The Pursuit of Happiness Ep 10 Rewatch

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There is a secret he is telling her she is not ready to hear.  She has kept a secret for most of 15 years, it was no longer a secret….. realizing too late it was just never meant to be.  He was too late, he will not miss crossing the line this time.

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I love how YK is darting around her rules, he can not stop himself caring for her.  If she minds his dirty hands touching her intimate garments, as long as he is not touching, it is ok, he can still dote on LL. It was just a day early he left her with her family.  We have seen him missing her eating cup noodles her way, missing her seeing carrots at the supermarket, missing her.  Missing her so much he is like a doting puppy perking up hearing noises in the house assuming she is back home.
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The newlyweds is feeding his pipedream…they can get married next month, have kids before them.  Can…it be that fast?!   He can’t hide his smiles, especially when LL is home at last and niece is still harping it is their turn to go on their honeymoon. While YK can’t contain his smiles, LL is blushing in unease in his shoes, she denies their kiss much more vehemently, flustered, while he was ‘opps!’ a notty boy got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Niece gives LL a warm reassuring hug, knowing LL too well she deals with her loneliness, hurt by burying them deeper, as if they do not exist. Her hug is like from LL’s whole family.  LL feels the love.
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They probe on what stage of the relationship are they?   Kissing in public with a pic on FB screams intimate, skinship bound.  2 months apart, the youngsters can sense the changes in the air even when they keep denying.  She is smiling more, she is not furious he fetches her intimates, entering her room.  His face softens.
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-You are not pissed.
I am just trying all I can to not piss her off.

Habits can grow into dependenceDependence will spring feelingsFeelings will sprout affectionAffection will bloom into LOVE. 

Foolproof. *clapclapclap*

I doubt LL does not know the simple logical workings…that is how she has operated for 15 years and there was no fruition, let alone they are starting off on weird grounds of having other people occupying their hearts.  Even if we only look at the finish line, no one can guarantee it will be a happy ending.  But…you will miss your happy ending if you did not even cross that starting line.

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– Someone has to make the first steps.I have already taken a lot of steps.Lets count:

  • I live with a stranger under the same roof.
  • I eat carrots,
  • I get on the dreadful Ferris wheel
  • And…I say my farewell to my love for HWT. 


All because of him one way or the other.

….and he makes you smile.

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I thought after they are back this situation…should end.

Our relationship…has a deadline?

YiKang…are you expecting something more?

He stutters a…no. I wonder what if he said YES?!  She calls him YiKang.

When did you start having feelings for my lil’Aunt?
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Good question. YiKang seriously gives it a good pondering.

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A cake for the Boyfriend.

They are adorable coworkers.

Both LL and YK are asked out for lunch by the person they used to pine for:

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You missed the chance confessing your love to me.

Remember YK?!  You must.

Yes.  I love Ji AnLei!

He can not contain the smile from his heart.  Yes, he loves her, he is no longer hesitant saying it out loud.  And no, he lied to his student the other night, he will not content with as is, even if there will forever be the unease, doubts on her end.  Friends, as is, is not good enough for the feelings he has for LL.

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Is it HWT’s place to be jealous, thinking why does HYK deserve the love of JAL, who is so perfect?! EVER?!  No, if you ask me.  But he makes some sound observations of how good YK is to her, how much he cares about her, changes his routine living with her, changing her habits… in other words all the things he was short.

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It bugs me he is so entitled telling LL he wishes her to stay put, can’t honestly wishes her happiness with another guy but be his perfect ex forever in a time capsule almost, so his fond memory will stay unchange.  Argh.   And did anyone ask for your ease of mind, your approval of whom LL should find happiness with?!?! Nobody.

That is (you are) most disgusting,

that empty promise of lets get married when they are 35 and still single.

LL is finally, whole-heartedly moving on from this unrequited love of hers.  She says it frankly, she can finally be herself, breathe in the air of fresh freedom from all that messy feelings.
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One day,  the pain will go away.

