Friday Pretty Post: Wallace Edition

WHxTT shipper me decides to catch up on fan duty and be obsessed over lots and lots of MVs, my silly catnips.

Masterfully cut, every line said, every promise made (a beautiful lady…at the water’s edge; Lay thy hand in mine, lean thy life on mine…etc), we are fed the perfect scene:

Have a medley of songs.  Not my type of music but vid is awesome.

I wish I can quit this song from CP3 but  CANT!

Baixiaoruo is THE wittiest funniest cutest poster over at weibo.   There is not a day I do not burst out laughing and crying lurking at her weibo.  Stealing from her, this is too cute!  I added those little captions in eng:

*hugz sorry we are meanies*

I am slayed by the lyrics of 画情 the song is the best thing out of the disappointing Painted Skin II.   If I can nitpick one thing about my forever perfect crack Battle of Changsha:  I really do not care for the hohum ending song/theme for our OTP’s romance.  Fandom hears my rant and gifts me this fanvid soo good giving me shivers down my spine:

留住你一面 画在我心间

Saving one glance of you, painting it in my heart.

谁也拿不走 初见的画面

No one can take away, the scene when we first met.

Have an MV of WH in Emerald on the Roof:

I do not think Detective Tang Lang is worth such a brilliant marvelous trailer:

10 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: Wallace Edition

    1. What is cishengbuhuan? (My mando is shameful)

      Haha yes, I’ve been giggling at Yangzi joking she was thinking no need to wipe her snot it is all absorbed by Gu’s coat haha she is sucha riot.

      yangzi snot on WH

      And of coz it is precious WH instinctively reached out to wipe for her with his glove. What a sweet guy haha then his anal self hit wincing at his soiled coat. Lol

      1. It’s the mv that you post, saying you can’t quit it. english trans should be something like this lifetime won’t change

        oh u can do img tag in comment? let me try.

                1. nothing interesting la, just handsomeness hahah
                  anyways, i think only admin can insert images in comment.
                  thought it’d be a neat feature to have for regular users too

                  when is battle of changsa press event? want to see him in modern clothes with beautiful hair

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