Yuan Hong Upcoming Drama: Princess JieYou

Well.   From now on I’ll hold up a YH post till I can tease some juicy updates.


Yesterday was some drama expo festival in Shanghai with every production company under the sun showing off their upcoming dramas and new trailers.  We should get a glimpse of Ming Doctress soon.  Also it is confirmed I’ll see Loverboy as a Tall Rich Handsome romancing a single Mom Cherry Ying in City of Angels come SEPT! (or Oct! It’s ok, what is a another month?!)

ETA: yes! Word from Ruby’s own mouth we will most probably see Chang Ge Xin before the year end in Dec!

My irk last few wks have been we should hear about his next project soon right?!   Instead we heard of nothing but empty rumors till last week. Ordinary World will wrap up in July and he threw us all off suddenly giving a cheer to TongHua the other day on her (very pffffmeh sounding to me) ManguoHeirs: Boys Over MilitaryAcademy where the lead is described as specifically having a very ribbed torso.  I mean Loverboy has been teased for and he has shamelessly flaunted his skinny yet flabby tummy since his YoungYangClan days, why the drive of suddenly train himself some serious abs huh?!   Name me one C flowerboy more suitable than him now, even his nick is Lil Red Flower.

Because there is a new CN HanaDan Meteor Shower 3 in making and I am still in tears roflmao.  Haha take a look at the ‘flowerboys’ CN has to offer:

My eyes. ><

So let me entertain the thought of YH as Manguo hotheaded a hair fr being a DV abuser Domyouji, HuGe as emo angsty melo prince Rui, Bosco as playboy Sojiro and WallaceH as the kind sweet popular with the aunties underworld princeling Akira.  Some dearie clearly an ebil twin of mine out to throw me the hardest fangirl question: Who is the fairest of these three off your head… HuGe, YuanHong, WallaceHuo?

Hair is pulled out.  WH has prettier features, HG has the handsomest aura and proportions, but still my Loverboy has my vote as the finest.  Biased fangirl is biased.

My pitch for Bosco as Sojiro is any screengrab from Ultimate Addiction.

Viola! Older Manguo Flower4. so nailing the prototypes of HanaDan like never before in acting chops AND most importantly for me ALL INDISPUTABLY PRETTY for once. I never liked HanaDan the manga because I find the artistry/the F4 fug. And every adapt since, there are a few of them not rocking my boat in the pretty. But if you line this foursome up. I can watch them in ANYTHING. Throw in a ShiShi, prototype Makino, we’ll have a Kang-ge~ fiesty pepper NianChi~ in Manguo.  And the shippers can have their wedding instead of painstakingly creating awesome gifs!

And lemme see some of what the ShiGe shippers see, show me their CP chemistry can touch HongShi’s let alone the HG+YH BROMANCE. Lolz.  A TangYan playing either both WH Akira’s too affectionate twins with some suggestive fauxcest (then eventually fall for HuGe’s Rui and Bosco’s Sojiro so we’ll have the yummy jealous WH) or some IJA bigshot ladyofficer who is actually a KMT spygirl WH would bloody steal the heart and kiss the air out of.  Ruby can cameo as the fab bigsis of Domyouji… I can go on and on.  See TongHua and your clueless writer minions, i am helping u out so you won’t fork it up yet again.

Of course, my pipedream CN manguo HanaDan is never gonna happen and enough of my YY.


News is he would most probably be in a more respectable CCTV period next instead.  The drama is 解忧公主/ Princess JieYou.  Technically a Chu princess, bearing the royal family name of Liu, distantly related to the Western Han house sent off at 12 on eventually three marriage alliances to the westernest tribe 乌孙 diplomatic with Han.  The good: this would promptly get aired on CCTV! ! ! PD is a promising award winning new PD currently working on the movie 飛魚服繡春刀/Brotherhood of Blades (with SS, ie the only thing from her lineup I’m terribly willing her to be awesome in). Tell me my bucket list of seeing HongShi in something/anything decent a C period drama, even for the very last time with SS doing a cameo here is not that far out. Bad: the other 2 leads, Zhang XinYi and Li Chen, decent, respected actors, solid fanbase, both had a couple rounds of botox too many for me. Their faces will bug me to no end especially in a period.  And that is not all of it, it is from the writer of BBJQ. WHYYYYY !?  I will have to put all my faith in the PD then.  <_<

They haven’t posted up the character descriptions of the leads, just the side characters as listed above so I’ll be lazy and not translate.

Our Princess JieYou

She is a few procedures from facetwinning a Lee DaHae for me.

YAY!  We will have a furry Loverboy, my fav!!

LiChen.  He is a bigger name than YH, so perhaps he is just doing a cameo here.  He most probably will play someone in the Han royalty.