And this is the day.

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(Are you ok?)

LL switched off her phone for the day just because she wants to gather her thoughts, alone.
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I am so worried about you…like I am missing something most important to me.

She sees the feast he made for her, especially for her:
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Even when she did not answer his calls the entire day, not even an SMS of her whereabouts, he is used to her, seeing, thinking, missing, eating dinner with her everyday.   He will be here with a table of food ready just in case she is suddenly back, and craves for his cooking.

Lets change our relationship from about to breakup, to just started dating.

JAL, I realize I have fallen for you.

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She tensely smiles and accuses him of joking.   It is not funny to him, unless the joke is on him.   But it is obviously not funny even to her.

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She eases her own nerves with what outrageous excuses she can dump on him, so out of touch from the truth and her own feelings.  Even in his hurt, and frustration, he can not hurl one false, bad word about LL.

You are perfect.

That is why I do not want to break up.

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He told me a secret.  I treat it as a joke, a lie. 

But every word is truthful to my ears.  If it is a secret…why let me know?

After it is spilled, it is no longer a secret.  It is a truth we need to bury, and pretend it never exists, hoping time…will forget?!

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YiKang gathers all the post-its he wrote for LL, little nuggets of his love.  Stuff it in a tin, closes it up, out of sight, out of reach.  Let it be forgotten.

The boyfriend who got a cake is served a collective slap on the face of them supporting their breakup today after they overheard LL making up yet another outrageous accusation of YK is a gangster to convince herself ruthlessly the breakup has to be done.  Who would believe that seriously, says Tiffany, the sage of romance and common sense.

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HYK is very good.  Yes, he is really really good.

He takes care of me, he keeps my family company, he sticks by my side through all the dramas happening around me lately.  He has witnessed every moment of me being happy, sad, weak…making us misunderstand…this is…love.

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There is no misunderstanding.  YK is taking it in as a love confession LL is ignorant of, just three words extra ‘making us misunderstand‘.  There is just denial.

It is friendship…right?!

It was just friendship, after 15 years.  Let go, but not forgotten.

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LL takes up the full responsibilities of things spinning so out of control damning YK.  She is the one at fault, she is the one who wants to be together (for a charade) and she is the one who is asking for a breakup.  More embarrassingly she made up a gangster background for him to break up convincingly, to all her dear ones…and herself, because he is fault-less and flawless.

This is a love confession in a round about way even LL is not aware of being caught up with her agenda of breaking up.  They started out as a charade, they are a charade.  The perfect moment to stop LL from feeling more horrible and beating herself with more unbelievable excuses to break up with him. He puts a stop to her visibly suffering. YK speaks up, he will respect LL’s wishes.

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Lets… break up.

LL apologizes to what happened at work.  When she calls his name, he takes a moment before turning back, wishing, however outrageously delusional he is, she would tell him she realizes from everything she said except the breaking up part: she does not want to break up.  She wishes YK is relieved now that the charade is over.  She must be joking now, how can he look remotely relieved? At ease?  Happy?! Fine?!  No.   She said she is relieved, yet still he wants to fish for a definite negative from her.

What you said is from the bottom of your heart, right?

Just as LL wants to elaborate, YK knows he can not stand the same snub retold more nicely.  He stops her hurting him before he can not keep a calm front.

We are just friends.

He says, reminding himself.   If he was hesitant to confess his feelings because he was unsure of hers, he got it loud and clear just now.  There is no need a repeat of salt on the fresh wound.

Yet, he loves her.  He is not going to change.  As long as she is happy, have fun with her bffs, be safe, call him if she drinks too much.


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LL senses  his melancholy, his hurt, wasn’t this supposed to be all a flat out charade? ! but her guilt is real, she has wronged him, turned down his genuine feelings for her.

