Yuan Hong May/June Updates

If you haven’t done your Yuan Hong fangirl duties last month, shame on you, and I did not withhold precious information just because I am selfish.

But rather, should anyone post a dozen nikkid torso of Loverboy?!  Well, there is always a purpose for me in this world.   XD

Young Detective Dee is out hours ago.  Fangirls are already busy posting caps:


I have not seen YH chubbier! lolz It could be, in all seriousness, he is trying to play an authentic Tang dynasty emperor (it was the time body fat was the most precious cosmetics lke feathers on a peacock). I have little hope the drama could be decent even when we have Bosco and Ma TianYu holding up on the hottie front in camera normal weight


See,  Ruby you are so gorgeous and the camera loves you all these years already, no one can do it all.  Look how fierce you can look as Wu ZeTian?!  No more trying at cutesy little doe-eyed princess, m’kay?!

(hahaha, what to do!??! I can’t stop loling at Loverboy’s chubby cute face…and if I worked in his court I would giggle and not be able to take his commands serious and have my head promptly chopped off before the day is done XDDDD)

This must’ve made Loverboy cringed so mad he finally posted a selca of his nikkid freshly ribbed torso, this time with a gloaty face attached  (and wet tousled hair GEEZ not pulling stops huh?!):

One more brownie point to Young Detective Dee then, even if the drama sucks, you give us this.  His pervie fangirls have counted there are 17 distinguishable muscle masses.   One perk of fangirling Loverboy is if you are into being in sync with your bias:  while you are busily stroking and licking your screen, this self-loving Virgo is probably doing the exact same thing to his phone screen right after he snapped the shot and as nightcap to his pretty preening self…then got hit by his phone on his widely grinning face.  Picture that.

Yup. It is exactly what you see.  I did not make it.  As shameless, I do not have the fortitude how one unlock this at work/in public, on subway, receiving a call from Gramps…

 But many of these cute pervies have screens like these last month anyways:

All started because the Derp was ‘betrayed’ by one of his highschool bff:

And that was just a short few months ago.  Let bigsis patpatpat your tummy for the good for mankind work.

I am relieved at least something he has done is aired as rumored. Next up we should be able to see his dashing captain in white uniform in Secret Passage/Mi Mi Hang Xian/秘密航线 in July/August, again higher orders from SARFT things out in summer when the babies are off school must adhere to the Chinese Dream promoting positive patriotism. *shrug*

Its official ending song MV is out:

Hmmm. It is decent, but nothing is screaming at me this would be fantastic, Battle of ChangSha fantastic.  YH looks a bit tense in it, I will keep my expectation in check and just droolz at the pretteh, I can do that.

More broadcasting rumors (I have thrown in the white towel with SARFT’s meddling, take it with heaps of salt even just to throw it at SARFT)
We will see his TallRichHandsomeDreamboat in City of Angels in October;

Stretching our luck we may see his Shower from Chang Ge Xing in December:

*argh after currently poking my eyes out speeding through the WallaceH (and Tony Yang) bits in 倾世皇妃, I’ve grown terribly allergic to Ruby, I used to be able to tolerate her limited skills, but now she is compensating with so much forced aeygo and her princess takes the MarySue crown to new heights I am no longer that excited about Chang Ge Xin  *pout*  *

There is also noise Fall in Love with You Again may finally be defrosted, that drama has been shelved for 2 years + now, I have given up hope, tbvh there is no way they are getting around the stringent censoring of no paranormal elements such as soul switching.  I would love to see his Sunnyboy countrybumpkin darnit.

I have bid my farewell with Hua Xu Yin, now I know a smidge of SA/SN’s heartpain for real and it HURTS.  If we are not going to see it in June, we will probably never see it and that is the only Loverboy drama that is all wrapped up ready to serve, my neck has grown inches looking forward to.  *WAILS*

Back to more promising thing he is pouring his heart over:  Sweet fans visit him on the remote Ordinary World set over the long holiday weekend celebrating Children’s Day and Duanwu (Dragonboat/zongzi) Festival.  From fan account he has to sing in a scene.  HAHAHA  I CANT WAIT.

haha the ladies are swooning over how gentlemanly a shy boy he is actually, not even touching their shoulders.

