The Battle of Changsha Watch Along ep10

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This is one of my top3 favorite BoC episodes. YangZi is absolutely excellent enslaving my emotions inasmuch i could have ESP as her twin, feeling her exact debilitating heartache, crying tears in sync, eyerolling nonstop at BiL being insufferably hilarious.  So is Ren ChingWei, our newly crowned netizen’s favorite national BiL at weibo.  This is the episode I cried hard and giggled harder.  I grabbed close to 500 caps and tried picking and choosing and have given up. Major picspam.

The darlings at has finished the engsubs for ep1, bravo!  Hop over to their site here.

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The concern is written on Mookie’s face as he is pacing outside.   He might have poked fun at his commander Gu and Miss XX giggly all along, but he is very aware of what this meeting is about, the gravity of situation, and how probable Gu could get himself into serious trouble for a girl is not a risk worth for his commander.  This is the first time he is vexed seeing Miss XiangXiang.

YangZi is absolutely spectacular in this scene, i have not seen distraught done so perfectly, fragility of a young girl desperately pleading for help from a commander out of her reaches, all the fear and desperation in a few tears so genuine weeping from her soul and hitting me hard.  I am tearing along but this is a jaw-dropping scene I count my blessings to have witnessed:

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Why did they arrest him?  He is fighting the fire!

WH is stunning here as well, this is basically his face throughout, very minute emotions bubbling in his eyes and jaw, his eyes are hollow, gone is the sparkles, but all the frustration of a prideful GCM, hands tied unable to help the distraught girl he cares, must be slaying him alive.

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If he is executed, my sister won’t survive. 

They have a young boy PingOn, only 2 years old, extremely cute. 

Even if this is a grave matter, you can not wrongly accuse the innocent! 

I heard from XiaoDi, you saw them putting out the fire…

can you talk to the government?  They will listen to what you have to say.

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I have seen them that night with the water cart, I did not see them putting out the fire.  I have reported as is to the military council committee.

GCM jumped to the conclusion XJS is at fault seeing him at the fire, that is logical thinking.  XJS denied it to his face, but are his words to be trusted?!  XJS is a thug in uniform who had thrown his name, his honor around wheedling money. Gu could be obstructing justice, he could be suspicious by association again.  That is all sound processing of his mind.  But here is the girl that has his heartstrings, pleading the opposite and even for a GCM, that can throw all logic out the window, exactly the fear of Mookie tensely pacing outside in his view.

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That is giving him a death sentence!  No one can help us except you!

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Head of the military council is here, he has dispelled many in position. 

Do you understand how serious this is?

He gathers just enough courage to face her.  In his mind he is unsure whether XJS is truly innocent to put in a personal word which has no weight in the scope of this investigation.  That is not why he is rattled… he can not bear another glimpse at her suffering more.

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Gu ChingMing… Commander Gu, I was wrong in the past, I am apologizing to you. 

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She offers him the gold bars, all their worth, Grandmama is going to sell our house too. He is annoyed of her lowly opinion on him.

There is no use pleading with anybody, you can only wait it out patiently, let justice take its course, do you understand?:
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A tear on top of another tear.  *sobz*

A clinch of her jaw, her knuckles tightened, she is going to do it.  A final offer of highest stake she must’ve thought through pragmatically but wishing and begging inside she does not have to resort to.

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Commander Gu…

I have nothing.

I will give…myself…

to you.


do me the honor…(take me)

This is her everything, the crush she has for him will be crushed, there would be no possibilities, no buts/ifs being a soiled woman after this shameful dalliance she is offering…if he is taking up the offer.

He is stunned in utter disbelief of what he is hearing, coming out of her.  Appalled, hurt, disappointed, disgusted…by her, by her regards of him, all flashes on his face that split second before he throws her off his vehicle, shouts for mookie and speeds off…
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…just to be so distraught, shellshocked almost Mookie stops driving, staring at him, stunned at how distressed to unresponsive the usually calm and collected commander is, never more worried for his sanity.   He looks like his life has been sucked out of him. (ahhhh and WH is soooo beautiful!)   Gu must be worried sick for her, he is as shaken, she is the last girl he expects to use her body for a favor for her family, but this is the disgusting reality they r living in.  We know later on he is actually putting his brain on full gear, feverishly figuring out what he can do, what he must do.  My guess is he is losing his marbles just by the thought she could be making this offer to someone else in her desperation.
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I am a forever fangirl of XX. while even GCM needs a good moment to be emotional, she is dead focused, picking herself up heading home.  We saw her so shaken literally like a broken rag doll discarded by the road,  but the next moment, every step gathering herself, nothing is dragging her down.   She still looks like a cute chinadoll, strength in her eyes are never as intense.   She has taken up the responsibility of BiL on her shoulders now unwittingly, sulking and moping is not in her dictionary as well… and back is our tenacious feisty XX in just a walk’s time when she sees her family is threatened by an angry mob about to loot them.

