The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep18

I lost count how many of my favorite scenes are packed in 40 some odd minutes.  We can not escape falling deeper, madder in love with them some more.

With the children back home, the Hu table has a decent amount of dishes, but Sis still rushes out to buy buns and osmanthus sugar cakes for…PingOn as soon as she heard the street vendor.  XM follows her closely behind to keep a keen eye.

Around the corner, XJS hears a child desperately crying for Mom on his way home.  It was a few short weeks since he left home, rushed off to duty before he can stop his pregnant wife from making a treacherous journey back to his rural hometown where he was going to keep her in house arrest…till the war is over, his inferiority complex rearing its ugly head, maybe with this win on their front this the beginning of a better time.  ChangSha sure looks like it with the fireworks and celebrations replacing air strikes and bullets…for the while.   He earns himself a promotion and medal of honor in a few weeks of good luck and using every bit of his shrewd survival skills.  As he says all the time,  he is a damn lucky dude.

It is impossible to kill him.

-Who are you?

But those three words almost did.

It is his welcome home dinner, auspicious number of dishes (8).  A feast with wine and bowls of white rice no one is eating except XiangJun.  He has to say XiangXiang, he has to put his grip on XM’s shoulder, isn’t it nice to have the whole family gathering around the table for dinner?  BiL is begging you.

BiL is begging you…

He has sent PingOn back to his ancestral home, he said,

to keep him safe and sound( ie平安/ ping on).

Aren’t we fighting a war? 

-When are you sending him back?

…after the war.

Is… there an after though?!

He holds his wife in silent mourning.  Grandmama pours them tea.  He knows the wise old lady is here if he needs and she has a worry looming. He has to handle the loss, the grief himself.  It must be how the power above is making him atone his countless sins.

Grandmama, do not worry. 

I will not stop taking care of the family.

Life goes on.

Even when he is broken, crying, he is XiangJun’s shoulder to lean on.

Big Sis likes him, BigSis loves him.

XM insists they must do something to make BiL pay for Sis’ demise.  The boy does not know XJS is overhearing his punishment just outside Grandmama’s door. He must have thought of taking up her offer, taking refuge, about to knock.  XJ can no longer bear him children, as the only remaining member of his family, his bloodline is cut short with him as the last of Xue.  As much as he reassured Grandmama he will still take up the responsibility of supporting the Hu family on his shoulders, his only family is not trusting him.

But this is the hand he has in marriage, the same hand of the woman he loves so much occupying her every thought, wanting to touch her face so bad for all the boys in the trenches to hear, he is fondly feeling the familiar warmth next to his cheek.  He may not be a well-read perfect match for Hu XiangJun in this lifetime, but he is going to practice by the Book of Odes/Shi Jing: 执子之手,与子偕老  To hold your hand…to grow old with you.

At PingOn’s grave, he touches the image of what that is left of his son.   His fingers passing slowly across, covering the face of his lovely child.  XiaoDi has no fault, it is his fault, his grief, his guilt…but he looks up to heavens, perhaps just to wish his son is resting safe and soundly up above.  It must have crossed his mind he would rather he has never cheated death.  Why don’t You take me instead?!

He is still surviving with his best fight, he has cried, said his farewell, and he turns around.  Life still has to go on, doing whatever it takes to amend…including begging and bowing at MH to help him with XJ’s infertility.

And it is in moments like this that makes XJS insanely charismatic and we forgive his sins. We are lucky seeing his mastermind scheming rearing its head at hatching phase: seeing a XiangXiang looking cute in her uniform, you are more than a great match for that GCM looking so pretty.   I chuckle at even when this guy is in so much grief nothing is beating him down from a nice wink to brighten the mood of his SiL he is relentlessly working to ensure her happiness…and at the same time start working on his own.  He is really the toughest charming cookie.

XX is a smart cookie herself, taking the compliment, a slightest smile with dimps showing escapes her face, but she immediately worries BiL is up to something, first guess, harassing cousin MH…which is not true.

As soon as BiL tells her XJ can no longer bear children, she assumes BiL must be dumping Sis to cousin MH!  That will be the last thing ever crossing XJS’ mind.  XJS is not such a fine actor to suppress how disgusted and offended he is with what her notty head can come up with.