I am surprised he has so many fanboys, this hottie is a 90er, and he is MARRIED.  That is why he got an WTF! ENVY! face from Loverboy

The fans also told him he has now started two very positive healthy movements on weibo #学习袁弘健身减肥# #跟随袁弘的脚步一起读书#  #KeepingFitLosingWeightwithYuanHong#  #LetsReadTogetherFollowingtheFootstepsofYuanHong#

They have compiled a list of good reads he either have mentioned, recommended or associated with:

He quotes a passage from the novel, an ode to his sweet puppylove 晓霞 in Ordinary World:


Yes, true love should not be self-servng, it should be for the good of the one you love; is willingly, from the bottom of your heart braving through the passage of striving hard, relentlessly bettering yourself; a fusion — fighting the challenges together in an encompassing fusion!   Whether you have the determination to sacrifice your all for him/her is a litmus weighing how true the love is or not, otherwise you are just fooled by your own feelings/infatuation.

He should get an endorsement of the very popular Plank fad right now.

This is probably something terribly wrong with me thinking he is very handsome in rags.

The filming should be physically very grueling but he is still having fun being the prankster on set:

Just to bug Chen SiCheng, ie hubby of his costar Tong LiYa in Ordinary World some more, after Mr Chen saw a pic of them on the set with their heads attached and noted, ‘I am always behind you…’ , he promptly sent one he is backhugging her tightly in his arms, and another proper one at weibo.  The horrible boy is cut to size by his fiesty fans:  what good is it being chubby and loving, obsessing with all the sista in laws when you can’t get yourself even one girl to tempt your bros’ with a sisinlaw to flirt with yourself.

As for his upcoming project(s), fresh off weibo, he gave a nudge of encouragement to TongHua’s upcoming frothy Manguo romance drama 偏偏喜欢你 last night, wordplaying the title.    The drama is swirling in an ugly plagiarism saliva war with a newbie scriptwriter (but has been a writer of fluffy CN Harlequins for a while) working for yuma, claiming she has been pouring over a very similar script last year.  I am so not a fan of TongHua, so I am all for them to b9tchfight, crash and burn together and stop stinking up the place.  I have not read the synopsis (here) but fans are saying this is reading like Heirs set in a military school in the Manguo/Revolutionary war era and the hero, typical hot cold prince has a lot of descriptions of his ribbed ‘mermaid line’.   Since Loverboy has the very respectable Ordinary World under his belt, I am all for him to go the other end of the spectrum, grab as many rabid fangirls in a romance idoldrama, do not waste that face, those lips (I haven’t seen him properly kissing the daylight out of the ladies since…LoCH08?! that’s wrong) and the torso.   He can still kinda play a student that gives him the edge over all the usual actors typecast in Manguo era idol-PoCs atvm.  In a year or two, Loverboy can not escape the fate, even as dazzlingly pretty as a HXM he was a sleasy joke in Summer’s Desire.  It would definitely be typical guilty pleasure crap, I can only hope if he is attached, it could be half a drama enjoyable like Perfect Couple.   This could all be him being the busybody defending a friend, he is too nosy. I am even very fine with him grabbing the much hyped up role of 何以笙 in  何以笙箫默, TangYan is said to have signed on the project, I’d rather her work along Loverboy than Wallace Chung (just me, I never find WC attractive, I am soo terribly allergic to him in this type of role he has made a name of.  Argh)… it does not sound likely WallaceH would be interested nor have the time frankly (he doesn’t fit the description, but he can decently serve the role methinks).    I have skimmed through the novel properly, imo TangYan is a miscast,  默笙 is someone resembling a YeQing (Poor YuTan from BBJX),  more MoriGirl aura than the Barbie, in your face eye-popping circle lens pretty of TangYan.  No one is taking it too seriously I hope,  cdrama adapts are way more often pooping on the original than authentic so my standard is is you serve me my kind of pretty (rarely happens), I will shut up.

