9% are utter waste of time.  This has my vote of the top of the 0.001 percentile.

Almost every other character though , will break your heart so many ways, giving you a hopelessness of geez, I know it is coming, I have embraced myself if I cry some more, I would physically lost eyeballs, so stop it!  Alas.  Still, I cry till I am disgusted with the waste of tissues and marveling at myself how the heck can a person produce more mist there.  This is already the story of the Haves, involving the Hu family of the very upper crust of landlords, educated scholars and the only heir of the powerful political royalty almost Gu with all the connections yet war is a nightmare for all, most can not awake from. Every OTP scene is sweepingly romantic, aptly flowing along with the main narrative I have a fuzzy warmth overcoming me squeeing.  The swooniness is a bit too heightened, but I love our protagonists are not hopeless romantics, the care and concern build and grow, yet they never lost touch of the bigger picture of the looming war, the uncertainty of whether one will live another day.  It is perfectly sensible they do not dwell more, yet they are not shy to show the feelings they are in tune with, the reality of going any step further is meaningless. There are quite many fateful encounters building up the romance, handled poignantly, even though I could do without all the slow-mo, and their cheesy ballad theme song because their story and chemistry are effective carrying it all, anything extra are drawing legs on snakes…the nice touch is, it is not just fate doing the cupid.  How they compliment as a couple, how their romance can flourish in this impossible era, is not dealt with any laziness, but the summation of nuances how their personalities will push and pull the other, maturing and clicking.  It was not love at first sight, even when sparks were flying when their eyes crossed the very very first moment.  It is also the family unit at work, especially my favorite character Brother in Law whom I am reserving a whole heart chamber for.

Here he is hardselling his sister in law, in freaken ep2!!!

But he does not force things to happen if not with his very keen eyes of catching an officer Gu taking slightest glances at XiangXiang, even when she has freshly humiliated him in public and now up to some more ignorant menacing.

BiL:  You can’t ignore how often your paths crossed, as fate plays a hand, you always bump into our XiangXiang.

Gu:  It’s not fate, but enemies bound to meet on narrow road /冤家路窄

BiL:    Who cares if the road is narrow?  You need paths to cross in order to know it is narrow.


Without BiL’s shameless, relentless savvy, without his ridiculous smarts in reading people, and constant canoodling with his words that can push mountains and win every little battle, flattening every obstacle in his way, our proud prince and princess would probably not happen and be the unforgettable regret of first love, of could’ve been.  All the characters are built fully to its sharpness, fleshing to us, growing, event by event as intriguing individuals on their own, without ever breaking fronts.  Wise Seer Grandma always speaks subtle morsels of  dignified wit I perk up my ears listening every drop, every word out of her mouth is never a thread out of the construct of the wisest strongest broad of Changsha, serenely doing her family proud, the matron of one of the respected lineage in the area, and to get the point our very young feisty heroine XiangXiang is a doppelganger sharing the soul of Grandma so understatedly takes intricate work of good writing in every exchange they share, and lovely acting.    The characters also form cohesively as wheels of the family unit, and how with every part churning, we are hopeful they could brave it all.   On top of it, the bigger picture of war and the sacrifices and responsibilities of a citizen during conflict to one’s own self, family, country, no facet is left unturned and undeveloped is as flawless as I can imagine.  I am amazed we have such a thorough essay in 32 episodes that breezed by.  I savored all the fighting scenes, it does not have the scope and budget of an HBO show, but it was an ugly crude war fight with bare knuckles and primitive grenades.  It was a budget super effectively used and that deserves praise.  And to balance it all so seamlessly, fluently, confident in the characters, the acting, the story to deliver is a very good writer and director at work.  All the emotional punches are spot on, nothing extraneous, no heavyhandedness, I do not feel ever disrespected nor manipulated with my feelings.  It is a drama experience I abandoned any brain work, throwing away every rein of my emotions and let it freely flow as the drama takes me to the delightful swoony and utterly terrifying traumatic ends, I trust and am honored to have crossed eyes with this hard to swallow gem.  I am planning on rewatching this asap as HD is out.  Rewatching a WAR!drama is as out of my mind as it goes.


GEEZ.  As I said, WH is too pretty for this in a most welcomed way.


