Friday Pretty Post

FOOTBALL!!!  Inescapable screaming and swearing whole town incapacitated month-long parties whether you care or not FOR ALL MANKIND (exc some edges in US of A haha). No FIFA corruptions and shitstorms going on is spoiling my precious game.

1. My Loverboy and I are fans of the same team (We are so meant to be~!!)

There is a nutso Dutch KNVB! fanuncle in house, so I’ll post this:

Square. (Yeah and Red owns Orange)

If I am betting $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I think the finals would be Brazil vs Argentina. Home turf advantage for both (close enough).  Either give me all rounded soccer, or ATTACK!  No, I do not enjoy watching Germany (nor England other than that faint colonized blood bond) *haven’t checked brackets and all that technicality*


2.  Pitching me a book?  This will do it.  MY Takenouchi hottest ojisan is starring in its screen adapt!!

3.  Who could tempt you buying beers (if u need the provocation)?

Specimen A:

Specimen B:

One crazyass Sakai~sama for me PLEASE!

4.  Overh3ard themesong sang by the yummy HK ‘tuhao’ uncles, trailer and Joey Yung’s official version:

And bravo on the song choice, original written by the forever Cantopop twinGods Jim Wong and Joseph Koo.  The story of the third installment in the Overheard franchise whirls around land rights in rural HK where land rights is still going by ‘martial’ laws of descendants original settlers way back when.  TVB did a drama on the same theme in 1980 starring Damien Lau and FungBoBo and they are covering its theme song 風雲/Wind Cloud by the first and original Cantopop queen 仙杜拉/Sandra Lang.  The lyrics is waxing purest wuxia poetry typical awesomest Jim Wong fashion.

5. New official poster for Legend of Mi Yue:

We have PD Zheng and Betty Sun Li confirmed on board, filming will start mid 2015, they will also make a tie-in movie around the same time so HuanHuan can enjoy her RL maternity leave. We are going back to (pre)Qin. I can’t wait for the periodp0rn and SunLi being another kickass lady braving the odds.  Not prying me away.

6.  绣春刀/ Xiu Chun Dao ‘s official poster is out at SIFF (SH International Film Festival):

Y u so hot my ChangChen~~~~~!!!

If I wasn’t terribly interested in 道士下山(A Monk in a Floating World) with 陈凯歌 at the helm…

I am now! ! !  They added CC to the strange mix of who’s who: Aaron Kwok, 王宝强, 元华,王学圻,范伟, 林雪,李雪健, 房祖名 (a much much much better actor than his daddy Jackie Chan)…and…Lin ChiLing, and Vanness.


7. Whassuppp HongShi shippers?!?!?????????  DO NOT FEED ME NEW CANDIES ANYMORE OK?!?!?  My 弘诗魂 was resting in PEACE.  *NO. GO. ON.*

8. The only 2 C drama CPs flailing me so hard I will forever watch craps for them.  Have 2 MVs and let your heart be slayed along mine:

9. New poster for Ordinary World:


10.   THIS!  Glimpses of YH scenes in City of Angels:

You can call me Mai KaiWen. 

Mai (buy) What?

*SkillGet:  lean into hottie’s chest when hard to hear.  Condition: needs very clean yummy smelling hair.*

Mai KaiWen.

You are a peeping tom, pervert, thud!

You are a peeping tom, pervert, thud!

It is your own responsibility flirting with a pervert.

*O!K! I’ll own up! :O~~~~~~~~~~*

Why do I have to lend my wife to you three times a week?

I am not interested in drama.  Not big enough a fan of any of the ladies, allergic to YuanShanShan to sit through a so-so Cdrama trying at singlelady-dom/infertility.   This will be a straight YHcut watch.  Good job ladyPD and thank you for putting him to his best use, playing the hot rich flirty badboy.


11.  Fans got first glimpses of Ming Doctress, SS fans said it looks kickass fantastic and SS has improved tonnes yet again, crying eyes out so very moved from watching a bootlegged trailer. Huang Xuan has awesome chemistry with SS and stealing the show.  Fans of WH said it was QSHF redux, super MarySue, his Ming emperor here is an even more pitiful Liu LianCheng, but SO VERY YUM.  I do not trust TR, I also read anything from SS diehards with grains of salt (and snark haha).

Well, I can always trust TR selling decent slash:

This is very pretty though.

11. Because the WhiteSugar shipper Darlings (ILU!) are still making the cutiest RL shipper gifs of WHxTY and melikey:

(Pick your other half in actresses from anywhere) I pick TangTang  *clapping at myself YES I SAID IT OUT LOUD!*

(Ideal type?) Is Tang…tang..TANG…TANG TANNGG TANNGG!  So very ideal.  Much dream type.  *host: me too* *is bumped but nodding so full of himself he has better chance, and blinking up his game plan to beat the host*

12. This is the only single thing of The Legend of Fragrance I like, one still:

For some reason this still of TangTang makes her a facetwin of Gakki for me.