But XJS is up to something, he is softening the blow, laying brick by brick how good he has been to XX, aside from his attitude… but it is all out of what is best for her. Fact is he loves her Sis with all his heart, XX has eyes to observe every bit of it.   Pointing out how much her Sis loves children, and how much XX loves her Sis, even if she will hesitate with what outrageous favor he is going to ask from her next solely on repaying his doting on her,  she could not back down from loving her Sis.

Does your Sis love kids?

I bow to the smarts of XJS, even when he is still working at asking for XX to do the unthinkable, he is laying down the groundwork of his next move…on GCM.

From what you know of Mr Princeling GCM,

do you think he would be willing…

to give up his child to be adopted into another family?

BiL, how on earth would XX know such a matter about GCM?!?!?!??????  You cunning fox of not even subtle name dropping, joining the fluffy dots in her head for her without XX even knowing it is blooming.

XX is flabbergasted.  GCM?!  How would she ever know??!?!?!  Falling into his traps without aware of what she is saying, she says she has no idea what ‘another person’ would think, but she is willing.  For my sister, I am willing to give up my child.  BIL is asking specifically about GCM’s future child but she jumps to talking about her future child.  She makes the association herself.

You are worth every bit of your BiL’s doting!

If sillyme was in BiL’s shoe, I would be giggling and teasing and making XX blushes some more and hit me while I run around twirling and singing YOU WANT TO HAVE GCM’s BABY! ME TOO!’

XJS should follow the greatest tactitian philosopher Sun Tze’s footstep and write a Xue Zhi’s Art of Game.  As soon as he gets her binding word, he rushes off to the next phase of his game plan, but not before he greedily throws in addition conditions to their agreement:  the child can not be ugly (gimme a break, how can the faces of YangZi and WH have an ugly child now), better yet have twins like XX and XM, and do not waste time (making babies) the entire family is waiting for her wedding candies.

The entire family is waiting for your wedding candies!!!

Aww XX is so cute puffing her cheeks and with all the flutters she no longer knows what to do with her hands except, pumping them against her skirt as she stews on what she had just done.  Cousin MH looks on the scene with a loaded smile.  This is why I am not feeling Cousin MH…because I feel the actor is selling him short, is that questionable smile his worry for XJ?!  His slight judging on the bizarre favor XJS dares to ask XX and thus GCM?!  Is he smirking at XX for basically letting the world know she, a single girl, is willing to have GCM’s baby and give it away?!

Instead of knocking and haha tell ing GCM XX just agrees to have his baby and the steps prior to having a baby winkwink, XJS comes up on the spot with a better plan:  stomping into GCM’s room.

While he is confident he has a winning bet with XX being the passionate fearless girl she is, never the strictest rule abider, to not hesitate bending a limb for her family (I wonder if he knew what she was willing to offer GCM for BiL’s safety), he knows his odds of getting a bold nod from GCM, a stickler of every rule and every decorum is much slimer.  If he just asks whether GCM will give him a child, the guy who is willing to sacrifice his life, be unfilial to his father before ever thinking about starting a family,  it would be a lot of entertaining bickering and virtuous whining but XJS can never be sure of the outcome.  Even putting the cute nod of XX on the table may not guarantee success because the honorable GCM will never admit he wants to make babies with XX first before giving XJS their child.   His plan is to guilt trip the heck out of the exemplary young man if he has to.  He is putting the sole blame of him losing his mind this moment as GCM can witness on top of XJ losing her mind and the loss of his child all stemming from GCM’s visit to his family.  Half truths are always XJS’ favorite ammo.

When i visited them, your wife and kid were fine!

You really regard me as a brother!?

