The Pursuit of Happiness Ep 9 Rewatch


In this warm glow, He has said you are so beautiful.  He said it again.

Huang. Yi. Kang.   He is Huang YiKang, she reminds herself.  Someone she almost kissed.  Someone bothering her more than just friend, roommate, coworker this instant.

No.  No.  He has nothing on his mind.  He won’t think of anything…but wanting her, kissing her, even when she turned away.  He wants a snapshot of her face to keep in his memory, forever, of that instant, just now, when she stops thinking, was about to kiss him, and let him kiss her.

DELETE.  Yes, Delete that spur of a moment they almost kiss.   He manages to take the snapshot of her she can not delete, claiming to commemorate her overcoming her fear.  To prove it has happened, that spur of moment, meaning nothing.  He has been in her life for 36 days……not 15 years.

He gives her his lunch.

Working overtime, only the two of them left in the office.  He offers to remind her a Fedex tomorrow.   Every kind gesture, he is bothering her, not keeping the safe distance, she says.  Acquaintances at work. nothing more than just nodding heads as saying hi, they both laugh at the ridiculousness of her idea to Delete.  He has forgotten the agreement.  He never wants to.

Do not spark any ideas at work, she says.  Even if he has to be mean to her.  What a joke.  Opposite of asking her to pick up the dry-cleaning, asking her what is for dinner… idea of such ease, being a couple…in her mind.

She is not aware…Sparks, are filed in his memory, delectable, undeletable.

His mind, is on what is Ji AnLei’s every thought.    He smiles, he must be adding this to his file.  She added an extra tea egg to his takeout she got for him, an extra salad, urging him to eat less meat.

His mind, is on what is making her laughing out so loud.   Eavesdropping, he heard his name dropped casually.   He could knock and enter…the door to her heart, and enters her conversation, her thoughts.  He wishes, but he can not understand a word she is saying, like a foreign language in tongues.

It is Korean, in tune with their Kdrama girls’ night.   If only they are in a Kdrama, kissing like the hero and heroine.  Like a jolt of lightning, they will connect, and he can understand her every word.

Like lightning, suddenly shooting from the sky.

Did she wake him up?!  She was in his dream.  Now, He is watching Best Love with her,  onlooking intently as she fantasizes a love proposal from ahjusshi Cha.   So, it does not have to be a He WaiTing.  It could be ahjusshi Cha, it could be…him, Huang YiKang.  She evades and flips the question, it could be Helen versus… who?


Ji AnLei.  He blurps out, no hesitation.  Definitely.  He is not giving you a moment to play hypothetical.

Do not do anything leading to misunderstanding, she says, like finishing her bread.  Misunderstanding in others, she said.  But no one is around but her.   There is no misunderstanding.

He comforts her Mom (with this face, gahhh).   No misunderstanding from others, she said.  ‘But are you a dumb cow here to piss me off for not loving my LeiLei?’, says Mom.   He is not.   He genuinely loves LeiLei, with a smile so earnest, childlike.  He repeats, he truly, genuinely, most willingly, loves Ji AnLei, he can take good care of her.  For the third time, in minutes, he promises Mom, he will be right here (waiting), taking good care of Ji AnLei.  Thrice he promises, from the bottom of his heart.  Facing Ji AnLei, his own reflection from the same warm glow of the setting sun in the glass, he has no fear her mom taking his every word seriously.  He can be her donkey (ass) before she pursuit of the horse/knight in shining armor, the one giving her happiness.  She can dump him, then.  He is willing.  Deal is done.


A family trip, a change of scenery may ease the tension between the parents at war, the outsider suggests. Joining as the ‘brother in law’, he wistfully fishes for a nod from her.


She envies her Mom, marrying a flawed, foot in mouth man who would tolerate her every irrational tantrum, first to say sorry whenever they quarrel, change for her, taking the best care of her.   The first thing on his mind:  Me.  Not a He WeiTing.  Why did she fall for He WeiTing when he is opposite of her ideal good guy?

He is trying meticulously to follow her logic, she is irrationally explaining the exception of her own rule.   He says she is like her Mom, saying the opposite of her mind, she is quick to bite at his foot in mouth, dissing Mom, they are bickering exactly like her folks.


This time around,. enjoying the view, a change of scenery, she wants to pick his brain. if he meets the girl, his happiness, growing old together blissfully, who would he rather pass on first?

She.  He would rather his own happiness die so she would not suffer the loss and pain.

