Friday Pretty Post

My bleeding heart, I will forever remember that young teenager with bright determined eyes on the bench of Real Madrid

And Don’t FANDOM, I can’t. Let it go.  Do not feed my craycray head, spazzing you are loving Iker and YH because they are facetwins (but they are, yes I so have a type!)  And tempt YH the Derp to be so Virgo whining at the highest compliment why is the fangirl picking a pic of him that is too girly according to him.

And C Ronaldo. I grew into his fan only last few years. To stay top of his game as time is chipping away youth, growing his list of injuries, he just works harder, day in day out, hundreds and thousands of kicks in training whem it is not absolutely necessary, ruthless to himself, not to prove anything, nor to gain goodwill, but just be in most passionate love staying with this game. Not the greatest player, nor the brightest, but age has its lessons and he learned them as diligently, i cant help but notice him growing a brain, on top of his madskills that can’t be all God’s gift this stage of his career. He is an inspirational model of very hard work does pay off. And most earnest of all, stay the same emo whiny crybaby boy, true to himself. You should be proud. TY CR!

Lesigh. Fanart for Xin YiWu’s 许我向你看 are popping up, still wont stop crushing me. It’s been forever since we’ve heard a movie and a drama is going to be in production but last week or so, things start bubbling again and many share my dreamcast of TangWei and YuanHong, including the author herself and her editor.  Too bad, this is not how casting rolls there: Loverboy has no box office clout AT ALL, and TangWei is an A-lister; it would be odd to see her roaming back to dramaland although we have ZhouXun in Red Sorghum and ZhaoWei in a C modern about tiger moms.  This is the XYW’s novel that absolutely slayed me, and no one else would do it justice other than these two, i am firm on this one.   Imo out of the numerous CN romance novel adaptations floating out there, her books are easiest to make decent dramas out of, with more complicated characters and convoluted plots, succinct prose and dialogues that can be easily lifted off pages straight into the script than the usual. This won’t happen soon, not until they have finalized the To Our Youth That is Fading Away drama casting.  I desperately am begging for YangZi (Battle of ChangSha) or Wang XiaoChen (Honey Bee Man), they both will fit our heroine Zheng Wei perfectly as described by author and lend a freshness to the usual, tiresome screen OTP coupling.  HuGe is rumored to be a contender for Lin Jing  and 罗晋 / Luo Jin may be our Chen Xiaozheng.  I can live with these guys, way better, suitable actors than the horrible movie adapt, fact.   But of course if up to me, I would have Loverboy playing one of them.  I think him and HuGe can nail either one of the duo.   AND just let me dream up every chance of HG and YH working together and the most delicious BTS drama more entertaining than the real deal.


I have taken a peek at the Tong LiYa and Jerry Yan’s super dogblood C angstfest Unforgettable Love /戀戀不忘 based on the potboiler novella 无爱承欢.  Rationally, if you are a fan of all the super predictable angsty C romance tropes, this haz it ALL.  A one night stand a few years ago, bun in the oven for girl crushing the devilish cold prince big boss and for some reason our TallRichHandsomeCruelBoss has no recollection of the romp. Years later the toddler gets bloody injured, Boss is the only one to carry boy to hospital ->blood transfusion ->rare blood type -> oops he is the daddy and he suddenly must have child, forcefully taking the boy from his Mother, our heroine.  There will be lots of bricks falling on our heroine, lawsuits so forth during which they will fall in love against pride and judgment.  Guy2 will be the doting lawyer.  You get the drift.  Gosh, JY is still hopelessly stiff and clueless an actor, on top of the dated chia pet toupee hair and…getting older, gaunt and much less pretty *izveryshallow*.  The production value is just very shabby and dated.   What a frustration when YaYa is about as gorgeous and perfect a decent actress for this genre yet her sparring partner is not doing it.  Contemporary or Revolutionary periods casting peeps:  Look, I’ve found your leading man:

Please just seriously, give me a YH+YaYa angsty OTP.  Think about the matchy gorgeousness!

lol Loverboy is sooooo pudgy in Young Detective Dee his meanie fangirl cap this snerking he is even more rounded and prosperous looking than Buddha behind him.

I have not checked Young Detective Dee out yet, all time devoted to be a hardcore World Cup fan.  By all accounts this is mediocre but watchable, Bosco is a pleasant surprise fitting in the C period milieu very well considering his forte is HK trendies and this being his first leading role in such.  Ma TianYu is the prettiest thing in it, and there is much slashy goodness all around between Bosco’s Det. Dee, Ma’s Yuan Fong and our moonfaceYH Emperor Tang GaoZong.

This is what he throws at Bosco:

That’s how they are eyesmexing speaking , ‘Your King can only be less worried with someone like you Det. Dee by my side, all the time.’

Or how the OT3 eyesmex each other , all the time.  This time to the line, ‘He puts on a disguise to get a glimpse of your dragon face, Your Highness.’

Tony LiYa has wrapped up her filming on the set of Ordinary World:

and as a parting gift she gives us a vid she directed of sweetie Loverboy being too adorable saying his goodbye to his pretty sista in law:  He is begging under her weibo to please play his love interest in something, anything.  M!T!E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It must be so touching for Mr PD when his high school teacher visits him on his set, critiquing, acknowledging his work on this seminal classic, telling him he is making Teach proud.  AWWW!

Loverboy’s OTP in Ordinary World Annabel Li is so cute:

Well well well.  Guess what!!!!!! there is new sliver of hope we will get to see Hua Xu Yin before year end afterall!!  Always a good sign new stills are triggering out, new articles fresh in the press.  Things are looking up especially when an insider working at the cable channel sent out a weibo marveling at the insane heartpain editing the raw, crying her hearts out, working on a scene of SongNing.
They must be feverishly getting drama cut to size stoking SARFT’s approval to air.