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi13-59-51_zpsa79d0b7d.jpg

While LL has her girls’ night out.  YK joins the guys for a boys’ talking about the romance dilemmas of ‘their friends’.  YK’s ‘friend’ fails miserably at confessing, he can not figure out what she is thinking.

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-01-33_zpsd7b49b06.jpg

LL tells her bffs there is nothing on her mind, she is happy and contented as is even when YK is very good.  She is relieved.

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 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-02-02_zpsf3bbb9b2.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-02-12_zps328abb29.jpg

You do not look like you are at ease.  You are just not brave enough.

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-03-38_zpsefed8355.jpg

You are just not used to…the change of little routines making up what life is about being in love. 

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-03-45_zpscce4e8f8.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-06-14_zpse55bd47f.jpg

Being in love is the most luxurious SPA

The bff urges LL to be brave and take the leap as she gave Tiffany the exact advice.
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It is the second time LL asks herself rhetorically…this is friendship…right?!
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We are good friends (right?!)

-Once we are friend-zoned, they will not regard you as a possible suitor.

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Even when he is repeated snubbed, he is not angry at her.

YK is not pissed at LL lying and dumping him in front of all coworkers.

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-07-47_zps10fa2eb6.jpg

Ah Tai speaking from his success with Tiffany, as long as the guy is genuine and he perseveres no matter how many times he is knocked down, there is a good chance the lady will succumb into his arms.

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-09-03_zpsdba9987f.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-09-11_zpsd19056a5.jpg

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-09-45_zps408c459a.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-09-47_zpsb222edc6.jpg

sometimes when she appears to be very against you…it is because she loves you too much (and is afraid of getting hurt).

The girls’ have enough of LL analyzing what exactly the status of her and HYK is.  They can just be very good platonic friends without the need to leap to the next stage.  Tiffany points out what is the use of labeling?

Tiffany: There is no logic. Who is important to you, is important.  Whom you are in love with, you just are.

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 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-10-28_zpsff5d68ef.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-10-33_zpsfff65828.jpg

After YK is living with LL, they notices how at ease she is.  She is no longer facing the world alone.  She has a companion.

But is this (companionship) love?!
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 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-12-07_zpsa34ef45f.jpg

JY had enough of LL’s hesitation.  How often do we flaunt the word LOVE around?!?!  It is love when you are brave enough to take that leap, cross that line.

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-12-30_zps02e8269b.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-12-32_zps643fca66.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-12-41_zps26daf448.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-15-32_zps1b625e93.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-15-46_zpsd7770975.jpg

And the conversations of the guys and the ladies convene at the same point.  There is no rule in love, you need to be as brave as willing to lose a limb and take the leap, cross that line. Put it in action.

And action does speak louder than all the words, analysis, picking of logic and sense:

A lasting gradual relationship builds up bits by bits, when every drop is gathered, you will suddenly feel a jolt.  And realize….that is love.

LL counts all the actions, every drop:

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-19-53_zpsa4d0ec3f.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-19-55_zpsd98fdba6.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-19-56_zpsde43c4a9.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-19-57_zps34a85e42.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-19-58_zps0c64d1a4.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-20-00_zpsc752614e.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-20-01_zps49d659d7.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-20-04_zpsb14358ef.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-20-06_zpsaf58a5ce.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-20-09_zps945c1ad8.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-20-11_zps9c3cfeb3.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-20-12_zps9117ca28.jpg

So this is so called…Love.

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-20-21_zps41de4cab.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-20-25_zps16f8b35a.jpg

He loves me…or I love him?!

When in doubts…HOW CAN YOU NOT FALL FOR THIS FACE?!?! >>>
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-21-29_zps00989595.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-23-43_zps3dfbe30a.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-23-58_zpsbf000d57.jpg

LL will admit she is a ball of nerves, unease, when YK mentions that line to be crossed between friends and lovers.  It could be a cliff, a freefall.  Nothing savagable when she does not want to lose him, whatever they have.

