In the Candy Store I Dive

These are promising upcoming movies I have to still my heart, NOT!

Wong! Kar! Wai! is working on a new movie modern romance based in Nanjing rumored to have Tony Leung, Gianna Jun Ji Hyun and Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo (so deserve a much better collaboration than Finding Mr.  Right).  I guess if there is one master of the universe that can get whatever actor he wants to slave for him for years, WKW should be it.  Gianna, advice (not that you need it, you are a smart lady): work for free, kill however many puppies you have to, murder a KSH if WKW hints he doesn’t care for him in a frown, whatever means necessary.  I won’t be surprised Zhang ZiYi will work for free, cook and do the laundry for the crew just as gratitude for The Grandmaster.

To paste the most quoted line and from the author’s weibo: 世事如书,我偏爱你这一句,愿做个逗号,呆在你的脚边。但你有自己的朗读者,而我只是个摆渡人。《摆渡人》。  Life is like a book, and I stubbornly love you, your line the most.  I would be a comma, stuck by your feet.  But you have your own Reader, and I am just a Ferryman.

I have read the popular book 《從你的全世界路過》/I belonged to You, a collection of short stories starting a frenzy online author tagged as 睡前故事(bedtime stories), making a name for writer 張嘉佳.  I enjoyed it enough, his prose has an easy, unadorned flow, unpretentious.  WKW is picking the vignette 《擺渡人》(Charon) to work his magic on.  You can listen here, or read it here.  Congrats to the young writer, you have hit the jackpot.  Frankly I do not think the story is memorable, but can totally see how WKW will elevate the bare bones to his brand of awesome.   The story is on unrequited love, of course, a guyfriend has a crush on his ladyfriend who is obsessed with their mutual friend, a married painter whose wife cheated on him.   If TL is on board, he would most probably play the painter, hopefully with longer locks, Takeshi will play the lovelorn puppy friend, Gianna would probably be the cheating wife and Tang Wei the girl in love with our married hot artiste.  Now, while I am terribly excited because a WKW fancast can totally happen, he is so predictable in almost only working with his regulars, and a Gianna in the mix is beyond fine by me, BUT can I have a Maggie Cheung as TL’s cheating wife for the sake of my never stilled ItMfL obsessive fan heart?! Throw in a cameo of GongLi and Changchen please!

《万物生长》/Everything grows

From the writer’s own mouth, the movie adaptation will start filming in August.  WANT!

冯唐/FengTang, I love, this is an interview he did back in 2011 in which he talks briefly about the book: a biting snapshot of life in the 90s coming of age tale of a medical student, semi-biographical, 8 years of life floating in the era of double digit GDP growth in CN.  Read the novel on his site: here.  This is the first book of the trilogy, followed by 《十八岁给我一个姑娘》/Given a chick at age 18 and the third is  《北京,北京》/ Beijing, Beijing.  Pungent words, unapologetic flourishes, flamboyant meanderings, quotes like these and other more untamed prose:

“我胸罩才买三个月,就又显小了。” “不好意思,我没有什么长进,内裤还穿原来的号码。”  ‘My bra is too small, I have just brought it three months ago.’  ‘Sorry, I haven’t grown much, I still wear the same size of briefs.’

世界上有两种长大的方式:一种是明白了;一种是忘记了明白不了的,心中了无牵挂。所有人都用后一种方式长大。  There are two ways of growing up in our world:  One is to get the grasp of it, another is to forget what you could not understand, free your heart from the burden.  Everyone uses the latter method to grow up.

Nice summer adult reads.


匆匆那年/ Cong Cong Na Nian/Back in Time

Sohu is behind this ambitious project, webdrama is produced along the movie.  For the movie, Eddie Pang and Ni Ni are the leads, both young actors I love, the book is highly recommended in this genre, on my to read list so long it is stretching to the moon.  Five friends growing up in the 80s, young angsty romance, totally up my alley if done right.   PD is trustworthy, responsible for 将爱情进行到底/ Cherish Our Love Forever in 1998 launching the arguably first ever C romance trendy and the careers of Li YaPeng and Xu JingLei (more on the talented actress/director later)

And the drama looks fresh and breezy free of the usual cringeworthy kitschy pretentious tryingtoohard ‘chic’ of the Meteor weather thingies.  The young actors all look unique and charming like real youngsters.    Bonus for me, the leading young man 杨玏 is a facetwin of Yuan LOVERBOY Hong.  See for yourself.