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My husband did not set the fire, he was fighting it.  He saved many lives.

While XX screams at the crowd tersely accusing them what they are doing, XJ approaches them in her soothing sensible voice, always the gentle lady.

It takes me by surprise to see Gu literally following XX home with an important official in company:

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 photo 1015-28-55_zps8a312e06.jpg
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He can not stop his eyes on her, gauging how XX is doing as he passes by, taking his stance in the middle of the crowd.  And goodness, this is a scene, in essence another hero rescuing damsel, but firstly there is no damsel, I am quite confident XX along with Grandmama can handle it by their own in time.  And secondly, WH’s GCM is at a new height of sparkling gorgeousness this very moment, keeping the crowd in order just by his presence alone, except he also has words of no nonsense directing at them.
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His coolbeans is ‘complimented’ by her hot fiery temper right behind him.

 photo 1015-30-17_zps2dd161fe.jpg

Goodness. :O~~~~~~~~~~~

The crowd could hush off by the presence of commander Gu and the acting governor laying out they are very strict on arresting every looter. Grandmama sets her mind on empathy, easing the tension, putting herself and every member of her family on the line for their disposal if XJS is found guilty, trusting the innocence of her grandson in law.  Her words would not feed the growling hungry mob, she also orders her son to open their pantry, giving out rice to their neighbors not as fortunate as them having a roof over their heads.

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 photo 1015-32-12_zpsd8967759.jpg
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Asking the commander to bear witness her words are not empty promises, commander Gu is paying his full attention to the old lady with utter respect.

XX though, has shut herself out as the crowd is lining up for rice, she has exhausted her everything.  All she can do is with backbone straight, standing never as tall, leaning against a charred house of her neighbor, oblivious to everything and everyone bustling around her, including GCM, being so obvious, can not take his eyes off her.
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lol, this is a scene I think WH’s OTT idoldrama habit of i am too hot for my ciggy is creeping out too much, it is sleazy the way he looks at XX while smoking and rubbing his fingers as if he has notty ideas.  imo all we should read is worrying his eyes out for XX. It is a fleeting moment of too much WH, out of character for Gu.  He is back to being ridiculously hot, literally smoking, smoking.   Because GCM is being so obvious, the acting governor has to tease him for putting in so much effort, getting out of the way to tag him along for impressing a girl.
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I see her in need.

As the governor said, who in CS is not in need in this devastation? She is not the only one.

GCM is eating his own words right away, casting another lingering blatant stare at her, especially when he can’t resist ceasing she has too much on her mind to notice him.
 photo 1015-34-20_zpsc0a98b16.jpg

XM is worried sick for XX, with their twinnie ESP, he felt that blunt blow of heartpain the afternoon, he is almost brought to his knees, unable to stand.  What was XX suffering through?  He must asks.
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 photo 1015-37-00_zps49b288f2.jpg
 photo 1015-37-14_zpsf2458288.jpg
 photo 1015-38-30_zps46b26719.jpg
 photo 1015-38-40_zps0dc5eca8.jpg

XX can only cry silently with her back to him.  XM reminds her he can feel her every pain, they crawled out of their mother’s womb at the same time…she will always have him sharing any burden, but some are a man’s responsibility.  He knows XX has gone through a trauma so humiliating he can guess what it was about.  They are no longer innocent children.  T____T

Grandmama commands Dad to take the children and XiaoDi along, buying all the food and burn medicines they can get their muscles on.  They will set up a free congee stall, offering free medicine right by the temporary government office in XueJunShan’s name.

 photo 1015-40-10_zpsa08f718b.jpg
 photo 1015-40-13_zps8fa8c4df.jpg
 photo 1015-40-32_zpsb7aebdea.jpg
 photo 1015-40-50_zpsde617a56.jpg
 photo 1015-40-55_zps0b3d0299.jpg
 photo 1015-40-58_zps1855a52e.jpg

The money JunShan has saved up, it is no use giving it for favors anymore. 