Cruel and dense is her opinion on his reply.  He looks obtuse, but…full of his own strange concoction of wisdom.  She is delving deeper into him, a genuine compliment making him grinning wide, his manly face is a flower in bloom.  She praises him, his special brand of wisdom seems likely world changing mottoes.  If she will spend more time with him, he has more things special to get to know, he seizes the chance, looking straight into her, pouring his soul.  She shuts him, this is make believe, they are breaking up.  He grins again, at the joke he is making of himself.  Dating with breaking up in mind.  Their status. Wow.  The endgame of most relationship, she winks at him not to take this too hard.  She knows, therefore she is trying to put it lightly Huang Yi Kang.  This is not a role play, he is immersing too deep, but she is grateful, certain she has a life-long friend in him after his very pleasant company last few days.  She pats his shoulder, looking forward while his eyes never break stance fetching for another look into her mind…hoping, wishing he is not friend-zoned, while duly pulling yet another bittersweet grin.

A sleepover as a couple, a pre-honeymoon, their charade is getting harder.



As a fake couple about to breakup, she is not comfortable sleeping in the same room.  She is not comfortable because others will gossip. but really is her own chatter of confusion within.  She is not comfortable of him perhaps taking advantage of her, when he has not ever, living under the same roof alone together last 36 days.  She is not comfortable he would see her asleep…when he has seen her worse off, sleeping on the streets, drunk, and he told her she is adorable.    She can not fall asleep with him in the room, not even on the floor, because he is bothering her, he is in her mind.  She is uncomfortable, she can not be at ease, she can not sleep with the white elephant in the room: he loves her.  He is taking it in as her careless dejection, frustration, anger taking over his cool head.  If only he could take a moment, and ponder every whim of LeiLei he has been spot on.

Cooling off on the sofa, he realizes his chagrin, his willingness to play along, losing control, because he fits more and more at ease in the role of her boyfriend.

Guilt hits her.  Preening herself expecting him at the door like a girl expecting her boyfriend, it is (shipper)Mom instead.  Not just a shipper, she is conniving skinship or else her heart will burst in pain.  Literally.  (WE are all on the same boat. )

‘Just…give me a hug,’ she said.

He stopped breathing, he has forgotten.

‘Hug me!’ She urges.  Is it that hard to hug her?

…Not hard at all.

He chuckles.  What a joke.  Certainly not, not hard at all.  Another chuckle escapes him, as all the snapshots of him from this moment on have a slight smile undeletable.

 A lot of words, can’t say it out.  More confusing in meaning…

He lets his every finger tighten his grab, holding her back where her heart is beating closer to his own.

A hug is enough.

The hands holding you are mine.

She can not fake her heartbeat, he is letting her feel his, the rush of a heart beating, in love with her, holding even tighter, their hearts, skins and fabrics apart, thumping.  Listen…feel it… feel me…feel you…urging her which she needs not.


She is as occupied, as attuned, tightening her arm around him, taking in everything expressed by his heartbeat and her own with every bat of her lashes in shock of how fitting even of his head in the crook of her neck, how easy this is, feeling him, hugging him, letting her emotions run free for a moment, in the name of a charade.

What if I kiss you now…

And just for a moment, she aligns herself, loosening her grip from the hug he is not letting go, refusing to play along.  It is not enough, blatantly asking her what does the hug mean.  Batting her lashes more feverishly, she said the hug is nothing, it must be nothing, he is just a friend, helping her out.  Refusing to play along her lie, he could go further with a kiss, following her logic, he tells her it should mean nothing.  Not a thing.

Another chuckle, to cover up the nerves of lying he is joking.  He has no mind for games and charades. If only she could see his dead serious face, she would turn her head away, still not ready to be honest.  He would not take advantage of her and she knows it very well, she said. He lied again, if only he could care less what she thinks of him, he could.  He wanted nothing more to kiss her for pleasing her Mom, or whatever shameless reason.

With breaking up in mind, as she dictates, he is drawn deeper and deeper in.  He left as she is fetching more pillows, lying he has work in Taipei, leaving a courteous SMS on her phone thanking her warm family for making him feel he is part of.  Just like a friend, a lifelong bff, nothing more, like she said is his true place.

She is stewing over breakfast, in front of her family that he has left, left without saying a word.   They hugged, he almost kissed her.  They are dating,   Feeding a taste of own medicine, where is the LeiLei aligning herself not to go all method in character?  Just as the script is moving along, she snarks her frustration over the harmless SMS when he calls Mom, reporting his safety like a son in law is expected to.

He chuckles, quick to pick up her annoyance mixes with disappointment over him, another sign filed in his head she is in deeper, not unlike himself.  He is innocent,  looking out for her, not to embarrass her further.  He knows her too well she can not be at ease with him.  Not even before the hug because she is in denial of being aware of his feelings for her, let alone after what transpired, when she can not deny, delete her feelings for him even when she kept she has been diligent, keeping her heart closed up, hoping it mends.

