Day-11: The Battle of ChangSha Wait

From a pampered feisty without a care of the world teenager to a poised young lady holding up her whole family on her tiny shoulders, we watch along this marvelous coming of age of XiangXiang so masterfully told and acted she is family. After a few episodes, we all cry her tears, flutters her butterflies in stomach, feel every shattering of our own heart as hers breaks, we cry happy tears as she gets little breaks of joy and hope, we cry buckets the rest with just a few on her cute cheeks.

It’s hard for XiaoMun to carry his twin sister XiangXiang on his…

那天的云是否都已料到 所以脚步才轻巧

The cloud that day must have knew, that was why its steps were tender…

以免打扰到 我们的时光 因为注定那么少
…to not disturb.  Our time together, fated to be so little.
风 吹着 白云飘 你到那里去了
Wind…is blowing.  White clouds drifting…where are you?

想你的时候 喔 抬头微笑 知道不知道

When I miss you…ah~  I will lift my head and smile…do you know or not?



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