Day -7: The Battle of ChangSha Wait

July 7th marks the 77th anniversary of the Luguo Bridge/Marco Polo Bridge, the very beginning of 8 years of horror under the Japanese invasion. This drama begins a year after the incident, it is still impossible to grasp the scope, predict the devastation, in the denial, in the wishful thinking…in the blinding hope to be the lucky few. Four major battles led to bloodshed in ChangSha in the years covered in the drama from 1938 – 1944.  It was the strongest front held by both sides, largest in scope and scale, most soldiers lost.

Students in NanKing visited 30 veterans from the war, their age are ranging from 89 to 100 years old now.  In the days since the interviews, 2 of them passes on.  To quote from one of them, “我们不怕死,就怕被你们遗忘……  We are not afraid to die, we fear you would forget.”

The most retweeted weibo from a writer commemorating:

今天七月七日,一大早老婆就和岳父母带着孩子去了新家忙装修的事情了,我则在家里一个人安静的上网、码字。因为 是上班时间,小区里很安静,只有隔着一个小区的建筑工地里偶尔传来轰鸣声,以及远处主干道上隐约的汽车喇叭声。微博上大家在讨论着世界杯、变4……我想这 就是77年前那场战争的意义吧。
Today is July 7th, bright early my wife took my child and her parents to check on the renovation on the new home.  I stayed home a quiet morning, surfing the web, typing my words.  Everyone is at work, my neighborhood is very quiet, the only noise are the clash and bang from the construction site a block from me and the distant honking of cars from the highway.  We are discussing the World Cup, Transformers 4 on weibo…… and I am thinking, this is exactly the meaning of that war 77 years ago.



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