Friday Pretty Thing: Yuan Hong

….from your cheating fanwifey. LOL

He said he wants the song 《My Rifle,My Pony and Me》 to accompany this pic.

Gonna hang my sombrero
on the limb of a tree
Coming home sweet my darling
just my rifle pony and me

I am refreshing my feed expecting when his snarky fangirls to wake up and PS a HuGe to his back and we have their version of BrokeBack Mountain.

ETA: yup

We all know he is just asking for a reply such as @我的偶像是二逼: I wish I knew how to quit u[叶子]

New notches of awesome my perfect Loverboy has shown the world:

PD of Princess JieYou posted a weibo on an update on the drama, the crew has officially got the blessing from the honchos at CCTV for the start of production on location at 多伦草原, the closest inner Mongolia prairie 6 hours drive from Beijing.  A fangirl replied under his weibo she is looking forward to YH, PD has a praise for the guy:  Passionate/caring and loyal, an actor with a fine taste in his art.

Whenever he lets his fingers run loose on social commentary, he will get his share of stabbing from non-fans.   A hotheaded fangirl urges him to rest more and talk less especially on these sensitive issues so peeps with nothing better to do can’t spin his words out of context.  Someone snarked at his fangirl would YH listen and thank her?!  He won’t see it, and he won’t care about her concern.  The dude went on being nasty saying the fangirl is the one who has nothing better to do and is a Bietard for YH.

I have never seen YH talking back to the meanies stabbing him, but he speaks out for a little fangirl of his saying, ‘How do you know I can’t see it?   Why do you say I won’t care about her concern?  Do not say things unsubstantiated.  @fangirl  I read it.  Thank you :)’

If you are his writer friend, send him your new book, chance is he would be so enthusiastically promoting it for you for free with his pants off (literally):


Because he is a sweetheart, he got a present of pricey sneakers from the bf of his ladybff SunXiaoXiao whom he kissed a lot on screen in Love Trouble to the bf’s dismay:

His just wished his playmate Ma TianYu a happy birthday posting some scenery p0rn and a pic they took with Miss Sun probably on the set of Yound Detective Dee

Perhaps all because he is seen playing soccer quite well with badfitting shoes that will fall off his feet:

:O~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FANGIRLS! REMEMBER YELUXIE AND OUR PANTIES?!?! NOT ALL GONE!!!!  The hotness is BACK.  He is on location, on the tundra reporting in for Princess JieYou, and did I mention he is preening at his ridiculous hottest?!?!?

This is from his insta, to quote him, ‘ A time.  A place.  Suddenly you realize, you actually belong here.’

Whenever he properly waxes poetry, his fandom will cover the derpy end, many replied, ‘Note to Self:  Time to grow a pasture, you never know when suddenly a Yuan Hong will trespass and said he belongs HERE.’  And ‘I am a pasture, FYI YH’. lol, they are so soo cute and very wise sages. Here he is on another patch of grass:

Watch out Loverboy, I am pretty sure some of your cuckoo fangirls will seriously kidnap you like a cattle on the back of a truck, luring you with a few peaches and they will succeed:

I will make her willingly, wholeheartedly my woman.

Yes, we will and we miss you, you hopelessly romantic baddie!

ETA 2: AHHHHHH first sneakpeak of how he and his OTP looks in Princess JieYou!  Just like our little Wolfie YLX 10 years later!

We miss you playing a dandy dashing devilish period princeling too!  There are fangirls still using his YangKang as screensaver.   Talk about loyalty.  Wow:


Fanart of the week:


This awesome fangirl has PS’d HongShi as the OTP in 玉簟秋.  Typical Manguo romance of poor girl and rich prince of a powerful general, fated to fall in love in the chaos.  The drama adaptation is already sold to 浙江梦幻星生园, the company is working on the TongHua drama 抓住彩虹的男人/ Cage of Love (argh, does not sound nor look good) atm, so this may be a while when casting rumor starts spinning.  I think SS’s withdrawn, genteel aura on screen matches the revolutionary era well and I have set my mind she only has palpable dependable chemistry with YH.  And this is happening so often I truly wished it would come true at last:  The writer LOVES it as she stated in a reply: /@灵小希:哇,网友智慧无限,太有心了,真漂亮,好意境#玉簟秋#  WAH!  The wit of the netizen is boundless, this is too lovely, very beautiful, so very poetic!