This drama is bankrolled by CCTV to commemorate the 60 year anni of XinJiang.  Filming will begin in July in Beijing.  Poor Loverboy, he would suffer daily heatstrokes then, I bet, even if they move on location somewhere further west in the summer months.   He will again play a prince from the western-est ethnic nomadic group 乌孙 (near or in modern day Kazakhstan), the alliance is strategically essentially for Han in holding off 匈奴/XiongNu. I will surely have a lovely time droolzing, he looked so fine in the so headdesky I cant Princess Taiping, and no one is a fangirl of his without completely still flailing for his YeLuXie. I don’t think this could ever be half so silly as a ‘TongHua’ coordinated original script, watchable (if not terribly exciting) more importantly at least we can SEE it and judge for ourselves very timely unlike his finished for YEARS dramas.

I am just glad his projects seems much more worthy than his TR days (ha, when he went on months, years without work. so DiaHF TR and Kboss).  BUT still let me just abuse my voodoo and  be ridiculous, I want all my dreams come true:  I still want that manguo military Hanadan with exactly that prettiest 4some doing nothing but eyesmexing topless or in uniform, TYVM.




10 thoughts on “Yuan Hong Upcoming Drama: Princess JieYou

  1. cries a little inside because im a hardcore Hongshi shipper
    ughhhhhhhhhhhhh mookie ur like probably the only one that understands how much i want YH and Shishi to be in another drama together
    i swear i spent like 3 days moping over the fact that Shishi is dating Nicky Wu
    i wud absolutely love to see some HanaDan but i don’t trust TongHua’s scriptwriter minions…….look at the shitty job that is Perfect couple and tbh the plot outline she posted on weibo looks ….very mediocre at the most, sorta like TangYan’s new drama with LiYiFeng (something abt fragrance….go watch the trailer, its so……bad…LOL)
    I wish 山东影视 can do more fluff….they have the best quality works in dramaland
    ALSO idk maybe they are doing fluff….i remember on weibo the big boss of 山影 was talking to WangKai about how he needs abs for the next drama LOLOL (pretty please give us abs)

    1. U know I know ur pain and I know u know my pain. I seriously have np with SS and Nicky, tbvh i think somehow SS still comes off quite unworldly and fidgety with the press and I can totally see her falling for someone much older, can take care of all the messy odds and ends in this biz for her.

      BUT i was naively assuming they will still be bff publicly at weibo, and work together in suitable stuff still. At least not like YH doesn’t exist in her life anymore even just to comfort you and me. I mean come on they r both only known for their idol periods there r just a handful their status in the industry… Alas. I was more heartbroken their friendship doesn’t seems the same, SS basically ignores him and never did any friendly nudging promo whenever his new stuff r out whereas he is still at it somewhat. Lesigh.

      It is more LSS’s loss than anything though. i honestly havent seen her with half that much chemistry and with such lax ease coupling with anyone else, i haven’t been able to sit through any of her work not paired w YH exc BBJX… not Nicky, not WH, not HG, even in the lameduck Clothing the World, HongShi were still surprisingly spot on sizzling cute sth even she and Nicky cant do in BBJQ. And she needs the help from whom she is going bk and forth with more.

      Either one of us can write better shoujo shit than TH’s minion. If she can get this foursome for me, I’ll gather my mojo, ask all my better writer shoujo fiend friends and i will pay her bk at my dayjob’s hourly wage however hours me and my buddies need to crack heads on. TongHua, deal or no?!

      Then again, writing is not absolutely must when they gather ppl i want to see anyway. I never really liked TH to begin with even when she was strictly a novelist so I’ve never trusted her, but in my talented pretties I trust.

      This is why I am a 山東影視 stalker now. There is $$$ to b made respectably with their real depth of pockets and resources… a yuma (and TR) to nuke for mankind. Do it! We have suffered enough.

      1. sighs i know, i looked back at some old weibo and ShiShi used to be really good friends with YH….back when both of them were just juniors to HuGe, they played games together and were neighbours…im really saddened that past bff had now turned out like this
        i mean its a good thing that ShiShi want to be free of rumours when she’s dating Nicky, but ….i think its totally understandable that she has some chemistry with YH, especially since they complement each other really well
        Yea its ShiShi’s loss more than YH’s, tbh her career is going downhill, back in 2012 she was equivalent in fame with YangMi TangYan and the other girls, but now i think the only person who’s on the same level as her is TangYan…and TangYan haven’t even had a successful drama like BBJX
        lol clothing the world was lameeeeeeeeee but shishi looked THE BEST out of all her dramas in it, i really hope that ShiShi can milk the HongShi CP more….because she doesn’t even have that strong of chemistry with Nicky…like at least milk it for your career…look at YangMi lol, she starred in 3 dramas and a movie with 冯绍峰 as her OTP

        lol yes it would be HEAVENLY to have the 4 of them in a drama but i doubt they want to be lol unless they are paid REALLY nicely lol