This is more than XJS can ask, there must be an irking GCM truly regards him as a brother, or else he would not take it on his shoulder to break the worst news to his family XJS might be missing in action, he could be there to take up responsibility of looking out for the family without saying. His irking is GCM did it out of his affection for XX, now he knows the young guy is doing it out of his love and concern for him, XJS, his comrade, brother.  GCM is truly a man of his words, he said he respects him, half jokingly for the ruffian he is, but this very moment XJS knows he has this fine young man’s respect and it is knocking his resolve.  GCM has gained respect for XJS since the fire, he has seen him at the most desperate time when human weakness is understandable, yet XJS went against the grain and chose the righteous difficult route.  It is also his observation how XX and XM respect and love their BiL dearly, a worthy brother/father figure greatest influence in their lives.  How he manipulates him, solely for the sake of XP is not obscuring him this is a big brother who would take responsibility of his extended family, unconditionally.  He also has become a fan of this shrewdest worldly man, for the first time in his life, GCM is witnessing a role model of balancing duty for the country and family so effectively.  XJS has become an aspiration on how a man can live his life to the fullest.


Brother Gu…

Shamelessness aside, XJS has a low esteem of himself,  would never imagine he could be sitting side by side, eye to eye, pouring his soul over a serious heart-to-heart as brothers with GCM.  He sets out storming in the room by coercing GCM with guilt, with manipulation, with the lure of XX, but at this moment, he draws the line using his tricks and schemes.   He will start with speaking out something GCM is already doing without asking: taking care of his family.   They have won a battle, but not a war, they both know too well the harsh reality is not what all the self-congratulatory flatulent news of victory is about.  IJA will be back, XJS must head back to the front line and GCM will continue his logistics responsibilities in CS.  In his reeling, his mourning, he has the cruel taste of reality he is not the luckiest guy he puffed himself up to be. His luck ran out tragically in mere days. There is only a handful of battles he is lucky enough to survive.

  It is all bullshit!

But he still needs a definite reconfirmation from GCM to ease his mind:  Promise me one thing, support my family for me. 

I promise you!

Alright alright alright, I owe you!  *smile*

XJS stresses again how worried he is for his wife XiangJun, referring to her as ‘your BigSis in law‘ repeating You must take care of this big family of mine for me!  GCM takes a pause, and flusters. XJS resorts to his old ways right away, shamelessly slamming on the guilt with GCM’s hesitation: ‘you owe me!’

It is because XJS is in a very vulnerable desperate state,  and his love and worry for his wife and his family knows no bounds that he would think GCM is hesitating, GCM is a very smart guy, just by referring the Mrs as his BigSis in law is not escaping him XJS is also worming in his wish on him marrying XX.  GCM line of thought is he would have taken care of XJS’ family even if he is not worthy of XX’s hand, he is certain of his own feelings by now, but gone is the confident assured GCM, he can never be sure he is a match good enough for XX as a soldier.  This young guy is falling hopelessly in love that he has all the jitters and doubts, we all question whether we are good enough for the perfect girl/guy we are obsessed with.

Do not worry, I would take good care of your family.

He knows XJS is agitated when he forces it with a threat, he eases his BigbroXue’s mind, he promises what he can surely accomplish: take the best care of his family.  After what tragedies he has witnessed, grief after grief the Hu family had endured last year personally, he genuinely can feel his pain.

And bravo XJS, in this lovely tender emotional heartfelt moment, you immediately wastes no time to be on the prowl, sensing Gu is evading the XX conundrum.

Also, XX promises me,

after the two of you have kids, she is willing to give up one child to be adopted into my family.

Are you willing?

THAT is not exactly what XX promises, she promises to give up HER own child, although it is safe to assume she is implying exactly that.  You cunning BiL!!



Poor thing, he is stunned at the idea of XX talking about having children with him, GCM, in front of her BiL.   How do you expect the young guy to process anything else?!  The self-doubts on whether XX is willing to marry him is gone.  The cool, reserved GCM forgets to fact check how much is true coming from XJS’ mouth.   But that is exactly your plan BiL, and hats off to How to bluff a child from the OTP in the boldest one-two punch.

GCM chases behind XJS, forcing him to dine and wine with him.  XJS quips a meal is not what GCM owes him.

I am willing as well.

After you drink this wine with me, I am willing as well.

You…are willing to give your child to me?!