See how lovely?  And so I flipped through a few chapters of the romance novella, it’s a guilty pleasure and yes, the fangirls are right, YH is a perfect choice.

I doubt I will ever live to see a HongShi collaboration ever, not until Kboss is out of play in the next few then (and after that they will be too old), these are a all lovely manguo pairings I am begging to happen, esp OT3s of  YH x NancyWu x Bosco,  YHx Liu YiFei x HuGe and YH x YangYong x ChenXiao.

He did get to spend some time with his buddies for a few days:

Too bad he was in the heat of filming Ordinary World to attend his bff’s wedding in Paris.  haha HOW much is he loved when his snarky fangirls PS’d him right there:

So, Ordinary World has finished filming:

I LOVE seeing him having fun smiling on the set 🙂

More stills:


I am hopeful we get to see this towards the end of the year and this will be terrific!
He dedicated this song to the romance of him and his OTP 少平和晓霞/ShaoPing and XiaoXia:  the MV has a young ZhouXun:

我毫无保留的爱过你    I have loved you without abandon

给我的永不会忘记   I will never forget what you have given me

失去的我曾拥有多幸运   How lucky I am to have once own what I have lost.

在你最美丽时  At your most beautiful time of your life
竟让我遇见你   Oddly, allowed me to meet you.
于是便爱上你   And I fall in love with you.

我爱你,再见   I love you, goodbye.


And I dedicate this song by same singer songwriter Pu Shu back to my Lil Red Flower:


And now there is only overgrowth of weeds, no flower.

Good that I have had you in my Spring Autumn, Winter and Summer.
她们都老了吧 她们在哪里呀 
They are getting old, where are they now?
Happiness is, I have been there by their side as they bloomed.

Teaser for the movie 杠上开花 is out hahahahhaha the comedy is done in the WuHan dialect.  I have not a clue what he said hahahahahaha.




17 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Thing: Yuan Hong

  1. I have always thought that Yuanni cheri takes after his mom lookwise.
    OMG you killed me with the Yelu xie pic and I am all for Yuan Hong with Nancy Wu and I am sooooooo in for Yuan Hong with Liu Yi Fei, Jiang Xin, Ady An, Fan Bing Bing, Kate Tsui :DD please !!!

    1. i have no idea how his Mom and Dad looks, why the comment? He does not look like his Mom no more?

      I just need to see all his hard work, all his dramas done and shelved i need to see them no matter the crap.

      Out of ur list i do not think he matches well with FBB, she needs someone like HXM, as egoistically in love with their own screen presence. Loverboy would be devouref alive by FBB on screen.

      Haha u know i am not a fan of Kate because of her plastic and OTT so we would have to agree to disagree. I have not seen Ady impressing me in anything.

      1. I just imagine he takes his mom eye :p

        That’s why I want him with Fanny darling. She will push him and this will be a challenge for him to ‘love’ the beauty 😀 . I love Fanny with Nic Tse also.

