Friday Pretty: On the Set of Princess JieYou

I had my expectation in check, I thought, which was quite low tbvh because the Miss writer 徐伊亮 attached is of BuBuJingQing’s fame *CRIES* and even if that was an anomaly, none of her past works look worthy.  PD 路阳 is promising, and the producers are very solid, the studio behind, 中央新闻纪录电影制片厂(Central Studio of News Reels Production)is the most legit documentary producers in CN established since 1953, but writing is definitely what makes or breaks a drama, gorgeous crap is still….crap.   I am going to watch it, of course, beggars can’t be choosers, what YH drama (there are dozen+ of them) that has been done for years and counting was out in the 7 whole months of 2014 so far?!?!?!?!  NONE.


This looks so insanely gorgeous for scenery p0rn alone and these are just grabs from weibo, every single one is wallie quality no tweaking necessary.  Being just a few hours north of Beijing, I am very tempted to visit 多伦草原/Duolun in inner Mongolia next time I am in the vicinity.


This is just picspam, there will be a presscon in a few days so we’ll know more about this.  The four leads all look amazing in costumes.  This must be my hottest look of Loverboy since Yelu Xie. One of his lovely ‘sisinlaw’ YeQing (<3) is also working with him, so aside from having no wifi in Duolun, it should be a blast.  Please can there be some romantic scene btn him and YeQing, I ship them on screen!   I think he pairs particularly well with actresses of a more genteel aura on screen especially when he looks like the hottest wildest badboy of our dreams.

Yuan WenKang is a very hot ahjusshi.

Miss Zhang XinYi, our Princess JieYou is too plastic for my taste in periods, and this is her first venture into the genre, just my peeve but she is a decent actress and the costumes are just to die for!

OTP is very cute off screen:

Loverboy is going to be on Happy Camp on a show themed, Adonis in periods along with his bromance bff Ma TianYu.  There should be tonnes of silly hijinks.

Have an MV:

6 thoughts on “Friday Pretty: On the Set of Princess JieYou

  1. She reminds me Angelababy. I would replace her with JangXin or Fanny/Liu Yi Fei if I were the PD. Seriously I would do better casting…
    YuanHong with Yelu Xie is eyefeasting ! 😀

    1. I actually think she looks like Lee DaHae (kr actress) i do not mind AB’s plastic because it doesn’t look too obtrusive, of coz AB will be out of place in a period unless she is playing a race in this region… and the fact she is not a gd actress. This actress is quite reputable in the industry and with a few proper hits, well known w the C tv audience. This is proper historical and u need a certain clout to even be considered for the lead. Sadly i do not think JX has that status yet

      Jang Xin would be a dream though!!!

  2. OMG!! I’ve been waiting for weeks for you to give update on YH and his new series! He looked SMOKING HOT!! And love…love…love the scenery, it’s just sooooo gorgeoussssssss!!! And the picture of YH and his leading lady is so romantic with a touch of sexy..oooohhh..laaa..laaa.

    She does reminds me of AB, and yes, a little plastic-ie. But I think she suits the role because she looked very exotic in costumes. I think she’s pretty and quite compatible with YH’s Yelu Xie badass look. I loved…loved…the off-screen chemistry amongst the casts!!! I’d see the casts weibos and pictures about each other and I knew at least they’re having a great time!

    1. I still cant believe the gorgeous! I have never seen just random snaps so fking like only done w crazy gd PS. I so agree w the consensus it looks like rich oil painting of wedding portraits if princes and princesses of another time.

      I dun think I’ll ever say this because i am such an obsessed fan of his YLX he can look hotter, but he is! ! !

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