Spending it all on charity…at least we have tried our best saving lives.

XJS still has friends in the guards informing him about his family:  His wife is ‘under the weather’, they opened a stall of free congee working nonstop for days and weeks now, must have spent a fortune.  XJS immediately catches on his wife must be gravely ill for her family to speak about it.
 photo 1015-42-00_zps9967036d.jpg
 photo 1015-42-05_zpsa8081e03.jpg
 photo 1015-42-08_zpsabbd7cdb.jpg
 photo 1015-42-30_zps43d66264.jpg

His pal tries to ease his mind, Mrs illness is in the heart, she would get better when he is back home.

Can I still go home?! 

 photo 1015-42-48_zps8430849d.jpg

What was a deflated XJS before the conversation, is now joining team distraught, he could keep his composure wading, fully aware he might not get out of jail alive, but freshly reminded his demise is killing his wife literally, he is at wits end, uncharacteristically asking for strength from a wall.

It hits him hard how much his family is caring, worrying about him doing everything they can every waking hour, XJS spends the night awake, he would worry about and miss them too much when he shuts his eye.
 photo 1015-43-16_zpsed285525.jpg
 photo 1015-43-33_zpsdbf2336d.jpg

 photo 1015-44-51_zps54525bad.jpg

The councilmen are questioning anyone with information willing for interrogation:  XiaoHe, XiaoDi…and a familiar name to one of them, Gu ChingMing is next.

 photo 1015-46-31_zps4a4aec7a.jpg
 photo 1015-46-39_zps4641fc50.jpg
 photo 1015-47-12_zpsa89f8f8f.jpg

I saw him carrying water carts for putting out fire,

he did say he would live and die with ChangSha.

He refuses to take a seat, paying utter respect to the military council, speaking the facts as is with eyes brimming in earnest.

 photo 1015-47-34_zpsfb252f9a.jpg
 photo 1015-47-47_zps078fc898.jpg
 photo 1015-48-00_zps25ba2381.jpg
 photo 1015-48-03_zps2f616661.jpg

One of the councilmen is elaborating Gu’s claims he does not know XJS well enthusiastically, while the other is skeptically probing his engagement with XJS’ sister in law Hu XiangXiang Gu’s fugitive uncle arranged and his alliance with XJS in the train cart scandal.  Gu informs them he has already reported XJS to the authorities for swindling with his name and thus XJS has served time for his crime.

 photo 1015-48-07_zpsb491f923.jpg

Gu exchanges intense looks with XJS as he exits the room.  Nothing escapes XJS, it is not everyday an accused arsonist has a commander GCM taking the time making an appearance for his defense.

 photo 1015-49-23_zps9f0eb429.jpg

GCM’s words are not something anyone dares question, no one can afford to be on the wrong side of the only precious son of Mr Gu senior.
 photo 1015-52-41_zps4f81ba79.jpg

He is the princeling, Gu ShaoHuan.  *ChingMing is a name Gu adopts himself. A reason is to distance himself from the special treatment from his daddy connection; a common practice is for a man to proclaim to the world his conviction: 清.明 is pure and bright.  A clarity in principles. And that is why WH sparkling eyes and his irreproachable/harmless aura on screen is a perfect casting on appearance alone.

XJS is next, and the interrogation starts on the right foot when the first thing they ask of him is what happened to his leg.

 photo 1015-53-04_zps85b0560d.jpg

Thank you for your concern commander, this is wounded when I was putting out the fire.

 photo 1015-53-42_zpsd4559885.jpg
 photo 1015-53-56_zps588e0f05.jpg
 photo 1015-53-59_zps2dedfc91.jpg
 photo 1015-54-08_zps23041f02.jpg
 photo 1015-54-12_zpsa7e2ed11.jpg

Grandmama I am hungry.

D’awwww this makes me smile sooo soooo wide.