One of the most memorable scene of the episode: that little patch of unruly hair on GCM’s head when I doubt he would ever have a hair astray in public, this is a guy every time stepping out of the car, he would straighten his uniform, speaks of the urgency GCM is swearing on the promise between the two men, now sworn brothers of the same family.  With the new honesty in their genuine brotherhood, he is expressing his gratitude for XJS’s approval, of letting him properly pursue XX’s hand in marriage on top of the obvious of giving XJS his word worth more than gold he is willing to give him his child.

Thank you Commander!

For the first time in his life, XJS is rendered speechless.  We see him turning into a blob of goo and the guilt of he is not worthy.  The only thing he can do is reciprocate the gratitude by the same token GCM did, pouring him wine.  We are in tears and so much warm fuzzies seeing how this brash man is soo moved and overwhelmed.  Yes, he has secured an heir which in traditional social norm, biggest offense in filial piety is not having an offspring, but we know this is also because this is one gamble he hopes XJ will come back to him…as her old self. He would do anything for her happiness.  And he sees light at the end of the tunnel, he sees hope.


XJ has spent her entire day pacing the countyard agitated, asking why PingOn is not back yet.  Grandmama has been keeping a devastated keen eye feet from her since.

I will fetch him tomorrow.

GCM, you lovely man eyes brimming with so much love and concern for your BigbroXue, proud of his bigbro still able to put up a strong soothing front for his dear wife drunk.

XJS has the consciousness to salute an honor to their pact.  With GCM reassuring nod and pat on his shoulder, XJS immediately directs GCM to his end of the pact, his SiL XX.


Yet, XX storms off to her room after throwing GCM just an annoyed look.

XM looks on, feels for the poor guy caught in his sister’s lousy mood and gestures GCM a welcoming to his home.

XX is pissed GCM takes BiL out to drink and have an ease of mind when so much is happening at home with Sister in such a sad state.   This time, it is XM being rational, the men are drinking down their sorrow away.  XX insists BiL should be tortured by every drop of his sorrow!

XM reminds XX she is the one saying they should be lenient with BiL because Sis loves him so.

I am pissed just seeing him drunk!.

With XM’s smirking, he gets it perfectly well this has little to do with BiL and him being drunk. It is a wifey’s compliant of her drunken hubby coming home late not doing his chores.

I can extrapolate, after that blushing conversation with BiL, and seeing he is brought home by GCM, XX knows BiL must’ve brought up what they discussed one way or the other with GCM.  Methinks XX guesses BiL asked GCM the exact question of whether he is willing to give up a child, their child, with the bluff XX has agreed.  That embarrassment alone would have her running away with the sight of him.  She has worn her hearts on her sleeves the afternoon, BiL knows her affection in broad daylight, yet the guys went out for a drink when she has been stewing the rest of the day…not knowing how to face him, yet wishing for GCM to declare his affection, but the guy has nothing on his mind but takes her BiL along for a guy’s night out, when he must’ve known what BiL’s highest priority should be home taking care of Sis.

Dad sees an attractive lady in GCM’s arms.   He face is full of disdain, not knowing how this lady is related to GCM, it is not proper to be showing public display of affection, especially when the guy has paid his family a proper visit, and he has granted his approval for him to pursue his daughter.


This is the first time we met GCM’s big sis, right?! 😛 It is adorable seeing this side of Commander Gu, defenseless younger brother being poked fun at by  bigsis.  She said she picks this restaurant because she heard from old uncle Xu this was the happening place of his memorable blind date, rubbing it in his infamous public display with the feisty little pepper traveled far and wide as gossip fodder.   It is also apparent she knows who the feisty girl is and her brother has fallen for said young lady in ChangSha, so crafty is BigSis with her urging on marriage like all elders of the family.   She has made a special visit, picking this special restaurant and the first thing on her agenda is the girl in Changsha who owns her little bro’s heart.

Not even a stroke is done in the character eight.

There is no use denying what his bigsis must have thoroughly researched.  He is admitting he has fallen for a girl in ChangSha, but it is too early to talk about marriage.  Butbutbut GCM, you have already talked about giving up your unborn child you has yet to have with the exact same young lady.  How do you think babies are made?!  And out of wedlock?!?! You would never dare.

