Day -5: The Battle of ChangSha Wait

Meet the Press picspam!

I didn’t know WH has dimps!

I do not mind the hair as much, oh it is still fug, but when u have that pretty a face, it really does not matter.

Lol this is too adorbs, so Uncle Huo got himself a hip haircut, perhaps he is a fan of C. Ronaldo or Batoletti, outfit all dandy and in his pocket he carries around this cute mirror of himself he is so sweet to hold it for his Mrs. Gu to check on her lipstick:


I ship them! :

Not like I enjoy beating a dead horse, nor spinning things but what a difference a day make. He looked quite stiff and poker face at the presscon for Ming Doctress yesterday and the reports triggering out is of how aloof and not close he and ShiShi were on set, how unhappy and worn he was, his lower back is injured, blablabla. It is most likely the low brow shenanigans of TR stirring up poop. But it is still a relief he looks so sharp and happy with this crew!

XiaoMun is quite a hottie in real life, actually the cast are all so good looking!

This is ‘Lil Bro’ or XiaoDi one of Commander Gu’s cute underlings. This is his first drama and obviously he did a great job he is asked back for a role in Nirvana on Fire. He is cute too!

WH teared up watching the trailer *hugs* :

Lol BiL made a booboo calling his wifey XiangXiang in the chat, Gu does not miss a beat being territorial pointing him out:

Big sis is sooooo gorgeous exactly the visual of a fine genteel lady she is in drama:

What a Dork:

4 thoughts on “Day -5: The Battle of ChangSha Wait

    1. They are such a good looking ensemble all around!

      It never cease to amaze me how lovely it is you guys can rewatch this ad nauseum with such poor quality vid available. Kudos to you!

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