Still Wallace-ing

A completest obsessive fanahjumma with no palatable candies to sit through of her new sparkling bias does not a happy mookie make.  Lucky my prettehs always have even dreamier fandoms.

I am alternating between bored/headdesked out tears, trying to fastforward through of QSHF, let alone I asked (and I am not alone) it wasn’t till e20s where the juicy WH bits are?!?!?!  some cutiepie asked my Q and the dear poster answered what eps to watch for WH throwing in the frustration he/she knew so well because a fancut has to be made, or else how does one sit through this crap?  HOW?!?!

I am so torn, WH is at his prettiest period gorgeousness in QSHF but everything else is mostly shabby kitschy yuma’s aesthetics (Y RUBY Y?!??!)  This drama is horrible for my sanity plot-wise.  I absolutely can not stand baddies, got caught doing nasty things and still have the gall to scream speeches and shout banshee life’s unfair, the MarySue made me…and everyone just stands and listens intently, just shy of applausing.  I can fault ourholeymotherofAllMarySues for lots of idiocracies like having her set of entitled balls to marry our Guy2 at her free will, demanding no consummation AND trysting the prisoner of war Guy1 as she wishes, often middle of night donning that mask-like perpetual doe-eyed IZinnocent cute face of Ruby, but how is it her fault you are rotten wimmen?!?!  ARGH.  And LianCheng can really use a much brighter brain, can’t have it all.  Sorry OTP, it is not romantic you need to display cheesy affection in front of the world, in front of your hubby, your scary wanna execute you mother in law, to proclaim your love, it is just stupid poor taste. Get 2 sets of functioning brains and if you want suicides, don’t waste good swords and fake blood, just kiss and bite off tongues of each other, dying off in a bloody kiss.  That is befitting.

-end rant-

Obviously I can’t sit through Swordsman either… Thank you fandom for a slashy MV of WHs:  Liu LianCheng x LingHu Chung.

Hubs sent me this pic: snerking Liu LianCheng’s costume is modeled after a California condor and it’s lovely. Wallace is the only one getting lublub from costumer here and damn his face is never as gorgeous, but why is drama so tediously lame and silly?!?!!   And one guess who I am shipping LianCheng with: Raven, his Cperiod goth obsessed younger half bro Tony Yang. For the first 5, 10 seconds of glimpses I got from TY throughout the first 2!0!+ eps(!!!!!) I thought he was very off reminding me of all the OTT angsty posing from a WallaceC angsty-hecan’teverpoop in Magic Blade and DGSD.  But throw him a meatier scene where he has time to properly emote and bromance WH, saying ILUBU, I ONLY HAVE YOU IN MY EYES *TEARYSPARKLINGEYES*~!! reminiscing their sad childhood past and love still strong.  I am almost moved to real genuine tears of feelings for them poor little princes.  This is the very first scene I finally can invest in

Have a lovely MV :

Now another ‘love’note to yuma.  Why you no pretty up your Condor Hobos by several leagues begging WH to cameo as Bro Condor and bromance with Chen Xiao for our eye’s sake to counteract the trauma of a YangGuo in 50eps of nothing but fug hair rancid rags?! Do one thing right.  ONE. But there is also so many things you should do yuma, like DiAHF and no don’t you Fawkes me.  Yuma’s upcoming drama is rumored to have Bosco on board, ie the only beautiful smexy dangerously badboy HKdrama leading man of last decade+. I can’t.  I will pretend it is not happening until I see stills but YYYYYYYYYYMYPRETTYMENYYYYYYYY!

The meme of period pretty Wallace playing ALL the CPs in a drama:

Well. my sidam touch, just after I was so sure nothing will hurt,  writing Emerald on the Roof is mediocre but surprisingly watchable with the TWdrama silly WTF angsts kept under control, it has a crappy curveball ending at the 11th hour literally last 10 min of final ep.  But still, it’s rare to see Wallace truly cute being believably couplish and Sun Li doing shoujo in the first half.  Check out an MV or two but pass on the drama:

And guess what, Love in Forlorn City/傷城之戀 is not watchable either even when I like the leading lady Qin Lan (she shares the same bone structure with Jiang Xin):


