Itazura na Kiss 2 ~Love in Okinawa : WHERE are you

Sakura petals have bloomed and fallen, I need my Mr and Mrs Irie fix like a month ago.


Thanks to the lovely original posters, I am  just gathering the dokidoki, and may the shoujo force be with us, picspamming to tide myself over till this comes out sometime in Sept (?)    I am strangely optimistic about Itakiss2 even without the dearest Miss PD Koto sama (SOBZ I miss you~~~~) when I am lecturing myself I should not be.  But what am I to do…even their twitpics, the bits and pieces of BTS leaked out are SOOOOOO ADORBS!  And lets not forget the cutest fandom, the sweetest busybees already out there making loveliest fanarts, fanvids I am crying happy tears of anticipation already even if the world will kneel over from all the massive pink virtual petals they will cascade upon us.

So, I gather this is a drawing of them by Yukikun and they both love it so much, tweeting the exact same time?!  hmmmm

New hottie doc/colleague of Iriekun.  And Kinchan just gets hotter as well.  We will see some more delicious jealous Iriekun, huh?!


lolz mama has the nursery ready!

 And she showed us a pic lovingly on display:

:)))))  This is making me grin so wide just grabbing and posting.



9 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss 2 ~Love in Okinawa : WHERE are you

  1. Thank you so much for compiling all of this ❤ I'm trying really hard not think about the air date being months away, but in the meantime i'll be re-watching anything Itazura na Kiss related. I really hope this version finishes the story though. The manga chapters that are translated in english have stopped at their wedding, and supposedly the anime finishes the story with the help of the late mangaka's husband. I've stayed away from watching the anime because I'm hoping to see it in live action first, so i'm crossing my fingers for this one. And it might be a broken dream but i'm still crossing my fingers for ISWAK 3 T^T I just can't let it go lol. Thanks again Mookie 😀

    1. Hugs! I’m planning on rewatching ItakissLiT closer to any confirmation. Seldom a fluffy doramas entirely preproduced and sitting there for months huh?! I will just take it as they are trying their best to come up with sth absolutely respectful of Ms Mangaka. Is Mr. still involved in this, do u know?! It would be lovely and heartbreaking to see what he inserted as an ode to his dearly departed (I’ll go cry a while first)

  2. Thank you for the compilation of pics and vids!!
    I’m like, in love with Irie-kun’s voice. And then when he starts speaking English… ❤ *rewind*

    1. His voice is sooo smexy yet his accent is very cute. I luv how Miki can always make him burst out lol when he is trying his mightiest to be in character as Irie and he smiles like a 5 yo!

  3. Miki drew the characters on the cup!
    Yuki’s tweet: Kotoko drew this for me.
    Miki’s tweet: Drawing part 2. I tried to draw Irie-kun too. Lol

    Didn’t know she could draw…so cute! Am looking forward to the sequel and more of Yuki’s smexy English!

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