Sorry fans of FengFeng but he really owns not a face made for any period drama.  I do hope Ancient Sword Fantasy (古剑奇谭) can surprise its fans coming out in early July (finally!).  I am not the audience it is catering to, but I do like the boy enough and he is otherwise good looking in suitable things.

I do love all the clothes on TY, but she really needs to eat a dozen sammiches a day,  being so lithe is actually aging her.

Wallace’s fans seems to be super confident with his upcoming 镖门 pwning his job in Battle of ChangSha, hmmm, interest is piqued.  From the short trailer I don’t see it, but PD has apprenticed under all my Cdrama PD loves, 胡玫, 张黎…etc, so he has something talented going on I bet.  Writer is the richest working C scriptwriter, worked on a lot of very well received dramas including some movie loves of mine: 千里走单骑 and 一代宗师.  Wow.


Who looks this ridiculously gorgeous with a bald head?! Not a living thing.


13.  Pretty chic things over at TVB:

Bonus, we have this:

…at some fancy smancy ball, Bosco assumes Kate is here to flirt with him when she is throwing him a truck of lemons: Nope!  Only has eyes for his wifey Nancy/Anson. lol look at Bosco’s sourgrape face.  Trying out full-on yuri now huh, TVB.


14.  Another hot TW Mr Chang: 張孝全/Joseph Chang.

15. Classy gorgeous Leading lady of Secret Passages with Loverboy (and his classmate at drama school) 韩雪 / Han Xue


16.  ItaKiss Okinawa is wrapping up any day right?!  *pout*  *We so should have it as our go-to summer fluff for the bebes not interested in the hotties chasing one ball*. The bts is too ridiculous cute I do not think the drama proper can beat it.



^I LOVE this pic. So screaming BFFs just chilling.  LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE.







23 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post

    1. But i still insist for that chapter of the novel they have the dreamcast perfect for the characters w JiangXin and YuanHong. JiangXin is insanely terrific eating SunLi alive in Legend of ZhenHuan in her pivotal scene e35 that pain that angst that intense lovelorn… so deliciously SongNing. SS, imo is not an effective crier. She can drip tears and try her mightiest but when one has seen say SunLi in any of her crying scenes, esp the one her bff dies in ZHZ…the intricate layers, the crescendoing progression, kickass spot on unforgettable. Geez i get hives of sadness overcoming me just thinking.

      1. Well obviously JiangXin’s acting skills is better than ShiShi’s lol but that’s just my fave hongshi vid, and shishi probs can’t pull off some of SongNing’s character

        I have watched LiYiFeng’s stuff, the ONE thing that absolutely kills my love for him is that….EVERY SINGLE ONE of his voice dubbers NEVER matches up with how his mouth moves?????? what the heck???? its so weird watching his dramas omg. and i bet his natural voice isn’t really that great like Kai’s, but i think its the way he pronounce words that makes it…really weird….

        lol shishi fans are cray cray, 黄轩 will murder WH acting wise lol, he has great onscreen presence

        also for 镖门 isn’t WH paired up with 贾青?also isn’t that drama produced by …the company that produced the new Demi Gods and Semi Devils?? the drama so terrible that HunanTV paused its broadcast LOLOLOL … idk maybe they are capable of producing nice stuff but i’d have some seconds thoughts abt it

        1. I am not that impressed w 镖門’s teaser myself nor WH’s perf… not a fan of 賈青 as well (i can see the plastic) but it is not one but several WH fans gushing this would b even better than BoC that perked my brows a bit. I doubt it. But this should no way b close to the clusterfug that is DGSD, that PD should be banned fr touching any bk adapt, i dun even care if it is one of those silly 小言

          I really do not understand y 黄軒 needs this, he has Red Freaken Sorghum and was paired w Jiang WenLi playing her boytoy quite alrite then his awesome Indie movies yyyyyyy?! And i really do not know y the SS fans is confident this YYing to MarySue the hell out of a few Ming emperors will get aired. I didn’t even bother checking out trailer as soon as this is lump w QSHF

          I’ve only seen LYF in a TWdrama and he is fine in it but he was cluelessly awful next to CX in a yuma crap i sickly watched a CX cut of.

        2. SS can do the fighting scenes perhaps better than JX but she can not pull off many complicated juicy layers of conflicting emotions happening constantly and hitting a SN all at onve debilitatingly. She still has not mastered simple secular emoting effectively let alone this Juggernaut lvl of acting required in a SN.

  1. You are following(at times?) The ultimate addiction too ? I don’t know where to catch it with my mobile. Anyway I like the pics posted and Nancy looks pretty as usual and I love kate in her all black attire very pretty. Bosco my fav TVB actor now he has nice chemistry with Kate 😀

  2. Mookie gege sorry for being offtopic but I was watching some cdrama related vids and I fell on this vid about China history using various historical cdramas and I love some music namely the songs at “Han dynasty” and “Ming dynasty” sections. Do you know them ? I would like to here the whole songs. The music part around Northen Qi/zhou part is not bad too. Thank you

    1. oh fine fine taste. This is the most ridiculously awesome fanvid perhaps ever.