XiangJun is prepping a bath for her husband, PingOn is not leaving his daddy’s lap.  He misses his daddy, he does, he says.
 photo 1015-54-19_zps15bb44e3.jpg
 photo 1015-54-31_zpsab861038.jpg
 photo 1015-54-36_zpsd219e795.jpg
 photo 1015-58-15_zps247cd972.jpg
 photo 1015-58-27_zpsdc02cb41.jpg

And with his family happy and safe within reach, XJS finally can let his guard down, passing out dead tired.

The whole family gathers at a full table of BiL’s favorite dishes Grandmama cooked for him.  Dad opens his fine wine to celebrate his safe return.  It has been too long.
 photo 1015-59-49_zps2f1461e4.jpg
 photo 1016-00-07_zpse6b4d4f2.jpg
 photo 1016-01-20_zpsb3e2d865.jpg

The new government has dismissed the entire CS police and security force, the ones who are not indicted for arson is now enlisted in the army.  This is also a farewell meal for XJS, he has to report to duty in days.
 photo 1016-01-21_zps6d0a34f5.jpg
 photo 1016-01-32_zps1abbd4bc.jpg
 photo 1016-01-43_zpsdee9d08b.jpg

When XM asks the silly question whether BiL has to fight the japs with real guns and knives, instead of the usual hard pinch on the boy’s face, he gives him a pat on his shoulder, passing on the honor of being the man of the family.
 photo 1016-05-22_zps1db110ef.jpg

My Dear Son in Law, let me give a toast to you.

When it is right or wrong, Dad is always on the honorable side, even when he has always been harsh on his SiL,  JunShan has been honorable at the right time.
 photo 1016-05-28_zps20020f06.jpg
 photo 1016-05-32_zps48f00ca4.jpg
 photo 1016-05-34_zpsd80adf77.jpg
 photo 1016-06-29_zps7b114392.jpg
 photo 1016-06-40_zpse0509e0c.jpg photo 1016-06-43_zps5f75f89a.jpg

Working on the man-chore around the house with XM, BiL is passing on the torch :  XM is the only man in the house when he is gone.  Keep a tight rein on Dad from trouble, he has no position being government’s naysayer, when in need, ask Grandmama for help.  Do not spend a fortune on clothes every change of season, BiL must knows XM has no financial bearing he has to tell him money will be short once without him around.

 photo 1016-06-45_zpsf8243cdb.jpg
 photo 1016-07-00_zps70bd113a.jpg

And also, XiuXiu is a very nice young lady, XM must know:
 photo 1016-07-21_zps189644f6.jpg

Sis is packing his belongings for him, he can not stop looking at his wife with all the longing in his eyes.
 photo 1016-07-48_zps62981c97.jpg

Help~~~~ Tell me how to stop rewatching this scene, My favorite scene in drama I still laugh till i cry, especially when a husband rarely watches along, let alone propping himself close, asking me to pause so he can catch his breath from giggling like a girl. <_<

After talking to XM, XX is next, his real torchbearer:
 photo 1016-09-02_zps9e9828c4.jpg
 photo 1016-09-11_zps8f57ae7e.jpg
 photo 1016-09-47_zpsb120c843.jpg
 photo 1016-10-07_zps8b457171.jpg

What is happening with XM?

The smartpants of the family forever belongs to XJS, no passing down.  He does not trust he has spoken sense in XM on the matter of XiuXiu.  He will complete his approach with going the XX route.
 photo 1016-10-11_zpsbe8e4bf6.jpg

What has to happen will happen, huh.

 photo 1016-10-31_zpsffa4df80.jpg

How did you know (about JF)?!?!?!

 photo 1016-10-40_zpsab322a2d.jpg

I know everything under this roof, even how many bastards the rat has given birth to.

 photo 1016-10-46_zpsd4011ff2.jpg

XM and JF is a dog and a cat.  They are not meant to be.

 photo 1016-11-02_zpsc6c04dcd.jpg

What do you know, being a little brat?! He should put his attention on XiuXiu.  Make him.

 photo 1016-11-21_zpsf63a38fc.jpg

I am not his dad!   Moreover, even my Mom and Dad can do nothing about it!

But you have whatever it’s called…yes…ESP!

 photo 1016-11-22_zpsb09b9000.jpg

lol Sis has been giggling through this entire conversation.  I see you, Sis, even when you are out focus!

 photo 1016-11-31_zps77f7fc15.jpg photo 1016-11-33_zps5bf26c89.jpg photo 1016-11-35_zpsb0d28d3d.jpg photo 1016-11-37_zpsd4d47f8e.jpg

How old is Grandmama?