Sis has done her BigSis duty of urging his younger bro to strike iron when hot with the girl he loves, giving him the family’s blessing just with the walk to their table.  Proper business is,  this is a luncheon to introduce her brother to General Fang Xianjue, the commander in chief in the Henan Hunan region of this leg of the NRA war effort.  I remember first reading about the respected war hero of NRA when I was obsessed with Legend of Condor Heroes as a tween, associating him with the older GuoJing, drawing parallels between the Defense of HengYang to the Battle of XiangYang

WH kissed the cameraman and lighting guy daily, I swear.  Whenever GCM is properly introduced, there is higher order from PD for the visual to hammer in his name Ching.Ming (clear and bright) lest the fangirls have deafen themselves with their squeals.

General Fang comments on how dashing the young man looks, modeling after Mr Gu Senior.

Sis thanks for his compliments but her youngbro is nothing compared to the young and accomplished general himself, being the favorite general of the chairman.

GCM must had these lunches before on pins and needles where he is asked to sit pretty as his BigSis is politicking for his safety in the front line by putting him in limbo.

You do not have to worry about (the support) from ChongQing.

There is a timely distraction for GCM, putting a rare smile on his sullen face, the sight of a cute toddler.  With what his bigbroXue has implanted in his brain, and now freshly reminded by his own BigSis, this is the first time GCM is aware he desires more in life, he wants a family, he wants a family with XX.

Dad puts up a tantrum back home.  XX hears her father saying GCM is wishywashy,  XJS is judging the situation this is not one of Dad’s inebriated episodes. He picks up the hat and dusts it for Dad as he enters the room.

XX , do not have any relations with him from now on.

 GCM can not be that kind of person, if he is, he is already your second son in law! 

-My good Son in Law, why aren’t you listening to me?!

With all of XJS’ rowdy teasing amongst the boys, GCM has never stooped to his level, not a flirtatious word spoken lightly about XX. And i think this is a subtle hint he knows XX offers GCM her body in exchange of his safe return but was thrown off the vehicle. My guess is from Mookie to XiaoDi in the trenches!


BiL got a face of anguish when he said being friendly with a girl in public is no big deal.  *It is so adorable hearing XJS calling his DiL Papa! Papa! instead of his usual OldMan when he is serious. *

Grandmama time!

This is understandable.  He is a handsome, honorable fellow,

a desirable Son in Law for any family.

Only our XX would not give him another look,

stubborn in not nodding to the great match

Do you think all the girls are blind?!

Grandmama, we love you, fine taste you have and great insight.  BiL can not be happier first on Grandmama being on his side, not a bad word on GCM, saying great truths, and he immediately glances at XX seeing how Grandmama’s wisest words provokes her, looking every bit like the jealous little girl just robbed of her favorite pretty unicorn.  lol you are lucky you are not in her line of vision, seeing that big smirk on your face, I fear for your safety.

XX storms out of the room, ‘ You all do not have to meddle with my business!’  So ‘horrible’ of BiL fanning the flame of jealousy, of love, ‘Do not be angry our XX, this is none of your business to begin with!’   lol

BiL stresses to dad this is so out of character for GCM, more importantly XX has GCM dearly on her mind.  He will handle this.

I would love to give XX many hugs, but we know there is only one thing XX wants, a certain someone who is betraying her.

Mom and Dad is still fussing with GCM, insisting they are of a reputable lineage, their son in law needs to be virtuous ( Dad gives a side glance at BiL, not escaping him). he insists on what he saw, giving XJS a headache, because confirming XX cares about GCM so much to be jealous of him being friendly with other ladies is to dragging out from GCM he has nightmares about HXX.  You need the bother to harbor any intense emotions, whatever it is.   But with Mom and Dad firm on their stance on honor for the family and GCM being very desirable to other ladies very understandable,  this is not easy for GCM to shake off if true. 说曹操,曹操到/Speaking of the devil, GCM appears at the door, gifts from ChongQing in hand.