Wallace is not perfect here, but it is asking too much from him to be on par with all the seasoned terrific veterans he is surrounded with.   He blends in well enough, that is more than a good job.  What he is short on, on techniques, he repays with his own superficial beauty.  His gorgeousness, in uniform, is unreal.   I am not exaggerating when I said he looks like a manga prince war hero the second he pops up and every entrance thereafter.  It is slightly out of place but serves the character very well.  His Gu is this eye-catching dazzling prince all the soldiers know he is the princeling leagues above everyone else,  never to mess with, higher order from his powerful Dad is to never sent him to the front lines, never in line of fire, and he requires his own envoy of soldiers as blood shield in transporting him from any spot A to B, against his will.    We need this vision of off-putting irresistible flawlessness right away even just to leave an indelible impression on our XiangXiang, right?!    The OTP also serves for me as a reprieve, breather almost, for all the dense, heavy, realistic storytelling going on around them they are a foot into themselves.  The tiny flourishes of fantasy shoujo romance, a welcomed shot of booze in the midst of all the heart-wrenching, without them, I am not brave enough for the material.  Wallace’s little breaks of greenness, and at times when his idoldrama habits of I’m very handsome and swoonworthy, droolz at me can rear head slightly, but fits his character.  I think that is why the PD lets him be in the slight slips because it makes sense he can have moments he indulges in being a bit full of himself, with a terrific upbringing, education, the brains, all the looks.  But his laser focus on the war and his stubborn duty and hotheadedness on being a hand’s on soldier occupying every fiber of his being also makes sense romance is at the bottom of his bucket list.    He cares about XX, over and over again we witness him saving her life over and over again:

The night of the Great Devastating Fire of Changsha where the citizens are kept in the dark as human toll, a strategic maneuver by the KuoMingTang army, is also XiangXiang’s engagement night.    Officer Gu is there standing, protesting, pleading for a meeting in front of the commander’s mansion to halt the tragedy, in vain, yet his mind is on her every word she lectured him on.    She is fresh a runaway bride,  whole town is celebrating the birthday of Dr Sun, life is going on.  In the horrifying chaos thereafter, he rescues a young lady, and it is the girl whose words are replaying in his head. And worst is yet to dawn on the city.

He properly said his congratulation to her engagement.  That is not a happy for you face, but can not hold his emotions: pensive, wistful, elegiac.  You name it.

To have the power to break this smile on Officer Gu, a first,  just overlooking her reflection from his side mirror, a nod to a brave, ignorant, beautiful deed she is doing, and him helping her out behind the scene:


Officer Gu puts up an impermeable front for any personal matter to fester, and it takes someone as gutsy as XiangXiang to break him.  She would give Officer Gu a thank you hug stepping over a field of landmines he just saved her from, screaming how glad he is alright, when she is running off from a forced marriage, the ridiculously swoonworthy Gu way…putting all his guard down, deadly focused on his task of highest priority at hand, saving this young lady, but no noble idiocracy, as he approaches every tribulation in life, his well being in line with calculated risk, however a nuisance she could be, and he tolerates her, but he never thinks nor wants more from her, nor for himself.

And here:

Yet again:

To have the formidable Officer Gu taking a command of a slight frown by our heroine, and follows her command like a loyal soldier to plead for her case against her marriage in front of grandpa, that is the power of some special tugging of his heartstrings.  And kudos to Officer Gu to not only follow the order, but bringing on his smart honest game of asking XX’s Grandpapa to consider him a suitor for XX.




It is such a lovely surprise his straightlaced perfect Offficer Gu can be the bromeo of the teddy bear slickest ruffian BiL.   Gu is the only son of his Daddy, the big money backer funding the KMT government in ChongQing, much higher rank, but BiL shows him ropes and loopholes, life lessons in dire times not taught by proper upbringing nor top notch education in best military academy.  Once our no nonsense Officer Gu lets a person worms into his heart, he is so trusting, so loyal and extremely loving he makes my heart swells up and makes my day.    There is a passing scene when Gu offers to write down a will for BiL as his underling, considerate of BiL being illiterate, and our cunning bear BiL seizes the opportunity and speaks his mind on what he wants for his sister in law, whom he has the softest spot for: a suitor.

Brother in Law:  …who is a soldier, preferably graduated from the top German military academy, from a very powerful family so he can take care of XX and our family if I am not around…

Wallace gives us a few twitches, a fine job.  His Gu ChingMing may not care to be skilled in anything sociable, he is not slow on the uptake, he immediately gets the shameless hints and his mind starts spinning how to handle the situation the best, diligently following the promise and order of writing every word of the will down as the impromtu subordinate of BiL:  by not writing every word down.   BiL is not letting Gu off easy without getting his way, throwing in why has he stopped writing.  And only a Gu Ching Ming will come up with how to say the perfect genuine smart thing, ‘ I have it all down in my head.’  ‘Every word?’  ‘Yes, every word.’  And he is a man of his words.   Wallace’s Gu here is the right amount of shaken slightly off-kilter , but not without a jolt of boyish glee of how genuine this is an approval and a big push from the fiercely protective BiL of a girl he has on his mind but dares not give more thought on.  I enjoy the friendly bickering rapport between the two lovely men very much.