In front of her family, she snaps, finally done with the charade.    She can be fine alone.  She is at the brink of stress with them meddling in her life.  Calling He WeiTing as He (X) Ting is not going to delete the hurt she is bundling up, they know it all.  They have been stepping in all along without her noticing out of love and concern for her happiness, like any loving family would.  Her eyes mist up, she is not fooling them with Huang YiKang.  Dad can tell right away she has not opened up her heart to him, keeping her in line not to drag the good guy deeper.  She is not fooling her mother she can move on from a He (X) Ting no matter how perfect a HYK is, loving her, her hurt is not healed, the pain deeper than she would ever let anyone close, and all she can do is ease their worries before tending to herself.

He thought of her seeing carrots at the supermarket, he has to eat cup noodles her way, his taste of happiness.

She lets go of the facade in front of her family. he opens up to Helen.   He knows he is nothing more than a fake boyfriend she is using to stall her family’s meddling.  And yes.

I love Ji AnLei‘  He said.




33 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness Ep 9 Rewatch

    1. THE HUG! They conveyed so much with so little. It is still within our expectation of awesome we dare here for YK to go along with what LeiLei is asking from him, but fir him to sneak in expressing his feeling, saying exactly his mind of wanting to kiss her, directly implying he wants this pretence no more and so insanely swoonworthy and so tenderly sensitive, cautious of LL still evading him this intimate moment… it is moments like this everywhere we look that this drama is perfect and special like nothing I’ve seen before.

      1. Exactly – they conveyed so much with so little. I can’t find another drama with the OTP who do as they do. In other dramas, either they convey nothing/nothing much with too much or try to substitute the lack of chemistry with OTT gestures.

        The beauty of THE HUG is really how we can pinpoint perfectly how they are feeling at every second or in every gesture. Like AL’s startled hitch of breath the moment YK put his arms around her and YK tightening progressively around her. I remember thinking when I first watched this scene: “This is pure perfection.”

        Tony Yang and Sonia Sui deserve to win at this year’s Golden Bell – they should get nominated at least. They infused so much depth into their otherwise rather mundane characters. I’m browsing through all the other Taiwanese dramas and absolutely no one comes close to them in terms of acting chops.

        Keep up with the re-watching posts! 🙂 Love them all!

        1. Seriously, we r drama spoilt brats now! And I’m nodding how u put it, so often, in TWfluff esp the actors try to substitute lack of talent, chemistry w OTT gestures. Imo the ability to do an emotion fairly well does not a convincing character make if it wasn’t part of a full portrayal.

          And how Tony’s YK ceases this charade to express, set his mind to quite sternly, self-centeredly to lay his exact feelings every drop of it to LL, not exactly expecting her to reciprocate but she did, unaware, still in denial of dissecting, own up to her own feelings, yet it is there she feels it, can no longer ignore, her body is revealing too much to her own shock and that’s when he pushes his stance further, tightening the embrace, in effect forcing her, from her own provocation to be honest to her heart… yet she evades. But he got exactly what is going on in her mind. That smile when he realises she has untapped feelings for her, immediately follows by the letdown of her refusing to acknowledge her feelings and accept him… all that with just this perfect scene.

          I can’t even sit through an episode of any TWdrama since. I was determined to try my mightiest to like JoeChang’s new drama w PD Winnie, just to get hit on my head the harsh truth they really r not as gd as i am fond of them

          1. Gah. I know what you mean. I’m following You Light Up My Star and I have no idea what Director Winnie is trying to do, except maybe to confuse and unwittingly turn off viewers. The horrid editing in the first couple of eps! The imaginary lover (a couple of scenes I’ll watch but not when she has more screen-time with the male lead vs the female lead!)! I’m sure there are better ways to portray Joe’s illness. And the massive budget spent on filming rather meaningless scenes. Even Hokkaido looks prettier in pics that I took with my mobile phone.

            I’m fond of the general storyline…Joe and Janine are doing okay (their chemistry is acceptable though nothing to swoon over)… I do love having a Taiwanese drama on my watch list. But…haha. I keep thinking how awesome the drama would be if it were Tony and Sonia acting the roles instead. I mean Tony playing an A-lister suffering from depression and schizophrenia sounds delicious already since this sorta role needs a lot of depth and nuanced expressions to reflect the inner turmoil. And we all know Tony is a master when it comes to that.

            But back to TPOH, I concur that YK was forcing her to come to terms with her developing feelings for him with that hug. Kudos to Sonia since we could tell AL was totally mesmerised – her heart was taking over her brain as proved by the fact she could barely hold on to her composure, as attested by the fluttering lashes, as if she was being sucked and drawn in by YK and his embrace. She literally had to shake herself awake to break free from the spell and I love how YK wasn’t going to let get away so easily and just hung on tight to her. Yes, yes, yes. He’s no pushover but he isn’t insensitive to her feelings and need for space. And that what makes him such a fantastic character.

            Ooohh. Just love, love the scene.