A lovely touch of sibling love from Bigsis, without her younger bro ever saying a word, she has done all the investigation on her brother’s affections precisely and knowing how he rolls at an overwrought snail’s speed, she has prepared gifts for the family from ChongQing, as a token of good will the family is very happy about the union in making,   Gu family must’ve known everything about the Hu clan when uncle Xu arranges for the blind date, and knowing the guy is the fussy perfectionist, it is a miracle he has fallen in love with HXX on his own will after the fiasco of their ‘disastrous’ date.  This is their push to speed the matrimony with their approval.

XJS holds GCM at the door, asking him about fickleness, he uses the term why GCM is eating meals at two families haha and a naive GCM asks him back why would he eat twice, he is already full.

I am here to deliver the gifts, the gifts are from my older sister.

We just had a meal at XuChangXin.

That is, the restaurant Dad claims he was canoodling with a lady, his bigsis!  lol look at BiL, yes we can see you are always right.

It must make GCM gleeful he has the approval of his family to romance XX, so happy he is showing his giddy boyish side.  haha he looks like a little rabbit with two flowing ears with the lamp on his head.  He could have chatted with Grandmama and Mom cooing like a sweet little boy the whole night, but BiL grabs him on much more urgent business.

I feel a little sorry for Dad, all out of love for his daughter, he is scolded by his Mother he has never done one thing right.  XJS continues the stabbing, updating GCM of the dilemma at hand, XX is seething with jealousy and rage mistaking he is romancing another lady because of Dad.

Lol GCM looks like a child very very lost.

XX, that commander Gu (on your very mind you are crying about losing atvm) is here to see you!

What are you here for?

-Are… you busy at the hospital lately?

Not as free as you (to be chummy with the ladies in broad daylight for my Dad to bump into!)

Oh what a show, the fruition of your labor BiL.  You deserve the best seat.

GCM is a big blur but starting out as nervous as to hold tighter to his long coat, he is inching closer and closer to XX.   With her snapping back at him, even a guy so inexperienced in love knows she is jealous over the misunderstanding because she cares too much.  He can not bear to torture his lovely XX too long, he tells her the lady she is crying tears over is his Sister.

I have never seen anyone being sooo adorable in can’t hiding the smiles while crying!  Awwww!

It’s alright, don’t cry.

-Who is crying?!?!

He would wish he can have all the time to calm her down, but he does not have the time.

I am transferring to JinJing.

When are you leaving?

-Tomorrow. come you did not say a word earlier? 

You are running away from me whenever you see me,  how do I have time to tell you?


It hurts seeing her crying her hearts out, but he is also jumping in joy inside seeing with his eyes she loves him so much.   He grins for a split second, but then slammed with how devastated she is with him leaving it breaks his heart again.

Don’t cry, don’t cry.  Don’t cry.

My YY,  XX is giving GCM a scary glare not just because she is embarrassed he knows her feelings without the slow guy saying out loud he is reciprocating, haha this is most often the exact moment the hero moves in for a hug, better yet a kiss, XX has read her romantic novella, she knows.  Definitely not just cooing a crying baby handing her a handkerchief.   But that is exactly how the one-track mind of GCM works, especially when he is overwhelmed by joy and feelings and inexperience himself.  He sees her crying and he lost the function of his head, it takes him a few seconds to even remember he has a handkerchief in his pocket to offer you.

Do not feel too good about yourself!  I am not crying because of you!

Your precious adorable pride, XX, is exactly what he loves.  It is bad to smile at the girl crying hysterically because of you, even when you can not contain your excitement, GCM.

I am crying because of my Sister, she is sick and I feel so sorry for her!
I know I know, I can see it.

That is not very nice, gloating boyfriend, it can not be just an excuse, even if it is, there is heartfelt truth in it.  Pretend you do not know too well, play along nicely now.

But I love how square pants virtuous GCM is, taking all the hesitation just touching her shoulder.
Lets take a seat.

He has his adorable love declaration from his XX, now it is GCM’s turn.  And hahaha no, he did not go the simple effective route of saying those three words.  This is one of the most klutzy, sweetest ‘I love you’ ever written, but exactly what a GCM would say.

