MVs of my Period Beauties


A shallow sticky post I have been slothfully compiling quite some time. I have had enough of the horrible quality of wuxia for last…*breathe* 10+ (more like ~20) years i could not sit through a single one without pulling my hair and picking the crap apart. That is why anything wuxia drama of late, i am least knowledgeable about.

I just have not watched much of C wuxia. Last one truly worth my time was 天龍八部DGSD2003. And the quality is just going to go more off the cliff now they have decided to make the genre a herd of silly cashcows made out of manure with the trolls of the industry yuma and the likes pooping over still some more lovely classics: Legend of Condor Heroes, Hap Hak Hang/Ode to Gallantry are in preproduction, another producer of the worst LC adaptation ever shared w Shizman, DGSD2014 have his hands on some more GuLong epics. Yuma is said to have rights of Dragon Sabre too. I am no longer pissed because i am never going to watch as is anyway, they can make 200 Transformers/Saw movies and i am safe from the brainfart without one iota of interest. Good that i fall in love with cold hardcopies of ink on paper. Too bad younglings, i do feel sorry for your gen to have to be introduced to these wonderful classics of my heritage in the most disgusting manner i do not even want to associate them in this genre stinking up the name.

Even in better days a perfect wuxia adaptation was a unicorn i have yet to witness. I would say Duke of Mt Deer 1985 is very close because it cast the perfect titular characters: Wei XiaoBo and Emperor KangXi, but it was done with a budget of peanut shells, hard to watch nowadays, but the authenticity of the characters, the storyline, the flow…all terrific and at times a great deviation from the original.

But even in the pitiful quality if wuxias through the years there are great many period pretties and memorable characters and scenes. This is why i always keep a treasure trove of MVs to sate my shallow wuxia addictions. Me sharing:

2 thoughts on “MVs of my Period Beauties

  1. Mookie cherie can you write down the links of the MVs in comment section please ? I can’t see the youtube screen of the MVs so I can’t watch them 😦
    Thank you

    1. Oh dearie, I posted them in flash codes and I can’t type them all out, they are not YT vids, but fanvids. My guess is it is blocked outside of CN, u need to watch them with some unblocking VPN add-on. There is one on Chrome I have been using called unblock youku.

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