And Grandmama does not love you?

Do you have to heart to worry Grandmama?

And he pulls the Grandmama coercion on XX too, if she does not take up the matter, dare she throws it on Grandmama’s lap at her ripe old age to fuss about XM’s marriage!?  XX nods a promise reluctantly.  One down, quite a few more to go.

 photo 1016-11-50_zps5d94953e.jpg
 photo 1016-11-52_zps2729d838.jpg

Now our family business, I have handed it over to Grandmama, there is only so much she can do, it is on your shoulders to help her.

 photo 1016-12-01_zps0e250fc1.jpg photo 1016-12-04_zps7385b8bd.jpg

You can do it.  I did not go to school!

XX protests, she is still in school and knows nothing about running a business.

This time, it is his weapon of sweet talk:  Grandmama is Dowager She now (the matron heroine of Yang Clan) and you are Yang BaJei, XX is quick to correct him it is the young heroine Yang BaMei he is referring to in the best known legend along the Yangtze river, apt for mirroring their time.

 photo 1016-12-09_zps374c7f72.jpg
 photo 1016-12-13_zps6efd44bc.jpg
 photo 1016-12-16_zps64f80091.jpg

You get my drift, very formidable, you know?!

 photo 1016-12-18_zps2e548757.jpg

What are you giggling at, I am being serious here.

It is always perfect and subtle how the writers touch on XJS is illiterate, he does not let it bring him down.  The ladies around him can giggle at him because he is no less articulate and capable as a self-taught man.

You are after your Grandmama the most, calm and collected when troubles hit, competent when things need to be done, you can brave anything thrown your way.  It is flattery, but most honest from his heart.  The mood is light, but BiL is not one wasting time mincing words in allocating his business to keep the family well and running, not the night he has to leave, uncertain of return:

 photo 1016-12-24_zps0132cce9.jpg
 photo 1016-12-27_zps68d35acb.jpg
 photo 1016-12-30_zps55720170.jpg
 photo 1016-12-32_zps151fcdb4.jpg
 photo 1016-12-34_zps7530d85a.jpg

Who else can I depend upon except you?  Our Dad?  He is useless!

 photo 1016-12-35_zps51dc0148.jpg
 photo 1016-12-43_zps59017ade.jpg


XX must have never agreed to BiL with such a whole-hearted affirmation.

BiL moves on to the commotion of the mob, so out of control GCM has to make an appearance.  XX quickly jumps to a passionate defense of their poor neighbors, she must be afraid BiL is going to dawn on her a task being ruthless to them, which she can’t do, but from her track record tonight, she is helpless in saying no.  BiL is just here to chat about GCM. Not sure if it is more appetizing than asking her to kill puppies.

 photo 1016-12-51_zpse01a31fb.jpg
 photo 1016-12-59_zps2060bd3b.jpg

Didn’t GCM pay us a visit that day?  He is the topic of this conversation.

 photo 1016-13-01_zpsa21349d0.jpg
 photo 1016-13-03_zps47955a1f.jpg

Adorable dimps XX!  Is that a brief smile on your face when his name is mentioned?!?

 photo 1016-13-07_zps71d83d75.jpg
 photo 1016-13-19_zps43ad2f3b.jpg

He tells XX it is because GCM puts in a good word for him, not just anyone speaking for him but a GCM, that he can get out of jail.  All because of him.

 photo 1016-13-35_zps9666f07b.jpg
 photo 1016-13-36_zpsa3faa110.jpg

Do you understand?   BiL is speaking straight truth, XX knows it full well and it must just be hitting her what GCM has done for her, not that she can process it yet.

Next time you see him, do not be so hostile.

