Day -8: The Battle of ChangSha Wait

AHHHH XiangXiang and XiaoMun are already in Beijing, ready for the official presscon in 2 days. They bumped into each other at the airport, eating some KFC!!! *sobs* it makes my heart swelling up several sizes just thinking if the Hu twins are born 70 years later, that is exactly sth so mundane they would do all the time yet not aware of how precious it is.  :~~~~~)

haha Yang Zi is sucha cute klutzy thing in RL, she lets us know she was so focused and nervous reminding herself to be absolutely serious and proper on the set the first few days of filming she keeps falling on her feet in nerves…haha and WH just continues with the scene, as PD did not utter ‘cut’.  I remember reading somewhere WH is pretty good with not causing NGs with giggle fits, but not against her.  I am so happy we have bts leaked out before the broadcast, I would keep them handy just to compensate my crying fits later on.  This is sth worth crying buckets over anyway, but it is cute to know they had a fun time filming such serious scenes:

A dearie has compiled a whole list of BTS here:

白茫茫的一片^顾夫人我心情大好 只是在这个日子里 俺的清明哪里去了^^现场只有秀秀和小满…………[雪][雪][雪]而且还一直吵吵着中午吃什么饭 本来很浪漫的一天就这样子被毁掉了[泪][泪][泪]

White winter wonderland today! Mrs. Gu myself is in a very good mood but where is my Mr. Gu!? ^^ Only XiaoMun and XuXu is around …… and they have been bickering what’s for lunch the whole day, ruining such a romantic occasion!

:~~~~~~~~/ sobbing forever. How we wished life was as simple and ordinary for Mr. and Mrs. Gu, where she would keep the homestead while preggie, waiting for Gu ChingMing to be home from a day’s work……

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