  1. Ha! She totally deserved that SMS! Loved that he pricked her, even if a little!Give us this type of mature and non-cutesy heroine drama at least once a year!

    1. Seriously I love how he is not a pushover, yet delicately, firmly gets his feelings across to her, no game, laying out exactly what is on his mind, not cornering her in any contriving position, serves his end of the bargain….all handled with such organic, wise, mature ease given the ball of nerves and frustration and butterflies in tummy he is going through.

  2. I had a wide smile when I read the word ‘organic’!But that’s really a fitting word to describe him and his acting abilities! I believe he exceeded what was intended from the writers and gave his character much more depth and empathy than what was originally designed.

    I think we’re at the stage where we could publish a book with what we have written about Tony in this drama lol

    1. I wont be shy i would demand a HUG like this if i see TY in person and dump all the frustration of sitting through his stuff just coz of him and he made it worth it for a few sec of awesome. I am spitting blood still flipping through 倾世皇妃 and at e37, exactly 37 mark he makes a rare appearance and made my day!

      1. LOL! I guess the only thing we can do now is wait in agony & look forward 2 his next drama! He better pick one up SOON. (preferably with the person that brings out the best in him) We can all hope i guess (TT _ TT)

        1. I am not terribly interested in Lady and Liar :/ I can watch it as guilty pleasure but it is bound to bug me with nonsensical plot and I am very allergic to Hawick.

          What else has he finished, just waiting for SARFT to stop the PMSing?!

  3. haha compliments to your blog, I checked out just the pics for Lady and the Liar and call me boring, but honestly I just want to see him in another one of these good, low-maintenance but high quality dramas again. I appreciate TW dramas in that sometimes they really do ooze out simple but metaphorical dialogue in the most subtle way.

    Before following your blog, I mostly watched Jdramas. I don’t know if I can jump to C dramas yet because of the bad ones I’ve watched in the past that didn’t exactly capture my heart and some of the BGMs are so bad and noisy and more importantly ABRUPT that I get a headache just from the THOUGHT of having to confront the cold-ish tones of Cdrama again. N maybe one day I might Wallace, but right now my mood is warmth, down-to-earth, cozy scenes that can provide me with some comfort during this miserable Melbourne winter time.

    But ultimately I’m just a boring person and I just want to see Tony with Sonia again in something decent. (you can tell from the LATL pics that their chem wont be anywhere near TY&SS’s level)!!

    AHHH mookie you have made me become like this!!??!

    1. Same same! Gosh my teen years i watched so so many Jdoramas and loved so many of them dearly, even though it is a tarnished brand now with fewer truly good ones coming by, it is still a gd old comfort.

      Oh and tell me about how awful Cdramas can be, to be brutally honest, all the popular with the International audiences r a bunch of pure garbage i usu can’t sit through an episode…there r very gd ones, truly brilliant dialogue and touching human essays with depth… but they went to the very realistic bend and never cast any pretty glossy faces, needless to say without that draw, and no fansub it is impossible to follow.

      But you truly can trust me, haha, you know i have a loose tongue and ruthless slicing anything that bugs me ever so slightly, but i have really watched a previous few so good it is top across dramalands! I don’t have any luck with TWdrama since TPoH, but i savor the rewatching experience so much, of course more lovely to spazz with like minds like you! Muakkkk

      What do u recommend in doramas? I love River’s Edge but none of past season got me too excited after an ep or two. I sometimes do love how predictable plots can be, no surprises, but also no terrible disappointments, just not lately.

  4. WARNING: It’s LONG and unexciting

    Gosh you know it’s sooo funny! Today I had a rather an unsettling and creepy phone interview experience for a job offer in Japan, and I think that is going to put me off jdramas for a while. Even if it doesn’t, I don’t think watching jdramas will ever be the same for me again. Which is TRAGIC for me because I wholeheartedly enjoyed the unique tone and layout of their 11episode drama-format with a usually emotionally gratifying scene in almost every episode the makers set out to create. (I don’t think I can forget about the extremely sexist work society that is so confronting and a little disturbing over there now as even entering the interview with my prepared mindset I am still shocked right now) In other words, I feel like I’ve lost jdramas in general and think I CAN give cdramas a go real soon lol

    Anyway, I will try and rewind back to my former self yesterday, and give you some recommendations that’s not already a fav of yours! (I ABSOLUTELY adore Hero and Tokyo Love Story) The annoying thing is with jdramas, just like cdramas, you need to be in a certain mood to watch it. When you’re in that mood, Border is a pretty good drama to check out. It’s a little better than Rivers’ in that Oguri’s acting is natural/ convincing and the story each ep is substantially different. I’m only up to ep 7 but so far it has been consistent! (It does get better!)When talking about predictability, Alice no Toge would be one of those dramas, but it intensifies steadily after ep 3 and makes one so sweat with anxiety!! Ueno is lacking but if you’re in THAT mood, the childishness of the first 3 eps disappears, and is replaced with genuine angst and overwhelming tension. Cos I’m in winter mode, Saigo Kara NibanMe No Koi 2 is a good one for me. I find it to be more mature than the first season and just wished it was a 50ep drama that I could continually go back to.

