Lets droolz: Nirvana in Fire Kickass 4 min Trailer

Words are not necessary.   This can be nothing less than perfection.  The fact I live to witness a C period, with an idol bend, an adaptation that probably will be better than the original novel, I can take a very good rest, in peace and hibernate till this comes out.

 {credit on pic and from Baidu Nirvana in Fire Bar}


Do you know Lin Shu?

Own It. Own the world

Do you want to pick the prince or Lord of Yue?

I want to pick you.

Please forgive me, I can no longer trust you.

What happened 12 years ago?

There really are no survivors?

Since I have survived…

I would not live on, in vain.

I want to let him die.

I am still the young general Lin Shu of the Scarlet Blaze Army!

Even if Lil’ Shu, can still come back to this world… (he is no longer the same Lil Shu)

Let the Lin Shu from yester years,

Be forever bygone in your memories.

As to whomever I entrust myself to, who I am an aid to…

Your Highness, rather kill wrongly than free unwisely!

You are that reincarnated…traitor.

 You have nothing, when you are dead!  You have not won!


Do not ever leave me again.

My shallow gripe is, Liu Tao still looks like HuGe’s older sister, or a very young auntie of his.  So to hear her calling him Lin Shu GeGe takes a lot of getting  used to.  I will throw it out there, as this is on all our minds: Would it be way more perfect to cast a Liu YiFei?!   I would rather her be in this than some odd looking movie with Rain *shiver*.




46 thoughts on “Lets droolz: Nirvana in Fire Kickass 4 min Trailer

  1. super excited about this drama, I must agree with you mookie, Liu Tao does look a bit too old to play HuGe’s lover.

    Do you have any news on the release date?

    1. I’ve edited ur comment, hope u dont mind! 😄. It said 2014 but is very hard to say we can just pray and sacrifice puppies to SARFT i guess. But my bet is of the very limited quota for period dramas the latter half of the year, this would be the one we r sure to see broadcast.

      1. Don’t mind at all 🙂

        Ahh SARFT seriously does my head in, all the dramas I look forward to always gets pushed back. >.> So I’m glad Nirvana in Fire is full steam ahead, I shall keep an eye out on your updates on this drama, thanks for sharing the trailer.

        1. And they can pull a drama last min like they did with 古劍奇譚 not that I’m interested in it, but i still want choices. It is made more ridiculous when yet another yuma’s crap is airing weeks after goong3. Perhaps yuma is the moron running sarft

    1. It is her eyes, very weathered old soul even bk when she was in her early 20s in DGSD2003. Her skin is suppler than HG, she looks fantastic for her age but she still looks exactly in her mid 30s.

  2. Liu Tao still looks young to me but knowing the fact that Liu Tao is older than HG and her character calling him GeGe is a bit awkward but they still good together… I don’t think I can wait for this….

  3. I’m not sure I could bear to watch something as awesome as this be ruined by dubbing. But seriously, Liu Tao is beauty incarnate… prettier than bigger names like Fan Bing Bing or Lee Young Ae. Ugh, I’m crushing too hard.

    1. I trust the terrific production and I’m brainwashed…so used to dubbing now it is an nonissue unless voice actors r terrible mismatch. And i think dubbing actually works along the cinematography giving it an even more heightened movie feel… again just because there is rarely a sino movie epic non-dubbed.

      I’m just ok with LiuTao, both beauty wise and talent wise. Her aura is perfect as the gentile supportive period wife but I’ve not seen her particularly eyecatching and vivid in a character.

  4. 王凯 is my new faveeeeeeeeeeeeeee now lol and i love his voice, its so deep and nice LOLOLOL and i watched 新神探联盟 just for his voice
    the trailer is more than perfection. i just wish they can show us another trailer for 北平无战事 T_T

    1. 王凯 is sucha doppelgänger of LiuYe, don’t you think?! He is giving me so much young LiuYe vibe, maybe just a tad manlier than the young LY.

      Is 新神探联盟 really good?! I heard of its rabid manic following but it did not grab me after the ep.