I have heard from BiL…

you are willing to let him adopt your child,

I just want to say,

I wish to tell you…

I am willing as well.

I  am willing as well.

(I am willing to have a baby with you, just like you are willing to have a baby with me!)  <- that is exactly what GCM said, no?!

Gosh this is a young lady who even after realizing she probably slipped to her dear BiL she is going to have babies with a certain GCM, with her Cousin as witness and she took care of it with a few cute swings of her arms.  GCM manages to make her cover her adorable face she does not even mind you seeing covered with tears and snot and runs off blushing beet red in embarrassment.   I hope BiL is not still eavesdropping at the door, if XX runs into him, she might flips him off the balcony. What is ‘damning’ is that knowing little grin when he pauses, her eyes are glaring so wide on such high alert wishing he does not get exactly what she slipped, if it was along the line, XX that is very honorable of you to sacrifice for your Sister and BiL and I ADMIRE YOU.  You can enjoy another good hour of perhaps a lot more lovey doveys with all the blessings of the family allowing you two young people to be in a room this late and she would probably hug you, it is not like she has not hugged you before and there is no XM around reminding her of decorum.  (And slight spoilerish of next scene, we know how much you want to hug her!)

But with you being so blunt saying I am willing to give up our child JUST LIKE YOU PROMISED BiL, she can only run away from the room and leave you sitting there like a dumbo.

The next day, his last run of transporting injured soldiers before his transfer, she sees him first.

But he can not take his eyes off her working hard, his pocket flap is not sorted, he is standing in the middle of the chaos, frozen.


 XX, I have to leave for Unit 10.

I love this better than the subsequent OTP goodness.  His is drawn towards her, the curtains in the way, reminding him she hard at work and he has his urgent duty.   She is not taking a lapse from working yet her head is turned, fixated on him, taking in this vision perhaps of the last she will ever see of him.  Yesterday she has the time to be petty and jealous, today they are hit hard they are fighting a war.

We are living vicariously through you Mookie, making your same face.

Commander, why don’t say a few words more to Sisterinlaw XX?!

 Shut up and drive.

It is too cheesy for this perfect drama to have WH’s GCM taking all the time to walk towards XX like an idoldrama.  Yeah, he could dread saying goodbye, thus has to part with her, not knowing when or even If he can come back blablabla.  It’s better  with XX running further to the corner and he is right there getting off his convoy imo.

Be safe.

-I know. 

Then, I am heading back.


Write to me.


When are you coming back.

-When we won.


Autumn of 1941, two years have passed since that victory in the autumn of 1939, the first battle of ChangSha.  Life goes on.  XJS is back home on leave, XJ is desperate to shop for new clothes for PingOn.   She is no longer allowed to be out in the streets, they said it is getting more unsafe, she is never allowed to carry money.


She does not know how tall PingOn is.  She can not recall how he looks.

And we see the similar red cheongsam she held dearly to her heart, singing the Moon nursery rhyme when she just got home, asking constantly where PingOn was.   She is not better.

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  1. Love how you dissect every little expression, 真没白费演员和制作组的心血 🙂 Haha GCM’s subtle happy expressions went unnoticed by me. XJS’s稳如泰山reaction to tragedy was amazing, without BiL nothing gets done. He basically made XX&CM indirectly admit mutual affection while resolving him&XJ’s worry! Kudos to the scriptwriters for cramming 喜怒哀乐into each episode…the plot feels well-paced and yet conveys the sense of urgency felt during a war.

    1. Exactly every arc is done perfectly, every emotion spot on and yet it never felt rushed, and flowing seaminglessly with the character! We can not tell exactly when XJS comes up with his outrageous genius plan that is WINx∞ perhaps he has the PlanA of exhausting all the medical help then PlanBB (pun intended) at PingOn’s grave but even if he had the idea, how he follows through with it sharp and on the spot… only a XJS at his finest. He knows how to cajole everything he needs and needs to know the most craftily, even though he has an irk XX has a crush on GCM, he can never be sure how fickle a young girl’s affection can be! He could’ve straightly asked her to give up her child and she would answer the same! But with just that little name dropping he got so much! This character is perfection in creation.