There is also wind a 3D movie Hua Xu Yin/九州·华胥引 is in the works, directed by Gordan Chan.  I do not care about the PD, but that is not stopping me chanting me wants LYF+HuGe as JunFu and XiaoLan, YuanHong+JiangXin as duh SA and SN, WallaceH+TangYan for 13 Moon.  GIMME!  Scriptwriter is 胡非子, with the well-received family drama 家,N次方 to his credit.

A Fan-ship I want to see on my screen very bad and I am not alone! I want leeching of the HongShi ridiculous chemistry meshing with how SS and LYF has very similar screen presence of limited skills… translating into sizzling OTP cuteness on my screen between these two.

If Xiao LongNu time traveled to 2014.

Finally!!! LYF is on everyone’s top of the list period beauty, but she never dresses right in RL, till lately!

Now that LYF is trying to stretch her repertoire, doing not one but two angsty romance movies with first Rain (not my cuppa in the pretty dept) then Song SeungHeon (my ultimate talentless Hallyu allergy)  Can we take a break and reconsider?!  These vehicles need insane palpitating chemistry to get it going, C and K actors collaboration has been disasters with the critics and audience.  If a more capable ZZY, an oozing natural talent Cecilia Cheung and a Jang Dong Gun can not make a Dangerous Liaison work, and LYF has negligible chemistry with almost everyone she has worked with, even without the language barrier, I doubt her upcoming potboilers of very questionable source material to begin with won’t be flops.  There are so many willing and ready leading men in the C talent pool, a HuGe for one, a Liu Ye, a Deng Chao, even a Yuan Hong can make it work better.

OTOH, I think it is smart of Kim TaeHee ( I like her) to attempt a C period supporting role, the costumes, the set can be aid in convincingly portraying a character and period speech is easier to immerse in. With the dubbing, it should not be too hard to master mouthing the lines if you put in the hard work and TaeHee was surprisingly delightful in her first saguek drama outing.  And it has a lot to work with, and thus safer a bet with diligence.  A contemporary can have an intangible hair off and all the nuances, tone will fail.  Here she is on the set of Sage of Calligraphy Wang Xi Zhi:

Zaizai as TonyLeung (I kid not!)


Song Jia and Huang Le are doing a drama together! ! !

Hello Gorgeous!

Hihi~!  Tony Yang

OH HELLO CAPTAINPRETTY ROY QIU!!  I have no idea what this is for, only I WANT!!!!


I can watch 16 hours of Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin dancing like dorks:

LEt alone doing all these things in Its Okay That’s Love!  JIS should always be in a shocking pink suit.

Fangirl duty dictates I will watch every writer Noh’s drama, however little I can stand it, even when she seems to be set on aping Hong Sis (Argh) and Kim Eun Suk (ARGHH!)  I have no desire to even check out a Kdrama anything since Secret Affairs, gosh I am counting in unit of months now how long I’ve weened myself.  Better not disappoint me further Kdrama, I am scorned as is.

A head’s up.  This silly blog is going to be Battle of ChangSha loonieville in 18 days.   In the mean time, relax, strut pretty like a WH, then JUDGE ON!

New stills are out, WallacePrettyHuo and I assume the rest of the brilliant lovely cast will make an appearance in a few days to promote the official airing on CCTV:

methinks all guys should get himself a long coat ready, it’s surely in vogue with my hotties:

The awesome actor 任程伟 Ren ChengWei is a tenured thespian of the prestigious National Theatre of China.  He plays our Brother in Law Xue Jun Shan in Battle of Changsha to perfection, hands down my favorite character and acting job.  He is a prankster in RL, taunting if the ratings get kicking he would leak out embarrassing chummy goofy photos of himself and WH on set.  The world needs those.  I am going to set tv to stream CCTV those 4 hours a day.

And the other day, at a function, he suddenly heard a young boy calling him PaPa Xue, as he turned around it was TAIPING!!!  His baby son in the drama, now a 5 yo toddler, but still so sweet recognizing his ‘daddy’ off the bat.  Mr Ren admits his eyes got misty.  AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!  Excuse me while I go cry a good while.

If I am WallacePretty, these are my faces for I have trudged through QSHF in blood and tears.  It was an utmost fangirl torture, the deepest end.  Don’t ever do this to me WH!  I now demand all my pretty men to stay away from 1) yuma 2) SuperMarySue Ruby.  Especially #2 because she will pile on the real pretty men everywhere I look and I can’t quit, stuck spitting blood at almost yuma equivalent stupidest plot.

I was sooo pissed off sticking with it till the torrid end in hope TY will eventually be given more to do, but darn it how he is wasted, angsting sooo spot on fine and hot for his LianChing.  it is not right.  I will forever bear a grudge Ruby.  *RAWR!*

7 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post

    1. Lol i have to lump it in its own guilty pleasure group. I cant stop everything and stare minutes on end droolzing.

      I hope though once this gets proper airing the other marvelous actors will get more love though…i want many many Sis/BiL mvs to slay me through and through

  1. I loved all the pretties in this post as usual. I’m glad Hua Xu Yin still has hope! *W*
    …..And I thought your blog was already crazy for BOC? 😛

    1. You’ve seen nothing yet my friend haham there is still no HD out and i am planning to rewatch and spazz every drop of goodness. I have held bk rewatching entirely when i usu get very obsessed and can revisit scenes ad nauseum, not this one because i need to savor it in utmost awesomeness afresh

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