BiL to XX’s older ‘brother’ under the big Hu family clan:  You should change how you call Commander Gu to Brother in Law

Flustered, our Officer Gu walks away and I bet he will blush some more when his own wingman underling bff is always sticking a foot in the shipping of our OTP since way back:

After Officer Gu saves her life, AND twin bro XiaoMan’s life as well,  XX sincerely thanks him and promises she would repay him whatever he wants.  Cute underling wickedly quips,  in all the operas and novellas, after the hero saves the beauty, it is always repaid by her body, her hand in marriage.

haha our poor Officer Gu is turning scarlet.

Commander, you must be blind, Our sista XX has her eyes fixated on you!  How could she not running away from the arranged marriage?!

Gu: I have given it a good thought, I should apprentice under you.  I should live life as shamelessly.  We can put our lives on the line, saving face is nothing worthwhile.

BiL: Ah.  This is the difference of being so well educated.   You are a fast learner at how to be a cad.

His love declaration when they are nowhere near dating, is basically BiL manipulating him (and XX) to give up one of their future children when BiL has no hopes of having an heir of his own, and he told XX he has agreed to what she has agreed upon, BiL’s arrangement, he is fine with giving BiL one of his(their) children, like her.  It is so deadpan, cringeworthy but so adorable a Gu ChingMing in love at work.   haha XX hides her face in her hands and must wants a hole to hide after his obtuse ‘I love u and want to have babies with you’ hahaha I wanted to do the same for Gu Ching Ming (hey, without any fangirl mindfulness of my own to caress Wallace’s face).


Again, an improvement on our typical tsundere princeling, he is never cold and ambivalent even when nonchalant, let alone in love. He can smile so warm like a flower in bloom coming up with a cute compliment on the spot for his love, overhearing her singing a romantic Changsha folksong to her gf:

XX: I did not sing it.

Gu: How regrettable, it was lovely.

XX: It was me singing!

Gu: *Smiles at his XX*

Father in law says… Come here, I am your Uncle… My fiancee and her (my) family.

It does not take a moment of thought and it all slips out so naturally.

That is before they even get married.  It is an era that makes romances purer and absolute: I love you, and I will take care of your family for you.  My family will take care of you like you are part of me.  And when death is over the head of everyone, time is ticking, you do not compromise, there is no ifs, or buts.

When BiL is leaving, and has mustered up an obvious ‘I Love you’ at the tip of his tongue to his wife he loves with all his life and might, these two are standing there ogling like the intruding younger brother and sister they are:

*SOBZZZ  I stared and cried at this for half an hour.  You know and need no spoiling.  T_________T

He is about to leave for the frontline after transporting the gravely wounded soldiers now under her care.

Duty first and foremost, she still turns and never breaks a good stare at the man, and he takes a step towards her, a pause, giving her the best view and in their mind the last eye they see of each other, a memory that must last forever.

I would have love this subtle but poignant goodbye and nothing more.  We have more:

I will write to you every day.


The wedding, worthy of a good chapter in the best of shoujo mangas:

I will not run off,  you too.  From now on, I will listen to everything you say.



I want to have your baby…so I won’t miss you so much when you are away.  

Not with much of a blush, only our XiangXiang.



 It is just a hug.  Just.  No measurable comfort it gives me.  :~~~)


I wrote this listening to:  李健 拾光/ Li Jian Classics

And I keep thinking if they want a lovely ballad for our OTP, why not go a bit folksy with Li Jian with my favorite song of the album:

What beautiful lyrics from the singer songwriter:

這是怎樣的夜晚 讓人傷感又留戀
你說記住這一刻 哪怕從此各天邊
如此動情的心願 怎能讓它被吹散
秋風掠過的湖水 留下漣漪在心間

愛恨離別的我們 多為難啊
轉身而去的瞬間 是天涯~

你說這一刻 就在這一刻

What kind of night, makes us melancholy, linger…

You said remember this moment, even if we will be eternally parted.

What a stirring wish, how can we let it be gone with the wind?

The autumn breeze brushes upon the lake, leaving ripples in our hearts.

How hard is it to leave our love behind?

That moment we turn our back and leave….is the End of the World~

You said this moment, this very moment…

us. ( Forever.)

I am fine if they pick even a mass popular Faye Wong’s Liu Nian 流年:

Not saying their theme in drama was atrocious, it is just not good enough as this:


Fell in love with a serious past time…

time spent: the blooming of a flower.

You brush a hello, by my side.

Like a jolt of lightning in my fine May day.

I truly have Wallace to thank.  Thank you for producing the frothy Perfect Couple, the guiltiest pleasure so sweet it is a sickness of me and the very rabid viral fandom to love it to bits still despite its flaws.