    If none of those appeal here are some others.

    NON SEASON series (some oldies in here)
    If you feel like an emotional drama Tonbi and Jin are pretty good although I sincerely enjoyed the first 4 eps of Jin 2 a lot too. Hatsukoi was well done (short drama)
    If you’re in the shallow mood Asuko March is a fun one.
    If you’re in the angry,depressed, or darkish sort of mood and don’t want to feel like you’re the only one, Soratobu Taiya, Hitori Shizuka & Soredemo Ikiteyuku are a great watch. One million stars is good if you can tolerate Fukatsu Eri
    Light-hearted mood:
    I quite liked Ninkyo Helper and it had a lot to do with the fact I actually enjoyed Tsunagi’s acting in that. Another gangster drama (oldie) Ikebukuro West Gate Park is also watchable

    Love shuffle may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I found the characters had chemistry with each other aside from shota matsuda who unfortunately chose the wrong career path in my opinion. I don’t dislike the guy as such, but feel bad for him because he really doesn’t have the ability to deliver any sort of role he has been in with conviction.
    I feel so conscious writing this because I know another blogger hates this drama and called it atrocious but I also enjoyed Tokyo Dogs because Oguri was cool in it and it was easy to watch needless to say

    Densha Otoko – nice ost
    Lunch – TY (protagonist) can act and is real charismatic in it
    Hataraki Man – fun
    Dragon Zakura
    Attention Please
    News no Onna


    Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu – slow and calm drama with some heartfelt moments

    Nagareboshi – Its contrived and unbelievable but the quiet and almost non-existence drama in each ep slowly reeled me in. If you ignore all the crappy acting, characters, and just the plot in general, you’ll enjoy the music and unspoken feelings between the pair. I guess most of them were a miscast. If there were better actors playing the roles and Aya Ueto’s occupation was a little more realistic, it would have been a fav boring classic of mine. I don’t know exactly how any of this is going to entice you to watch the drama, LOL, but maybe the sexy middle-aged Takeuchi Yukata in his unchanging perfect physique playing a quiet, perturbed, family-orientated only son might be the thing to grab your attention or maybe im just biased towards this lousy production.

    Odoru Daisousasen – simply bc I’m naturally inclined to old stuff

    I noticed one of your fav kdramas is White Tower which kinda sucks because I was going to recommend you the japanese version. The japanese version somehow brought back a little bit of TVB vibes for me. The cast aside from Eguchi was nothing short of spectacular. Even minor supporting characters were well casted.

    There are so many MOMENTS / EPISODES in jdramas that were awesome however it’s difficult to find dramas that are good all the way (& it’s 6am right now so I can’t think straight)

    That’s why I appreciate TPoH so much. I have watched all but the last ep. I was pacing myself to stay in the mood along with your re-watch posts~**

    Apologies for taking a year on your blog. What a great space for my diary entry! lol j/k!

    Anyway from what I remotely understand, there are a lot of c dramas that have/ will be coming out so you will have no trouble being occupied! very envious!! I seriously need to get over this predicament of mine!

    1. MUAKKK! TYTYTY Dear for this awesome post!

      Yikes about your interview, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *hug* I can only say it is better it was over the phone, I can’t imagine how much more disgusting/awkward if you have to meet face to face with such an interviewer and still need to keep composure. Never know what’s around the next corner!

      I really really dig River’s it’s my best dorama of the year, the out there quirky is so my thing and I am more a fan of O Joe than Oguri. I stuck with Border for 3 episodes, quite painstakingly I figure I am just in a phase of being extremely nitpicky with procedurals be it detective or medical when normally I can find fun elements to distract me. That premise is just not gelling for me. Same with Alice no Toge, this will probably get me hate mail if anyone else is reading but I am slightly allergic to Ueno, imo she has no free control of her acting, she is naturally alright talented and has been cruising by. When she is asked to do OTT like a Nodame, she is fine, but her nuances come off to me very shallow and trying. Again the story is asking too much for me to suspend disbelief.

      I checked out Saigo Kara NibanMe No Koi 2 ep1 and I am hording it when mood strikes.

      Jin I quite like, just not up there on my fav list. I have Tonbi on my to watch list but haha there is no way I can ever get around to it huh?! I was obsessed with some works of the ladywriter (like Gochisousan)

      haha you are so adorable in describing the mood pieces. 😉 Gosh I feel so ashamed I still haven’t finished Soredemo I truly loved the first 2 eps but then the gloomy doom is so scaring me away and I was not brave enough for it then.
      I loved Million Stars actually for Fukatsu Eri, I find her a good actress.

