The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep17

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I do not think this episode needs commentary.

GCM manages to say hopeful, reassuring words, with a smile, to the Hu family. XiangJun tries as well. Nothing can be said. She has to remind herself to inhale, her face looks like she forgets she needs air.  Breathing, is not the thing she needs.  She does not drop a tear, every pore on her face is crying a river Xiang.

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Every word said become true, but they do not have the faith. He was a bad man who is sweetest to her and her family. Luck only strikes a handful of times… if lucky. And XJS is so lucky the tombs of his ancestors must be spitting auspicious green smoke, he says.

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Nothing can be said when trust is shattered…heart breaks along.

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There will only be tears, endless tears. She can ask the same question over and over like a broken record, no one has a word of answer.

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There will only be tears, endless tears. Don’t cry…

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Nursery rhymes would not be heard, he would never cry a word.  Changsha won a battle in September, the year of 1941, he was three years old.  He… never existed.   His Dad saved the country… and lost his family.

4 thoughts on “The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep17

  1. This episode is sad. I couldn’t re-watch it. Xiang Jun is always very mature and composed yet very fragile. The family knows that well and have always been caring and protective of her. I just want to give her a big hug.

    1. I love how there is progression of her mental illness, it is not a sudden twist. there have been subtle hints XJ has been emotionally strung, at the brink of unhinged when the other characters have said it a few times hoping she won’t think too much, perhaps actively in depression for quite a while. After that scare with the fire, the fear of losing XJS reek havoc in her psyche. XJS MIA is the second major blow, on top of the stress of a new pregnancy, and the heartbreaking mistrust from her husband, then…..just a cascade of events anyone stronger could not bear, let alone she has been cracking under that perfect facade. Zuo XiaoQing is sooo good, I particularly love her first scene in the episode asking GCM the whereabouts of XJS, extremely desperately fishing for what she wishes to hear, but all the nice words GCM said trying his best at comforting did the opposite with every word more. From her face, I can see every line he said, however hopeful for XJS’ return, is like a fresh blow to her fragile mental state and she is crumbling and losing it while trying to keep the calm composure, still the soft spoken genteel, reserved XJ, at the same time in the back of the mind, you are sure you are looking into the face of a crazy woman trying to hide her mental storms within. Grandmama gives her a concerned look right away, so is Dad. Everyone is superb with their body language and nuances in this episode, not much is said, most of the time everyone is in a stupor, but a lot is conveyed.

    1. Yes, they ran into a j convoy was hiding and PingOn was making noises, XJ held him too tight… i have heard of real tragedies exactly like this from my grandma. It almost happened to my Dad as a newborn in my Grandma’s arm

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