Look at the squees.  It is just a kiss bebes! lol

Because you would need this crazysweet skinship cut of silly giggles braving Battle of Changsha just to function, you do:

Just the kisses:

Cut 5 (yup there is 1, 2, 3, 4…)of ALL the cute fluffy bits:

An aside:  They did a fanvid of SH love story with Wallace and Han Xue to the theme song of Tokyo Love Story, THE piece of music just the intro will forever jolt my Ren’ai heart fluttering off the charts.   This can only be more terrific if they get SHnites TangYan and Hu Ge (and of course sneak in my YuanHong and ShiShi) and bring on the most glorious mess of C drama real/reel love polygon.   I am not getting out of this fandom ever, am I?!?!

Especially not when Wallace has upped his uber period gorgeousness giving us his new official stills for Hua Qian Gu/花 千骨 that causes the entire fangirl world to let out the loudest squee I have witnessed.  O__O  I was not terribly interested in the drama, past tense.  WANT the Wallace cut!  This is the exact vision of his Changqing/White Tofu from Chinese Paladin 3 reaching enlightened Taoist deity sainthood.   All things considered, his Changqing is still dearest to my heart, he is a much improved actor now, but that is a character he owned and the precious prime timing when he possessed that purist aura of the ascetic young monk on screen.  He can’t be Changqing now, no more, but we have what a jaded, heart is stilled Changqing with Bai Zi Hua.  From all I’ve gathered, the writing will definitely suck and I am not too hot for  Zhao Liying, our heroine.  It would be interesting to see if they have the right chemistry for the perverse sifu-teacher/teenage girl student romance, a RoCH in reverse, huh!?

^My favorite of the bunch.  That misty tender warmth oozing out of his eyes under the white out frigidness the character is set a facade of.

Ahh this is lovely.    He is reminding me of a more delicate, prettier Winston Chao from 大明宫词 :

Ah!  CHANGQING!!!  Do you remember your ZiXuan?!  *Why yes I am rewatching their cut in CP3 and totally swept away from their gorgeousness combined and my heart is bleeding*:

Pretty fanarts are already out:





28 thoughts on “Battle of Changsha: Spazzing, Mood Music and Wallace Appreciation

  1. I’m glad you’re reviewing Battle of Changsha. I recently watched it and fell head over heels in love with it. War era dramas are my least favorite to watch, and I didn’t pay much attention to the previews of Changsha, but decided to check it out, and the rest is history.
    I was amazed by how good the drama was, from the cohesive and gripping storyline, to the solid acting. Most C-dramas are fluffy nonsense, and Changsha’s high-quality production and storytelling took me aback. It ranks as one of the best C-dramas I’ve watched, along with Legend of Zhen Huan, and one of the best tv series I’ve seen, period.
    The story stuck with me and lingered on in my mind after I finished the series. I’ve re-watched it several times since the first watch, and probably will continually re-visit the series in the future. The drama’s poignant depiction of the theme of familial love, set against the backdrop of war, uncertainty, tragedy, and loss, was simply outstanding. I loved the interactions and bonds between various members of the Gu family, esp. between Xiang Xiang and her twin brother Xiao Man. It was utterly heartbreaking to see the Gu family go through the trials and tribulations of war, and the last three episodes were shattering. This could easily have been the real story of a family during those turbulent times.
    Amazing series.

    1. Gosh well said, so eloquent befitting this fine piece of work. Thank you for the comment!

      It still shook me how above amazing this is on so many levels. The most pleasant surprise is staying within the frame of respect to the historical events and it did not sweep KMT under the rug with scornful exaggeration but stayed objective enough a viewpoint.

      I am beyond devastated not just on how much i care and am invested in the Hu family, It is so believable a startling retelling of events and to think so many families, of much lesser means probably are obliterated with no offsprings to live on, past down the charring of war in their souls and I am a product of bravest human sacrifice and sheer luck my Gramps survived the war. It is too mindboggling.

  2. But the question is, will this get subbed? Sigh. Where’s the Babel Fish when we need it…. Good period pieces are so hard to come by these days and Battle of Changsha sounds like something I’d love to watch.

    1. I pray that this will be subbed! Please any fansubbing team reading this, if you can only gather resouces for one production this year, do it! Seriously i have given up fishing for words how to properly express how astounding this drama is. i am still too raw with emotions I can only talk about the fluffy lighter parts. I saw the trailer subbed by the dearies at viki on youtube somewhere? There is hope, and i thought Wallace has quite an international fanbase making his name in the idolperiods most popular with fandoms. I see a light! I mean this is a first for me watching a war drama, marathoning it when i am easily an emotional wreck and streaming VCD quality vids ( do u know/rem those days?! Haha) Unheard of. I would be content and spazzing if this was 1/3 as gd.