      I liked Ninkyo Helper and Ikebukuro West Gate Park! River’s strangely brought back some fond memory of IWGP for me, back when I was not allergic to YamaPi, lesigh.

      Love Shuffle did not hook me after a few when it aired and I am not a big enough fan of anyone to hang on. I actually finished Tokyo Dogs, to my surprise, I like Oguri as an actor, he is mighty talented, his dramas, not so much, and Hiro was such an overrated popular for me in vogue back then I usu can’t stand, but he did not bug me too much.

      Densha Otoko -LOVE
      Lunch no Joou – watched, again, me weird, I do not care for TY as an actress, she is alright, but has never grabbed me.
      Hataraki Man – Like, very very much haha because I once had a shallow Moko phase. It was solidly enjoyable an office drama.
      Dragon Zakura – LOVEEEE Big loud Abe fangirl here.
      I did finish Nagareboshi, it was alright, drama was not my cuppa but yeah you probably knew I am as huge a loyal fangirl of Yukata as it goes.
      I did watch White Tower Jdorama (and the meh TWdrama version), I just preferred the Kr version better. imo Kim Hyung Min did a better job at the titular role compared to Karasawa

      I think what is going on for me in doramaland is not actually whether I am in the mood for them, but most simply are not as uniquely good. It is playing too safe even when they are trying to push the envelope except for a rare few gems. It is a well oiled machine churning out tried and predictable plots losing that freshness, but it is still where I tend to park my brain for some good old comfort.

  5. *Hugs back* Thanks mookie!

    It’s great that you have seen most of them as I was afraid u would find me immature and fully question my credibility if you were to venture into some of these dramas(e.g. Asuko March LOL)

    Oh how I love that there’s a rarity being O Joe in the j world! If you’re interested, you can check him out as a supporting character in the crowd pleasing movie ‘The Great Passage’ which was easily an enjoyable watch.

    I completely agree with you about Ueno so it’s great that you’re calling it out. I also understand how u felt about Hiro cos I felt the same and that’s why I was able to watch Tokyo Dogs because he wasn’t too annoying in that. I guess our main miss is Border!

    I actually like Shibasaki’s perf in One million and found her more endearing in that drama. For me Eri isn’t good or bad actress but just someone I’m indifferent to like how you find TY. Damn you couldn’t continue you with LoveSha?? I found it to be so funny!

    I’m surprised you watched Nagareboshi because I do remember reading a post of yours about liking Takeuchi, but I didn’t know you were that loyal a fan haha ( I really loved THE hug from that drama at the time!)

    I think I might have to check out the k version of White tower! That’s probably the only k thing I would try right now. Last k thing I watched was Three Days and I definitely remembered how I had to park the brain for that one. Some scenes and just the whole plot was so stupid (<—-I REALLY wanted to use a nicer or more descriptive word to be fair but even racking my brains out I still couldn't think of one) and of course it started reminding me about how mind-numbing and senseless a majority of kdramas tend to be. Yoochun made the wrong decision since I Miss You I think. He would probably do better in China/ Taiwan etc. He has the nuances to portray more complex emotions and possesses this aura/composure that's soo non-korean. I really feel that his talent is so stifled here as giving him mediocre scripts with unpromising storylines isn't going to allow him to execute his potential range and true acting abilities. I don't want to see him doing typical k signature things like crying days on end, driving angrily in the car upon discovery of a betrayal or attack of emotions, shooting corny lines that make me shiver to no end which are so beneath what he is capable of. Sigh.

    Just a sidenote, I've been living under a rock with most things non-j, and searched up Hawick to find out who he is and I can't believe he moved to China for a living!!!?? This is going to sound prehistoric, but the last time I saw him was in threshold playing gallen's lil annoying brother. How surprising!! lol anyway I can only judge from that and his other minor roles, but back then he couldn't act and I found him to be so forgettable. And now he's here…not doing too bad for himself…just plain weird and surprising for me to say the least.

    1. Lol no way! U know i always love and watch the most silly pretty things shamelessly!

      Yeah i won’t seek out Eri’s work per se, but she has never bugged me, i thought she is a solid actress though, without her holding KimiTaku down a bit that Prime Minister drama they did would’ve been more insufferable. Yes, same token with TY for me, i can watch her alright… she is just never the reason.

      Takeuchi’s dramas tend to not exactly be my thing, many r solid but nth to rave about, but i am so super loyal since Long Vacation. Haha i find him so super hot in Nagareboshi even though i dun think he has enough chemistry with Aya.

