Jiang Xin in Hua Qian Gu



My Girl Crush!  *lick*

Jiang Xin will be 夏紫熏  a ‘sorceress’ master of scents, a fallen fairy, obsessively in love with Wallace’s 白子画/Bai ZiHua she concocts a fragrance pouch of his scent to carry around intoxicated in his perfume.  Kinky.  I’ve read of a minority of fans commenting her character loves His Revered Highness Bai more than Lil Hua QianGu and thus more deserving a owner of his heart.  This is not a logic I roll in love, no explainable logic, reasons have much to do with how the heart flutters.  We’ll see, but judging by the superficial, no lady is match for Jiang Xin when she is so fierce fighting for any man or demigod and anyone with eyes can see she looks much more match made in some heaven side by side with Wallace.  But she looks quite older than ZLY’s HQG, I haven’t read the novel properly (I can’t stand Miss Fresh’s Chinese often, again I am too picky on the command of language in Chinese authors to a fault), no idea if she is supposed to be closer to Bai ZiHua’s age and not another May December (one-sided) romance like the OTP.

I can’t look away, even though I think the makeup on everyone is too 80s gaudy, and this production company is not known for the best art direction  *sighHXYsighhh*.   Even the normally fresh faced Zhao LiYing is in a mountain of makeup too much:

 I am not sure how significant a role her 夏紫熏 would be, rumor ranges from a cameo authentic to how little the character appears in the novel, to a month long shoot putting her squarely as a main lead and a sizable threat to rock the OTP boat.


This makes me soooo sooo happy though.  Jiang Xin reminds me here of a Brigitte Lin in her wuxia days in the 90s.  I have never thought of pairing up Jiang Xin and Wallace Huo, but who can resist now that they are both red hot terrific especially in periods?!    They got my vote for the most period gorgeous C actors atvm.  She will be the love rival for heroine Lil’ Bone.  I am already praying for ZLY not to be chewed alive, no bones left, acting against JiangXin so many leagues above her capabilities.    I think ZLY is decent and quite cute but from my impression Hua Qian Gu is the last fairy with a special deadly power of obliterating all living blooms around her when she is born, that begs for someone exquisite with an edge to her beauty.  She has the girl next door vibe, but not a hint of the goddessy commanding aura I am guessing a HQG would need towards the end of the story when things get super angsty intense.  Of course it is always near impossible to cast wuxia, more so fantasy wuxias with demigods.   I am not extremely hopeful for this production to be any good even now, but I will watch anything period with Jiang Xin, and the icing on the cake is Wallace in white, the most perfect casting in a fantasy wuxia I’ve seen perhaps ever.


尊上/Your Revered Highness approves.

The most brow raising of the cast is 马可/Ma Ke as 杀阡陌 (the hopelessly in love with heroine very hawt baddie) for me:

Where is the commanding hotness?!  tbh Jiang Xin can nail this too, from the description he is the most drop dead gorgeous thing beyond the 6 realms, so gorgeous he is a visual of the most breathtaking beauty only the finest lady can process, ie a Brigitte Lin.  You can not come across as Hyde/Gackt/MarilynManson/Drag.   This is a newbie actor, nothing is convincing me he has the presence to carry this role.  Ma TianYu could probably be passable pretty-wise, but again none of that threatening aura, a lot of fans regard Chen Kun’s  Yu Huatian in Flying Swords of Dragon Gate perfect for the character.   I love Chen Kun, but never for a moment even in that movie can I suspend the disbelief he is a beautiful lady.

A lot of novel diehards are not too happy with ZLY, they want a LiuYiFei I think Zhao is a decent pick, not the worst as her appearance is convincing enough as a young girl. It is when her character is wrung through the smorgasbord of angst that I’m worried if she can carry the load. Who are we kidding to wish upon a LYF when I doubt we will see the daylight of this, at least not until SARFT is done with losing its mind.


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