      The song used in Han is from one of the very best C singer 韩磊 haha I have this song on my ipod fav list

      The title is literally: Who will be remembered by whom a thousand years later?!

      It is the themesong of one of my fav C historical 汉武大帝 /Wu Han Da Di. Pure awesomeness. HAHA the bebes making comments are nicking it Han’s national anthem.

      The Ming dynasty song should be 雕琢 by 杜雯媞 (I caught it in the end credits)

      The music used in Northern Qi/Zhou (when Nicky makes an appearance?!) is fr DaMingGongCi, again on top 3, 5 C historicals.

      The author also did another version using less idol drama actors after listening to some suggestions.

      1. Thank yooouuuuuu. I love you !! I love these songs and each time I hear the Ming song I cry ! I don’t understand but it fits the tragedy !

        1. I am listening the Han song part at my workplace and I am (trying ;-p) singing the song too. The singer does have soul. I felt happy when I heard the first note 😀

        2. The words of the Ming Song 雕琢 (Carving) is quite nice a love song, not too melancholy about longing for carving a life their history together

  3. The song at Qin dynasty part is epic too love it 😀 . I don’t like the song used at Tang part too cheesy.
    Thank you again Mookie gege

    1. concerning the third music part I was looking for -Nothern Qi/zhou- this is the part with Feng Shao Feng portraying Gao ShanGong prince Lanling. is Zhou Xun acting in DamingGongCi ? Sorry for spamming too much :/

  4. Wallaccceeeee!!!
    Occasionally dropping by this blog to check out peeps gushing about him cuz there just ain’t enough lovin’ in the ‘English’ community.

    So yea, more! more! more!

    Finished Chinese Paladin 3 not long ago; team WallacexHuge. Went on to watch a bunch of BTS and they seem lovely. ❤

    Midway through Strange Hero, is it just me or Wallace & LSS just doesn't have that on screen chemistry? They're pretty together just doesn't have any sparks. Maybe we'll see something in 'Imperial Doctress'.

    1. Imo Wallace has not much CP chemistry with any of his leading ladies (exc TangYan) even when he is so gd at the making out/ kissing scenes all along. He can kiss like no tomorrow and looking so gorgeous and photogenic sucking lips (excuse the perv language hahaha) but he is really not that gd in passing scenes not as dramatically heightened building up his half of a convincing romantic couple. But somehow he and TY only r knocking everybody else out of the park in CP3, I’m shocked how spot on a league above the rest of the cast there. I am not a fan of HG’s acting in CP3 i think he is trying too hard to repeat his JingTian from CP but overacting.

      Wallace has limited but competent and improving skills, he is not a natural, he either has to work w actresses v close to his skillset or seriously talented. He hasnt had much luck pairing w truly talented actresses who can elevate his game. I do not understand y he is paired w leading ladies without the looks nor talent and v lame writing. He is handsomely repaid w Battle of Changsha. The only other things i have seen Wallace not completely turned off by the complete lack of romantic chem is him with LvYi (whom imo is v close to his lvl of skills), he is alright w Joe Chen, Sun Li and Yang Zi (of Battle of Changsha). But still nothing comes close to his romantic BG chem w TangYan.

      Shishi’s case is similar to Wallace, she had that insane always trustworthy CP magic w YuanHong and YH only, consider herself v lucky for having that alone, but it is not transferable to other actors. I think her acting has actually regressed since Strange Hero days. I am not holding out hope for the WHxSS ship in doctress. Huang Xuan though, can be very very gd i have seen him convincingly romancing a Jiang WenLi twice his age, i may check out what he can bring out in SS.

      CP3 bts is GOLD they have such lovely friendships in RL

  5. Me like the new header. ❤

    Yea, not sure why sometimes he's pair up with tv actress who's not that good in looks. That series with Nicky Wu, dun even know her name, and Swordsman, YSS. Meh. He's in not in movies, so the actresses he's pair up with are limited. All of the good ones have left to the movie world ………….

    But hey, there's Zhao Liying in Hua Qiangu, something to look forward to. It looks pretty cotton candy.

    1. My theory is production thought he has enough pretty to distract when he shares screen with his costar so they can often just insert random mediocre actresses.

      We will see, i do not trust the production company behind Hua Qian Gu and it is still unknown whether he has chemistry w ZLY, she is decent but not terrific like a JiangXin, I’m betting on JX’s awesome translating to sizzling chemistry w WH more. He is as perfect a cast anyone can get for literally a gender reversal XiaoLungNu/YangGuo taboo romance huh?! But that ship can only rock if the chemistry is ridiculous. They r also caking too much makeup on ZLY’s Xiao Gu (and Wallace too but i let it slide now knowing it is mostly nec when char is poisoned) that has me worried. She should be as freshfaced young as possible.

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