First Look at Ordinary World

I did it again, guys.  My Loverboy posts just have to come in twos, hours apart.

Mr PD 毛卫宁 posted a first teaser for Ordinary World, a rough cut he did for the SH drama festival when the drama was still in the middle of filming and I am dumbfounded by its awesome while crying.  Have tissues ready.  I am only half way through the millions of word in the epic seminal novel, but this looks, breathes, feels, sounds, evokes… everything so authentic I am weeping happy relieved tears on top.  Writer Lu Yao narration is inserted in the teaser. He should be smiling down upon a fine work they have painstakingly done.

Have I seen Yuan Hong this terrific?  Have YOU?  Remember the days we horrible fangirls made endless fun of his crying memes in BBJX.  It has forever gone. He is screaming bold and loud with his every scene at the top of the Loess Plateau he has arrived at the peak of his game.

Have a short and spot on book  review the poster translated to English himself from Lu Yao’s baidu bar.

All the awesome screencaps and gifs are from @嘚吧嘚是疯长的野草 *ThankYou~*




15 thoughts on “First Look at Ordinary World

    1. I hurriedly post it right before bed last night watching it mute as Mr. PD suddenly surprised us all, and i woke up first thing to watch it properly…… gosh tears r flowing. This exceeds my expectation and it was ridiculously high already.

  1. Niiiice, when will this air? anyway, mookie, have you watched a war themed taiwanese drama called ‘Home/Hui Jia’ with Vic Zhou? If you have, what do you think of it?

    1. It is said to be end of year, i have not look into what bought the rights but if CCTV (very likely), we will get firm confirmation, presscon, the likes even bigger deal than Battle of Changsha… the book is as seminal a classic as it gets.

      I have not watched Hui Jia, should I? I have a soft spot or ZaiZai in rl, but as an actor, he bores me terribly, the only thing he did not put me to sleep was Black and White.

      1. Honestly i don’t know haha I haven’t watched it either, am praying earnestly for eng sub to finally see the light of the day. I found so little from international fans, the only resource I could get anything about it was from asianfanatic and a bit from koalasplayground. It received well reviews by Taiwanese’s critics and got bunch of awards, but I wasn’t so sure. Was it their first war themed drama? If it was, then you know how new stuffs tend to be overhyped~

        1. Ok i will give it a try and let u know. i doubt it is my thing though because my taste and the TW audience/critics r normally opposites (i hated In Time With You and Ariel’s job in it for one). I have out there taste, but if it flail even me, it should be scrumptious because depressing war drama is the last thing i enjoy watching unless they r worth every drop of my tears and heartbreak.

          1. Mookie,
            Have you heard of Qing Ding San Sheng? I haven’t seen it yet, but heard it’s a good drama.

            1. I have…but the synopsis read very schizophrenic angsty crazy. I love my dramas very understated, and melo romance usually makes very little sense to me.

              1. Bravo! It is very well received fr the critics as well, just slightly disappointed ratings wise. It also was quite frustrating for me or I bet loyal fans of novel since they DOD rewrite and put too much emphasis on BigBro as the actor himself is a bigger name to force a lead on the character when the younger brother should be the core/axis/soul of the epic tale. That was quite a bummer.

    1. @Peanuts: a major correction, the literary epic is spanning from mid 70s to 80s instead of merely in the 80s. Drastically different era where they r still living in the brainwashing onslaught of cultural revolution and just at the brink of the open door policy of Deng Xiao Ping triggering the growth in the 90s and so on. It was an entirely different Ordinary World just a few years of discrepancy.

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