      1. okay here’s the thing abt 新神探 and that is tbh, the story line is quite mediocre. the first case they had was a bit …. draggy, the last case had a much faster pace suitable for a detective drama.
        also obvs 新神探 had pretty solid acting, both from 张铎 and 王凯, the ladies in the drama are a bit lacking from the two male leads, which gives the drama a … gay feel lol because the two male leads are acting in a level above everyone else
        the costumes are also great, at least i thought 王凯&乔任梁 looked pretty good in them
        tbh i think Kai gives off a similar vibe as Yuanhong, i think its the face structure lol

        1. I have very low tolerance for procedural that is asking me to follow along some plot and cases but …stupid. I don’t think drama is my thing but haha u sparked my interest in hounding some slashy fanvids!

          Butbutbut LiuYe in period is exactly a carboncopy of Kai, it is uncanny:
           photo download_zpsvsd6wp1o.jpg

          1. hahahah dooo itttt, go to bilibili.tv and search for some 公孙泽/包正 fanvidssssssss
            they are absolutely lovely lol
            eh if you have some time to spare, then watch it, i’ve never been bored by the crime and detective genre and i think it’s a safe watch, it’s not an amazing drama, but still watchable, and i’d have to say it’s more entertaining than Perfect couple if that gives you an idea

            lol i think you keep thinking this way because you’ve never seen Kai’s role in the chinese version of Ugly Betty LOL, he was stereotypically flamboyant and was basically a counterpart of Marc St. James if you’ve ever watched Ugly Betty LOLOLOL. but nonetheless he’s great at acting and totally pulled that off

            1. lolz will do. In the rabbit hole I go…

              I weird that way, if I can shut my brain and my expectation was plenty low except I wanna see WH and TY being ridiculously CP on screen and it delivered that plus I had never thought we would have 1/10 of that obscene amt of skinship, I can make peace with drama. Even when it was ‘good’, it is not because the writing was in any way better, it was just WH and TY allowed to do what they are good at doing. I can enjoy that shallowly.

              But then for sth…mediocre…as 新神探, after 2 epis I can’t entirely park my brain but I am bored and kept somewhat awake with nth to distract me enough…not working.

              I am betting on 王凯 stealing this show under HG’s nose, I am serious. He is just that eyecatching thus far for me.

              1. yessssssssssssssssss Kai is beautiful and wonderful and has amazing voice and has acting chops and hopefully he will also eventually have abs too

                u need to become a diehard fangirl of Kai just like me

                hurry up mookie lol

                i will be the person screenshoting every second of 北平无战事 when it comes out, for the sake of Liu Ye and Kai

                OOooo speaking of that drama, apparently there’s FLUFF ! 刘烨 is paired up with 沈佳妮 and Kai is with that girl that had heart problems in 爱情公寓 2
                yayyyyyyyy fluffy fluff my faveeeeeeeee idc if its super angsty i just wanna see some good quality fluff

                1. Geez.

                  I just watched this 【新神探联盟】包正X公孙泽 【爱啦啦】 UP主: 雙木悠 http://www.bilibili.tv/video/av737512 .

                  i think im in lub 😍 his voice! And he is like a lovechild of YH and LY here.

                  Argh. So i should really brave this and it gets better huh?!

                  FLUFF u say?! FLUFF?!?!?! Ah I’m so loving these peeps now, do ur solidly gd patriotic war dramas and cherry the cake for us with shoujo with our hotties who can act a la Battle of Changsha. I will not get tired of this even if i have to cry eyes out perpetually

                  1. Kai’s voice tho. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
                    lololol he’s funny too, i found an interview of him on youtube

                    eh i still stand by my stance that 新神探 is a worthwhile drama, but its also reasonable if you can’t stand it because on some levels its not that great lol

                    i personally think that fluff is the BEST when placed in a patriotic and serious war drama backdrop lol, it just makes the fluff stands out more and have a more deep undertone that can make more people relate to it LOL despite the fact that it is fluff.
                    But fluff placed in a drama filled with other fluff….is just too much lol. kinda like the korean version of HanaDan, there were 2 couples and i think that neither of them really stood out since there were just so much fluff going on

                    1. Trudat.

                      Me not getting with K fluff is their aesthetics r not mine. None of the idol boys r passable on looks alone to me, let alone talent. And I’m getting super allergic to plastics, if they r very talented i can overlook, but they always do more work to compensate the lack there of. I was so very allergic to evrrything about KSH’s Rui and immune to LMH’s hotness as well.