-Treat him like a darling.  That should do it, right?!

 photo 1016-13-44_zps36f1db5d.jpg

BIL is not all knowing , he does not know the angsty drama and her shame and hurt from that incident, the cause of her losing all her verve.  He can only guess up to the point there is something more going on between them, but no matter what, he is the pragmatic, he is asking XX to pull whatever intangible thing they have between them, ask for GCM’s help.  He is certain Gu would help them out, and more importantly he is capable.  He is keeping in mind full well GCM can tag along the governor just for a neighborhood dispute, GCM can get him out of trouble as a political scapegoat, sth he can’t do.
 photo 1016-13-51_zps0bf17f6e.jpg

No girl in XX shoes can entertain the thought of asking GCM for help any time soon, what is still haunting her is how she was humiliated in offering him her body…and he threw her off in disgust, not to count the many times prior he has given her the cold shoulder of disinterest when she has softened stance.  She hates him, she gushes to BiL who is not buying any of it.  We understand she is not lying but what BiL deduced is true too.

 photo 1016-14-05_zpsbe1da61c.jpg
 photo 1016-14-06_zps065db022.jpg
 photo 1016-14-13_zpsda3a370f.jpg photo 1016-14-20_zps8114b7cb.jpg

You hate him?!  You can fool the world but me!

I know I know, ok?!  *haha we see you Sis*

XX is so flustered she is stuttering. BiL is another person stating it can’t be nothing if GCM is going above and beyond helping her out time and again, they would have no house, his head could be off…but she knows it with a raw blow in her heart he CAN refuse helping her.  The only conclusion XX must’ve conjured up is, nothing can go on between them.

Pride in the way is expected, BiL would be shocked if XX is tamely taking his instigation lying down.  He takes a step back, again breaking XX’s resolve on task more feasible:

XJS’ Step by Step Guide with his illustration to how does a pretty girl (Hu XiangXiang) ask for a favor from a man (a Gu ChingMing). Psst: It is not hard :
 photo 1016-14-25_zps8f9c1324.jpg
 photo 1016-14-34_zps80418a26.jpg

I do not know how!

 photo 1016-14-41_zpsbb7f84b3.jpg
 photo 1016-14-43_zpsa6835585.jpg

1. Smile at him ever so slightly the first thing you saw him,  then avoid looking at him again.

 photo 1016-14-48_zpsf0a82736.jpg

If you can cry, drop a few tears.  Do not be so acerbic, none of your hot temper.

 photo 1016-14-50_zpsdb9234cd.jpg
 photo 1016-14-53_zpsd101d2ef.jpg

Lol XX is about to throw up, pleading for help from Sis.

 photo 1016-14-55_zpsc8d01280.jpg
 photo 1016-14-56_zpsde381467.jpg
 photo 1016-14-58_zpscf5e281d.jpg
 photo 1016-15-00_zpsb26a43a1.jpg

3.  By this time, he could not stand it, he would ask you what’s going on.  What’s wrong?!

hahaha Sis has enough, ‘What are you teaching her exactly?!’

 photo 1016-15-06_zps4537046b.jpg
 photo 1016-15-09_zps60bdc6a4.jpg
 photo 1016-15-11_zps9cdb822e.jpg
 photo 1016-15-14_zps6f80783a.jpg

4.  Tell him how miserable you are being a meek girl, how hard it is, keep hammering in how much you are suffering but keep it charming and sweet.

 photo 1016-15-16_zpsfea516ea.jpg
 photo 1016-15-21_zpsa3b3577f.jpg

5.  Call him Commander Gu…com.. Master Gu…Gu…ChingMing.

 photo 1016-15-22_zps2b672f3c.jpg


muahahaha I remember we would have the delight to hear BiL calling Gu exactly that with the cutest inflection soon.
 photo 1016-15-24_zpsaef55532.jpg
 photo 1016-15-25_zpse342991a.jpg
 photo 1016-15-31_zps56152829.jpg
 photo 1016-15-34_zps8eb69784.jpg

Last but not least, only put it to use on Gu ChingMing, no need to employ strategy so lethal on other men.

The progression of BiL’s plan of attack is first XM, even if he does not urge on, XX would take care of it sooner or later, keep XM out of trouble, the cause of a lot of frustration for everyone in the family even in smooth sailing,  BiL just want it sooner, there is no time when they are recruiting a slick fox like him, any able body to fight at the front line.   Then it is the matter of finance, they are quite pampered under his care, they have never a worry about indulging in food and clothes, finery and niceties. We have seen him scraping everything he can to ensure that will go on for a while, but the safest way is to keep the money coming in.  That is a lot to ask from a 16, 17 year old, she would have to give up school, something she has not grasp, but his premonition is things are getting worst, enjoying an education may not be viable soon.  Instill the idea in her shrewd mind now when there is no later. Then he moves on taking care of XX’s feeing, better yet let GCM takes up the responsibility.