      Gosh i dropped 3Days within ep1, so pompous yet silly. Yoochun has acting talent but he is soooo green he needs very proper attentive directing to grow and never atm allowed free rein on his own. He needs babysitting, but he got none. He cant save that lackluster material. I actually enjoyed him so much in Rooftop Prince, i think he can handle the lighter fluffy cute romantic nuances more than competently. But yeah, MS is lining up and it is only wise to establish as much as u can as a solid versatile actor before the yr+ break. I also think Jaejoong is doing quite well in Triangle, not that i stuck w drama long.

      Hahaha on Hawick… I Know Right!? That was my unshakable impression of him as well, very mediocre even in bit roles way back when. Well, in the time transpired, he had some work done to face and he improved some what but now it is the assembly line quality overthetopness playing those romantic(my foot) asswipes haha those Cdrama potboilers required. I just don’t find him chic or gorgeous enough for the roles he is said to be gd at and typecast in now. But gd for him and many enjoy him on tv. He still lives in HK (w his wifey YangMi and newbaby) but his work is solely in Cdramaland.

  6. No wonder I couldn’t recognise him!!! lol wow

    Is Jaejoong doing well?? I was put off by his thick makeup so stayed away but as a jyj fan, I should really check him out anyway!

    Yes I found him super happening as well even more than when he was younger. This older Takeuchi is much more under-the-radar hot!!

    Lol about the Prime Minister drama! Yes true that. I’ve gotta say though I don’t think she’s a bad actress, just find her vibe/persona similar in most of what she does. And honestly I only really enjoyed TY in Lunch for somewhat similar reasons.

    Well cup’s on in a few so I won’t have to scramble for dramas! Hope you enjoy it too!

    1. The games should be awesome today! Has been nailbiting this WC!

      I find JJ able to let more of the idol baggage off in Triangle, whereas YooChun seems a bit too guarded and aware in 3days. Lets seem how he did in his new movie!

      YES! Takeuchi is aging sooosooofine! Just wished he would do sth fluffier just to mix things up. I also love Abe very much and his works r much more my kinks, wishing, hoping that would be what Takeuchi would be interested in

  7. OMG there’s going to be a Hero 2014??!!!!

    My initial reaction is YESSSSSSSS!!!!!?!!! and then I saw the kitagawa’s name and I was like ‘NOOOOO!’ I’m thinking maybe not such a good idea… I haven’t checked out the whole cast but kitagawa keiko is going to be in it -_-‘ I don’t know how you feel about her I liked her real charismatic self when she showed up on a few variety shows but that girl cannot emote at all. It’s just funny cos I mentioned Hero a little earlier and was wishing for more dramas like Hero to indulge in, and like magic, here comes Hero 2014!!!

    I don’t think there is anyone who DOESN’T like the guy! I’ve only seen him in Trick KDO and Dragon Zakura and love him in all three! (Absolutely ADORED him in KDO) I will have to check out Shiroi Haru once I get back in the mood.

    Unfortunately I don’t think Takeuchi looks the type to be interested in quirky haha but hay one day he could surprise you!

    1. Lesigh, I’m quite allergic to keiko just do not care for her OTT and not get y sye is considered gd looking, and tbvh Kimutaku as well now, there won’t be Abe, this looks super desperate to savage the unsinkable KT ship. I dun think i can watch unless it is seriously good.

      Ahhhh KDO is one if my all time favs i can rewatch that forever! Love DragonSakura and Trick. I actually loved Going My Home a lot even though it is not very well received. He is so trustable in his doramas, always a well mix and solidly gd his choices.

      I dun think i can look away fr Wakamonotachi this season. Masami is my guilty pleasure, yes she is a v limited actress and will never be really gd, but i enjoy her face.

      Haha if one day Takeuchi will just relax and do sth like the v silly Thermae Romae, i dun think i can take it but he should be perfect in sth like KDO…although he would probably be too yummy to be convincing.

  8. Yeah that’s the thing I can’t even bring myself to watch the trailer bc I think it’s going to be VERY bad LOL and I think it’s so sad to be described as a sinking ship LOL but I guess this attempt illustrates it best!

    I actually watched like 10 mins of Going My Home and just couldn’t continue. It’s also bc I don’t like the idea of Aoi being in it. You’ve actually indirectly recommended to me a couple of dramas to check out!

    Me toooo!!! Saw the trailer and I can’t wait to watch it! Haha I’m surprised Masami is your guilty pleasure…I’m trying to think of my own shallow ones…it’s probably Karina/ Toda…I just watch watever they’re in and it’s not like they’re skilled actresses. I’m hoping Moteki will be good in this and obviously the drama can’t be too bad with Mitsushima being in it!maybe this will save my jdrama lifestyle~

    EXACTLY. LOL no ones going to buy Takeuchi as anything less than what he is. Too pretty a face haha n to be honest I don’t think he’d have the depth to carry out more unique roles. Which just brings me to Kitazura Kazuki~~~!!S222

    1. I am allergic to so many cutiepies i wanna shot myself. Toda is one, if the thing she is in is superduper gd, i can watch her but imo she has picked up more and more ott idiosyncrasies/her unique acting style through the years. That is y i am super tempted to watch SPEC being the only one on earth prob havent seen thus not rabid w it…but still haven’t.