        I love Kate Tsui 😀 . I don’t know why but I like her look. I love her with Nancy at TVB they don’t look the usual typical chinese cuties. Same with Ady and Liu Yi Fei 😀 (she has nice chemistry with Deng Chao in the Four movie and her acting has matured)
        Please drama makers pair cheri with at least one of those beauties up there 😦

        1. I disagree about FBB able to elevate his game though, haha he is already a much better actor than her can ever be. She is out of this world a beauty, a decent actress actually, but very limited, and she has her preening habits, it is not in her fabric to push and pull and challenge anyone imo. That is why she matches well only with actors very compatible in acting style such as NicTse (yup very OTT and I am too shuai for myself) and I predict HXM.

    yes i know kboss is crappy crap
    but apparently ShiShi doesn’t wanna stay in Tangren either. remember those kinda crappy movies shishi had back in like 2012/2013? those were gifts from 光线传媒 (including 伤心通话,不二神探)and shishi wanted to leave Tangren and go to 光线, but then apparently Tangren completely erased Shishi’s role in xuanyuan sword and thus ShiShi went back to Tangren.

    Apparently 光线 had 5 movies in plan for her, but i guess that deal went down the drain

    1. Nah, i honestly do not see SS has any visionary goal for her career, TR gave it their all, all resources on her sacrificing even JiangJF as roadkill. He was attached to TR 2,3,4 yrs now and only the super crappy XYS is catered for him. And now they r pouring everything on her Ming Doctress, she is not going anywhere, if she is, gd luck to her but she will be trashed and b8tched all over by the TR internet 水軍. I am now allergic to SS, she is absolutely wooden and boring, so regressing in Ming Doctress trailer and there is no excuse because the production value is there even when the script is nothing ingenious. She is exactly where she should be under the ridiculous pampering of TR and exercising her v limited skills in their idoldrama. I dun see her going far w 光綫,she has no screen presence for the big screen at all.

      So… unless she suddenly gains some sense and this project really lands in her lap and she fights for it against TR/KB and somehow can spare time not trapped doing yet another Incisive DumbTeach2345 and somehow YH is interested in it as well, i dun see this happening.

      1. yea jiangjinfu was so roadkill that it hurts…..after 3 years in Tangren…he only got one drama and BBJQ which was equivalent to a negative addition on his resume
        and yep ming doctress’s trailer looks boring as heckkkkk and MarySue as heckkkk, its like one of those angsty-brothers-fighting-over-same-woman drama. not looking good so far. also the lighting in the show is pretty bad too, those costumes totally doesn’t look dreamy
        i think she’s gonna take dumbteach2345 haha….she doesn’t even know what kind of a personality she wants to pull off, dumbteach is the sassy persona, BBJQ is a completely different persona.
        im glad for YH making significant gains in his career, but LSS ……. yea………. idk maybe she’s gonna get married in a couple of years and totally fade out of presence?

        1. Here i am thinking i am the weirdo not liking the Ming Doctress trailer AT ALL and do not want to slay it in a ranty post, do not have the heart to be the #1 SS hater or sth. I really have nothing against her, it is just her perf has been grating on my goodwill time and time again. I am giving her 2 chances, last straws: surprise me most pleasantly in 綉春刀 and 5 minutes before midnight. I won’t take anything less.

          1. Karen sure sacrificed a lot of actors/actresses under her management for sake of Liu Shi Shi seriously I don’t what thing ‘thing extraordinary) this woman have seen on Liu Shi Shi to litterally butcher the career of other young actors for years , waste their time and overhype Liu ShiShi, giving her all freaking roles even when she is miscast for it ‘ Da Mo Yao’. What type of management is that. I mean even I think I would have secured at least 5 or ten actors to hone the talents in various roles and drama and invest in them for my futur. But she has only freaking invest on Liu Shi Shi !! All the actresses we saw on YWOTYC who were far superior to an absolutely new and sleepwalking wooden ShiShi disappeared (the girls acting 7 or 5 wives got their acting careers butchered by the witch who only has eye for ShiShi and they were far better than the latter). We don’t see them anymore ! Yuanni anticipated the danger on time to run far faaaar away of the witch. Seriously what is this shitty management. Even Yucrap has better management. He works on more than ONE freaking actor. Tangren has LiuShiShi, ok but who else ??