Did I watch me some 新一剪梅, my pervie me did.  I was watching dead seriously can’t pry me off for a good 5, 6 eps, sooooooo craptastically hilarious almost ingenious soft p0rn novella stuff going on.  Aphrodisiac laced wine with a name copied fr a Stephen Chow slapstick is a KEY character, same bottle, making repeated appearances and better at nuances than the breathing actors.  If you need one more push to be a fan of Chen SiCheng, this will definitely snap you out of it, he’s so hammy horrible a sleazy cuckoo bastard here, one of the worst acting job I’ve ever witnessed a few eps of. There is an fanvid floating in YT if you search of drama I am not posting.  It would get me into trouble posting steamyNSFW stuff.

Have a much tamer MV:

It is not exactly right but my HKer heart love it:  Meshing Battle of ChangSha with the ultimate 90s classic TVB The Greed of Man/大時代 (lit.  The Big Era) theme song by Adam Cheng

Huo Qian Gu is so luring me in when I do not think it could be truly worthy a drama quality wise.

New stills are popping out, and WH is looking so ridiculously spot on with all the stories to tell of a Bai ZiHua and Jiang Xin is so drop dead gorgeous (hey WH r u staring at her lovely bosom?!). With both of them at their A game, I do worry ZYL can not keep up with them.  Ha, not that I am not shipping JX+WH madly already with a single still alone


There is a HQG fancast fanvid of so many of my darlings:

Thirteen Moon is the best story (from the little I have read) Tang7 has written imho.  This is as close to my own dreamcast aside from I would need another JunFu:

FYI, If you ask me my ultimate dreamcast for the SongNing and ShenAn story, the obvious would be YuanHong, JiangXin…and I want LSS as 677 very bad.  I think it would be a brilliant challenge for SS to play someone so gentile, so harmless but has lots of conniving mindgames under that softest facade.

Hey, I do not particularly care for being more banshee  tagging a shipper heart along.  Mr Huo, this is not the first time you stutter profusely when you normally don’t, and lets pretend it is coincidental your watchband suddenly needs fixing, and it is always only when poked about incessantly by the press whether you two are dating, is she suitable mate, when TangTang is inches next to you. Haha, and that cameraman is shouting out YES!  (Do you think you are suitable for each other?!) ‘To-Get-Her!’ being a craycray shipper himself.  HAHAHA

And the cutest HuoTang shippers have compiled what lovely scenes from Chinese Paladin 3 Mr Producer has allowed to be shamelessly played with in Perfect Couple here.

I should think it is cheesy, but it comes off as ridiculously cute and I am to my own dismay a RL shipper of them, especially when TangTang has NOT stopped screaming everywhere ‘Marry Me!’ for some promo thing for Silent Separation when the only guy in public eye meeting that story construct is Mr Huo.  TangTang, is it alright for a goddessy you to be weiboing about  ‘I will have a baby very soon!  in 3 years!  I have met my daughter in law ie MiMi’s baby! Call me ur Mominlaw next time!’  constantly?!  It is to the shameless degree such weibos r swarmed by YYs and HuoTang shippers I think TangTang must know it herself and enjoy it too much… and how is this not likely nudging pressure on certain someone?! Her management must be wishing to take a long vacay and pretend this is not happening.



24 thoughts on “Still Wallace-ing

  1. To sum it up: Majority of WH’s dramas are bad, you either need the cuts from fans or MVs. No patience to sit through the whole drama. Yup, I agree! I couldn’t help but FF…FF..FFF

    Is he brooding his way through Hua Qian Gu? LOL! So far the stills are him looking oh so melachony which btw he’s very good at…

    A RL shipper myself, heck, everyone who watch PC will ship them, fans or not fans. Never say never, since they both says to be single…

    1. Seriously. So there really is NO WH drama watchable?! What is ur fav then prior to PC BoC?!

      I skimmed through the bk, imo it has much fabricated unnec angsting for angst’s sake. And my biggest stab at heroine is she never really considered her maestro/love of her life’s well being that convincingly. In many ways i cant get into her psyche. 慈文 did tonnes of drastic changes to HuaXuYin i guess just to pass SARFT, i bet they will do the same w HQG.