                      It takes mad 山影 skills to insert just the rt amt of fluff like condiments into decent productions to begin with. Lesser production companies will just follow the formula thinking they can insert war elements into fluff, nope, never the other way round.

                    2. i was done with K fluff by high school lol
                      Kpop idols acting= super cringe worthy.
                      i remember there was a kdrama called to the beautiful you and its basically a remake of hana kimi and oh. my. god. the level of acting in there is practically none existent and the two leads are merely mediocre attractive compared to most of the actors and actresses in Cdrama land

                      I think other entertainment industries needs to learn from Cdrama land and only hire actors with professional acting background….im so done with half assed acting ruining a fairly good script.

                      that’s the other thing, im actually immune to kdramas completely, even the Man from the Stars hype in the beginning of the year didn’t pull me in, since iPartment 4 and Battle Changsha’s initial broadcast overlapped with Man from the Stars, i only saw a couple of episodes and immediately moved on lol

                      but the kdrama hype is still going strong…im just not feeling it haha

                      but im sure there are worthy kdramas, but i personally find it a lot more difficult to enjoy dramas from other cultures, even though korean and japanese culture is fairly similar to chinese.

                      i don’t mean to sound offensive but i personally don’t know anyone outside of the chinese race that watches Cdramas lol, even if they do, they mostly watches shallow stuff similar typical idol dramas such as 爱情睡醒了 haha. I find that enjoying and understanding Cdramas requires far more background knowledge, for example, if you’re watching a period drama, you should know the chronological order of the major dynasties and some famous people from those dynasties to understand a lot of important references. A lot of modern dramas also include internet slangs that are quite exclusive to people that understands chinese

                      and yea i think that’s why Kdramas is far more popular overseas, they have wayy more modern dramas that doesn’t require much background knowledge

                    3. Part is, especially for pulp Kdramas/kpop, they r so savvy into marketing it for the International audience, i dunno kdramaland to me just comes across as always cutting corners, scrambling short of cashflow because their liveshot is so not working for me, I’ve watched too many kdramas that had enough going on in the beginning but crap on me around midpt and with all these noise of unpaid writers and such, and the SMTs with the $ have the say to insert a Yunho in a saguek (hahahaha), i just dun see how this can be a constructive climate of quality stuff made.

                      Jdorama is very formulaic but it is dependable for me. It might not have good surprises but same token it seldom fell apart at the eleventh hour.

                      Cdrama never has the International audience in mind much, it is lucrative enough feeding the domestic appetite, and with SARFT being tptb, policies and propaganda to profligate, it is not a free market for artistic expressions anyway. As u say the better Cdramas r more slice of life or densely historical it is imo near impossible to fansub. The International audience is so dependent on the CN piracy/bootleg for all drama sources and fansubs to begin with serving the Chinese speaking fandom in the first place, who has the care to massively fansub Cdramas?! there is just not that huge a demand to sustain fansubbing when the massive CN streaming audience has no use for it.

                      This year particularly ive watched so many more decent Cdramas than anything else from Asia, but that hasn’t been the norm, CN is still loitered by shoddy dramas out to make a quick buck.

                    4. hahahahahaha yunho in a saguek

                      i wish Cdramas can keep up the good work lol so i’d never have to wait for subs or have to read subs in order to watch a good drama

                      i think its the sheer amount of cdramas being produced every year that there’s gonna bound to be some crappy ones around lol, but also because of the sheer amount there’s gonna be a lot of good ones too.

                      yep classy kdramas: good in the beginning but had a terrible middle and end. What i don’t understand is why won’t these writers actually plan out the drama before hands??? but then i don’t understand the kdrama industry at all so lol


    The trailer looks awesome and feels really cinematic. It could’ve been advertising for a movie or something. Everything feels really intense and I can’t wait to see Hu Ge wow me with his awesome acting and charisma. Liu Tao is looking fantastic and I look forward to seeing the action sequences with all the plotting and scheming going on.

    Thanks for posting this! I didn’t realize a longer trailer was out 🙂

    1. The cinematography is truly amazing and every detail is so intricate, that opening scene, the house, extremely breathtaking and true to form of a house our young angsty hero will live in, with its core, the center, all open for the onslaught of fate.