    1. June! Not that far away! I can’t wait to cry my eyes out yet again. Lets just pray it is not just empty chatter because even though I have not seen much of any C war drama, it must be hard to get by SARFT to have it heavily illustrating the LMT army in a somewhat levelheaded light.

  3. Ooooh I love all the romantic scenes you have recapped! Gosh, Wallace Huo is so good looking and swoon-worthy here. I love BIL already (but why do I feel the ominous clouds of doom? :(). Shall wait for the HD quality vids!

    1. It would be much worst, the doom. I am not recovered yet and i can only revisit the OTP cute scenes…everything else is too breaking my heart terrific, i cant.

  4. yes battle of changsha is absolutely beautiful, i was actually watching it episode by episode when it first came out in march/april, totally worth it
    lol im srsly worried abt the health of wallace lol, right after wrapping up editing of Perfect Couple, he was sent to 明妃传, and now to 花千骨….i guess he doesn’t care much for mundane things like sleep and rest lol
    but yea, the production company for 战长沙 was 山东影视,they are known for good quality productions, and have made a lot of popular dramas in the past (mostly 正剧, like 闯关东) and recently they are trying to expand their markets into sorta-serious-idol-dramas lol, like HuGe’s Nirvana in Fire and Battle of Changsha
    As for Perfect Couple, the first 20ish episodes were wonderful and filled with fluff, but the latter 20ish episodes….were shitty…………………………..and totally ruined the drama’s reputation…………..Perfect couple should just copy off an old fluffy drama called 上错花轿嫁对郎, which was perfect fluff, and 20 episodes long (tbh i seriously think that Perfect Couple DID IN FACT copy that show…they both had evil cousins that ruled the household, fake brides, falling in love after marriage and etc, but to be honest i think Perfect Couple should have copied their entity of fluff and got rid of all the cringe worthy sad moments)
    GURLLLLLL war dramas has some of the best actors out there omg lol, i remember 蒋欣 had a war drama not long ago and the male lead was hottttttttttttttttttttttttttt omg and his character was so cute too, he stuttered everytime he was around JiangXin, but sadly that drama had a horrible scripts. so yea. Most of the quality male actors (aka good looking and good at acting) loves to take war drama roles, so….war dramas have a great market out there… they just need better scripts…

    1. Ahhh what is the hottttttt actor’s name?! Gosh i felt like u r reading me like an open bk. It was exactly because of the production company I gave this a chance, i know war dramas r much much safer bets of being v v gd in CN especially, you can not risk rubbin PRC wrong in any way however minute. I am so looking forward to Nirvana in Fire even though LiuTao is not on my list of actresses i care about.

      And speaking of JiangXin, geez i am still not calm yet she is joining HuaQianGu! ! ! With Wallace alone, i could skip it and just droolz at MVs, but J!X! ! ! This looks much tighter a production than their previous drama HuaXuYin for sure ( and sth we will prob never see daylight now, f u SARFT). I think it is super smart of them to plan out shooting alternative scenes: one more authentic to novel, the other v safe and boring to just get by SARFT on the cautious side. To think this is what creativity is reduced to, lesigh.

      1. his name is 靳东, but just be aware he’s born in 1976…so a bit older…just saying lol i don’t want you to be super disappointed
        whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt jiangxin is joinging HuaQianGu??????????????????? holyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mannnnnnnnnn wow this drama is willing to pitch in some big bucks yoooo
        man tbhhhh no matter how much i love yuanhong but during the filming of HuaXuYin he wasn’t looking his best…and since I watched a fanmade mv of yuanhong and liushishi being ShenAn and SongNing during his YangKang years…I just simply don’t wanna be overly disappointed lol, especially since he looks so much better in 秀丽江山
        LOL am I the only one kinda enjoying the SARFT deal lol because I really wanted to watch 刘烨的北平无战事….and it was kinda no where to be seen among all the big-budgeted-idol-filled line-ups, BY THE WAY 北平无战事 is also by 山东影视…..and yea I’d pass a quality production over some mediocre-script-mediocre-acting-idol drama (*cough cough 古剑奇谭) ANYDAY

        1. Geez u r big brothering me arent u?! Just saw trailer of 北平無戰事 and swiftly putting it on my must watch list, that and my mustmust see 49 days. Me and my eyes r so so freaken doomed. T____T

          There was a pic leaked out of JX on the set, and HuGe sounded vague and suggestive he might throw in a cameo huh?! If they can get TangYan in the mix, that is some shrewdest casting ever esp winking an homage to the 仙俠 genre.

