The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep3

Are you my Brother in Law or his BiL?!?!!?

  • If you two hooked up, I will be the Brother in Law of BOTH of you! lolz  XX is not getting any soothing from her dear BiL, she is clearly still the gullible 16 yo girl next to this slick wolf quick to believe him nodding to her plan of reporting Gu to the Chairman.  BiL suppressed the smirks for a while: yeah, the chair is conveniently living next door waiting for the young girl to report on the princeling Gu at her free will and the chair would probably listen. Why not.  Huh.
  • Sister is the one truly cares about me… *pout*  So cute our XX.  BiL agrees again, this time with some honesty: if not for her sister, he would not give a care for XX (the cause of his constant headaches and humiliations).
  • Take good care of XiaoMan for me.  If I got executed, he would feel the pain. HUG XX, awwww!
  • BiL pouts along (hahaha) XM is in pain now…he had a good beating from Dad but awww again, he loves his twinsis so much, asking BiL to bring along a black sesame treat for her from the place she loves.  I almost die from giggling when he did his take on XM so spot on, ‘BiL, you have to buy those from Bai Ge Ting for XX!’:

  • He has some more harsh words for XX, just like any typical day, but as time is up for his visit, he looks seriously concerned like the big brother he is at XX.
  • BiL~~~~~ *sobz* AWWWW XX is too cute.  Her mind is not on her execution, but how her entire family must be suffering because of her.  ‘Eat up.  I will think of something.’  as he pats her head. D’AWWWWWW!!!  I love him.
  • ‘If he has ideas for her, I can not be more delighted!’  muahahaha.  BiL smirks as he tells Grandmama and Sis XX is doing more than fine in comfort, but Grandmama is unease at what Gu is up to.  BiL knows,  Grandmama is quick on the uptake: Gu wants to make a cautionary tale out of XX.  His sharp eyes picked out Gu orders his underlings to keep replenishing the porcelain vases in XX’s room for her to smash. That is not how you treat someone he is about to execute (more like taming your shrewd little wifey)
  • BiL shares my idea,  he told Sis it only adds up Gu actually has eyes for XX.

  • Who can swear with a hand on your heart, myself included, you can survive till the day we won the war?!  I can’t…Gu XiangXiang, can you? 
  • Aren’t you men fighting gallantly at the frontline already>!  Are you now depending on the women to defend you?    He smiles at her, amused.  Exactly what he expects from her feisty tongue.  Well said, so what had you done?
  • Dad speaks up and we all want to shush him before too late, stealing a few bags of cement and accusing XX of destruction of military constructions is an exaggeration according to him.
  • Stealing cement may build you a stronger house, but once the city wall breaks down from the attacks, no house can offer protection.  If you weaken the wall, you are killing fellow CSnites.   With his imposing words, XX kneels without hesitation.  Commander Gu, I am wrong.  I will accept my punishment.  Gu looks at XX, visibly moved by the young girl’s pluckiness, promptly learning her lesson (he is elaborately, willingly teaching her, again eating his words).  He frays a little seeing how shaken yet brave she is by his maneuvering. She is just a bit shaken and crying a few drops of tears but it is slaying Gu, look at how intensely emotional he gets, almost can’t look on her suffering.

  • He is giving the Hu family a fine, and they need to replace 4 bags of cement. Not even a slap on the hand if you ask me.  The fan line giving free hugs to XX is forming behind me, on the right, Commander Gu. I know you want to be Grandmama this very next moment.
  • Back home, the twins are grounded.  Without the permission of BiL, they are not allowed a foot outside the house, Grandmama commands.   The always astute BiL wastes no time, he is up to something as he enjoys the relaxing whiffs of incense.
  •  Sis rants at her hubs not putting in a persuasive word for the twins.  She is doing it herself in fear I would truly beat the living daylight out of them.
  • The Angel of the OTP ship as BiL is lovingly nicked by the fandom, the couple’s chatter is back on Gu.  We all are with BiL, if Gu does not have flutterings for XX, the offense she committed should put anyone else in jail for a few months easy.  XX’s acerbic temper needs a good taming, but Sis cautions, there is also XM the bumbling menace, Gu can have a ferocious temper himself.   It is suicidal to be on the wrong side of Gu if they could not make it to the alter.  Better be careful than sorry, BiL is going to switch a suitor for XX.

  • Ahhhhhh. Foodp0rn.  Brilliance is in the details how authentic it is over a bowl of wonton.
  • Next morning, XX is happily dressing up for another matchmaking, this time a match arranged by Dad, but BiL is the true enabler behind.  The suitor is a student from a rich silk merchant family.  This is her way out of the house, why not make the most out of it as she is going to funk it, she learns from Gu ChingMing, all men are savages, she is never going to marry.  XM warns if she messes up, she might really have to marry ‘Hades’ Gu.   XX makes a pox out of half a bean, she is going to trash the party again.
  •  The suitor has been XX’s secret fanboy for 2 years, a year younger than XX from the same highschool, a good fellow every way you look at it, as BiL soothes the nerves of Sis he has learned the ropes of the business under his Dad, the boy has the most pleasant temperament.  He speaks out his mind he must marry XX at the swanky restaurant when his dad is ready to leave witnessing how unwilling XX is.  The same happening place of the first meeting of the OTP I must add. The restaurant is closing in 2 days, the owner is leaving, in a few short episodes, things are no longer what it is on surface.

  • Because you are good looking, he told XX when she stabs at him stealing looks at her all the while at school as he walks her home.  It is not like XX can’t use a compliment after all the bruising from Gu.  XX! I will pick you up for school tomorrow!  Grandmama has only nice words for the boy she just met all for 3 seconds.
  • Over dinner, Dad is at it again, being stuffy with XX hanging out alone with a boy on dates without a formal engagement. He is cut to size by his Mom,  what day and age are we living in now?!  Did you get your head full of hay from all the useless books you’ve read!?  What bad can happen from eating a dinner . 
  • Oh! Like how turn off XX’s gluttonous face is when she eats?!  to quote XM hahaha, from the annals of every typical youngbro.
  • Table is turned on XM, it is unanimous except for him the family has set up XuXu as his future wife all along.  He escapes from the house to fetch XX from being ‘a disgrace’ per Dad.  XM bumps into his cousin on the street, making a visit from the Hu’s family home in their country estate in XiangTan.  They are here to persuade Grandmama to move back, delivering the message of Great Grandpa,  patriarch of the Hu, younger brother in law of Grandmama.  She is not on talking terms with him, cordially she cuts off the conversation to call for dinner, orders BiL to show the boys around time, sending them off in 2 days after a grand time.  BiL asks Sis what is the bad blood between the matron and patriarch of the Hu clan.  Sis is not too sure, she only knows Grandmama would break down to tears if her dead firstborn son was mentioned.
  • Sigh.  The kids are trespassing military base looking for their older cousin in service.  Fanboy is tagging along, even when his sensible head can sniff trouble.

I need to protect you!

  • XX’s quick tongue is firing at the officer, accusing them of not letting them in when they nicely ask to see their cousin, and throwing grenades at them kids when they are obviously not japs.
  • XX’s fanboy promptly eases the tension, begging nicely for the office to let them go instead of a lock up for 8, 10 days until they get to the bottom of the matter.
  • We know your commanding officer Gu ChingMing!  XM gushes as the officer has the lock ready closing the door.  XM is quick to his wits, a true troublemaker.


2 thoughts on “The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep3

    1. I have sworn for every episode by PD 孔, i will tolerate a yuma’s pos. No joke! From that tiny little scene and here and there, our babies r little spoiled, still oblivious to what’s ahead. Gosh i wanna cry.

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