He made her seal the hilarious but serious lesson with a stern promise.
 photo 1016-15-41_zpsca51e81a.jpg
 photo 1016-15-43_zpsca790251.jpg
 photo 1016-15-49_zpscdfc6751.jpg

After sending XX off the bed, Sis grouses what was all the silliness about.  *lol sweet dreams of ChingMing~! in BiL’s crooning XX!*
 photo 1016-16-24_zps2c206e92.jpg
 photo 1016-16-28_zpsd1f62c91.jpg
 photo 1016-16-32_zps52ebf0c5.jpg

In all seriousness, BiL loves XX, XMlike his own younger siblings, he notices XX is in a dour mood lately, she no longer smiles, losing interest in everything.  Clearly in distress, it is better to occupy her able mind with things to do.

Sis does not see the point of forcing GCM on XX.  ‘She keeps yelling about him thrice a day at home at least!’

 photo 1016-16-41_zps0c81a786.jpg
 photo 1016-16-52_zpsd385dcf6.jpg

You loved to yell at me 300 hundred times a day and now we are sharing a bed!

Yelling is good, if he is not on her mind, why bother?!

 photo 1016-16-55_zpsa4fbe088.jpg
 photo 1016-16-58_zps02bbee21.jpg

With the weight of taking care of his family, saying his every brotherly/fatherly advice keenly, XJS is contented.  It is time for his wife to say what is on her mind:

JS, you must be careful in the battlefield…please come home safe and sound.

 photo 1016-17-02_zps69e1ff8f.jpg
 photo 1016-17-03_zps17bbab14.jpg
 photo 1016-17-08_zpse71901d4.jpg
 photo 1016-17-10_zps9fb2d97a.jpg
 photo 1016-17-21_zps2e8fd537.jpg

Don’t worry. your husband has nine lives, it’s impossible to kill me.
 photo 1016-17-25_zps7457e42f.jpg
 photo 1016-17-27_zps411cd802.jpg

In many words, they have said ‘I love you dearly!’ That reassuring smile on his face, can melt even the softest heart of his wife.  :~~~)

Would GCM say his exact testimony at the investigation without the XiangXiang incident?  I bet he would, why he did not comfort a crying XX, and in effect pushes her to the brink of asking him to take her is because he is so stuck up being a man of his every word.   He can not promise her his words can bring XJS out alive, the fire was a big political disaster for the KMT government and scapegoating to ease the public’s rage is…understandable, GCM himself is still idealistic and holding onto the hope the council committee will be just and thorough, but there is no guarantee.   In many dramas, this could be heightened into an OTP fanservice scene of dokidoki and lost of blushing, but I love how cruel it stays.  It is a fine line even for the characters themselves harboring feelings for each other, and both of them must be aware to an extent yet they stayed dead focus on their principles and priorities.  For a young girl crushing over a guy who snubs her, there is nothing as humiliating as what XX has offered…and the subsequent cruel exasperation of Gu throwing her off the curb is unimaginable.  However, true to form, the cool smart head of XX gets over it somewhat, and it must have crossed her mind when she calms down and sets her pride aside, this is exactly the guy worthy as her crush, nothing less.  He will not waver with any temptation, he is the exact opposite of what she accused him of in their first meeting.  He said he won’t be of help but he rushes to her house steps behind her. XX must have a better clue she has weight in him.

GCM was overcome by disappointment and anguish and shock when he threw her off his car, I am not sure if it is a very slight slip of WH or per design to denote GCM is a normal hormonal guy desiring HXX, there is  a split second of irrational rapture before he steadies himself in shock and his face freezes over with austerity.   The disappointment is she can stoop so low, but when it hits him she is doing it staunchly for the love for her BiL, her family, and it is wartime that breaks this young proud girl down, it must have driven him to fight this war at all cost some more.  For OTP development, I think the PD owes us a scene where GCM is back in the temporary headquarters, overhears the commotion at Hu house, scrambles to tag the acting governor along.   Or if he just orders Mookie to turn their car around, stalks XX home in a distance to ensure she is alright and happens to be at the scene.  As is, it was a tiny bit abrupt even when we can fill it in however we want and it still flows.

