Itazura na Kiss 2 ~Love in Okinawa: Trailer, Gifs, AHHHH~~!

You talented bebes, how crazy good are you all to gif the heck out of ~1 min of material! *LUBLUB*

I am stealing everything from weibo *tytytytytyty* It’s like magic and BOOM! everywhere I look.  All I am doing is jumping and twirling around the room at 1am and mark Sept 12th on every calendar!

Wallies from @C-Linnie :


gifs from @沐雨格子

lol I can’t be the only one humming dududuuuuu~~~~~  At least I am sure Kotoko is!

Gosh, little bro is growing into a very cute…girl.


Ahhhhh, fandom you are more than awesome!

10 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss 2 ~Love in Okinawa: Trailer, Gifs, AHHHH~~!

  1. I AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW! I hope time will fly by. Thank you for posting about this! I hope you will continue to give more awesome reviews of itakiss season 2!

  2. Although the previous comment is not from me (she is another Lena lol), I will concur and say that I am also very excited looking at the gorgeous pics!! (From here on out I’ll just post via my computer and not from my phone so it doesn’t get confusing)

    Anyway currently I am checking out I live in Cheongdamdong (as your rec really suited my taste last time;) and let’s say that Wakamonotachi is really helping me ease back into jdramas.

    And silly me just realised I cant even wallace it now anyway because my mando is nowhere near good enough to understand anything and I can’t read chinese either except for really basic expressions (a result of chinese subs with tvb series)sooo you will not know me for a long time LOL

    1. ILICDD is my fav and the best Kdrama ever, 170 eps of pure genius goodness, so do not say a bad word about it, haha i do not want to hear and would bite ! Jk (not really! 😜)

      Wakamonotachi is quickly dumped by me, not even finishing 1st ep, different strokes different folks, it just felt very forced, too eager to please and nothing organic, my peeve.

      Oh my friend the dearies at r engsubbing Battle of Changsha, while it is still a devastatingly beautiful drama set in wartime, i cant stress enough how flawless it is a human/ coming of age/family drama first and foremost. It is a dime in a trillion dozens considering the norm of dumb crap cdramaland is offering. But yes, this is extremely hearttugging thus traumatic requiring a lot fr audience.

  3. Haha I’m actually relieved that you feel that way about wakamono because I feel that too. It is forced and eager to please but I take refuge in its coziness for now LOL

    You know I got confused and actually checked out Cheongdamdong Alice instead! But heres to making sure I’ll have something to watch for a while since I have run OUT of stuff to stream!170 is good for me since NOTHING but Yeon Woo Jin pleasing right now. I tend to find korean fam dramas endearing~

    About Battle, I think I will enjoy the main actress if anything.

    But GOSH Honaka looks really pretty in these pictures! Oh youth!

    1. Honoka is soooo precious. She is at the exact right age, aura and with the chops to handle Kotoko the most endearingly ever, all the OTT, cutesy comes off her so naturally even just in the trailer. Better than Ariel if you ask me. I think I am very well prepared for the story to be meh, because plot wise it was a lot of contrivances in the manga to begin with, but she will make me love this unconditionally.

      Argh. CDDA was insufferable. I am allergic to PSH, so I bail very promptly.
      ILICDD does not have engsubs, it is diligently fansubbed by Cfans (it is incredibly well received amongst the C netizens, one of the highest rated Kdrama at douban) See how far you can follow it is a daily I do think it can translate well enough even if you can not grasp every word. I have not truly enjoyed a Kdrama for ages, it feels like it is a lost cause.

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