Friday Pretty Post

YH is greeting Ordinary World PD Mao a happy birthday along with the Ordinary World soccer team.  Cute as a button with new nice…manboobs.

Vid is here

YH on the set of Princess JieYou:

I can not imagine how skinny he must be in RL.

Adore this outfit of Princess JieYou, looks authentic and interesting. I can not wait to see the official stills.  This is like having our YeluXie back just this time a swoonworthy hot prince getting the lady!

Ye Qing is also on the cast.  I like her!

Snaps by his bff.  Ahhhhh I want him in those witty love fluffy and thoughtful C adultfluff like A Servant to Two Masters, pray City of Angels be awesome! :

Sun Li taking a selfie:

Lovely original song composed by fans for Zhen Huan Zhuan.


Fanvid of Period beauties: Journey.  Home  w/ scenes from Nirvana in Fire, Incisive Great Teacher, Legend of the Ancient Sword, Ling Lan Princess,  New Dream of Red Chamber, Song in the Clouds,  Legend, Mulan, Butterfly Lovers, Schemes of Beauty, Hua Xu Yin, New Legend of Condor Heroes, Perfect Couple, New Meteor Butterfly Sword, Curse of Golden Flower, Longmen Express, Painted Skin 2….phew.

Fanvid of WH and LYF.  Each of them is famous for being the very beautiful people in periods, pairing them up…I have not seen anything more gorgeous, my eyes are full of stars. I didn’t know I want them so bad.  gimme!

I am madloving Battle of ChangSha even more with rewatch.  How is it possible?!  I was going to just blog as I watch, but I can’t stop watching it asap, 4 episodes throughout the day AND bloggin about it. That’s how intense my love:

lolz the younger BiL finally got his wish from e16:  touching BiL’s face!

But still, I could not have guessed Mr and Mrs Gu look so cute together in RL:

muahaha iqiyi, this is horrible of you putting this manip on your frontpage:

‘ I love 90ers’

A TangWei MV to the song she sang in Late Autumn.  Congrats to the engagement!

Congrats Zhou Xun, what a cool ‘impromptu wedding!’ at a charity event exactly her.

Miss them even when I am not the biggest fan of Nodame the manga/dorama:

Must watch this dorama season:

Hirugao: Kitamurasama!!

Mr Kaneshiro, why you still so fine.

Chang Chen for the same phone company.  GEEZ, MY HEART!

More hot ahjusshi, his sweat is the most potent preservative/antioxident I swear, Mr Chilam  gosh it’s almost mooncake time.  TIME FLIES!


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