        孔PD 我男神 hahahahaha

        1. Lol 孔PD is mine as well!

          Just let me…

          See HG has his own production company and thing is he should go WH’s route, buy this silly TH CN HeirsHanaDan idea out, he has connections with 山影 now, grab some of its talents to help out and if he is the bigboss of this i don’t see YH and WH saying no, esp YH. Bosco/ Ma TianYu/ Jiang JingFu is bonus because we just need HG+YH CP better yet the WH+HG+YH CP3, it is sure money making machine. If WH is willing to repay gratitude with QSHF and Ming Doctress, i am sure he will do this. And that trio, dont you think they can just smize and hyponotize SS and TY to sign with just a holler, no script nec?! And HG can even be smarter and lure WH into co-producing, milking the surewin when his Officer Gu is out and all the girls at weibo will be screaming to have his babies. Let alone HG’s hotness after 49 days and much lesser effect, YH so fine in uniform in Secret Passage out v soon. And with these 3 boys and their smart heads combined, they will insert and rewrite fluff *coughslashcough* better than TH’s minions, making her a non-issue. Make serious producer bucket of dough and noise with the slasher’s ultimate Dream. Seriously. So. Much. Win! *patmydelusionalself*

          1. sounds so genius

            yet so unrealistic LOL

            im sure this is every fangirl’s dreams…………sighs….

            are there any good projects coming up? other than that TH hanadan idea…..

            lol it seems a couple of months ago, everyone was getting involved in new projects, i haven’t heard anything abt new projects recently…

            1. My gut is HG must be working on his owm drama produced by his own company. Wind is he is going to do a cameo in HQG for WH’s sake right?! YH’s assistant has replied under Princess JieYou (production team behind seems solid and they r trying out injecting idol fluffy elements into a proper historical, that’s y they pick YH i guess)… that is as gd as set to go in July.

      2. To be very honest, I don’t see Liu Shi Shi being that supportive of her “friends” series (Yang Mi, Tang Yan, etc), let alone YHs-especially YH’s series (even when she was not dating Nicky), while he would take any opportunity to shout out hers on weibo. Even now, she seems to even lost Yang Mi as her closest friend.

        Now that she’s dating Nicky, and YH being invisible to her? After being friends for all these years? She’s a fake and not true to the people she called “friends”.

          1. :/ sigh i really do not care nor read into their public lives too much, i truly respect their privacies but to see something so precious gone forever, makes me weep inside.

            I think SS is mucho overrated right now and she has not been equipping herself to have any edge surviving this industry. Frankly i do not see how she deserves her leading lady status in a few years when she can not just do idol vehicles in her 30s

        1. I do not have the heart to say it as plainly… but i agree with many of ur points as well. Of course I can respect safeguarding privacy, but there is a drastic before and after with her big break, and really if YH has sucha big heart to give them a weibo of encouragement for BBJQ when he was callously used for promos by Kboss left and right let alone all the years of mistreatment under their management, as if he was being ungrateful of not returning when he was not even asked… lesigh.

          I just thought, no matter how hectic our lives r, there r basic friendly gestures in this biz, for years he has been treating her better than any bigbro/bff imaginable, IF she and Nicky did have sparks flying in RL since BBJX days there is so much using YH to deflect attention during promo rounds that got my heart cold. Sighsighsigh.

          She and TY were never that close, and YangMi spoke out quite frankly she and SS were no longer friends after things got nasty btn Kboss and herself and it must’ve fractured they friendship when SS stayed out and didn’t speak one word for YM at all, which in practicality i can understand where SS is coming from under TR’s management her hands were tied, so they have been drifting apart for years, and friendships do wane, i wont fault SS to not give much encouragement nor interactions publicly. But what did YH do to deserve the cold shouldering when she will still use her weibo to promo her own stuff and other TR stuff and Nicky’s?! There is even less rumors to be spun than before her dating Nicky news broke. If she (or her TR handlers) have been smarter at least she should keep a close buddy front like always with YH. As is, it is as if when she/TR handlers needed to feed the shippers fanservice to YY they will use YH shamelessly and he has never a problem with it, because we all know if SS still mesh with him same old, he will still be the same derpy shameless flirt in a blink, but now he has no use to her with all the milking of her RL romance with Nicky on screen thus her LaoYuan is discarded to the side nonexistent. Sighsighsighsighsigh.

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