            1. KB has such a one track silly petty mind the biggest mystery to me is how did she get this far. Before LSS there was HG, and frankly I do not think YH left at a great timing, he should’ve run way earlier, when all the resources are on HG and they are so slacking in getting him outside jobs. It is a sweet story of half truths saying YH put down work for a year to help HG recover in the middle of the LoCH shoot, but fact is, he doesn’t have any to begin with, I bet TR did not get him anything else in the year+, entire year of an up and coming promising young actor in his mid 20s set aside just to be the healing companion of their star HG, what is YH to them huh? Not far from a service dog. That is blasphemy. IF under their contract and all he got is a guy 4, 5 Prince 13 in one of their major production in years, and that was after stringing along not working much for another year plus during which there is that so lame it hurts Clothing the World where any other company can scuffle out, even a yuma in weeks as an brainfart, no way 3 years a brainchild of KB (unless she is only capable of brainfart) as she said… it really wasn’t worth his years of slavery, he could have had Prince 13 given he is such an apt choice post contract under any more sensible management.

              I mean look at his dramawiki, how on earth is half of his work done in the short few years since BBJX, he has way more work done than even LSS, as opposed to 10 years under TR and yet another half then were outside work he got himself, and none under TR production he is given a decent lead role. If in US, he could’ve sued them for mismanagement.

          2. No, you’re not the only one that thought the trailer sucks. I see people complimenting how good the trailer it makes me sick to my stomach. It’s boring as heck! What a waste of Wallace’s time and the 2nd actor have NO screen presence! He doesn’t even look worthy as a lead to be honest. And Liu Shi Shi? She have basically gone backward to where she first started—boring, wooden, expresssionless. She needs to get out of the entainment business.

            1. Oh! Nice to have like minds then! ^^ I honestly thought i am losing my mind because DJG (the Kdrama) was so 2003 and here we have a boring aping with a much lesser LSS in the titular role and all the kings and their horses almost r flailing for her!

              I absolutely hate that scene when she was being ridiculous throwing the girl card that decorum won’t allow her to tend to a male patient near his bits, oh how serious r u with ur internship/ aspiring life’s calling milady, not!

              The dance in snow was Awkward and forced. WH only has chemistry with the better actresses, cutoff being TangTang. Huang Xuan is actually very charming and promising in things ive seen him, either it is 1-2 punch he is not cut out for period, and/or the material is just too dumb for him to process, he looks so lost. Even if I’m watching, i can only ship the guys, i guess.

          3. Oh Mookie, I have not idea what miracles you are hoping for that LSS will surprise you with her roles in 綉春刀 and 5 minutes? Watching the trailer, her acting is the same as it always has been with most of her roles (damsel and boring). If they’re using her real voice, it would be even worse, because quite honestly, she can’t express her emotions with her voice. And I do believe this, some dubbers just make actors/actress better in in their roles than what they really are. Frankly, LSS is one of those actress.

            I don’t mean to be harsh on her, but she is just overrated beyond reason (IMO).

            1. Well, last straws are last straws, I always keep my mind very open. I have faith in ChangChen and Maruma is good enough. She has been working in such a sheltered few of at best decent talent there is no hope she has the chance to better her craft, so lets see.

              I have heard her role is basically a vase, supportive in 綉春刀 and that gives me more ease she is not taking up more than she can handle. With meticulously hands-on coaching of a great PD, miracles can happen.

              So I am putting faith in the crew that has talent she is working with, not solely on her own efforts. This is teamwork, I can always use a pleasant surprise

                1. Lets hope it is decent because i love so many actors on the roster of 绣春刀 and the PD is a promising young talent. If there is a specific spoilsport it would get very ugly. I care less about 5 min, afterall it should be arthouse, i am just asking for her to not stick out horribly incompetent. Seriously i am not asking much after how a let down just with 10 min of Ming Doctress. Everyone is not particularly great in it, but this is hand’s down her vehicle she is halfassing again. It is just that i have seen her in the lamest material TR has ever helmed, CtW and still she was decent in it. What gives?!?!

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