          The entire cast looks very not their best in HXY, JX included but i trust no one can do SA a thing to worm into some hearts even though he is known as Shen 渣渣 /scummiestscum except YH. He is already the best looking of all the actors by miles, i still cant look at a still of Kevin and not cry a little inside for him.

          1. wowww…isn’t the production company for HuaQianGu 慈文传媒?the same one for HXY? mannnn if there’s that much big names in HuaQianGu then idk….i’d think that they spent all their budget trying to get big names for this drama, kinda like HXY, except this time they were lucky that the big stars kinda do fit their roles (cough cough kevin OTL i cringe so hard every time i see that highlighted blue wig of his LMAFO….and the wrinkles on his face…sorry but 慕言 was a 20something prince…not an uncle….)
            since HXY still haven’t come out, we can’t see how good is 慈文’s script…b/c if their script is shitty, then i’d cringe for HuaQianGu too…
            Another thing I’m worried about is actually their CGI effects. IDK if you’ve seen 轩辕剑 the drama, but that CGI…..takes me back 10 years to Chinese Paladin 1 days….
            and yes yes yuanhong is definitely THE BEST AND ONLY fit for ShenAn, but hey maybe he lost weight on the set lol
            and when the heck is 49 days gonna air????????? mango TV wastes all their time on that gazillion eps long drama that i swear no one watches………

            1. Yes 慈文 and the scriptwriter attached is responsible for the turd that is LanLingWang, so I have no hope for decent writing. But WH is as insanely a dreamcast as it goes, I’m all for him to work his arse off as last soiree in idolperiods…however good looking and young for age a guy u r, u just cant convincingly do these young wuxia fluffy heroes after mid 30s, I think both Nicky and Kevin should seriously stop the trying too hard.

              I am not sure if a cameo, esp from HG is paid (just my speculation as TY did mention HG and WH will collab soon in her recent webchat w fans). Both HG and WH r freshly starting out as producers with their own production companies, so it could just be a pat on a shoulder favor helping each other out. Now if that’s the case, i terribly want WH to repay the goodwill w popping up in Nirvana Fire, the best most promising Cperiod in production. I mean WH has mentioned he did a lot of mehh dramas out of gratitude/ returning favors and I bet ShiShi’s Ming Doctress is one (gosh that synopsis is so horrifyingly off from history and I think WH needs to work w actresses very solid or the exception of TY in order to carry the not looking promising at all material). I would b shocked if he would sign on the sequel of Strange Hero, but even though his schedule looks impossible he should take up the 何以 tv adapt along w TY, i think a modern super romantic angsty lead is smart to mix it up and milk the insane popularity of their CP, again because it is timely, 3,5 yrs later both of them r too old to do 小言 .
              I didn’t last half an ep of 軒轅劍, i have v high tolerance for crappy cgi growing up addicted to tvb’s wuxia classics, it is just the story was beyond me stupid.

              49D is rumored to be out around late Sept for Oct1 celebration. It’s said they will rerun it to mark the anni of Nanjing Massacre in Dec. I don’t think we’ll ever see HXY though, it has been pulled fr its rumored slot in Jun/July and it seems impossible to land a spot w the period drama limit this yr, then come next year there is the ban no first run shows can show on more than 2 channels at once and with this ensemble cast, it needs to b a joint venture from multiple cables in order to afford the high cost. Peeps fr 慈文 doesn’t sound optimistic. That is typical SARFT. They should just ban yuma and all would be well. The solid war dramas will always be made anyways and we still can have variety.

              Yes YH is chubbier than ever in HXY but i dont need SA to be adonis pretty like a WH needs for his job here in HQG. YH just needs to be an impressive enough looking general. It was his dying scene stretching out a hand which i thought was hammy that worries me v much, but i trust JX is just that amazing to bring oit his best.

              1. yes, i agree with you on LanLingWang, sorry, despite its popularity, the script was really….meh…apparently 冯绍峰 had so little scenes in the latter part of the drama such that they just photoshopped him on to the backdrop LOLOLOL
                Also yes, i highly doubt WH will do 2nd season of Strange Hero, and I also don’t think that LiuShiShi can get any big productions until she can truly prove her popularity, but then her most recent work is….犀利仁师….which is…not that promising…which im also pretty sure that she took that drama just for Nicky Wu.
                LiuShiShi needs to stop. taking. crappy. dramas. I personally think that she can reach a much higher level of stardom if she stop doing dramas out of favours for other people
                I have a bad feeling about 何以. idk why. I just do lol. honestly 何以 was 顾漫’s earliest piece of work and I gotta say, its an ANCIENT piece of work, especially in the world of 小言. Trends in the 小言 world come and go really fast and the storyline of 何以 just isn’t the trend right now. TY and WH still has the looks, which I personally think they should reserve their good looks for a more promising drama, because filming is a very tiring process that drains their beauty.
                On a similar note, most of the dramas currently in the process of filming that are based on 小言 are really old works, which is also why they are popular because they have garnered sufficient readers after all these years, but honestly, most of them lacks subsistence and i hope they won’t get filmed, because the best outcome for these remakes is similar to…泡沫之夏…which had terrible rating lol
                Its kinda funny how the biggest and most anticipated productions this year (HXY and 古剑奇谭) weren’t able to land a spot on cable. And honestly, from what I know so far, I highly doubt that HXY will be as good as battle of changsha lol. I personally think the crew spent their entire budget for the 浮生尽 arc, and the rest of the drama just simply don’t look very promising to me. YH and JX looks the most promising out of the entire drama. the rest of the storyline was altered too much and the whole gist of the original story was lost (b/c they wanted a 三角恋 with kevin and the main girl and some other guy??? what the hell?? so cliche???)