The following caps r here to remind the world Tony Yang is insanely hotter when jealous and staking his claim on his woman, including what he doesn’t want her to wear because it is too snug.

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-24-20_zpsa305e7d5.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-25-03_zps45808dd1.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-25-10_zps349a8715.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-25-51_zps46cb587e.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-26-06_zps2ab51802.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-26-26_zps5632a90c.jpg
 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-26-39_zpsd17dc5fd.jpg

Who would protect you if I am not around next time?

And yes, roll all the eyes you want, according to HYK, you need his protection.

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-26-51_zpsb592d0ca.jpg

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-41-14_zps5b77aa1d.jpg

He wants to step out of the car, she is not able to sleep with others around looking, he remembers her rule.   He is not able to sleep.  He wants to cross the line, she is at arm’s reach.  She rolls her eyes at him and he is getting too used to it, can’t get enough of it.

Put it in action.  He kisses her, he crosses to the backseat and reaches for her, he grabs her to cross to his side of the car.  Lines are crossed alright.

 photo ThePursuitofHappinessEp10HDTV720px264Chi14-50-29_zps8af59ae2.jpg


The last 3 mins of the episode is a hundred of kisses, hands touching skin, clothes off…they are in love.  *Confession: this is my pervie fix for the wk/month/year…ok more like hour. **CLICK**  *

10 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness Ep 10 Rewatch

  1. The best 3 minutes of sexy, meaningful drama skinship ever filmed. Thanks for keeping up with the rewatch 🙂 Always love your take on each episode. LL’s girlfriends are always the voice of reason, logic and encouragement. It’s great to have characters that have a pragmatic opinion on love and relationship. Thanks again!!

    1. Hi there Breathless~! 😆

      Still nothing beats those few last minutes for me, it was so well laid out through the episode it was not the spur of a moment YK initiated, he gave it a lot of thought and without the heart to heart with her niece gfs LL is still mending to be in touch with her feelings and will not be able to reach/face the fact there is a romance going on She can not be as highstrung as she was at the beginning of the ep to deny it now that the physical intimacy gives her no time to think and bury emotions w words just because she is too afraid.

      1. What I really liked about their physical intimacy was exactly what you brought up in your commentary: they are in love. Which is what their ravenous making out even sweeter and not just some roll in the hay, or in their case, a tumble in the backseat. And totally agree that the YK mulled over everything before deciding to cross the line to kiss her – and LL knew at that exact moment what her friends were trying to tell her.

        Anyway, thanks to your raving on Battle of Changsha, I’m thinking of watch it even though I’m not too enthused when it comes to Wallace Huo (Don’t hit or hate me!!!). 🙂

        1. MTE. Of course I am opposite of stuck up and appreciate fanservice when mood strikes, but it is tiresome seeing intimacy used as a plot device ALL THE TIME. It is really lovely to have two consenting adults in love and give physical intimacy a proper essay.

          lol I was so not an WH fan till last few months, so even though I have heard a few nice comments about this drama I was never going to check this out specifically because he is attached as well, look where I am now. He finally really attached himself in a drama worthy of his pretty face.

          BUT, if you genuinely think he is fug then you will have a problem, because PD and cinematographer love his face ridiculously much he has 90% of the slow mo closeups, part of what his character is asked to do is to be very extremely gorgeous. So, stay away if his face revolt you.

  2. I swear Mookie everytime you bag WT, even if it’s the tiniest bit, it always cracks me up like no tomorrow!

  3. Mookie! I’ve been a lurker on your site for a long time ^^ I love it! Your long posts are the best!

    Just wondering, where did you get this awesome quality version of Pursuit of Happiness? I have the not-so-good hliang quality and it’s just not fun to watch.

      1. That’s amazing! Thank you so much! Yes, I watched it when it aired, and I was thinking of doing a rewatch, but was really put off by my bad video quality, and then I saw your beautiful screenshots ^^!

        Thank you!

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