First Look at City of Angels: aka YH Playing Himself

This throws me off the left field.  SURPRISE!  I like the teaser very much!


15 minutes. Not one thing, one second is bugging me.  What are the odds in a seemingly middling paint-by-number C modern drama?!  O____O See for yourself, and YH pops up a few seconds shy of the 6 min mark.

I am super allergic to Yuan ShanShan, I was going to count this drama out just because she is attached.   Here, she finally lands a character she can manage, and tailored for her:  playing a B-lister starlet with one awry plastic surgery too many.    She is still cringeworthy technique wise and her eyes, nose and mouth are visibly plastic, her lips reading lines is discomforting on my screen, but talk about a perfect cast for a role.  She is genuinely likeable here, pretty much like her RL persona.

What is rocking for me from the trailer is, aside from my bias, I know this is generally a bunch of decently talented experienced actors, but I have not been impressed with any of them in anything they have done, never been able to sit through something just because of them.  What works here is drama is not aiming too high, and they are all not asked to do much heavy-lifting, at ease in characters not that far from their RL image or similar to characters they have made a household name of.  Cherry Ying is playing exactly how she comes across to me, quick-tempered, frank, not shy from saying exactly her mind and charming that tomboyish way.  Ma Su and Li Chen (李晨) are very fetching with good comedic timing, and it seems like a riot with Qiao ZhenYu doing a cameo in the mix.  I am pleasantly surprised I find them convincing and me invested just with the trailer.

Yuan Loverboy Hong has one purpose here: be the Dreamboat, dazzle our socks *coughpantiescough* off.  And I have not seen him as smexy on screen in tailored white shirts. I have seen him decent, quite cute, a tiny hair shaky out of his elements in his first outing in a C/TW idoldrama in Love Trouble.   But his performance in a little webdrama/ad playing a car racer was…cringeworthy.  He is much improved here, even his crying is more natural when he used to floor us to guffaws crying so cute.  Remember he spun a lot of snark and stabbing, butt of many hilarious memes from his ruthless redbeans those derpy BBJX days just because he made us laugh uncontrollably when crying?!  None of his usual silly derpy smartassery leaking out here, just plain in character fine and dandy a Catch.   I do not get much idoldrama shrills here in the 15 min teaser, I am hoping this is yet again the newer breed of Cmodern lovechild of the dated but comforting guilty pleasure idolfluff, spruced up with enough realistic slice of life human drama.


[I stole all the gifs from 嘚吧嘚不叫米小贱 @ weibo.  *bows*]

And finally, I have him playing exactly what he should be typecast even if solely for my enjoyment: tall, handsome rich flirty hot dreamboat in fine clothes out to get any lady he sets his eyes on with his devilish charm but heart of swoonworthy romantic hero gold.  We also have him melting all our knees being so precious with a toddler on hospital bed.

This is still as unoriginal as it gets and it does not look like it has new perspectives discussing stressors for single ladies of our times.  But I am fine with same old done well.  It still reads cliched 30 sth lady bumped in love and life finding her matching prince charming.  My relief is the writing is not too nonsensical stupid.   All I am asking.  Lets just have a decent, comfortable watch so I can enjoy a drama with Loverboy in it being ridiculously hot and I do not want to murder my own eyeballs nor wear a magneto helmet to save my brain from scriptwriter’s brainfart.

The plot:  Three classmates, lost touch for years and some bonds never break.  Ma Su plays a taxi driver, married to another taxi driver, barely making ends meet and she insists on having a child when her husband is not ready.  Another lady enters his life and cue some Angst!   The prefect of their class then is Cherry’s character, a divorce lawyer who must have seen better days at work rather than having hate paint spattered on her car from pissed off clients.  Enter one persistent admirer our dreamboat, who starts off laying down rules of the ‘competition’ with her ‘ex’ husband.  They are divorcing because she is barren but they are obviously still in love with each other.


I am going to chase after Zhao SuHang.  Deadline is 100 days, you have the odd number days, I will take the even…If I fail, I will disappear from both of your lives forever.

(-No ifs, you will definitely lose. )


Can you stop calling her your wife?  You are her EX-husband. 


Are you burned out lately?  Look at you, you have lost weight.   I have planned this meal specifically for you tonight: tasty, healthy and you won’t gain weight eating.


You have to take your own risk meddling with a thug *stud*

(yelled by his big bro)  What got in your head?


Who do you think you are? You are fooling no one driving a Benz.  Is that car yours?! What about the C whatever E Os printed on your name card.  Is the company even yours?!

Modeling after his Bro4 at making the typical TallRichHandsome entrance.


Yes, I am a shameless hustler.  I like to stick my hot head on cold shoulders  (the Chinese idiom uses butts as thee cold body part haha) every day.  Now it is served up my own ass.  I am served.  Are you satisfied now?

She is the person I like, whether she can have a child  or not has nothing to do with it.


I let go of my husband to have some other woman bearing him a child.  Why can’t I have a baby!?!?!


We can adopt Lil’ Ball.  No matter what you are thinking right now, I want that boy.


How can you use a child so young to get what you want?  You are the lowest of scumbags.

YES!  So I am a perv enjoying my manrem k.i.s.s.i.n.g. a lot. *fan self*




The last of the trio is a bit actress played by Yuan Shanshan.  Her estranged dad is played by the legendary TW pop-rock singer 赵传/Zhao Chuan.   He has terminal cancer and back in her life as his last wish.  She has some douchy boyfriends and perhaps her one and only nerdy fanboy.  She is pregnant and guess who’s the baby’s daddy.  She is so very earnest in this role I am in shock how much I am rooting for her.  I think all the characters are likeable, all of them.

This is as chickflick as it goes, but it comes across to me as well done and with heart.  I am moved myself with some very honest performances by everyone.  I can’t wait to sit back and mindlessly enjoy this ride in OCTOBER!




3 thoughts on “First Look at City of Angels: aka YH Playing Himself

    1. I honestly was not going to touch this, but trailer is very solid, nth hurts and i see heart! I mean if this makes me like YSS, this would be the biggest shocker of mu drama watching exp.

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