Day -6: The Battle of ChangSha Wait

Well. I just watched THE game that is going down in history as the shocker that stunned the world.  O___O

I bet everyone is betting real money on GER to win it all things considered prior to game, sentimentally it’s a toss up, I am for BRA, they are the underdog who we now all know have little frightened kittens inside everyone of them unable to keep any composure under distress and I am genuinely in fear of the mayhem, the insanity, the riots that may be spurred by some extreme fanatics with a country so frenzied about this game.  I shall have faith in human grace, in winning and losing…  and pray we can keep the cool after lots of crying and sambaing whatever it takes and move on.  If there is this ONE human being, a gambler, that bet on this score and is now filthy rich, I want to chat with you.  O___O THIS score!!!!!!!!!!  and they are not suddenly playing American football?!

So I will keep this new silly ritual of mine going, if I am allowed one thought, one line. on Battle of ChangSha what will it be?!


At a certain point watching this drama, I am certain the only thought in your head would be, your own voice, screaming at the top of your lungs‘ Gu Ching Ming, I want to bear you children.’  incessantly.  And no, you are not going nuts, that is the most natural thought a lot of viewers dropped written in public, as a review of drama and it is shared by all of us, sometimes out loud.

ETA: at the presscon, there is this HUGE banner of the exact words, to quote:

Commander Gu, I want to have your child

Geez. Bebes this will get on CCTV, your grandmamas are gonna see this.

The BoC presscon is in hours, needless to say I can not WAIT!! What a hot potatoh is our WH these days, just finishing off the meetcute with the press for Ming Doctress in costume, bringing along a new trailer.

And I have another shocker:

WTF is this hair?!????????????????????????????

Gr. My mind implodes, to justify this, you have to be in your hot uniform AND that cap meeting us all, ok?!  I won’t take ANYTHING else that is NOT covering this up.  Take a Hint:

 Is this current haircut done, gloating stylist on the left?!?  Because if I was right there witnessing this, I would’ve grapped your clipper and all off it knowing WH looks his best when hair is kept very simple or even bald.

At this point, this could break some records of how many fanvids can be cut out of a 20sth min trailer:

Love this song for my mood music of the day from the MV, Faye Wong’s 彼岸花/Lycoris

-When the flowers of Lycoris bloom, their leaves would have fallen; when their leaves grow, the flowers would have wilted.  (fr wiki)

看见的  Have seen.

熄灭了 Has extinguished

消失的  Has vanished

记住了 Is on mind.







13 thoughts on “Day -6: The Battle of ChangSha Wait

  1. Shivers. Down my spine.

    I’m very tempted to grab this when and if it comes available and watch it even without subs and not being able to understand a word. It looks truly epic. The score is so lovely yet haunting. Cor, I have goosebumps!

    1. This is so seriously gd, it is worth crying eyes out for. This is not too dialogue heavy, no archiac speech, so it shouldn’t be too impossible to follow along, but im sure WH’s international fanclub will work on the subs, they r awesome, they even subbed his very cringeworthy wuxia period drama 58 sth eps! I bow to them! I’ll definitely keep u posted if i heard of anything sub-wise for this gem!

  2. WH in RL does whatever he wants right? doesn’t give a — about anything. LOL! It looks cool on him though I prefer the 2013 hairstyle when he promote swordsman. Thought blonde din’t look good on him and now this. Where’s his hat or beanie? He always has it on so yea, wear a beanie to the press conference hon…

    1. He does right?!?! haha he is such a grumpy ojisan/old uncle, as stubborn and nagging as can be. I rem reading him nagging his fangirls to not just be a couch potato at home without makeup and not a care about the appearance when I have never seen him not looking like a hobo in oversized sweats and fugly wifebeaters prancing around the set or at WenDian.

  3. lol the game
    such gamble
    much win
    im wondering how much money did that person bet on 1:7 with GER winning lol

    1. It goes down as the most tragic game I’ve ever watched. Seriously i was evilly hounding a few friends setting alarm to wake up second half and bug them for theor reaction first thing. haha just read the dude was drunk when he made the bet and now he is 1.3 million euros wealthier.

  4. 1st goal – to be expected
    2nd goal – what is going to become of this game???!
    3rd goal – officially sick with indescribable emotions
    4th goal – not even a brazilian but I had to stop there for fear of insomnia. I couldn’t continue from that point onwards bc it was just to painful to watch. I’m not a brazil fan but even I FELT horrible and felt like crying not because they were going to lose, but bc I was just imagining how the players would’ve felt during the game and still needing to continue to be humiliated in front of the entire nation. They had it tough:((

    And then I think…I wonder how it’d turn out if Germany (a team I really dislike for no particular reason) had to face Costa Rica instead LOL

    1. It was like witnessing a horror show and so unbelievable is when u r typing, shocked, at the social media on yet another goal, chance was another popped in again and again… gosh!

      Still without Silva, Neymar they shouldn’t be playing like little girls just hit collectively with their first massive menstrual pain attack, wtf is this loss of marbles?! It is not that unbelievable GER would score first and score a few, they should be prepared to play as underdog, not some fake demigods dragged diwn their altars.

    2. Haha i also disliked GER all along for their playing style, there is no artistry but just blunt goal oriented, no pun intended. Effective, but not fun to watch as spectators.

    1. I have heard the CCTV HD version would have 38 episodes and earlier it was rumored they would air 4 daunting eps a day?! I will check and confirm! 😀

      1. 4? in a day? Whoa so that’s how they could keep producing 40 50 episodes drama and air it for only two or three weeks… But filming for so long only to air them for two weeks is kinda… Well, it’s great for international fans like me, though, no need to wait for long. Imagine how many months it would take if it air one or two times in a week. Waiting for the good news, thanks

        1. C drama almost always air every day of the week but 4 is lots usu it is 2 to 3 eps, but yes, that is y they can finish airing in a few weeks’ time. It is only lately the cables r trying out other schedules, 2 days a week or weekly, but it has been crowd favs like the idol periods on ths safe side. There is no runaway hit bringing in the ratings yet, Xuan Yuan Sword was a pioneer but that one was too crappy to begin with.

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