                1. LLW was meh on all levels I was so disappointed at how awful I find the acting of Ariel and FSF there.

                  Well, LSS is terribly overrated for me atvm, I see nothing of the hint of promising potential she needs honing from her early days. Do I want to entrust her with the rare better production!?? Not really, she has not shown me she can elevate anything and I am tired of lowering my standard of just expecting her to be decent…Decent is not enough for where she’s at in the industry, she needs to prove to me she is on her ascension, not chipping off from BBJX where in all honesty, her techniques were not brilliant to carry that show on her own without any of all the other elements in place.

                  I actually find her most natural and at ease in 犀利仁师 in the last few years and she has been attached to better projects, just she did not prove her worth in them. I doubt it is just a favor for her bf she is attached, she is not that good an actress to fake how much she is relaxed, enjoying her role. My opinion is this is squarely her niche, fluffy silly gag show that is catered to her limited abilities. Same with Nicky. I am sounding rude, but there is not a shortage of better 20sth C actresses more deserving the better scripts. Take Yang Zi (XiangXiang) from Battle of ChangSha, she is cute, girl next door, pleasant to eyes, and obviously much more talented at 22.

                  See my opinion of TangYan is the opposite of LSS, I actually see her having the ability, not fully tapped into, to elevate crap somewhat…which is what the script of Perfect Couple is frankly. The acclaim Wallace should get from Battle of Changsha will last him a good while to have his pickings in better serious dramas down the line but the window of doing a pure glossy romance 小言 is closing up, same for TY. This is THE perfect timing to strike the iron is hot, I am still shocked how rabid their CP is loved, and I am one new fan enjoying the two of them on my screen doing nothing much but smooch. TY is not in a place in the industry where good serious scripts will fall on her lap, she has been doing nothing but 小言 anyway, this won’t hurt, but to team with Wallace again in a modern drama, and all the meta on the OTP apart for 7 years (or sth, I can not stand 顾漫 so I know barely a thing about 何以 ) like how they met on CP3 and now it is 7 years, milk that real to reel even if nothing is going on, it won’t hurt,the audience will slurp up the pretty and gossip fodder. Imo 泡沫之夏 was bloody awful because of the horrible cast, if they cast WH, HuGe, TangYan/YangMi/LSS/who’sthe4thlil’flower, throw in a cameo badboy YuanHong, I see a guaranteed hit w the demography it is catered to. At least with this safe a bet this will get as massively popular as PC, perhaps TY can follow YangMi’s suit post Goong and make her name recognition so loud doors will open up for her to be the token star in popcorn movies/TV and such.

  5. I would say that Zhan Chang Sha is one of the best I’ve watch from China in the 2014, and perhaps 2013 also. I was expecting the drama to be filled with anti-Japanese propaganda messages in between the lines.

    Thankfully it wasn’t, else I would have stopped watching. Instead, the focus was on the lives of the common folks and how they slowly changed under the circumstances, and how actions which may seem perfectly fine under normal circumstances may be unacceptable during war (e.g., stealing cement to repair bombed houses – save your house but risk weakening the city’s defences) or vice versa (e.g., forcing your family member into marriage – it does give the person a way out of immediate danger).

    The scene where Xiang Xiang begged Gu Qing Ming to save her brother-in-law, ultimately volunteering herself to him, was the first point of emotional connection with the characters. The guy I disliked most – Xue Jun Shan – became one of my favourites. I actively disliked how he threatened his wife into marrying him (thankfully they fell in love for real), how he was so rude to his in-laws (but we later see that his father-in-law was really too weak to protect the family and Jun Shan had to exert some influence in the family to enable himself to watch over the family), and how he forced Xiang Xiang into marriage (which I later thought was legitimate because the city was going down and I found myself wishing that the family could have moved to somewhere safer!). The turning point came during the Great Fire, where he refused to run away, saying, “We took protection money from the folks and we should be protecting them!”. I was so sad with his ending. Fortunately, we get one happily ever after in the OTP, otherwise my fragile soul won’t be able to handle the sad endings.