In the previous episodes, we know very well XJS loves his wife more than his own life and honor.  He only cares about honor and morals when it will harm XiangJun and her family.  We could assume he is loving the family he has married into by association.  He wants his wife to be the luckiest woman in CS and therefore he will do everything for the good of her family.  This episode proves that is not all, he truly loves them.    He knows every single one of them, their vices and strengths better than their blood kin.   We can say XJS has a sharp read on anyone 10 ft in his vicinity, but how moved he is when he saw the whole family laboring over the congee stall for him, how bright his smile is when XM hugs him, how emotional when Dad is admiring him with a proper toast…these must be wishes XJS wants most in his life, earning the respect and love of XJ’s family properly, but never thought possible, thus putting up a caustic front often.   When push comes to shove in war,  he is given the opportunity to show his inner better facets, and love is bared to an urgency of expression.  We see XJS as a truly happy man, counting his blessings, content with his life for the first time.

11 thoughts on “The Battle of Changsha Watch Along ep10

  1. OMG I am so glad I found your site! I need someone to spaz with. The downside is I am still on EP 5 :(. Gonna catch up soon!

  2. Hi Mookie! Just wanted to say ‘hello’ -I’m one of those people u don’t know at the moment ;P

    Hope you are enjoying the battle:)

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. Thank you for a colossal post filled with lovely screen grabs, translations, summaries, and insights. It must have taken a ridiculous sum of time to put together, and I am very grateful that you did!

    This episode contained some of my favorite scenes, most notably the XX and Gu Qingming incident and the last bit with XJS instructing his family members on how to carry on in his absence. Some Chinese netizens have voiced disapproval over choosing Yang Zi to portray XX because she isn’t “beautiful enough.” They are the minority, thankfully, because I cannot think of a better fit for this feisty yet big-hearted heroine. I’ve become a big fan of Yang Zi (and Wallace) thanks to this drama, because she has successfully pulled off some very emotionally intricate scenes–quite impressive for her age! I personally think she is very pretty, but more importantly, she hasn’t relegated herself to “flower” roles in which she acts all cutesy and pretty (some idol dramas come to mind >.<) but the acting just isn't there. I want substance, not superficiality!

    But the fangirl in me still squeals in delight at this major development between the OTP!

    Thank you again for posting!

    1. Ahhh~ hugs Lily gosh I did not realize my wordcount till you mention it is…so wordy of me 😛 It is beyond lovely for you taking the time! I truly wasn’t expecting this is readable except for me. I had fun (and I only do what I wanna do here anyway), really wasn’t a chore.

      Geez they can shut it, I lament the taste of younglings these days, they are soo bombarded by all those plastic snake demoness faces in vogue they no longer know what natural beauty, a face full of springy collagen that can emote effortlessly is anymore. Yang Zi is the soul of this, if there is one absolute protagonist, her XX is it and she is exquisite. I thought she is insanely cute and pretty enough apropos for the role of a 16 year old popular pretty teenager of her hood especially put into the consideration of what was the standard of beauty back then: round face sweetness, none of the pointy jaws that can stab things to death. I can not get enough of her cherubic face and her lovely expressive eyes. Her face is exactly what will grow on me, true standard of beauty of mine, I may just call her cute at first glance, but she is eye catching enough in a crowd as well.

      Plus, when did this OTP fall in love just because of looks?! There is an attraction right away but these two characters have other priorities and growth to focus on. We spent 10 episodes with them and while they are ridiculously lovely with all the heart fluttering they are so spot on, it is not love yet. YangZi and WH have perfect chemistry for their characters, none of the forced skinship fanservice.

      I can catch some very minor slips and habits of WH (when he is reciting lines he must’ve taken effort in memorizing, he has a habit of bobbling his head). I think is not working for GCM but I can not nitpick one nuance YangZi is off. Not one. Of course that also applies to Ren ChengWei, Zuo XiaoQing, Niu JunFeng, XiuXiu…they are just all very very good not missing a beat even in passing scenes when they have no lines.

      But sigh, the movie YangZi is currently working on 时间都去哪了 is making me very queasy… Dylan Kuo is exactly a superficial male vase. What makes WH special is he is the epitome of idol pretty AND he has grown into a good enough actor, I doubt he will ever be thespians like most on the roster for BoC, but he is not sticking out horribly even in a top notch drama BoC where every flaw will be more pronounced when surrounded by nothing but awesome.

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