Day -12 : The Battle of ChangSha Wait

I have never witnessed this kind of anticipation for a drama about to air on CCTV, which is the equivalent of public broadcasting, that my WL is ALL spamming about it.   In a week the cast should make an appearance officially for the presscon/meetgreet promoting the broadcast.   Most of us super rabid fans tolerated the horrible blurry LQ and I bet all of us is counting down the day we can rewatch this incredible drama in superHD.

Fans are also invited to the event, but there are limited tickets of admission, good for all the drama’s weibo has set up a contest of fanarts, lucky, talented winners will get to meet the cast (hopefully the entire ensemble) in a week!  Can WH and BiL show up in uniforms pretty please!? 😍

[credit on pic; thanks to the original poster!]

A song composed by a fan for BoC:




2 thoughts on “Day -12 : The Battle of ChangSha Wait

  1. i just want HD episodes so i can screenshot the heck out of the drama omg
    much anticipation
    such wait
    so amaze

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