But well, fans are always more awesome, if only one of these collabs ever happen:




12 thoughts on “Yuan Hong May/June Updates

  1. Please no tang Yan ! But I am all for Betty Sun 😀 . I heard Yuan Hong is from a well to do family is that true ? Now I am watching some YWOTYC skipping all the scenes to swoon over the sexiness of Yelu Xie well embodied by Yuan Hong… OMG those eyes, those sexy eyes…

    1. There is honestly a much much slimmer pool of bearable decent C young actresses with enough name recognition (a must, sadly) for leading roles so I am sternly protective of TangYan having the potential to be better. She has not the best of luck with her management company, it was desolved into another conglomorate and she is stuck doing v silly crap in idiotic chars. She is breathtakingly gorgeous and solidly good in Chinese Paladin, she and WallaceH somehow rise above that crappy script. Of course no one beats BettySun, but she won’t bat an eyelash at these frothy fluffy idol fare.

      His dad seems to run a staterun factory/company before retirement, very well off by standards then in the 80s or 90s. I don’t think they r filthy rich by modern CN standard but their pensions should ensure them they have no worries financially.

  2. I cracked up at those lock screens, lol! Ah you are even watching Qing Shi Huang Fei..oh the things Wallace addiction has done to you..:P

    I also love your new theme, it looks great!

    1. My friend i gave up, not strong enough for QSHF, scarred running fr its draggy stupidity, this is not much better than yuma’s is it?! Have u tried it out?! …other than the peeps r prettier. Arghhh.

      WH has absolutely no watchable past drama, this is making shallow!me so sad.

      1. I think I watched the first few scenes of ep1, but couldn’t get past that point….>__> I felt that Ruby didn’t quite fit the role of a young princess..

        I like Wallace’s drama Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, although admittedly his acting is average there.

        1. That’s what i did when i first tried out QSHF when it was out, so wanna brave it for the pretty, but my gut never fails me, if I hate it right away there has never been a drama able to grab me by another try except It Started W A Kiss. I actually gushed and thought Strange Hero would be my vehicle into the WH fandom after one ep, but the writing was typical TR shallow sluggish meh afterwards I lost interest. I dun think there will be surprises there.

  3. ‘Miss you Mookie….. ‘miss Loverboy too. I’ve been busy with RL, When things slow down a bit, I’ll do some web searches on YH.

    Been catching up with your posts. This post made me LOL and LOL again. I had fun looking at those muscles.

    And Hyun Bin…. so yummy!

    Thanks for the posts.

  4. strongly agree. tangyan was such a miscast imo such that i dont’ even wanna watch the drama. she’ve never worked with WC before so idk about the chemistry. YeQing would definitely be a better pick but she’s not as famous as Tangyan.
    sigh…..i just want another yuanhong liushishi collab…..they have great chemistry together in my opinion but i think Tangren hates yuanhong lol (even though not as much as they hate lingengxin but hate is still hate) so highly doubt that is happening

    1. I do not see much hope of it being good anyways, I mean can you name one truly watchable drama adapt of a 小言?! There is none.

      So that is why now that TY is probably confirmed they need a WallaceH desperately. Without tried and true crazy ridiculous OTP chemistry, a 顧曼 screen adapt is not watchable. Another thing WC not rocking me is I would lump him in the category of ‘冷CP’ to the cries of his fans. I have never seen him having ridiculous chemistry with any of his drama ladies (that is in something not blood awful story-wise, of course). Take Ni Shu Han, SongJia, my C drama actress girl crush is solidly very good, if even a baby still in drama school YH can have heart fluttering puppy love chemistry with her in TianDiMinXin and I don’t feel a thing in WC’s arguably best performance whereas it was just a field day for slashers of WC and Chilam (and come on, Chilam is as talented as a pretty himbo vase goes) I really screamed a lot of WTFs at what the big deal with it is about. Still peeved.

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