Day -4: The Battle of ChangSha Wait

 Miss 左小青/Zhao Xiaoqing (Big sis XiangJun) is a local Changshanite, she teared up as she shares  a photobook from her dad, records of the ancient city before the ruins.

Clips are trickling out.  Lesigh.  I do not know what is in the moronic heads of these reporters, of all the interesting things they can chat about they keep stuck up on the kiss, the age difference, calling Wallace a shuai uncle to his dismay he needs to pout and whine out loud, ‘am I this old to you?!’ …and asking him whether he thinks ‘stealing’ the first screen kiss (not true) of YangZi is a ‘perk’, asking YZ whether WH has a girlfriend visiting him on set and vice versa…I feel bad for the totally ignored XiaoMun.  <_<  Just glad they have better much temper than me, I would have gone Godzilla on their heads


8 thoughts on “Day -4: The Battle of ChangSha Wait

  1. What a grumpy ajusshi. Ha!

    All of these interviews where the casts are together, the supporting never really gets any questions. Feel bad for them. :/

    1. Why drag them along being less than a mic plague?! Sigh

      The questions just annoy me to no end, i feel bad for ajusshi, of all his hard earmed achievements they only cares about if he is a perv and sniffing around his love life.

  2. It’s a shame they decided to waste the interview with repetitive questions, I agree about the secondary cast, it would be nice to see Ren Cheng Wei and Niu Jun Feng speak, there characters have just as much screen time…actually I think the drama distributes the screen time between supporting and main cast quite nicely, well for what I’ve seen so far (in the first half).

    1. I was a bit disappointed too much focus is on WH when i am mire a diehard for RCW in the drama. He is a league of his own!

      It did distribute screen time between characters very well, i was a tiny bit impatient when it focused on XiaoMun in the middle just because i was not as terribly intrigued by his character but it was not major. Actually i am much more impressed how it transitioned from different tangents, elements of the story it wants to tell and good with every aspects. This is as much a war drama, a human/family drama, a romance with so many typical shoujo elements yet everything tied in harmoniously contributing to a great whole.

      1. Haha he is such surprise, as an actor and character he is brilliant! His individual scenes and with other cast are always on, and he has such good comical timing, he made Xiang Jun really endearing.

        Yep, it felt a little off when they went on to focus on Xiao Man but as soon as they gave him that arch I didn’t feel as bothered by the tangent because it felt well done. If anything it gave him more to his character as an individual rather than him simply being the twin.

        I’m actually surprised how well they’ve blended in the shoujo tropes with the war theme and elements of family life w/o making it over the top. I wouldn’t even notice the tropes if I wasn’t giggling like an idiot at Xiang Xiang’s methods of interacting with Qing Ming. Some of the very typical stuff that usually makes everyone roll their eyes, is done really subtly and in small increments at a time. The pacing of the drama is one of favourite aspects, the romance doesn’t sit at the forefront of the war either. Given that I didn’t expect much out of this show, it’s pretty darn awesome 🙂

        1. I just rewatched e1 properly in HD. WHAT NIGHT AND DAY in vid quality! Just WH’s face alone needs that. watching it on bilibili haha a commenter says the old copy we all were obsessed over is HighShiz/高翔. lmao.

          The transitions are noticeably better with bits of additional scenes, they added the historical background up front in a short docu.

          TBH what caught my eye right away is we got shoujo ‘interest is pigued!’ trope right off the bat. I wasn’t expecting the OTP to have eye-crossed, sparks flying first thing, and the first episode is truly very sharp and well-paced. They did what I expected to take 3, 4 episodes of setting up in 45 min. Exactly what is stoking me.

          1. Wow is the difference really that noticeable O_O I do wonder how and why the quality varies so drastically based on the tv station though. I only have 6 eps left so I think I’ll finish off with the low quality vers. it would kill me to wait longer to see how it all ends, but might end up re-watching with the newer one. However to be fair, even having only watched the choppier edition it still stands as a great drama which says a lot for the production and quality.

            There’s a docu too? That’s some heavy duty effort, I think the writer of the novel is quite into history of it all as well, I think towards the run up to the airing she was posting a lot of pictures of Changsha during that era and facts. It’s nice to see people really do their research and put it out in a way that makes it easier to digest.

            There was another thing I wanted fangirl actually (lol I come with a list) the music! The series has such pretty bg music! I’m so glad they didn’t overuse the title song, I really hope somebody uploads it somewhere. It’s really enhances some of the scenes subtly and isn’t overbearing.

            I can’t seem to get into PC, I’m not even finding it addictive. I’ve been stuck on ep 12 for about 2 wks and no amount of Wallace and Tang Yan makeout scenes is making it more appealing. Their otp interactions feel more comedic than romantic, so it doesn’t feel that compelling…I think I’m just a sucker for a bit of angst in my romances.

            1. This is first aired on tiny local channels, sometimes the channels transmissions are not HD to begin with, so when vid trickles out, it’s even worse, the quality. But I am totally with you, I am watching this for the story/writing foremost. This is the first time I have seen a drama much better than the original novel (not saying the novel is bad, but every tweak they did in the adaptation is spot on ingenious, this is one tight, terrific writer team exact opposite of PC and I will credit the amazing PD at the helm, he must have an influence) It is quite noticeable they added and subtracted scenes, I wished they only add on scenes, I loved the first one so much I can not part with any scene on the chopping board now.

              Not docu per se, they just added a short narration by XX of the background, with historical footage inserted, not even a min.

              The writer (of both novel and drama) is a local CSnite herself, and she dedicated the original novel to her Grandmother. She has been writing little extra vignettes of the BoC characters in her weibo, ’tis lovely!

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