      HG has yet to wow me in anything, so this MUST be it. However I never feel like he has much chemistry with his leading ladies except very few. I thought he surprisingly has cute chemistry with LYF, and he is alright with Ariel, decent with TY but that is about it. Whenever he is pitched against an older leading lady, never works even with the insanely amazing Yan Ni in his latest outing in a modern drama. I just do not hold the opinion Liu Tao is good enough an actress to give me palpable chemistry with HG.

      But again, I won’t be paying much attention to the romance anyway here. Everything else is screaming at me it would be more than fantastic, BUT my gut is telling me HG and the OTP might be upstaged by all the AAAWESOME surrounding them.

      1. LOL I think the main draw point of Langyabang isn’t so much the romance but the complex plots/intrigue/scheming and the politics. Especially with everyone comparing this to Monte Cristo and all. IIRC Monte Cristo was more about the protagonist regaining his life/family/status than any actual romance…

        I saw HG in quite a few dramas before and really likes his performances. CP3 was kinda silly and mostly comedic but it was really fun and he was really natural at it. I didn’t like the major story changes in LOCH2008 but HG was quite good as Guo Jing. I saw his version of The Myth but stopped watching because the script dragged on, not because of HG was particularly bad or anything. I can’t judge Da Mo Yao yet because it’s not even on air, although I think Meng 9’s character suits HG so I expect him to play it well… Xuanyuan Sword I didn’t watch so I can’t judge either. I haven’t seen HG in his latest modern drama but I did see the modern drama (Unbeatable) he did with Tang Yan – he and Tang Yan were OK in that series, I guess. Didn’t really feel the sparks from that couple, though.

        Langyabang has really good things going for it, judging from what I’ve seen so far. There’s period authenticity, a solid cast, interesting plot (according to the book it’s based on), some nice action pieces, and hopefully everything will come together to make a quality production. I have really high hopes for this series – I just hope it doesn’t disappoint like other series where I got excited too soon…

        1. Same for me in the Myth, i thought the story was so draggy i didnt make it far, but i have a feeling i would have liked him the best in it.

          I really cant stand his cutesy silly in CP3, i felt it was too over the top aping his XiaoYiao fr CP. I can only stand WH and TY (and MaoMao poor thing!) bits in CP3.

          My impression of him has always been gd enough but never wowing. Always wanting/expecting more from him. He just hasn’t met my aspiration of how gd he should be considering he is the breakout biggest Cidolperiod leading man for last decade (today marks 10th yr anni of airing of CP)

          1. Hadn’t known today was a 10th year anniversary! Has it been that long? Wow, time sure flies!

            Maomao OMG! I was so damn sad with that! WHY DID THEY DO THAT TO SUCH A SWEET AND KIND AND LOVABLE CHARACTER!!! (Nope, still not over that)

            LOL perhaps HG will wow you with Nirvana in Fire…? I agree that potentially The Myth could’ve been one of his best but I didn’t watch all of it to find out. I saw him in that Shangri-la series and he was pretty good in that… (but the series DRAGGED so much OMG – I had to skip through it too)

            1. That has been my lack of ‘luck’, I’m really not nitpicking, but i honestly can’t watch enough of anything to flail for so many guys and i can only judge with however much i cant stomach. But tyen, if u r not gd enough to make me stick with it, then u r not worth my praise. Simple logic, huh?!

              I have a ‘waitlist’ if i ciuld put it that way of gorgeous guys i so wanna be a fan of but just not yet. WH was one after the bits i caught in CP3 (the drama is just too crappy for my taste though i cant sit thro one ep). HG was the other fr CP. He still was a miscast in LoCH for me terribly, so even though he did quite gd in it, he didn’t wow me as much as Ariel whom i thought was even a bigger miscast for HR prior.

              1. Hu Ge and Ariel had a tough act to follow for Guo Jing and Huang Rong after the terrific job done by Felix Wong and Barbara Yung back in the classic 80’s version. The 80’s version is still my favorite but I think Hu Ge and Ariel did very well with their parts. The biggest problem I had with LOCH08 was the massive story changes that didn’t make sense (why mess with the awesomeness of Jin Yong’s original epic, why???)

