Happy Birthday Tony Leung

There are no WorldCup matches today.  I am at loss…


It is Mr Tony Leung’s birthday.  Carina posted this at her weibo:

@劉嘉玲  愛不是改變對方,而是在旁守護。生日快樂!  Love is not changing another person, but to cherish him by his side.  Happy Birthday!
It is the perfect day to kick back and lose ourselves in the mindgoggling lovely fansite for Happy Together:  http://www.happytogether.cn

Tony Leung, smoking, singing a song named 花样年华 ‘In the Mood of Love’

At the memorial concert marking 10 years since we lost Anita 2013.12.

I am darn sure this MV has no concept, no art direction, just PD pointing a camera at Tony for about 4 mins and insert Jeon Do Yeon from another MV they did… and I still can’t look away.

What they can do with much more time and the usual Korean MV indulgence:

I have posted this before but I have a habit of rewatching this every year his birthday:



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tony Leung

  1. STAHPPP! Don’t….
    Love this guy, and this post. This collection of golden things, I’m literally trying not to howl. TT__TT

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