      Haha ok i literally feel my mind losing it, i really nvr RL ship but i am at the extreme just have a pretty baby together, have a passionate fling just to ease that insufferable sexual tension btn them, even if things do not work out, dont last. Whatever. Worth it! DO IT! Do judge me. Muahaha

      1. I’ve only watched Wallace’s parts in CP3 and Yi Zhi Mei. I wasn’t too hot for the Chanqin & Zixuan like everybody was, I just dun like her character there. WH just doesn’t have that kind of chemistry with SS so I just gave up, plus that drama wasn’t meant to be romantic type anyways.

        Read some spoilers about Qing Shi Huangfei, while Ruby & him are the second fav OTP in his fandom but Liu Liancheng I read is too much angst and I’m not in the mood for it at the moment. He’s looking yummy in Xiao Ao Jianghu, but him and YSS? Just no.

        I dun plan to look further into his older works. I’m gonna just enjoy what I remember from PC and BOC.

        RL shipper myself, yup, wish them could get together and even if it doesn’t work out, it’ll fulfill my shipper heart. That’s a terrible thing to say but hey shipper fandom is crazy to begin with… ahhaha.

  2. I love your header with smexy Wallace!!!!
    Understand your pain. The only shows I could watch throughout with Wallace in it are Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei (that set me on the HuoShi-ship), Battle of Changsha, and the very addictive but ridiculous Perfect Couple. I only watched Qiao En cuts for Xiao Ao Jiang Hu (coz that guarantees only Qiao En plus Wallace and none of *ahem*). Try watching Incisive Teacher’s ep 10 and 11. Wallace shows up as the perfect man inside and the clichés packed into those 2 episodes just work perfectly!
    I wasn’t that interested in Hua Qian Gu (strange name for a person) but the stills sucked me in. Wallace looks so so so very 仙! If we put Wallace of Hua Qian Gu and Crystal Liu of SHen Diao Xiao Lv next to each other, it’ll literally be a match made in heaven. Very 仙!

    1. I gushed a post about the first ep of Strange Hero, thought it would be a great mindless watch balancing the cartoonish flare and enough intriguing characters and plot to grab me, but I gave it a few more eps and it failed to interest me. I do not think WH has the skills he has now, and I do not see much chemistry btn him and SS, it was more an ensemble job anyway, my impression of it at least.

      Call it fate, haha my body and mind has been so ready to flail for Wallace… PC then BoC come in a one-two punch. I mean finally, in BoC, WH has landed a terrific drama, a perfect role tailored for him that truly deserves the use of his still ridiculously beautiful face.

      So what was the thing that lured you into fandom?

      Thing is a lot of the costars of WH, I am a bit allergic to, I think CQE is a solid actress, but she can’t do it all, and is not of the drop dead gorgeous commanding diva mold, I saw glimpses of it, all I can manage, while she is the bright spot for that turd , it’s nothing to write home about and I thought WH was sucha miscast for LHC.

      He is so super very 仙 in HQG, I mean every still leaked out (even though I think the makeup is too cakey) can be the cover of all the 仙俠 novels from now till forever. Even though Crystal is a limited actress, no working C lil flower is remotely touching her in oozing the aura of 仙, she does not even need acting to convince me as early as Chinese Paladin. And she has improved even if ever so slightly through the years. I have nothing against ZLY other than I think she is very girl next door normal cute and not that terribly more talented than a Crystal Liu, so while Crystal is busying herself in crappy movies, come on Seung Song Heon is easily the crappiest most overrated ‘Top Hallyu Star’ EVER, what are her peeps thinking signing her up in a cringeworthy dogblood book adapt pairing her up with him?! It is not like Crystal has easy OTP chemistry with any stray leading man to begin with. So I am willing her to wake up and come back to the small screen, sign herself up in a few of these much talked about idol fantasy wuxia where no one is too critical about acting chops to begin with while she still can play a gamine little fairy, she is the only person comes to my mind as JunFu in HuaXuYin.