                CP3 is another silly drama that I didn’t mind too much. I took it for what it was – a drama based on a fantasy RPG (not much seriousness to expect from that, I reckon) so I just went with the flow and laughed at all the silliness 😀

                I haven’t been wowed by a serious drama since Three Kingdoms so I’m hoping Nirvana in Fire will do the trick. I haven’t enjoyed all that many dramas lately apart from the first 9 eps of Perfect Couple and the very silly (but funny) Incisive Great Teacher (oh and that Woodcutter & His Fox Wife series was pretty OK too), so here’s hoping for Nirvana in Fire…

                1. So you really do not care for C modern slice of life adult romances!? I have seen quite a few really witty ones that made me lol (haha no sorry not IGT)
                  One Servant Two Masters have its shockingly funny and hearttugging moments even when overall the plot has a few twists that bug me. There are some quotable witty dialogues there too. Awesome ladies abundant as well.

                  And I guess do not care for Zhen Huan much huh?! That lovely drama is worth is for all the leagues above the rest awesome ensemble acting job alone. I have never ever seen such a rich deep bunch of talented actresses allowed to bounce off each other.

                  1. Oops forgot about Zhen Huan (LOL), but I can’t fully comment on it because I haven’t actually seen the whole series (my mom might have since I know her friends have all seen it). I’m “學生黨“ so I don’t get to watch long dramas unless during semester break but my mom’s friends all love Zhen Huan 🙂 All I know is that “華妃娘娘賜你一丈紅” phrase that gets bandied about a lot 😀

                    I started watching IGT mainly because my mom’s a BIG LongShi fan and she kept asking me about when IGT would be aired and she really wanted to see it (especially since Bubu Jingqing sucks and she was disappointed that there wasn’t a good sequel to feed her 4ye/Ruoxi obsession LOL). What I didn’t expect was that I ended up really enjoying the series too (I need something funny to help me get through the exam period LOL).

                    I haven’t seen that many modern dramas (you can probably tell I watch mostly period dramas) unless it’s medical/law/forensic, which is probably why I loved the first On Call 36 Hours so much (but the sequel sucked big time).

                    But yeah, it’s really fun to discuss different dramas with others because I really haven’t seen all that many serious dramas apart from the big ones like Three Kingdoms and All Men Are Brothers. Most other dramas I know are ones that my mom watches that I saw bits and pieces of, like Qingshi Huangfei (mom LOVES 霍美人 – so do I LOL) and even Bubu Jingxin (although my mom’s watched that one so many times I pretty much watched all of it haha)…

                    1. Oh hugzzz hey gd luck in ur exams if u r not already on summer break already! ^^

                      The writing oh Zhen Huan is not really perfect but Jiang Xin’s job in it is still the best jawdropping awesome acting job ive seen from a C actress. Everyone upped their game, synergy effect total proof of why it is actually essential working in an ensemble where everyone is gd and elevates each other. I rewatch bits of it just to droolz at the acting whenever it is on.

                    2. Thanks darling 🙂 I just finished my exams for the semester yesterday and whew I feel so relieved now that I don’t have to constantly worry about exams (well there’s next semester but hey at least now I got a couple weeks time to rest, eh?)

                      Totally agree with you about the ensemble synergy. It’s one of the reasons why I thought the Bubu cast did a great job with BBJX because they all played off each other really well. It’s the same with the Lord of the Rings cast back in the day – the whole cast made each other better and is one of the big reasons for a series/movie’s success (apart from a good script which is essential)

                    3. Agree w BuBu cast too because since then I’ve watched LGX being absolutely horribly unskilled in a wuxia i kept screaming at him ‘don’t u rem a thing u learn as newbie fr BuBu yyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!’?!

                    4. LGX is in a wuxia? Really? Wasn’t he frozen by LadyBoss and can’t take any more roles??

                      Haven’t seen LGX in anything after Drama Go Go Go and that Tsui Hark Di Ren Jie movie…

                      LGX was really good in BBJX especially considering it’s his first major role 🙂

                    5. An insanely awesomely written wuxia, 舞樂傳奇 highly rec! He is THE weakest link, I’ve acquired a new allergy for him there but if i can still stuck w drama and rec it despite him as the leading man… that is just how awesome drama is.