      I am trying to get a grasp at myself too haha i think I’m much more tolerant of wooden acting than OTT for one so when i find pretty things like Masami or Mokomichi, who can never really act but at least not doing terribly lots to compensate, i can turn on my shallow side XD

      Takeuchi is seriously one of those actors who r too beautiful to be given chances to hone and stretch their skills, i hoping he’ll get a turn like Matthew Mcconaughey, no one takes him as anything more than a beekcake all these years then as he gets older everything suddenly got a cosmic balance or sth when great roles perfect for him as he is ready falls on his lap

  9. def can’t argue with u there abt Toda lol u def don’t need to shoot yourself I understand how annoying OTT’n can be!!

    Just like you but opposite, I can’t handle wooden more lol! classic example would be the pretty faced Haruma Miura typical flower boy who’s like deer in the headlights!

    I’m a little weird though as I can tolerate wooden fr actresses more than for actors. I actually cant stand it more when a male actor can’t convey anything and his has a pretty face! I’m a little more demanding of them. It’s like I’m saying to them ‘No! this pretty face of yours alone won’t do! Give me some emotion goddamnit!’ lol

    Yes you’re not wrong with that example so lets hope for your sake he’ll get that chance in the future!

    KK is a j-actor that’s done many supporting roles in doramas so it’s probably gna be hard to get to know him as I liked him collectively from these little roles altogether than any real work of his.

    You got your wish! haha belg had no chance! N so they deserved none!!

    looking for to the next match in 2 min!

    1. Ohhh Kazuki-sama~! He is so hot and scenestealing, me a fangirl of coz. ^^ I savor that cat samurai drama he did.

      I know so many hardcore KNVB fanboy in RL i kinda leaning towards them more just so there wont be depressing mayhem. Lol

  10. I think I was the only one enjoying that boring game bc I was going for CRC!!! I can’t believe Ruiz missed! :(((((( They were pretty pathetic but I love them anyway haha

    I know right his screen presence is just captivating I reckon!I think I just like him lol anyway you’ve unknowingly influenced me to give the cat samurai drama a go!;)

  11. haha your id! I’ve learnt something new about you! I don’t actually like animal dramas, but I don’t mind animal animation movies.

    I was so frazzled with where I should post next your blog is so busy atm!! haha

    Anyway you’ve actually articulated the reason as to why I hate watching Germany play very well, unlike the guys around me who just look at me weird and who just don’t seem to understand! lol

    I have to say that your post on Boss and Me was SOOO funny I was in stitches lol’n all the way through!!! Especially when you were describing the shortcomings of ZH’s acting abilities. I haven’t really watched him properly, other than sampled like 2 eps of Meteor way back, but not enough for me to know what is able (or not able) to do acting wise. “being awkward with girls does not mean paralysis of the face.” LOL!!!!

    Oh gosh. haha but you are right about her make up. That screencap already shows just how much cake she’s got on which I find weird, because I thought cdrama makeup artists for modern cdramas would opt for more natural aka white skin with minimal eye /lip make up.

    And yes, I think we all need to consult Jang Nara about her daily skin routine because once those dorky glasses were off, it was like My Friend Patzzi all over again.

    1. I honestly forgot how cute JNR is, I don’t even care to critique whether she is an amazing actress or whatever, she is just so darn cute she can do no wrong in this drama! It could be just because she is born with this face, but the years since Patzzi, we know just plain cute as button on screen saying ridiculous things as a doormat/post-it is usually sth we jump all over tearing it apart as offensive to us ladies. Here JH is nailing this silly role cracking me up, and JNR is my surprise. Can’t be more perfectly cast.

      I am sure you are with me Jdorama is where we find the best natural makeup, it never takes attention away from face. Cidoldramas are notorious with horrible makeup and the obsession with circle lens, such a peeve of mine in periods when on top of it the usual offenders are scarily plastic to begin with. Kdrama too, but I really have weened myself from it, I can’t take the plastic and the fugly clothes and hair (to me) there. haha I am just of the older gen, these new idols are just plain fug to me, and if they are talentless as well, I don’t see why I need to be nice XD

      I made my family watched Hachiko the original 80s J movie over and over again the Christmas after my dog died. If I am ever an actor, this would be the trick for me for instant tears. J Doggie movies are the guaranteed thing to tear me up, every single one of them when I usu giggled through those supposedly tearjerker K melos, Stairway to Heaven was HILARIOUS to poke fun with.

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