        1. I have not. I am very nitpicky about detective procedural though I doubt the writing is tight enough to not bug me… I may give it a try to tide me over till Battle of Changsha H!D!!!! is avail! XD

  3. Thanks for posting all the stills of HQG! I can always count on you to get my 霍美人 fix! 😀

    Wallace looks really pale in these stills – did they make him pale like that on purpose with make up? I noticed they did the same thing with the girl cast for HQG too – she’s pretty enough so why cake her with make up???

    Jiang Xin looks mighty fierce but I think her look is more like 妖神千骨 instead (maybe they should’ve gotten her to play 妖神千骨 in the later stages of the book because by then 千骨 is supposed to be the most powerful and beautiful goddess in all of 六界) … I’m not sure the young pretty girl they cast can pull that off… I mean, she looks all right for the young innocent 千骨 but for 妖神千骨? Just not feeling it. Same deal with 殺阡陌…

    1. I am just alright with ZLY myself, and all that kohl severe eyelining is making her looked scarity kitten more than anything. Just from the dramas I’ve seen lately, I have seen a few very young promising actresses more befitting XiaoGu and much more talented tbh.

      Not sure if you rem the young actress who played Ariel HR’s mommy in LoCH, but I’ve seen her again in sth awesome and she is terrific, not a hair out of place spot on awesome. She has my vote for my fancast as XiaoGu. She obviously can play timid and looks fine in period as Mrs Huang there, and fierce, fiesty, commanding, yet still cute and likeable in the C modern I have just seen her in.


      1. Wow I totally forgot about Huang Rong’s mom until you showed the pic. She’s definitely very pretty – I haven’t seen her in other roles but it’ll be interesting to see her as Hua Qiangu especially when she’s older (because ZLY looks so young I’m not sure if she’d be able to pull off the more mature HQG)…

        1. She is more charismaric acting. Camrra loves her and she is insanely talented. I find ZLY decent but limited, she can do cute, but no heavy lifting. I actually don’t find her that young looking in close up after Lu zhen, her eyes looked very weary and blank. l find her just alright not nailing anything after her breakout. Heard 错点鸳鸯 is very cute and lovely but i find her not that interesting an actress and dropped it. Drams is light, maybe ur thing? I doubt she can nail XiaoGu, she’ll be so-so but no pleasant surprise there.

          1. 错点鸳鸯? Haven’t heard of it – maybe will check it out sometime?

            I like light dramas every now and then 😀 Always here for more good laughs 🙂

            Sad/angsty dramas are emotionally exhausting at times (even though they’re great for watching awesome acting)

            Xiao Gu is a complex character (especially in the later bits of the story) so I think we need an actress really good at portraying internal character/emotions to nail that role. I haven’t seen ZLY in anything so I can’t comment on anything else apart from looks – which is actually really important in defining a character, and I don’t mean this in a shallow way because of course we all love pretty people but they have to LOOK the part for us audience to believe in them being the character and not just dressing up. It’s why I’m all for 霍美人 being cast as Bai Zihua because he’s a solid actor with a very fitting look for the very Xian-like BZH. I mean, there are lots of pretty people out there (like Yuan Hong for example), but Yuan Hong looks more like a Prince/Emperor than Xian, which is why it’s great that he’s being cast in Prince/Emperor roles because half the work is already done with him looking so regal!

            1. *nodsssss* YuanHong’s long is as they say very 接地氣. He doesn’t look elvish fairy but a handsome man. 霍霍 is truly a dreamcast come true, he eveb has elvish hair! there is no one more suitable and he has always been acting wo makeup, so i really am dumfounded by this amt. My hope is bts, stills may not be what it comes off in real drama, it may surprise us befitting the suoernatural elements both in HXY and HQG.

              As much as i applaud and thought kevinC is beyond my expectations terrific, the best acting job out of the gd ensemble in BuBu, ge also does not have that aura of 仙 which make a much older XiaoLan still perhaps workable. Haha now that im a new obsessed WH fan, he could make a better XiaoLan despite the still unkosher age diff.

              1. I reckon no male actor in CDramaland has as much natural Xian aura as 霍美人. The best thing they did was cast him as Bai Zihua, because frankly I can’t think of any other actor who could look the part as well as 霍美人 does.