    A very touching show, with outstanding performance all round, and I will definitely rewatch it when uncut episodes are out. It’s a waste that there isn’t much promotions done for this and the drama didn’t get the recognition it should have. I got blown away by Wallace’s acting here and this is the show which made me a fan. I had a hard time trying to reconcile my feelings for him when I watched Perfect Couple, because that was only 1 week after I watched this tearjerker!!

    1. Oh, and I must say that I love the ending theme, especially these lines:
      So befitting of the drama, bringing back all the feelings of despair and sense of loss watching the show. ❤ Dramas set in the pre-modern era are not my cup of tea, but this is one exception. Good show, all round.

      1. I really love drama’s tagline and what a marvelous job essaying it: 每一个向死而行的生命都在热烈的生长。’Every life marching towards death is growing most feverishly.’

          1. And how death in combat is not glorified as if dying for country is the most dignified end in so many C war dramas. Soldiers have families they love so much, therefore they fight with all their might, as Gu said they go to the frontline not because they want to die, but to live, to go home where their family is safe is their ultimate goal.

    2. I am fine w some emphasis even exaggeration on anti-J sentiments, afterall this is Cdramaland and the grudge still hurts and that is authentic. It is when they color the history with too much patriotic glory dampering how devastating the war was, how desolute and futile the resistance and defense from both KMT and guerrilla attacks by not even a well organized force from the infantile Communist party that would turn me away. Not here. One can pore over that leaf of history and this drama can generally hold up well enough without much bias.

      I think the OTP emotionally connects much earlier on, XX was smittened at first sight but how truly little interest Gu has for any romance bruised her pride so much understandably. How Gu looks at XX is a much more intrigued tender light after she did her best albeit childishly to beg for antibiotics, is the moment Gu has a soft romantic spot for XX without him fully aware. Wallace was spot on that scene basked in that moment just indulging himself that short second the view reflected from his side mirror of XX. Imo that marks the exact moment his heart falls for her even whem he won’t ever allow it to flourish nor act upon it, then.

      That scene you mentioned was so awesomely charged and pivotal, they are both harboring some messy entanglement for the other not sorted out and that desperate move/suggestion was such a devastating last resort exactly because of that. XX knows very well, whatever tiniest hope of anything romantically serious btn them would be out of question once such a demeaning bargain was stroke btn them, but she still would give this lofty dream of happiness up for her BiL. Gu is so shocked and shaken he must have a much more respect for XX than this, and more so expected her to have a much higher regard of him. It hurts and he cringes at her able to say those words, mixes with that shock of tiniest offkilter lust which he is most ashamed off and that pissed him off, quite a bit at himself really, he kicks XX off his transport. He is absolutely overwhelmed but it should not take him long, in his subsequent stupor his very smart and sensible minion stops the car to let him have a moment… to realise she is stooping this low, such a proud pampered, headstrong girl giving up her pride for the gd, survival of her family, and it hits him hard, perhaps never as hard how ugly war is face on, how it forces everyone to do the unimaginable. It must’ve hit him his heart is hurting so much for her.

      Because this scene was done with so much punch, giving it deeper thought, XX must have heard/known of arrangements like this from her peers, say her gfs fr school and it is such a normal occurance she would give it a try right away even after much struggle we saw, when this desperate. I would assume their highsch friend now nurse was raped in NanKing, survived but forever changed. It does not look and feel like one of XX’s brainstorming on the spot.

    3. Ahh i dont think I’ll as hopeless a Wallace stan if i didnt watch this right after PC. How different these characters r and how opposite ends of spectrum the skillsets involved make me appreciate how solidly good an actor he has improved into.

  6. BOC is a great drama. Heart wrenching yet not superlatively. The characters grow on you. Cringed at BIL at first but grew to respect him later. A rough diamond. Love the bickering between the two lovers. Pride hides it all. The reconciliation between the two old Hus. I am happy Wallace took on this role. He needs different roles to grow as an actor and he has. I give BOC a 10 because it is indeed one of those memorable ones. It leaves one pondering about life and war.

    1. Word! And I have WH to thank taking up the role because I am as shallow as it goes, there is just a very few handful good looking enough for me and have that screen aura of 清and 明 superficially let alone performing competently, of course the drama itself is worth all the praises I can utter, but I was not going to watch a drama titled, ‘Battle of…’ XD

  7. hello, i would like to ask where i can watch this drama with an english sub:)
    i watched episode 1-15 in viki, but it seems that they havent finished retiming the other episodes.
    thank you!

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