Hours till Battle of ChangSha!

I am properly apologizing for anyone following my blog and not remotely interested in this drama (WHO ARE YOU?!?! I DO NOT KNOW YOU!!! XD)   Not that I am going to stop, it would just get worst in the following 8+ days till I marathon this with full on flailing gusto only a rabid obsessed fangirl like me would.   It really is less painful to just give in and watch along and be slained instead of being bugged by me and not knowing what the fuzz is all about, no?!


Gorgeous, clean and crisp in modern clothes, the foursome doing a final promo for the drama:


and we will get to know them like family as their characters, hold them so dear to our heart before long:




6 thoughts on “Hours till Battle of ChangSha!

  1. high five mookie! i am like you waiting for the series in high quality. this is one of the best series i ever watched. i already prepared my tissue si let’s the show begin. one week of gu chiming and xiangxiang will not be enough…

      1. no way mookie! you were so waiting for this. lucky you they are fast on uploading the episodeson internet. better watched mister gu with your two eyes wide open;-)

          1. Where? Where? I haven’t came across it in any of the usual places.

            Viki actually has the first ep Eng subbed but the vid quality doesn’t look HD to me. I’m still going to watch it later on today. *rubs hands together in anticipation* I’m off to wash a carpet now, LOL! XD

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