                Totally agree about Yuan Hong. He’s a gorgeous man but he doesn’t look very Xian. But he looks very regal especially in period costume, so Ruby made a good move casting him as the Emperor in Chang Ge Xing.

                KevinC is a great actor but he does not have anything Xian-like about him. As much as I like his acting, he’s much more suited to play characters like 8ye who is more serious and calculating and internalizes a lot of his thoughts/feelings (not many people can play characters like that so I really applaud his performance as 8ye in BBJX) rather than the lead in Hua Xu Yin. I think Kevin is more suited at playing more mature characters rather than young male characters and I honestly think he was miscast in Hua Xu Yin but oh well…

                1. Actually i don’t really know what is off w 慈文 but even with someone as perfect as WH, his styling in it actually make him less so instead of enhancing anything. He looks even better in IGT (which i share a diff opinion than urs *hug* that his hair and clothes still look v kitschy like everything else there) when we know he can be so Xian w no makeup in CP3 and clothed most simply. His hair in HQG makes his head bigger, he is not very tall to begin w that volume makes his proportion off and kill off some 仙氣.

                  1. You said exactly what I think about his look as Bai Zihua!!! I think his wig makes his head proportions look weird – I really would’ve preferred something like his hairstyle in Incisive Great Teacher because it complemented his face very well.

                    The costumes Incisive Great Teacher were very bright and colorful in general which I think is probably because of the genre of the series, being a non-serious comedy and everything. Actually some of the characters had a cartoonish design in terms of hair/clothes (almost manga-like)…

                    Wallace’s look in CP3 was great because it was so clean and simple, very befitting for a Xian, who’s supposed to live a simple life anyway! They should’ve done something similar to his look in CP3 but make his wig have long hair (because the book describes it as such). So yep, totally agree with you there about the proportions and the 仙氣. I held off posting about HQG for a while because when I first saw the stills something about the looks of some of the characters didn’t sit quite well with me but I couldn’t really put my finger on it until after I saw Incisive Great Teacher and then thought back to CP3 (it’s been a while since I watched that series).

                    1. My only hope is that stills and bts can still look drastically diff fr the real thing and against all odds maybe 慈文 is a production company opposite of TR (trailers, stills can look great but end products always much shabbier)

                      WH really doesnt look that gd in flowing hair, again it is his smaller built, he looks his most amazing in CP3 and QSHF when his hair is tied up in a clean bun and nth to take away his pretty features. That hair in IGT is too trendy here, i hyst thought they can either tie it cleaner in HQG or go the other end and have it all loose and add to the mystique/moodiness of character.

                      Gosh that guy playing the rival is soooooo plastic looking like a 蛇精 and obviously thinks he is v pretty i threw up a little looking at his weibo. ><

                    2. I think Wallace looked his best in Qingshi Huangfei!!! I skipped through the middle episodes just to watch him! He was GORGEOUS in it OMG!!!

                      You know how in IGT his hair was long at the back but the front was sorta side swept with a bit of a fringe? Well my idea of how he should look in HQG is have the hair long and flowy but the front kinda swept to the side but NOT with the trendy fringe. (Damn I can’t describe it very well it’ll be easier if I showed a picture)

                      Something like this

                      LOL 蛇精 😀 😀 😀
                      Are you talking about the guy playing Dongfang Yuqing or the guy playing Sha Qianmo?

                    3. I’ve seen some really nice art of the HQG characters drawn by fans of the novel and they look more like what I imagine the characters to look than the drama version!

                      HOLY SHIT that Sha Qianmo dude looks O_O… OMG that’s freaky. 蛇精 indeed OMG…

  4. Mooki, I don’t know if you are still Wallace-ing. I know it’s been a year since BoC. But have you given his “The Great Protector” a shot yet? He was very proud of BoC, saying it is a step in the direction he wants to take his career, but with ‘The Great Protector” he actually said that this is the one, the one he will be able to show his grand-kids LoL. Therefore in his opinion better than BoC.

    1. Hi there Kay! I actually did watch a few eps. Good quality stuff but just not exactly in the mood for. I’m keeping it in my towatchsomeday pile!

      I’m pretty stoked though Wallace got cast in 他來了,請閉眼! I missed it when news broke but he must play the lead, he could so do it!

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