  2. Wow. What a roller coaster ride of emotions. First I’m crying, then I’m smiling, then I’m thrown into fits of uncontrollable gushing and rhapsodizing, then I’m starting to tear up again–too much goodness jam packed into one episode!

    And these sublime screen-grabs, each one a burst of imagery and emotion…I’ve been waiting for them since day one, so thank you for bringing them to us.

  3. Please excuse me because I will be saying the word love a lot in this comment. I love, love, just love this episode. So much OTP goodness in 40 mins. I was smiling nonstop throughout these scenes when I watched them without subs. Now seeing them again with added translations and commentary, I can’t help but add in little happy squeals. Haha thanks for the recap. There are a few small scenes that I personally love. The scene of BiL embracing his wife at the table is heartbreaking. A very quiet, bittersweet moment. I also love it when GCM smiles at the little girl at the door. A smiley, tender GCM is always appreciated. Another favorite is when he stands between the red cross curtains and XX looks back at him. It was just a very lovely shot. And I pretty much love any talk that mentions a baby between GCM and XX lol. Hah I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt GMC’s slow Vogue walk from the vehicle was a bit out of place. But it does make a beautiful screencap.

    1. This episode left my jaw dropped mind dazed how awesome it is. I had to stop myself, babbled out 6000~ words already, and there’s so much more to be said.

      I love all the scenes u love, it is such a lovely bittersweet touch XJS mourns with XJ because as much as the Hus love her, no one properly dares letting her ease her mind however little, like an old comfort of in her husband’s embrace, her mind is in an imbalance, but it is amazing and true we can feel love even without the agency to express.

      I think the episode is exploring a precious child is even more intrinsic to a family and hence in the fiber of everyone aware or not in wartime, done so marvelously thoroughly yet so insanely nuanced…words fell short.

      I doubt in such a packed with perfect goodness episode the passing scene of Bigsis and GCM will make it on a fav list but i love how much is said so effortlessly. It must all started from that call GCM made to dad for XiangPing, Dad asked simply if he is bro of XX and GCM said just a yes. Like all parents, that started Dad head spinning and thus asked Sis to make all the considerate arrangement. GCM actually in a few occasions have expressed he loves XX/considers her the one, fr his proposal to Grandpa…many slips w BiL, then this a simple yes. Because he and his dad communicate so succinctly, he must know what Dad is actually asking : is XX the one? And if his heart does not belong to XX, he would’ve explain it with the excuse he said w XJS and trusts his dad to take his word. At first i thought the ep should end w the hug, but in rewatching i love how the ending so much when juxtaposed w the beginning… XJ is actually better, she recognizes XJS but that eternal pain of losing a child in her hands will never have closure.

      Gah sorry i bla so much… i just have so much to say gushing my love for BoC!

    1. Haha yes and they jumped so many steps of lets hold hands lets hug lets kiss lets get married lets have a wedding nite lets have baby lets have more babies so we can gift one to Sis and BiL

  4. finally THE episode that got me hooked to this drama. this couple is just so perfect. gcm looks so inexperienced with girl at his age. it is so cute how he proposed to xx. and xx is too experienced with boys as she was alreadyengaged once andalways hung out with boys. but rreceiving a confession Like that is too much for her ear. thanks mookie for all the review. waiting the next favorite ep

    1. My guess it is the OTP romance that interest you 😉 How did u stick by drama then for all the previous eps?! But as i keep insisting this covers all tangents so well, whatever rocks our boat it has some and done amazingly it is hard to beat

      1. well I should have said that s the episode that got me hooked to WH. for real I had never watched one single drama with WH before. he is really good (looking, acting, his voice is so soft and kind) I ve watched the whole drama so many time. All the characters was really well scripted from the beginning to the end. Cried buckets of tears. But this episodes was amazingly done without being too much dramatic and the good bye scene was simple but yet so many feelings in this part.

        1. Ahhhhh icic! 😉 I mistook this is finally an episode u like after enduring the previous eps.

          WH is more than i can ask for for GCM, i love how he comes across as an inexperienced boy in love, butterflies in stomach not knowing what to do or say! It is adorable!

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