                    6. Adding that to my growing list of drama to check out 😀
                      Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

                      I know how you feel about being allergic to actors/actresses. I have an allergy to Angelababy because by God that woman can’t act for crap and she’s so thin I feel sympathy hunger just looking at her…

                    7. I have never really seen AB acts… she ia either in things i have no bother to check out anyway… or i think in things she is at least decently cast like the silly mindless chickflick she has lined up with NiNi. At least imo she is pretty enough though v out of place in periods, but periods these days, esp those helmed by yuma, i can only let out a sigh of relief for those seriously watching for no Yuan ShanShan, she is scarily fug w too much gaudy plastic surgeries making her unable to properly emote ever and always attempting drop dead gorgeous wuxia beauties… when her only worth is give them all memes and emoticons. AB is plastic, but she wasnt in anything yet that she is the only thing stinking up the place so i bear no grudge against her.

                    8. I don’t hate AB or anything but more like I’m indifferent to her. As in I think she’s way overhyped but yeah at least she’s not scary looking or anything. AB does movies more than TV series (I think?). I watched Tsui Hark’s Di Renjie (the Dragon Palace one) on the plane and she was so overshadowed by Carina Lau (who was only in it for a little bit). AB was the female lead in that and I kept hoping the camera would go back to the other characters because she was so stiff…

                    9. Sighh i no longer know what TsuiHark is thinking but i guess the reality of how things work is movies r bankrolled only when the sugardaddies can insert their thingies in leading roles. LGX is at least 5 years of diligent honing before he should lead a thing. Mark Zhao makes me miss AndyLau’s swarmy acting sooo bad. There r just so many elements terribly not up to par for me to even care to pick on AB being a vase.

                    10. Mom was with me when we watched that Di Renjie movie on the plane and she couldn’t pay attention because she really couldn’t stand Mark Zhao’s version of Di Renjie. She thought he was awful compared to Andy Lau (I also much prefer Andy’s version). I only really paid attention to the fight scenes cuz they were pretty good. That’s pretty much about it. LGX was OK cuz he wasn’t in it that much, and FSF and Hu Dong (the guy playing the villain, I think?) were the best thing about the movie. The plot was shite and bleh, couldn’t hold a candle to the original movie (Andy Lau’s one)…

                    11. I thought the first one was a pile of nonsense already, but at least that was a solid Tsui Hark popcorn flick with all the star power it deserved. this really makes that looking like a shining beacon esp your pt even a FSF (again a decent actor but not up to my par in star charisma i was used to lesigh) is the best thing out of it

                      Leading man commanding presence is not measured by how much screen time though, look at what Chen Kun can do in dragon gate. He made JetLi invisible. But that is more due to JetLi is never that gd an actor and can easily be upstaged

                    12. Chen Kun was AWESOME in Dragon Gate OMG!!! What a great villain! I’m used to seeing him in heroic roles like a general, etc. and it was so different to see him as an effeminate looking (from the makeup) evil villain. He was sooo evil I was really surprised.

                    13. See he is fr the previous gen where they have a whole slew of respectable work either by them doing great in it or them being competent in truly quality stuff to properly hone their skills. I mean u pick any drama or movie him and ZhouXun did around 2005 and none of the babies have half their skills or screen presence at same age.

                      That is what a pity w HuGe and YuanHong really, sticking w TR too long. Even when they r born with enough natural talent, time wasted on works not worthy is time gone forever and chance wasted to really be more than prepared when the opportunity rises and leading roles start falling on lap. HG should not still be almost there, he should be jawdropping brilliant…but he is not yet, 10 full years after he hit his big break in CP and has been in leading roles since.

                    14. Totally agree with you about prev gen. I still like watching actors/actresses like Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Fan Bingbing (and even Huang Xiaoming who’s not as good or an actor as Chen Kun but HXM does have screen charisma) more. The new actors are coming along but yeah, not as much gravitas as the ones from previous generation.

                      Hu Ge started out early and has been in so many leading roles, he would’ve been even better if he didn’t stick with TR for so long. Yuan Hong was so wasted at TR because they only gave him crappy/minor roles. YH has so much charisma, if only he could’ve escaped from TR’s clutches sooner! But well at least he’s not THAT old and it’s never too late to improve!

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