This is trying out the formula of weekly drama,  showing only an episode a week for 16 weeks and at sohu exclusively when C drama audience is used to 3, 4 eps a night every night and a full length drama is marathoned live in 2, 3 weeks.  This needs a lot of luck changing viewing habits.  Even if the hottie does not get his break with this, he is the second lead in the much talked about Silent Separation, Cruel Romance…etc…the slew of mediocre CN Harlequins adapts catching the train to bombard new hurts in my brain. Keep an eye on this young guy, he totally has the chops to steal the shows under the flaring nostrils of the bigger name leading men.


《有一个地方只有我们知道》/Somewhere Only We Know

Kris! Wu! …I know the least about the Big!Deal out of all breathing females on earth, I still can’t remember face (and is he recognizable w/o all the products?!)  Senile, and demented iz me, perhaps.  Nah.  Will never be my cuppa.  So what is making me droolz and bother to write is Miss PD Xu Jinglei, sharing the title of Four Dan Actresses along with Zhou Xun, Zhang ZiYi and Zhao Wei.  Other than ZW, I am or have grown into a huge fan and regarded them brilliant in their craft.  ZJL is a natural, and perhaps the most understated true all-rounded artist of the 4some.  An arthouse muse, good writer, with 5 other solid movies she’s directed under her belt, a magazine she is the creator and editor of, took years off traveling the world after a swirl at Cannes and became one of the most popular blogger in CN back in the days.  So any brainchild of hers, is quality ensured imo, something I keep an eye on.  Wang Shuo is a sharp writer known as the godfather of CN ‘thud literature’ and has gifted us some marvelous work such as 阳光灿烂的日子 as a scriptwriter.  Cinematography is the lovely TW master Mark Lee Ping Bin of my favorite movies from my fav auteurs:  In the Mood of Love, Three Times, Dust in the Wind, Summer Snow, After This Our Exile…… and they have collaborated together in A Letter from an Unknown Woman, a respectable work by PD Xu, re-adapting the 1948 Joan Fontaine classic.  This movie has a solid PD, a sharp writer and a marvelous dream of a cinematographer, and Prague!  lets hope the relative newbies won’t wash it all down the Danube.

Can’t say this OTP looks terribly promising with Kris deadly focused on boyband smizing and screaming with his eyes to Look! At! ME! ONLYME! with the picture structured to have his fandom cutting out the leading lady and have Kris all to their pleasure.  But everyone deserves a breakout as a newbie if they are good enough.  He is getting all the nicest help one can ask. Lets see.  Surprise me!

《白发魔女传之明月天国》/ White Hair Demoness

Finally this has a firm premiere date of lunar July 7th, CN Valentine’s Day. Oh My pretty hammy darlings!  I want HXM and FBB to be cast in any drama/movie together till forever, both have just enough acting chops to earn his/her keep, ridiculously scorching my eyes pretty and sorely lacking much romantic chemistry with anyone, too busy in love with their own selves on screen.  Pitch these two together, so they can cancel out the smarmy and viola, this could work!

绣春刀/ Brotherhood of Blades


Much better ShiShi!!!!  After the trauma I have suffered through watching you forcing meaningless tears perpetually like torture in BBJQ.  I need this bad so I can like you again.

Have an exciting teaser!

《新娘大作战》/Bride Wars

A chick flick I most probably can’t look away.  They are seriously remaking Bride Wars (eh. Why?!) gather 3 of my fav things:  Ni Ni, Zhu YaWen (gosh, yummy voice hottie is EVERYWHERE) and Chen Xiao.  I do not mind Angelababy being a pretty vase here surrounded by all these talented beautiful things who can act.   Is this material worth it?!?! !   HELL.  No.


But NiNi and AB are So cute already! 

Yeahb I will ship them.  I can ship Zhu YaWen and Chen Xiao easy!

AHHH I already love the chemistry in the air between ZYW and NN very very much!  And I think CZ and AB looks cute together.

CX, bigsis have a word, can you BURN all your clothes and platformed sneakers!?!??!?!  Proportions? These pants you love make ur legs even stubblier baby. This should be a trendy romcom and your clothes and my eyes do not get along.



7 thoughts on “In the Candy Store I Dive

    1. AB is actually quite short ~160cm. Do not read into CN idols’ official ht and age too much. Zhu YaWen’s official ht is 180cm, same with ChenXiao and that can’t be true, CX is clearly an inch shorter. NiNi is said to be 170cm, about right, AB officially is 168cm. But take a look at her heels, actually stilts, extremely painful torture devices looking, 15cm+ easy, if her height was real, she should be taller than ZYW.

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